Trending: Friday Five Roundup

Ahhhh yes.  Little did I know last Friday when I wrote this post that the reason I felt so dang crummy was that I had the STOMACH FLU.  Yikes.  After a week of domino barfing (meaning the family went down like dominoes, NOT barfing up dominoes) I’m ready for some fun and funny.  So here ya go, without further adieu.

I Can Relate…

When your husband works at home and you have two toddlers…the level of stress on mom can go up in a hot second.  Dude.  Watch this poor mom DESPERATELY trying to wrangle her kids on live television (poor woman probably thought they were safely watching a show on the couch or something) and laugh.  Because it’s amazing.

Nothing Like A New Funny Show

Adam Pally has ALWAYS been a standout to me, especially on Happy Endings (remember that outstanding cast??) and thank goodness he’s back!  I watched the first episode of this show and it’s the perfect mix of camp and fun.  Duffel bag time machine?  Check.  Adam Pally pretending that he wrote a song for his girlfriend (who lives in the past) and then belting out “My Heart Will Go On”?  Check.  The return of Leighton Meester?  Check.  It’s a winner.

Spring Coffee Cups!  Hooray!

I mean come on.  We all get SO excited over the Starbucks holiday cups at Christmas time…why on EARTH have they not thought to do this sooner??  I mean, I’m going to go get some coffee JUST so I can have this cup!  Oh, and because I want some coffee too.  So there’s that…

The Next Outfit I Want To Copy

Alexa Chung is ALWAYS copy worthy.  But this outfit?  On a whole other level.  I want to wear it RIGHT NOW.

No Bake Healthy Brownies #WINNING

You guys know I’m all about dem healthy treats and these no bake brownies look INSANE.  This girl’s whole blog is full of recipes that look so freaking good.

Ahhhhh well I’m ready for the weekend.  Thanks y’all.



Trending: Christmas Movies

I think we all have our favorites when it comes to holiday movies right?  And quite honestly, no matter what your favorites are, I don’t really think there’s a bad one in the whole bunch of them.  Too cheesy?  That’s ok.  Holiday movies should be a little cheeseball.  Too little kiddish?  We should all be more like children anyway, so that’s completely acceptable.  I have a couple favorites though that will always be watched repeatedly every single year.  Here goes.


I mean, the whole thing is just epic.  “Hey great news…I saw a dog today.”  Yep, I’m basically Elf.  How can you go wrong with this movie?  It includes a narwhal, the world’s greatest cup of coffee, and a grown man in an elf costume.  Perfection.

The Holiday

This movie is pure magic to me.  It makes me want to go to the London countryside and live in a little cottage.  Ahhhh Kate Winslet how I adore you.  I am a big fan of movies that make me happy, and this one is just one of those happy holiday movies for sure.

Fred Claus

This is seriously the most underrated Christmas movie I have ever come across.  And yet, it’s one of my top favorites of ALL TIME.  Vince Vaughn is hilarious, and it’s just pure FUN.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s the best.  Trust me.  Every time I watch it, I feel like I’m in the North Pole and it’s a magical wonderland.  It’s definitely worth watching if you want to feel like a kid again.

Love Actually

Oh gosh, this movie never ceases to get me.  I cry every time I watch Colin Firth bumble through that conversation with his housekeeper who doesn’t even speak the same language as him.  Oh and how about that scene in the image above?  Yeah.  That’ll melt the Grinchiest heart for sure.  This movie has so many beautiful moments in it and it’s woven together like a tapestry in an artful way.

While You Were Sleeping

While not technically a “Christmas movie”, this is Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman at Christmas time and it’s the best romantic movie ever.  It’s like CLASSIC Sandra Bullock and is not to be missed for the romantic at heart!

Of course there are so many other movies I love watching at Christmas time…Harry Potter, The Santa Clause, A Christmas Story, and who can ever pass up a good old fashioned rerun of Home Alone?  But I’d say these are my top “it feels like Christmas” movies.  I bet you have yours too!  It’s time to get watching, people!

Merry Christmas movie watching!

