Trending: Friday Five Roundup

Well here we are again, it’s Friday!  And a top o’ the afternoon to ya!  Hope you’re not getting pinched and finding your bucket o’ gold and all that green goodness!  Enjoy your corned beef and cabbage and get ready for some fun news for your weekend!

Shamrock Shakes CAN Be Healthy

In honor of the greenest of all days and the fact that typically green foods are GOOD for you, HERE is a fabulous option for a festive dessert that won’t add needless chemicals or sugar to your life.  Because why not feel good about desserts??

New Target Collections…Because I Always Gotta Look

I saw on the Today Show today that Victoria Beckham is doing a line for Target, so naturally I was curious about it.  To be honest, I’m not like crazy excited about anything I see, but there is a lot of super cute stuff so it’s worth a look!  HERE is a complete slideshow so you can see for yourself if there’s something you just gotta have from the new collection.

You MUST Watch This Genius New Comedy On NBC

You guys.  I’m SUCH a sucker for a new show, and comedies are just the most fun.  I watched the first two episodes of Trial and Error on NBC and oh my gosh.  Best new show.  Not only do I love John Lithgow in everything I’ve seen him in (Winston Churchill, anyone?), but the entire cast and premise of this show is just sheer genius.  Watch it…you just gotta.

The Jeans…No One Needs

Say…WHAAAAA???  Yeah…I’m kind of baffled by these, er, interesting creations.  But, if you MUST have them, HERE’S a link for you.  At least your knees will be waterproof right?  That’s something!

Make Sure Your Shows Made The Cut

Come on NBC PLEASE renew Timeless for me!!!!  Check HERE to see what’s made the cut for this fall so far!!!

Hope your shows made the list!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Trending: Friday Five Roundup

Ahhhh yes.  Little did I know last Friday when I wrote this post that the reason I felt so dang crummy was that I had the STOMACH FLU.  Yikes.  After a week of domino barfing (meaning the family went down like dominoes, NOT barfing up dominoes) I’m ready for some fun and funny.  So here ya go, without further adieu.

I Can Relate…

When your husband works at home and you have two toddlers…the level of stress on mom can go up in a hot second.  Dude.  Watch this poor mom DESPERATELY trying to wrangle her kids on live television (poor woman probably thought they were safely watching a show on the couch or something) and laugh.  Because it’s amazing.

Nothing Like A New Funny Show

Adam Pally has ALWAYS been a standout to me, especially on Happy Endings (remember that outstanding cast??) and thank goodness he’s back!  I watched the first episode of this show and it’s the perfect mix of camp and fun.  Duffel bag time machine?  Check.  Adam Pally pretending that he wrote a song for his girlfriend (who lives in the past) and then belting out “My Heart Will Go On”?  Check.  The return of Leighton Meester?  Check.  It’s a winner.

Spring Coffee Cups!  Hooray!

I mean come on.  We all get SO excited over the Starbucks holiday cups at Christmas time…why on EARTH have they not thought to do this sooner??  I mean, I’m going to go get some coffee JUST so I can have this cup!  Oh, and because I want some coffee too.  So there’s that…

The Next Outfit I Want To Copy

Alexa Chung is ALWAYS copy worthy.  But this outfit?  On a whole other level.  I want to wear it RIGHT NOW.

No Bake Healthy Brownies #WINNING

You guys know I’m all about dem healthy treats and these no bake brownies look INSANE.  This girl’s whole blog is full of recipes that look so freaking good.

Ahhhhh well I’m ready for the weekend.  Thanks y’all.



Trending: Friday Five Roundup

You know, after some weeks you really just NEED some fun, right?  Some things to make you smile, laugh, and just lighten your heart just in time for a fun weekend!  And that’s this week for me.  I’m ready for some fluffy lighthearted FUN (calorie and guilt free of course!)

