Casual Sunday. Sometimes It Just Happens That Way.

I feel so bad sometimes.  I mean, we have an almost two year old and a three year old, and most mornings my family is waiting for me to get dressed.  I try to be quick.  I even sometimes talk to myself out loud and say: “just put SOMETHING on.  ANYTHING.  Because you can’t go naked.”  I’ve been much better about it lately since I’ve been actively putting more outfits together and being more creative.  But there are some mornings when I can hear the screaming and general toddler mayhem getting louder and louder outside my door and there really is no time to even think for a second about what I’m going to wear.  This morning was one of those mornings where all the babies were low on sleep and sounding like a bunch of brawling cats, so I had to get dressed in a REAL hurry.  That meant it was gonna be a casual Sunday.

Thank goodness for this new Poor Pitiful Pearl top.  Have you seen her site?  Once you do, you will literally want everything she makes.  She takes sweatshirts, vintage shirts, jeans, and basically any item of clothing and gives them new life and a new look.  I can’t wait to get more of her stuff.


I don’t normally wear cut offs to church.  But I’m so glad I go to a church that I can wear them to!  And this morning, since most of the time was spent chasing the kids anyway, casual was just the way to go.  But I seriously feel so cute in this revived Texas Aggies sweatshirt (please do not ask me about sports or any sports affiliation I may have, because I have none.  Seriously.).  I’m going to be tempted to way overwear this top because it’s just the easiest and comfiest top ever.

You’ll be seeing more of her stuff on the blog for sure.  It’s way too good not to share!!



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