Trending: TV Inspired Fashion

I’m a tv show fanatic.  You guys know this to be true.  So, when clothing is inspired by my favorite show or directly created from an iconic character, I’m all in.  Turns out Christian Louboutin agrees.  He created a handbag directly inspired by the 90’s show Twin Peaks.

This got me thinking.  If this is possible, then how bout a few other great fashion moments making their way into my closet?  I wouldn’t say no…I know that much to be true!  So here goes, designers who always read my mind (hahahah I love to accuse them of doing that, so here’s my chance!), please read the following and do as I ask.  Because, well, clearly I have that much influence… ;)

Elle Woods at Harvard

I don’t know about you, but I feel like my I.Q. would go up just wearing this outfit.    I love how smart AND chic this whole get up is.  I’d love an Elle Woods inspired closet, to be quite honest.  Why not?  She’s the best.

Reign.  All of it.

If you guys haven’t seen the show, imagine if Free People did medieval costuming.  Yes, it’s THAT gorgeous.  It’s remarkably hard to find any photos of the insanely beautiful Yael Grobglass in her costumes, but I would love to have a few things inspired by her wardrobe!

Good Girls Revolt.  Yes, please.


You guys, this show is SO GOOD.  And Patti’s outfits are the BEST.  I’m halfway there on this because I own those boots, but hey, how about a “Patti inspired” line?  I’m down.  Oh, and can I please have her hair too?

Serena on Gossip Girl, because she wears all the gold.

Okay, okay, I see it.  I have a small, teensy, tiny obsession with blonde hair you guys.  I have just realized that all the women I chose are blonde.  I USED TO BE BLONDE AND I MISS IT, OKAY??  I’m SORRY!!  But let’s get real…IS SHE a unicorn?  I’m quite sure that she is not real, and that dress…oh that dress.  Can I wear it please?  She wore gold gowns so often and this whole get up, is, well, golden to use a bad pun.

And now, I look forward to accusing people of reading my mind and then promptly buying all of it.  Especially that solid gold gown, because I could so grocery shop in that.



Trending: Friday Five Roundup

Happiest of all Fridays to ya!  Let’s take a look at the most fun things that happened this week.  Because, I’m all about the fun.

Timeless premiered, and boy was it a load of fun.

You never know how a show premiere is gonna go, and this one was off the hook.  Like edge of your seat, hold your breath, straight up eye candy FUN.  Watch it. You won’t regret it. published a first hand account of what it’s like to get microblading.   

Awesome.  Because there’s nothing like having a guinea pig to try something major before you do it yourself!  Still considering this option for some fuller brows, but this is a nice way to know what to expect if I do decide to go for it at some point.

Bruno Mars came out with a new funk song, so.

Full disclosure.  I’m not like, a Bruno fan.  That being said, I cannot resist the magic of his funk songs.  I mean, I’m only human, people.  This song will get you moving and even if you hate it (like I did with some of his songs) eventually, the rhythm is gonna get you.  I speak the truth.

Ashley Olsen strikes again with the oversized clothing.

I’m tall.  I get women telling me all the time, “you can wear that because you’re tall.”  Guys, I can’t wear this.  I am telling you right now, if I wore this, I would have multiple people either ask me if I was pregnant or offering me spare change  to lend me a hand.  The Olsen twins are that enigma that proves all theories about size and fashion…dead wrong.

There’s gonna be an Enchanted sequel.  Halle-freakin-lujah.

I bought this movie before even watching it, then I watched it three days in a row like an obsessed seven year old.  And now that I hear there will be a sequel, I’m clearing my schedule.

All you grown up Disney princesses, go enjoy your weekend!


Trending: VMA Style

Of all the awards shows in the world, music awards shows are my absolute favorite.  I mean, the Emmys and the Oscars are great and all that…but nothing beats Lady Gaga coming out in a meat dress or pretending to hang herself on stage while faux blood gushes out of her midsection.  And now you probably think my taste leans towards the, er, macabre.  I promise you, it doesn’t…I just love the entertainment value and shock value of Kanye stealing the mic from Swifty and the insane performances that can include things like (but not limited to) fire, stuffed animals, foam fingers, strategically placed rhinestones, and lots and LOTS of special effects.