My Love For Coldplay Runs Deep

When these guys release a new song, I listen to it about, oh, one hundred times.  My love for Coldplay is pretty much unsurpassed and this song with the Chainsmokers just makes me SO HAPPY.  Plus, the video is just sweet and fun to watch too!


Being called the “Halo Top of gummy bears” (and if you haven’t tried Halo Top, go buy yourself a pint of birthday cake, and then wonder at the sorcery at work there), these “sweets” are only 2 grams of sugar.  WHAT?  Rest assured, I will be hunting these down at my local stores ASAP.

Speaking of Healthy Treats…

I don’t really eat traditional sweets.  I’m a health nut but I obviously love me some chocolate.  These brownies are TRULY amazing.  I’ve made them multiple times with different variations and they are fudgy and SO FREAKING GOOD.

Gucci Give Inspiration.  Always.

I can’t stop loving Gucci.  Plus, even though it comes at a high price tag, the inspiration is quite thrift store shopping worthy.  Love love love these outfits, how crazy and fun they are, and I will be attempting to bring these into the runways of my life asap.

Need a Laugh?  You Might Wet Yourself With This One.

Especially if you have kids, you MUST LOOK AT THESE!  Seriously.  Crying laughing.

Happy Friday all!

Trending: Friday Five Roundup

It’s Friday, it’s dumping down rain, but I’ve got my coffee and there’s a giant pot of chicken broth simmering on the stove, so it’s all good!  Plus, now I’m bringing to you five things that will hopefully inspire and delight you for your weekend.  No bad news here, only the fun!

The Best Homemade Face Wipes…I’ve GOT To Try

I’m totally in love with Popsugar for their DIYs and fitness videos, as I’ve said before.  And also, since I converted to washing my face with coconut oil, I’ve become a total believer in natural beauty.   THIS recipe looks AMAZING and so so easy.  FYI, frankincense can be a bit pricy to buy, but it is really amazing stuff.  If you don’t have it, you could totally make this without it or sub in a different essential oil depending on your skin type or specific needs.

Manrepeller Rocks NYFW AS USUAL

I gotta be honest.  Looking at Leandre’s outfits that she wore to fashion week is more fun for me than looking at the photos from actual fashion week.  I will be saving this slideshow and pulling MUCH inspiration from the Jedi master of dressing.  Look for yourself, and be inspired.

The Royals Got Renewed For Season 4

HALLELUJAH!  The drama will continue on for a fourth season!  Basically a soap opera set in the palace with Elizabeth Hurley leading the pack (does that NOT sound amazing?), this show keeps me entertained when I need a mom time out.  It’s just the most fun.

Trader Joe’s Wine Shopping Just Got Easier

If you’re like me, you don’t typically leave TJ’s without at least one bottle of wine. But you know how it is, the kids are yelling, you’re trying to decide which one to buy, and your average spending on a bottle is like, $12.  Thanks to this post by Refinery29, we now have a good list of dependable options to study up on (and some are $4.99!) so that next time we go, we can buy with confidence!

Nachos For The Low Carb Types (me)

When you’re like me, the word “nachos” produces two things in you: a profuse stream of drool down your chin and an intense fear of not fitting into your jeans. Yes, I am a low carb type who usually subs things like riced cauliflower for actual rice, zoodles for noodles, and lettuce for a hamburger bun.  So this whole idea of mini bell peppers instead of chips is fairly inspired in my opinion!  Plus, Skinnytaste is such a reliable source for recipes…I’ve never made one I didn’t like.

I hope your Friday is FANTASTIC!

Trending: Grammy’s Style

The Grammy Awards are ALL about the music.  Right?  WRONG.  Sure, the awards of the evening may be going to best song and best new artist and all that, but the next day the only thing that most everyone is talking about is WHAT WAS EVERYONE WEARING?  Who got it right?  Who got it wrong?  Yes, the music is amazing, but it’s the pictures of those clothes that always stay ever so present in our mind’s eye.

So here are my awards for the night.  They are only my OPINIONS, and since I’m the only one voting, my picks win every time.

