Jewelry and Being a Mom…Sometimes They Don’t Mix.

Being a mom has totally changed my jewelry wearing style.  Out of necessity of course.  It’s not like I suddenly don’t WANT to wear four necklaces, and arm load of bracelets, and three rings per finger.  Because I SO DO.  But seriously.  Not only do I have the time crunch of two toddlers pounding on my door screaming MAMAMAMAMAMA while I’m trying to get dressed, but I also have the curious tiny fingers grabbing at everything I wear.  So my jewelry style has had to be simplified a little.  I find that when I come across a single amazing statement piece, I go for it because it still looks like I’m wearing a lot (as I love :) but it takes two seconds to put on.  And two seconds to take off if it’s becoming a problem with the little grabby hands.

Squash blossoms are just glorious.  I want to own a collection of them…both vintage and new.  But I really haven’t had any time to go to flea markets or hunt for them yet.  When I found Free to Wander on Instagram I was overjoyed.  They make the most beautiful statement jewelry…vintage inspired and so eye catching. I finally finally got my very first squash blossom hand made by them (accompanied by a hand written note which always just makes me smile) and I’m in love.


I’ve got it with this Umgee dress from H&G Boutique, but it will literally go with everything.  It slips on quickly and just makes every outfit look so “done”.  I’ve got other pieces I’m already eyeing in the shop because they’re all so pretty and would be such great layering pieces together.

I know being a mom means making some style sacrifices at times.  But it’s such a fun feeling to find stuff that makes me feel like me while still being a mom at the same time.  This is a Friday Find you’re gonna see on endless repeat I can guarantee! :)



Giant Earrings. Is There Any Other Kind?

When I was younger I could not WAIT to get my ears pierced.  My dad said I had to wait till I was 10.  My best friend could get hers at 8, but she chose to wait till I could do it so that we could do it together.  (And she constantly reminded me of her amazingly selfless sacrifice on my behalf).  It was more exciting than anything else to me…really I think it’s one of the things I’ve anticipated most in my lifetime.  Because when I got my ears pierced, someday, I could wear DANGLY EARRINGS.  And what was even prettier and cooler than colored rubber bands on braces (which I didn’t even have)? DANGLY EARRINGS.  I was scared to get them pierced of course, because I had a friend who got one ear pierced and never pierced the other because she said that it hurt too much.  (Didn’t we all have a childhood friend like that??) But boy, did I want it badly enough that I was gonna be brave and pierce both ears, dadgum it.

My mom was pretty strict with what I wore.  So while I was allowed to get my ears pierced at 10, I was not allowed to wear dangly earrings till I was 12.  This was another highly anticipated event because at that point in my life, jewelry wasn’t worth wearing unless it was freakishly huge.  I sort of still feel the same way now that I did then.  I had a friend who WAS allowed to wear large earrings and she had the most amazing pair I had ever seen in my life up to that point.  They were purple Koosh balls hanging from french hooks (that resembled small sea urchins)…and they were EVERYTHING.  I wanted them more than anything I had ever wanted in my life.  But the chances of me being allowed to wear those were slim to none.  So I bought a pair of hot pink hoops with multicolored stars hanging from them and saved them until I turned 12, upon which I wore them every day of my life until I finally got more than one pair of earrings.  I never got those Koosh ball earrings, but my obsession with large earrings has never passed.

I found this pair on Etsy from Southbound Jewelry, and they are AMAZING.  I think I may have just gotten over those crazy Koosh balls now that I have these.  I swear that something about them makes me just feel cool.  They feel all like rock star cool with a nice country cool edge.  I’m going to need them in more colors I’m fairly certain.  Because dang.



I’m still all about the giant earrings and I have a feeling I’m going to be kind of obsessed with these ones.  They’re like the cherry on top of a great outfit.

Happy weekend!