That leads us of course to last night’s VMAs.  I gotta say, I wasn’t really all that enthused with the show as a whole…I think when your favorite artists aren’t performing you can be less than excited about Beyonce hitting a camera with a baseball bat (I feel afraid).  However, the one thing that NEVER disappoints, is the FASHION.  The music awards shows, unlike their more proper counterparts, tend to feature much more risky style choices.  And that, my friends, is what I call: FUN.  So here we go.  These are MY favorite looks from last night.  I think my choices actually tend to be a bit more “conservative” I guess you could say, mainly because when someone shows up in a nearly nude bodysuit, I’m not thinking “ooooh I think I’m gonna copy that look tomorrow when I go to the grocery store!”

  1. Hailee Steinfeld

This is the look I call: “Excuse me while I steal this dress off your body k thanks” because I literally WANT THIS DRESS.  Hailee, you have sung and dressed your way straight into my heart.

2. Haylee Baldwin

Because apparently, this VMAs I’m all about the Haylees/Hailees.  Sure, sure, it is a bit SHEER for a grocery store run, but I cannot resist a great jumpsuit and I love how the pattern strategically makes this look less sheer than it is.

3. Heidi Klum

How could she ever look bad in anything?  I think it’s not possible.  But I am such a sucker for a long sleeved mini dress…it’s so 70’s and I love the long sleeves to balance out the shortness of the skirt.  This is such a gorgeous nude palate of colors and so chic without even trying!

4. P. Diddy

I don’t know where to start.  Oh yeah.  THE KIMONO.  A dude in a kimono…I wasn’t really all that sure it was possible, but here he is, just proving it can be done.  And those gold necklaces?  I could shamelessly copy this outfit in a heartbeat.

5. Jaden Smith

Okay you guys this one almost didn’t make my cut.  My initial reaction to this look was…repulsion.  However, sometimes I can’t stop staring at style that repulses me, so I thought it warranted a closer analysis.  So, it’s a bit shapeless, a bit…crazy, and chaotic to say the least.  But when I looked at the jacket, I started to kinda love it.  It has so much texture, so much interest, and a little bit of traditional pinstripe suit mixed in.  And, well it has dogs on it.  So… If you take the time to really look at this jacket, it’s a work of art.  There’s a thin line between repulsion and fascination, and this proves it.

I’m not gonna do my least favorite looks…mainly because while I do have opinions on that sort of thing, I really hate being critical of other people’s fashion choices!  I mean, we all choose outfits from time to time that are, iffy, to say the least…so hey, if these stars felt great in their weird outfits…I’m not gonna try and stop them!

Hope you enjoyed the show…or the outfits at least :)

*for the best review of the VMAs, check out
*photos from and

On Necklace Layering

Necklace layering.  It’s something that I often do, but rarely think about.  I’ve had a number of people ask me how to do it, and then I have to stop and think about it.  The answer is simple really, you just put on necklaces, and then after a while, you stop putting them on!  Okay, for reals that’s what I do.  However, I do understand that there is an instinct that I have developed over time, and that takes practice.  And you have to start somewhere, and with some level of inspiration.  So I’m going to try and break it down into some basic ideas, with some tips and tricks for you…that way if you’re feeling like you don’t know where to start or you don’t feel like you’ve got your instincts on this yet, you’ll have a place to begin!  Keep in mind, there really are no RULES to this.  There’s no rules other than if you like it or not.  If you like silver, use silver.  If you like gold, use gold.  If you like both, mix them!  The sky is the limit, and anything goes!