Best Dressed.  PERIOD.

Holy SMOKES you guys.  Now I’m gonna be real with you.  I’m not what you’d call an “Alicia Keys” fan.  I’m not NOT a fan, but I don’t typically buy her music and while I’ve always found her talented, she’s not like, my number one pick.  But I gotta say, this girl is sure winning me over lately.  She sounded AMAZING and basically chose the outfit I would choose if I was going to a super fancy event.  A SPARKLY JUMPSUIT.  And her hair…don’t get me started on her glorious hair…

Runner Up.  Because, You’ll See.

Another sparkly jumpsuit!  Thanks, Demi Lovato, for cementing this FABULOUS choice in stone for the evening.  Love the “wearable disco ball” look.  Two in a row, and they’re both stunning.


LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 12: Singer Faith Hill attends The 59th GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on February 12, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Gosh I miss Faith Hill.  Where has she BEEN all these years?  She looked STUNNING in red and the only thing that could have made this get up better is a little theme music to go with it.  Someone give that woman a microphone please!

Honorable Mention.  VERY Honorable.

Ok isn’t this STUNNING?  I’m not a “purple” person per say (slipped in a little alliteration there for ya), but this whole lace body suit/dress thing is really really regal.  It moved so beautifully when she walked and was the perfect amount of sexy and sweet.  Plus, Maren Morris ain’t bad to listen to either ;)

Hope you enjoyed the show.  I have to say I found the whole night to be a bit on the predictable side to be quite honest and there weren’t many performances (besides the opening number, like they probably shoulda just called it a night after letting Adele open) that I found to be that interesting.  But hey, the clothing sure didn’t disappoint, and that always makes for a fun show!


Trending: Friday Five Roundup

It’s Friday!  Oh wait…I have kids…so what does this all mean?  Whether you are Netflixing, mom-ing, or working for the weekend, we could all use a few fun things to start off our weekend right.  I’ll try to roundup some interesting and happy thoughts for ya ;)

Juicy Couture, How I’ve Missed You (get outta my closet and onto my body)

You’re either gonna love me or hate me for my closeted Juicy love.  I got all my old Juicy’s in a box (and I may buy them at thrift stores when I see them…) and I’ve just been ITCHING to bust them out again.  Thanks to this popsugar article I feel like I’m not alone.  Also, regardless of how you feel about the iconic tracksuits, if you haven’t read the book by the creators of Juicy, “The Glitter Plan“, please do so.  It’s one of my favorite books ever and fashion lovers out there will enjoy the heck outta that book.

Target Makes More Clothes That Don’t Look Like They’re From Target

I mean, they just get better and better.  And while I obviously prefer to buy handmade or from a small company or individual, the reality is we all gonna buy stuff from Target now and then.

Like THESE pants, which I clearly *need*.

And THESE booties, because like, are you for reals that these are from Target??

New Netflix Shows About Fashion.  Yes, Please.

I have no knowledge of the book this is based on, full disclosure.  However, anytime there’s a new show about fashion or the fashion industry, I will watch it! Plus, I want that outfit.  Obvi.  Until this comes out, I’ll be checking out Versailles on Netflix, since I’m having withdrawls after finishing The Crown.

Major Shoutout To The Savior of My Kid’s Lunches

My kids aren’t allowed to bring any kind of peanut or nut butter into their classroom, and when your kids are so picky like my kids are…this can be a majorly stressful restriction!  Thank my lucky stars, I got them hooked on Sunbutter as well as peanut butter.

I put it on their crackers, I make sunbutter balls with honey and oats and chocolate chips…just beware that you must INFORM the teacher that your child has sunbutter, otherwise you may get a phone call halfway through the day (speaking from personal experience!).

Who’s Grammy Performance Will Bring The House Down?

My money’s on Gaga, because I’ve never seen her do anything halfway and after that Super Bowl flying off the stage stunt I think she’s the sure fire winner of “most amazing and riveting performance”.  See for yourself who’s gonna rock the house this weekend.


