Caftan or Mumu? Either Way It’s Great.

I felt a tiny bit like Joseph in his technicolor dream coat this morning as I got dressed for church.  And it was awesome.  I got these two vintage caftans from Prehistoric Vintage on Etsy and I can’t stop wearing them.  I mean, it’s like wearing a robe.  And yet, while you’re wearing it, you kind of feel like a princess somehow.  A princess in a robe.  I’m good with that.

When I got to church, one of the guys who always loves to comment on my outfits started laughing hysterically and just couldn’t stop.  He came up to me and said: “You’re wearing a MUMU!!!” I pretended to be SUPER offended and replied: “Um, it’s a CAFTAN.  NOT a MUMU.”  I honestly don’t know what the difference is, but a caftan just sounds all bohemian chic while a mumu kind of sounds like I really AM wearing a robe.  So I said it proudly and stood by my declaration…even though I really didn’t know what I was talking about.  I know it’s a good day when I make someone laugh at my outfit! :)


As I was walking to my car, someone started singing (in my direction) “all the leaves are brown…and the sky is grey…”

This is a happy outfit for me.  I’m a total caftan convert.  Or is it mumu…I’m not really sure… :)


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