To get started, start collecting jewelry!!  This doesn’t have to be an expensive process.  I really don’t own many expensive pieces yet, and that’s ok.  Etsy is a fabulous source for handmade jewelry, and a lot of it is quite inexpensive.  Forever 21, Target, and even places like Kohl’s have very much stepped up their jewelry game and they have many great pieces to mix and match.  And don’t forget about thrift stores, flea markets, and second hand stores!  That’s where you’ll really score and get stuff that no one has ever seen before!!  I have been collecting jewelry for a while now, so it’s quite easy to layer…and once you start your collection and it grows a bit, you’ll see that it gets easier.  The more options you have…well, the more options you’ll have :)

This look is FUN and basically my GO TO right now.  It’s got leather and gold (I’m a gold person, so keep that in mind…silver will work or rose gold too if that’s your metal of choice!) and lots going on.  I like lots going on!
THE PIECES: This is a leather wrap choker with a tassel pendant attached to it (details on that to follow), a layered multi chain necklace, and two vintage gold choker length necklaces.
TIP: The BEST way to make this look easy peasy, is to find one necklace that has a ton of chains on it.  These are pretty easy to find cheap typically at places like F21 or the thrift stores. You can also make one if you’re so inclined by going to the craft stores and getting a bunch of chain and attaching it into one multi length necklace.  Varying the chain colors and link size will make it look even cooler.
TRICK:  Okay you guys.  This leather choker.  It’s a PIECE OF LEATHER I bought at a craft store (leather laces, deerskin is the best if you can find it) and I bought a chain pendant at Michael’s to hang on to it.  It cost me under $10 and I now have a bunch of colors.  It’s so easy, it’s almost wrong.

This look is basically a more delicate layering option.  If you keep the metal monochromatic and the pendants even smaller than these, it will be more delicate and more of a conservative layering look.
THE PIECES: I have a handmade necklace from The Joyful Jewelry Box (love her!), a turquoise cross from Forever 21, and a thrifted agate slice.
TIP: This is an easy look.  The thing you want to do is to keep all the necklaces at very similar lengths…just slightly staggered is best.  Like within half an inch to an inch of each other is best.
TRICK: You can easily make this look by buying chain and small pendants at the craft store and making each necklace just slightly longer than the last.


Chokers are the total new IT necklace.  They are also a GREAT layering piece because they don’t interfere with your other jewelry…there’s no tangling or competing for the same length typically.  This look can be monochromatic like I did it, or can be totally changed up by using different colors.
THE PIECES: This is a deerskin braided concho leather choker by Desert Mermaid, a multi strand turquoise thrifted necklace, and a tassel necklace from Anthropologie.
TIP: The principle behind this look is three distinct lengths.  ONE: a choker, TWO: a collar bone piece, and THREE: a midriff hitting pendant.  Pretty much ANYTHING can be used in this look, even a short necklace instead of a choker if you’re not a choker person.
TRICK:  A piece of ribbon tied around your neck is a perfect layering choker.  It’s cheap and easy and you can literally own every color of the rainbow for super cheap.


Surprise!  You thought this was about NECKLACE layering didn’t you!?  Gotcha!  I mixed in a brooch because remember?  There are NO RULES!
THE PIECES:  This is a tiny collarbone star necklace (the one I wore at my wedding in fact!), a vintage brooch, and a long gold necklace from Anthropologie.
TIP:  This is a great way to layer that won’t get tangled up together!  You can also put a brooch off to the side, or even wear a few in a row across the neckline of your shirt to add more interest.
TRICK: If you love brooches but don’t have any, they can easily be thrifted or made by taking clip on earrings or anything really and gluing it onto a pin.

The wild west ain’t got nothing on this look!  Bolos can be a bit harder to layer because of their long tails.  That’s why layering them under a scarf works beautifully.
THE PIECES:  A thrifted scarf and a bolo made by my lovely Hillbillygypsy Boots.
TIP:  Any scarf will do for this look!  You could use a vintage one or any type really…it will still be a great layering piece over a bolo or a long necklace.
TRICK:  You could find a fabric that you like and cut a square in a scarf size and that’s an easy and cheap way to get any look you want with the pattern you want.


Again with the scarf!  Flip it around, add a brooch, and you’ve got a whole new groove.  Basically this look is about three different lengths.  It’s an easy one!
THE PIECES: Thrifted scarf, a vintage brooch, a thrifted coin necklace, and a long necklace from Anthropologie.
TIP: With a floral scarf and a pretty sparkly brooch, you get a whole different look to this layered vibe.
TRICK: If you don’t have a brooch, you could easily just tie your scarf in a knot, or tie a longer one in a bow, and then add a few necklaces below it and it’s still super cute!