Friday Five Roundup (On Sunday)

Okay, so I’ve been a bit behind lately.  Having two toddlers screaming at me, setting up and tearing down pop ups, and starting our new packing lunches and getting to school on time tradition may have sent me into overdrive.  But I had some coffee, watched some Netflix, and now I’m feeling like I just might be able to find five things I’m excited about.  The weekend might be almost over, but hey, there’s still a few hours on the clock so let’s celebrate!

The Santa Clarita Diet

You guys, I don’t know what’s better about this show.  Drew Barrymore’s hair or the writing.  This show is clever, cute, funny, and FULL of memorable hair moments.  I promise.  The only thing I hate about it is that there are only 10 episodes…

Free Workouts (What’s Better Than That?)

I have found the holy grail of free workout videos on Popsugar, and THIS ONE will kick your REAR.  The first time I did it I limped for like three days.  I think it works muscles you don’t even know you have.  Totally worth it though…I’m loving Popsugar’s sampling of videos!

It’s Winter Time, Cough Cough

Y’all know I’m into hippie stuff.  And to be quite honest, it works for me and my family…I’ve seen it with my own eyes!  I love Wellness Mama, and thank goodness for THIS GUIDE which has been extremely helpful for us this winter…especially now that the kids have started preschool (insert scary congested sounding music here).

Validation for Pajama Dressing (Like I Need It)

Honestly I’m just including this article from Refinery 29 primarily because I love the slideshow.  I just want to watch it over and over and then buy EVERYTHING IN IT.  Why are pajamas SO CHIC???  It’s almost like, why do they even bother making clothes when pajamas are so freaking awesome??  Don’t answer that.  I love clothes too, this slideshow just made me forget that for a minute.

For Your Inner Disney Princess

I think no matter which Disney princess was your childhood hero, there’s always at least one with that dress we dreamt of wearing.  The good news is, someone went to Paris Fashion Week and found all of our dream dresses on the runway!  Some are closer than others, but it’s a fun real life walk down Disney princess memory lane for sure.

Hey, we made it!  Happy Superbowl Sunday for all of you who care about football, Gaga, or Netflix (because the third category are all winners!)


Trending: Rudolph

Remember those crazy campy cartoons that seem to appear magically every Christmas with that super obnoxious ringing every time Rudolph’s nose lights up?  My kids have begun watching them regularly this December.  Now, I know a lot of people grew up on these, no matter when you were born.  I actually never saw them until I was an adult, at which point my reaction was “what the heck ARE these things??”  Yes, if you didn’t watch them as a child, they’re a little…er…different.  However, I love that my kids are watching them because it’s giving me a second chance to get to know them in a childlike way!  And my kids really like them!

My kids love this one super hilarious one called “Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July”.  You guys, there are snakes that fly in it.  It’s just that amazing.  They’ve been watching it while I’m cleaning the house or cooking dinner, and I catch glimpses of it while I’m utilizing my “the kids are distracted” time wisely.  Besides the flying snakes which are really hard to miss, there’s one thing I’ve noticed about it.  They wear the BEST CLOTHES.  I know, this sounds funny but let me prove it to you.

My Top Picks For Best Dressed:


The dude’s name is WINTERBOLT.  Does it get more awesome than that?  Check out that robe he’s got on…is that NOT magical?  I would SO wear that.  Gorgeous.  He may be the bad guy, but he’s got some epic style going on.

Lilly Loraine

How much do you love that western outfit she’s wearing?  It’s PERFECT!  It’s so 70’s and so classic cowgirl.  I love her hat and bandana and her FRINGE VEST!!!!  She’s got my vote.


I have a thing for suits and two piece outfits, and I love his white with the red stripe uniform.  It’s like a 1970’s doorman.  Not to mention is awesome hat and boots.  Thumbs up Milton.

