Monday Mojo in Sunday’s Style

I have always been both drawn to red and scared to wear it.  I used to buy red things, and literally never wear them…only to just finally give them away.  I don’t know what changed, but now I love red.  Okay.  Maybe I do know what changed.

I think I felt very conspicuous in red.  I know…this coming from the girl who literally supplies Halloween costumes from her normal every day clothes.  But I think somehow red felt like a street sign and it made me feel uncomfortable.  For so long, I was the girl who preferred to wear white over black, patterns over solids, and kimonos instead of sweatshirts.  Then I slowly stopped all that.  Over time, I got more and more self conscious and started to try to fade into the background in ways I didn’t even realize.  I started to dress for the approval of my friends instead of for me.  I started wearing all black (which I now a healthy relationship with the color!) because I had gained so much weight and I felt so ugly.  I literally would get dressed, go out with friends, and halfway through I’d catch my reflection in a mirror or a window and I’d think “what is WRONG with me?  Why am I so fat and ugly?”  These are the thoughts that plagued me as I compared myself with everyone around me.  As I saw the extra weight I had gained.  As I saw how my blonde hair just wasn’t the right blonde anymore.  As I felt more and more like everything about me was just wrong.  So wearing anything that drew attention to me was out of the question and I stopped dressing like me.  I lost interest in clothes and fashion, which actually worried me because I knew that meant there was something deeper going on.

This outfit is so a Mojo outfit for me because it’s bright, vintage, and a WHOLE LOT OF RED.  I feel like me in it.  I don’t feel ashamed of who I am or what I look like anymore.  Sure I still have my days, but they are becoming fewer and further between.  I often wish that during all that time when I was struggling so much and feeling so lost that I could show myself these photos of me and remind myself of who I am.  Give myself hope that someday I’d feel more like myself than I ever have.  Tell myself that someday I’d be fine wearing more red than a stop sign. :)


Vintage cowboy boots and vintage dress and vintage jewelry.  I fell in LOVE with this dress at the store (Curio SLO) and these boots I hunted for on Etsy and love so much.  I love the vibrant turquoise as a pop of color (because this outfit so needs more pop right?!?!) and the embroidery on the dress.  It’s bright, happy, vintage, crazy, and ME.  The REAL ME.

Happy Monday!

Caftan or Mumu? Either Way It’s Great.

I felt a tiny bit like Joseph in his technicolor dream coat this morning as I got dressed for church.  And it was awesome.  I got these two vintage caftans from Prehistoric Vintage on Etsy and I can’t stop wearing them.  I mean, it’s like wearing a robe.  And yet, while you’re wearing it, you kind of feel like a princess somehow.  A princess in a robe.  I’m good with that.

When I got to church, one of the guys who always loves to comment on my outfits started laughing hysterically and just couldn’t stop.  He came up to me and said: “You’re wearing a MUMU!!!” I pretended to be SUPER offended and replied: “Um, it’s a CAFTAN.  NOT a MUMU.”  I honestly don’t know what the difference is, but a caftan just sounds all bohemian chic while a mumu kind of sounds like I really AM wearing a robe.  So I said it proudly and stood by my declaration…even though I really didn’t know what I was talking about.  I know it’s a good day when I make someone laugh at my outfit! :)


As I was walking to my car, someone started singing (in my direction) “all the leaves are brown…and the sky is grey…”

This is a happy outfit for me.  I’m a total caftan convert.  Or is it mumu…I’m not really sure… :)


On Feeling Like Myself, 2001, and Velour Sweatsuits

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to feel like myself.  I think because lately, I’ve actually been starting to feel more and more like me for the first time in a LONG time.  The me that has been buried deep down under the me that had been trying so hard to be someone else without even realizing it.  We went to see Jurassic World the other day and I felt like me again.  I remembered how I am not really the cool girl who loves The Bachelorette, but rather the girl who loves sic fi and dinosaurs and can’t wait for the new Star Wars movie.  I am the girl who once had almost the entire Monty Python and The Holy Grail movie memorized and still can quote so many tv shows it’s like I have a database in my brain.  And yes, I still have all my old Juicy outfits.  I know they’re not in style and probably will never be again, but I still love them.

I think I spent a long time fighting that part of myself without even knowing I was.  I bleached my hair Jessica Simpson blonde for 10 years.  I kept the fact that I was so excited about each new Harry Potter book that I could hardly sleep the night before the release on the down low.  I tried so hard to disavow all the “dorky” things about me that when my husband and I went to see Star Trek and I knew more about it than he did, he was shocked.  I kind of was too.

