Hi!  Welcome to my life story told through my outfits!  Nice to meet you!

I’m a California girl who probably should have been born in Nashville.  If I could speak any two languages besides my own, I would speak French and Australian. I realize Australians speak English, but let’s be honest, they sound a whole lot cooler doing it.  I love the style of the 60’s and the 70’s even though I wasn’t even born yet.  I have two small kids who I like to dress up, even though they just end up drooling pizza sauce all down the front of whatever outfit I put them in.  My husband is amazing and knows how to do computery stuff, which is great because I lose my patience in about 2.5 seconds if the internet stops cooperating or I accidentally push the wrong button.  (I call the swirling thingy that pops up on my computer screen the “pinwheel of death”).

I collect jumpsuits, vintage clothing, and the three “F’s”: Fringe, Fur, and Feathers.  I usually have to check myself before leaving the house to make sure I don’t look like I’m wearing a Pocahontas costume.  My closet bar has fallen down too many times to count and no matter how many clothes I get rid of, they seem to magically multiply when I’m not looking.  I buy things I love in multiples of twos or threes…because you ALWAYS need things you like in multiple colors…even weird costumey stuff.

I shop new, used, sales, online, and in stores…basically, I love it all.  If there’s a jumpsuit or something fringy, odds are I’ve shopped there or follow it on Instagram.

I get told I talk a lot, am so funny, am very opinionated, and dress very confidently.

There you have it!  Hope you’re inspired and encouraged by everything you read!


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