Now…just do it!  Mix some metals, try some tricks…get crazy and bold with this!  Jewelry is an easy and more conservative way (for those of you who have to dress a bit more conservatively for work OR you just aren’t into bold clothing) to add flair and pizazz to an outfit.  I mean, a white tee and jeans could look so put together with some layered jewelry!

If you wanted to buy pieces like the ones I used, I’ll add some links here for you to get started on your hunt!


Hope your week is just jammin’


On Basics…Maxi Skirt Wearing

It’s week three of “Basics…Anything But”!  Now I totally realize that MY definition of “basics” may not be the same as everyone else’s.  For example, I would qualify a slip dress and a kimono as “basics”.  However, I’m trying my darndest to keep THESE basics ACTUAL basics that may be in the average person’s closet.  After I’m done with those, I’ll probably move on to things like the slip dress and kimono and all that just to keep emphasizing how much every woman should have them in her closet!  But for now, I’m trying to stick to BASIC basics!

Today, let’s talk MAXI SKIRTS!  I decided to take a solid maxi skirt and show you some fun and unpredictable ways to mix in this basic with some other pieces you may have in your closet…or you may be looking to buy!  As always, you can use a lot of different fabrics, patterns, and styles of skirt to change up this look!  The sky is the limit!  But let me tell you about what I used, and why!

THE SKIRT:  I purchased this skirt from Free People new a few years ago.  It was exactly what I was looking for, and at the time, there weren’t a lot of maxi skirts to be found, so I looked at it as an investment piece that I could wear a lot of different ways, and boy have I used the heck out of this skirt!  Now truthfully, these kinds of skirts are a lot more plentiful, so getting one at a thrift store or at Target is highly likely, and at a fraction of the price.
FIT: The skirt I used has an elastic waistband, which is KEY for these looks.  Why?  Because the elastic allows you to wear the skirt at a variety of places and not just on your waist.  I have done some of these looks with a non elastic waistband maxi, and it can work, it’s just not as comfortable or easy.  I used a slightly gathered skirt, but a more gathered skirt will add a little extra bohemian glamour, while a non gathered one will be a more fitted look.  Either way works just fine!
FABRIC: This skirt is a stretch jersey…again, you can use a non stretch cotton, but the stretchy flowy fabrics will lay a bit better, be less bulky on, and simply be more comfortable!

Let’s get down to it!  A maxi skirt can go SO many different directions!  This look is great with a solid, striped, floral, or aztec print as well.  You decide :)

To be honest, I bought these two skirts together…to wear exactly like this!  I saw them in a Free People magazine and went out and bought them (they are the same in two different colors) because I needed a dress for a wedding and I couldn’t find one I liked!  However, I have done this EXACT same thing with multiple different variations of skirts, so you do not need to have two of the same to do this!

Okay, so you get the idea?  One skirt pulled up above your boobs like a strapless dress, the skirt underneath at your waist, belted, and…boom.  Flowy strapless bohemian goodness.  I’m a BIG fan of belts that tie on, but a regular belt would work just fine too!  I love gladiator sandals with this look because it’s cool for summer and adds to the boho flair!  The Free People skirts I have are sold out, but HERE is a really cool more fitted and rusched sides one (it has an extra sale code right now too!) If you want to splurge and get a great piece, try HERE.
THRIFTY TIP:  Shop your local thrift shops for maxi skirts!  They are much more common than they used to be.  Also, places like Target, Old Navy, and Forever 21 often have them for around $20.  Don’t forget to check ThredUp too!
SWAP IT OUT:  Change out the gladiator sandals for cowboy boots or just regular boots.  It changes the look of the outfit!  Also, a cool pair of palazzo pants underneath instead of a second skirt is super fun!  I’ve done this before and it looks really cool!
CRAFTY DIY:  Don’t have a tie on belt?  Get some thick ribbon or a strip of cool fabric (denim would be super cool!) and tie a bow at your waist!  It adds a whole new look to the outfit!  Wear it this way with some heels and you got yourself a brand new vibe to the same outfit!

This look basically turns your maxi skirt into a dress…with a little extra flair!

