Blue Bells…in Velvet. Of Course.

On Monday I got a super happy little surprise in the mail.  Okay, well it wasn’t a surprise I guess since I actually ORDERED it.  But isn’t it nice when you get a package on your doorstep first thing on Monday morning?

I ordered these FABULOUS blue bell bottoms from Fearless + Flawed, this new boutique I found online and am super excited about.  They came, and along with them, there was a handwritten thank you note!  They even personalized the note and spelled my name correctly…honestly I have friends that don’t know how to spell my name right!  Dang.  So impressed.  I was in love with the shop before I even opened the package.

I decided that these bell bottoms were way too awesome to just style one way, so for my new weekly post “Ways to Wear it Wednesday”, these are the PERFECT kick off.  Here’s how much fun I had with these bell bottoms.  Seriously.  Want to wear them every day, every way.

1. Blue Bells + Chambray Shirt.  Western Style.

Betcha didn’t know velvet bells in electric blue could look western, did ya??  Oh you bet your boots they can.

I put them over my vintage white cowboy boots, giving them a sort of “Elvis has entered the building” vibe.  Chambray shirts go with EVERYTHING.  Then this yellow beaded choker and yellow turquoise ring really complimented that incredible blue color of the pants.

2. Blue Bells + Paisley.  Classy Bells.

Oh yes.  You better believe these blue bell bottoms can look classy.  Because they so can.


Okay one of my favorite things about these pants is how amazing they make my butt and legs look.  They’re slimming and just so flattering.  With the Lucky Brand wedges and the silky J Crew blouse (got this second hand at the awesome store I work at…Curio SLO), they look almost conservative but still so much fun.  Oh man.  My new favorite outfit.

3. Blue Bells + Kimono.  Hippie Style.

You knew this was totally going this direction didn’t you?  I mean come on.  They look amazing with a kimono, that’s just a given.


I love this Idylwild tank with the pants.  This kimono was actually a giant scarf I got years ago from H&M (and never had any clue what to do with it!) that I just tied to be an amazing draped kimono.  Perfect hippie outfit and totally comfortable too.

Yep.  So happy with my new pants.  Shout out to Fearless + Flawed for being so freaking awesome.

Hope you’re inspired to do some shopping and styling yourself!



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