Random Guy

Full disclosure:  when my kids are watching movies I often don’t really get to “watch” with them and I only catch bits and pieces, so I don’t know who this dude with the lace up and fur vest is, only that I want to wear his outfit.  Because if he’s not #onpoint then I don’t know what is.

Sure, sure.  It’s a little weird to pull fashion inspiration from an old campy kids cartoon movie.  Or is it… :)

Happy Tuesday!

Trending: Allied

Every once in a while, there comes a movie that really just catches your eye.  You know, the kind where when the preview comes on, you’re mesmerized and you turn up the sound and watch it no matter how many times you’ve seen it before.  In the vein of epic movies like Titanic comes the new movie Allied with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard.

See what I mean?  Gosh this movie looks so intense!  I think however, one of the most mesmerizing things about it…is the fashion.  Because, well, I’m all about them clothes. ;)

Don’t you just want to stare at these beauties?  I do!  I saw an interview with Marion Cotillard on the Today Show this morning, and they discussed these incredible 1940’s reproduction garments.  She was asked the question: “do wearing these clothes help you get into character?”  And of course, she said that they most certainly did.  So…doesn’t it logically follow that if an actress putting on her costume helps her getting into character, that how we dress could help us feel certain ways?  I think so!

Of course, I have plenty of days where I just have to throw on an old pair of sweats and go because that’s life.  But I know that when I dress nicer and put even a minimal amount of effort into my outfit, I feel WAY differently about myself.  I feel like I carry myself differently and even can begin to feel better about life in general if I’m having a difficult day.  It’s made me do this way more than I used to.  Dressing “up” (that can even mean a really cute pair of leggings and a shirt!) helps me “get into character” as a person who’s having a great day…at least great enough to get myself dressed!  I loved her reaction to that question.  Clothes can help change the way we feel on the inside!

Whether you’re gonna see this movie or not, I think the clothes are worth a gander, don’t you? :)

Happy Tuesday…it’s almost Turkey Day!

Trending: Friday Five Roundup

Okay you guys.  I’m not one for self promotion.  But I am however a VERY EXCITABLE PERSON!!! (can you tell?) So this Friday, I have something really special that I’m just too excited NOT to share with you!  It’s a special edition of the Friday five for ya.  Because I’m popping champagne and smiling like a joker (without the creepy factor obvi).


I am so happy to say that after a loooooooong time of working on this, things are finally getting going.  I’m so excited, freaked out, and just, well, thankful that I’m getting to do this.  All the people I get to work with locally on producing the pieces are just amazing human beings and all of YOU are too!  (and I made my first official sale, so dang.  I’m just humbled and excited y’all!)

I love denim, and who says it’s not dressy? agrees with me, and I love this simple article with five ways to wear denim to a holiday party this year!  Being in California, “dressy” is kind of a misnomer here.  So anytime I see things like this, I love the inspiration because any party I go to around here is guaranteed pretty much to not be black tie.  Get inspired, because denim is HOT.

Starbucks Christmas cups are here, so people, let’s get happy.

Good news everyone.  You can have your coffee in a holiday cup SANS DRAMA.  (“would you like room for cream and a side of MAJOR DRAMA?” -Starbucks employee, circa December 2015)  Gosh, aren’t they pretty??  Gotta go collect em all…

I went to Target today and, well, it took all the restraint in the world…

not to buy everything!  Because…CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED!  Be prepared to buy every furry, cute, sparkly, whiskery, plaid thing that you see…only to get home and wonder how many houses you are decorating and why you needed the entire alphabet spelled out in fur letter ornaments.  Because you just do, right?

Thanksgiving for special dietary needs…made simple.

I’m a huge fan of and right now she has a full downloadable thanksgiving menu complete with shopping list and all…and it’s all FREE!!  It’s healthy, her recipes tend to be easier than a lot of the paleo/gluten free/health focused recipes floating out there, and, well, anything that simplifies your holidays is a win/win!

Okay, here’s hoping you are feeling full of HOPE, life, and know that you are loved.  Because you sure are :)