Okay, so again, you pull up your skirt as a strapless dress, then use the kimono belt to create a “waist” for your new dress!  I used some boho inspired accessories because it really seemed to go with the look of the kimono/skirt combo.  For kimonos, a splurge is HERE or HERE and to save some $$, try vintage robes on Etsy or look HERE.
THRIFTY TIP:  My necklace is from Child of Wild, so if you want to splurge on a statement piece, check them out.  However, this look is available for SO MUCH LESS now!!  Check THIS page out!
SWAP IT OUT:  Use a more fitted stretchy skirt.  Almost like a pencil fit maxi.  You’ll get a really sexy sleek strapless dress effect!
CRAFTY DIY:  If you don’t have a kimono, use a large square scarf, OR a large square piece of fabric, fold it in half, and put it over your shoulders with the point in the back.  Tuck in the front pieces into a belt, and you’ll create a poncho like effect and still get the same type of look!

The beauty of an elastic waist skirt is that it can sit anywhere on your body.  It can be low waisted or high waisted…and that gives you versatility for what kind of top you can wear!

For this look, I pulled up my skirt to make it high waisted, allowing me to knot my denim top and go full western gal!
THRIFTY TIP: I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  Chambray tops tend to be fairly easy to find at thrift stores.  Also, I got mine from Target and it is awesome!
SWAP IT OUT: Use a patterned top!  A plaid flannel would be adorable!
CRAFTY DIY:  Don’t have a bolo?  I got mine from the FABULOUS Hillbilly Gypsy Boots (email her and ask for a custom order!)  Here’s a SUPER fun DIY post on how to make your own out of things like bottle caps and stuff for all you UBER crafty peeps out there!

What’s not predictable with a flowy, girly maxi?  A tough graphic tee!  For this look I added some more masculine elements to balance out the skirt and make it interesting!

I thought that a Harley tee, desert booties, a belt, and a squash blossom would be a fun addition to the skirt.
THRIFTY TIP: I got these J Crew booties at a second hand store, but I highly recommend the Tom’s ones since the J Crew ones are sold out!  HERE is a FABULOUS alternative however, and at half the cost!
SWAP IT OUT: Swap the booties for cowboy boots, and use a floral or a sweet girly print tee.  Still adorable, but just changes the look a bit!
CRAFTY DIY: I got this shirt in the men’s section at Goodwill for $4.  I took my scissors to it and made it more awesome!  Find some great old tees and cut the sleeves down (makes the shirt look less like a men’s shirt!) and cut a few holes in it.  You’ll have a great vintage looking tee for a fraction of the cost!  Also, places like Forever 21 are doing GREAT replicas of band tees for CHEAP!

Give it a go!  I hope these posts are super helpful for you and inspire you to be a tad more daring with what you already have!  Once I discovered that I could wear some of my skirts like dresses, it opened up a whole new realm of possibility for my closet!


On Photo Shoots (and How I’m Not a Model)

I don’t usually let people take my photos.  Because if someone else is behind the camera, they see all the crazy weird expressions I make.  The expressions I make best are usually:  “goofy”, “serial killer”, and “lazy eye”.  (gosh why has Victoria’s Secret not called me back??) And the expressions I am typically less than successful at are:  “sexy”, “fierce”, and “intense”.  (if you correlate those two lists, you’ll see exactly what happens when I try and make the latter expressions and it will all suddenly make sense.)  When Randi of Guts and Grit Clothing asked if I’d be willing to do a photo shoot with her awesome stuff, I said yes right away…I love her and her stuff so it was an easy choice.  Also, I thought if she’s trying to sell her stuff to serial killers with lazy eyes, then I’m DEFINITELY the best choice for that target market.

Thankfully, she brought Kaitlyn (@hippiesandlippies on Instagram) who’s not only a doll, but is ABSOLUTELY FREAKING HILARIOUS so I had way more fun than I even thought I would!  Sure, it’s kind of the worst trying to “model” (I put it in quotes because it’s something I’m quite bad at) next to a tiny little perfect human being, but when that perfect human is constantly doing weird lunges and trying to grab your rear, it makes it all better.  I think like more than half of the photos are of my with my giant mouth wide open laughing hysterically…(I’m sure Randi appreciated that) because I could not stop cracking up!  It really helped me get over myself a little bit, deal with the fact that my hair, makeup, and nails are basically a hot mess 90 percent of the time, but who the heck cares because the clothes are cool.  So.