I love clothes and things that make me feel cool and all that, but honestly, I had posted literally probably four selfies in my entire social media lifetime before doing all of this.  I think I just kind of wanted to hide from the universe because I didn’t feel good enough to post anything about myself.  Not like I feel “good” enough really still, but now I think after hiding for so long I’m ready to just be myself and not worry (as much) about what people think about it.  I’m no longer trying to be “in with the cool kids” or whatever.  So here is my 2001 ghetto Juicy Couture post in my furry Target slippers.  Because this is my comfy, wear-around-the-house, mom uniform and it makes me feel pretty great.  It’s bright, a romper, and straight from the days with Jennifer Lopez was Jenny From the Block.  Kickin it old school and I like it.  I will resume posting what I consider to be cool clothes tomorrow, but today, I’m just gonna be me…goofy, no good at selfies or posing, still losing weight, definitely going to see the new Star Wars on opening day, and lover of pretty much all dinosaur movies.


Yep Juicy Couture people…I’m for reals on this one.  I kind of can’t even believe I’m posting this, but hey, I gotta be real sometime otherwise I’m gonna feel like I’m once again trying to be something I’m not.  I got two little kids and most of the time I’m not in fun amazing clothes, I’m in clothes I can cook and clean and hold babies in.  And relax on the couch and watch more tv to reload my brain database with.

Happy Sunday all you super cool kids


Casual Sunday. Sometimes It Just Happens That Way.

I feel so bad sometimes.  I mean, we have an almost two year old and a three year old, and most mornings my family is waiting for me to get dressed.  I try to be quick.  I even sometimes talk to myself out loud and say: “just put SOMETHING on.  ANYTHING.  Because you can’t go naked.”  I’ve been much better about it lately since I’ve been actively putting more outfits together and being more creative.  But there are some mornings when I can hear the screaming and general toddler mayhem getting louder and louder outside my door and there really is no time to even think for a second about what I’m going to wear.  This morning was one of those mornings where all the babies were low on sleep and sounding like a bunch of brawling cats, so I had to get dressed in a REAL hurry.  That meant it was gonna be a casual Sunday.

Thank goodness for this new Poor Pitiful Pearl top.  Have you seen her site?  Once you do, you will literally want everything she makes.  She takes sweatshirts, vintage shirts, jeans, and basically any item of clothing and gives them new life and a new look.  I can’t wait to get more of her stuff.


I don’t normally wear cut offs to church.  But I’m so glad I go to a church that I can wear them to!  And this morning, since most of the time was spent chasing the kids anyway, casual was just the way to go.  But I seriously feel so cute in this revived Texas Aggies sweatshirt (please do not ask me about sports or any sports affiliation I may have, because I have none.  Seriously.).  I’m going to be tempted to way overwear this top because it’s just the easiest and comfiest top ever.

You’ll be seeing more of her stuff on the blog for sure.  It’s way too good not to share!!



Easy Sunday Style…In Tara Grace the Label

Okay it’s Sunday.  I got church and errands and stuff to do…and that means dressing up but in a still functional outfit.  So Sunday Style is gonna be one of those catch-all posts that includes how to style things, easy ways to dress up, and just all around fun outfits that fit the bill for a Sunday outfit.  This kimono is the PERFECT first piece for this category.

While I love kimonos, this one really sets itself apart from my entire wardrobe.  I first found Tara Grace the Label on instagram and when I spotted this Stevie Kimono, I was instantly in love.  It comes in black too (which I’m thinking I might need to own as well) but this mustard color is so gorgeous and neutral and flattering…it won me over right away.  When it came in the mail it was accompanied by a handwritten note, which made me love this brand even more. I mean, I got a note from Tara Grace!  I feel like a celebrity!  The second I pulled this kimono dress out of the package, I could tell it was something special.  It’s got this amazing flowy fabric that hangs perfectly.  Unlike the usual boxy shape of a standard kimono, this one is built to fit the waist and flare out at the knee so it creates a super flattering shape.  It looks incredible as a wrap dress and it hangs beautifully as an open kimono.  I thought it would be really fun to style this three ways because of what a gorgeous piece this is.



Even though this piece is so stunning on it’s own, I thought it could be fun to add in some bright accent colors and some moccasin boots.  I put a Free People long tank top slip under the kimono and belted it with a vintage embroidered belt.  It’s so comfy and lightweight and makes me feel all dressed up.



This dress looks AMAZING with gold.  I love the neutral tone of the blonde leather cowboy boots and tons of bright gold accenting it.  The western influence of vintage leather belt and boots totally works with the lace and the style of the dress.


I have these mustard color Topshop pants that were just itching to be paired with this kimono.  I love how this piece works in a rock and roll kind of vibe as well as boho or cowboy…it does it all.  Turquoise and a graphic tee go beautifully with it!

I think there’s about a hundred other ways that I can (and will!) wear this kimono…which is why I probably need it in black too (dang it!).  It’s just too good. Plus I love buying from brands like this that are such incredible quality and so personal.  It’s totally clothing art…and pieces like this are worth investing in!

Hope your Sunday is more relaxing than mine.  As I’m typing this, my almost three year old is literally doing laps around the living room yelling “LOOK AT ME! I’M RUNNING AROUND!”  More coffee.  For me, not him.  Just to clarify.

Happy Sunday!