On Style Rebellion

Sometimes I feel a little rebellious.  I mean, don’t we all?  The thing that I think is funny though, is that right now I’m feeling rebellious…against myself.  Yeah, I know, like what does that even MEAN right???  I think I’ve been feeling a little bit like I’ve pigeon holed myself into a style and I just am feeling very caged in.  By me.  I am hoping that this post may help some of you in those times when you feel like you maybe…can’t buy something that isn’t typically “you”, but in reality I’m guessing it will just confirm to you guys that I’m legitimately insane.  I’ll proceed anyway.

Okay, so you know the drill.  We all have things we gravitate towards.  We have our “go-to’s”, our typical shopping spots, our pairings of choice (and I don’t mean wine and cheese).  For me, when I need to put on a pair of shoes, it’s always boots for the most part.  When it comes to jeans, it’s always bell bottoms.  So on, and so forth.  (You may be wondering about kimonos, but uh, yeah those are ALWAYS gonna be happening regardless of what style I’m feeling at the moment, so never fear.  I am still an all kimono, all the time girl.)  Sometimes though, I see something that makes me kinda, sorta, wanna…change it up.  And to be honest, I think I feel like I’m “not allowed” to.  I worry that people will think it’s weird or not like it.  I worry that maybe if I change it up sometimes, I’m not really being “me”.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  And on top of all this unnecessary emotional consideration regarding what pair of shoes I choose…I worry that I will buy something that I will NEVER WEAR.  Yep.  It’s a lot of stress…for not a lot of reason.

I think that I sometimes I feel ashamed because I suddenly want to wear leggings as pants when I’ve always said “leggings are not pants, I will not wear them that way”.  Dang it.  Like that one time I said I hated fringe…and now look at me.  Geez maybe I should talk less.  (That was a joke by the way, because that’s never gonna happen.)  So now, here I am, staring at a pair of $95 leggings wondering if I’ve been brain snatched.  Oh my goodness.  What’s a girl to do?  Isn’t it our prerogative to change our minds once in a while?  What happens if the very thing we judged other people for wearing…we now WANT TO WEAR?  Oh gosh.  Yes, I am going through this very thing right now.

Here’s my answer to this crazy “I-need-to-switch-it-up-right-now” problem.

  1.  First of all, give yourself grace.  You will change your mind on things, sometimes just because you saw it worn in a fashion that you understand and relate to.  That’s okay.  I didn’t like fringe at first because I hadn’t seen it worn in a way I liked.  That all changed.  (Obviously)  Allow yourself to change your mind.  It’s okay, and it’s normal.
  2. Look around.  I spent for-freaking-ever on manrepeller.com because I love her kooky style and it’s just different enough from mine that it really inspires me to change things up.  Look around at the style(s) you are interested in and give yourself enough ideas with the item of clothing to really assure that you will wear it.  Blogs, instagram, magazines, google searches of that item…just look at a bunch of different people wearing what it is you think you want to make sure you still like it (and please, don’t just look at it on the Free People model because those photos are HECKA misleading).
  3. Shop around.  I stared at those $95 leggings (I don’t even like athletic wear you guys) and shopped around until I found a similar enough pair for $22.  My plan is to see how much I wear them at this price, then if I wear them out and love them, then buy the more expensive pair.  See if you can find something relatively cheap so that you can give it a trial run.  That way, if you wear it once and hate it, you don’t feel buyer’s remorse.
  4. Realize that “you” means a variety of things.  I don’t have to wear cowboy boots to be “me”.  I am a creative person who loves to try new styles, wear interesting things, and make a statement in whatever it is I wear.  That means, I do not wear the same thing all the time.  Hence, what is “me”?  Whatever I darn feel like on that day.  You are not what you wear, what you wear is just an expression of you, and how you are feeling that particular day.

I felt like combat boots, a slip dress, and a $2 thrifted plaid nightgown that is now a duster.  And there you have it.  Be rebellious against your style now and then…it makes coming back to your usuals much more fun :)


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