Here’s what actually happened for most of the time:

All the tops are hers…she takes vintage jackets and shirts and prints on the back, adds patches or fringe, and basically makes them awesome!

I’ll share more as she sends them to me!  She took SO many that it’s taking a while to transfer them all, so stay tuned for part two :)

Happy TUESDAY!  (You made it through Monday, good news!)

On Jumpsuits and (My Lack of) Patience

I always hated that age old question: “how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time.”  Because first of all, WHO WOULD EAT AN ELEPHANT???  What a HORRIBLE metaphor!  Second of all, I hated what it meant.  Because I am a “dive in head first get ‘er done quick” kind of person, so when someone would say that to me, it would inevitably mean that I had to do things slowly.  Yuck.  I was such a fast eater, that at work staff meetings people would ask me if I grew up in a large family and had to fight for my food.  Uh…I was an only child…this is awkward…

I’m so guilty of having flashes of inspiration and then immediately getting discouraged when I realize that I cannot accomplish everything all at once.  I will get fired up on something, then I start thinking about all the steps that I need to take to get to the finish line just to actually start whatever it is I want to do, and since I can’t get it done by lunch time…yeah I’d better scratch that one.  It’s always been a difficult thing for me to do things one at a time…when I really just want to do it all at once.  I’m a major multi-tasker, sometimes to a fault.  Like when I’m washing dishes as I go along and my husband gets irritated because I just washed the spoon he was currently eating cereal with.  I mean, if I wash it now, I don’t have to do it later right?  Plus…doesn’t cereal always taste better when you eat it with your hands anyway?

So I’ve been kind of waiting for some fresh vision in the way of style and blogging and all that and trying to figure out what the heck my next step is, what I want to DO with it (besides have fun, obviously), and also how to keep moving forward in my own creative ventures.  As you know with this kind of thing, it takes time and sometimes it just feels like the answer to all those questions is a foggy “I don’t know!!!” for a looooong time.  And then yesterday, I had a vision!  I finally got some direction and creative ideas…and I talked to my husband about it (he’s the business smarts behind anything we do) and he agreed that it was a good idea and not TOO crazy…and that it was doable.  Of course, I immediately began to talk myself out of it.  Because, well, I don’t know HOW to get to the finished product in one day, therefore it’s not a good idea.  He knew this was coming, so he encouraged me to just start with one or two things, and reminded me that this stuff takes time and it’s…oh yeah.  One step at a time.  DANG IT.  Guess I’m eating an elephant guys.  (not literally, please don’t come after me ok?)

Speaking of “one bite at a time”, I ordered this Rolla’s jumpsuit on a whim a few months ago because it was the last one left in my size and I’d been looking at it for a while.  I got it, and it fit, but it most definitely was snug.  I put it on again after months of eating carefully and working out…and VOILA one bite at a time my jumpsuit got looser!!!  That’s a great feeling :)

This is the Rolla’s Sailor Flare Jumpsuit and it seems to be mostly sold out everywhere, but HERE there are some other options similar.  The bolo is from Ruby Rose and the fringe booties are Sam Edelman (old, but here are some similar).

Enjoy the rest of your week, and take frustrating things one step at a time!  I may get frustrated just DOING that, but hey, it’s the best way to eat an elephant right :)


On Collaborating and A Sweet Deal For You!

When it comes to vintage clothing, I’ve discovered that there are two types of people.  People who love vintage, and people who do not.  Amongst the people who do not, there tend to be varying reasons why…for example they just don’t know how to wear it, it doesn’t fit them correctly, or they just really love new stuff as opposed to older things.  All of those reasons I completely understand, however I firmly fall into the first category obviously!  I love owning things that had a story and a life before me.  I love finding unique things from decades past and giving them new life.  And I love how detailed and intricate most of those vintage items were made…by hand and with purpose and intention.  And I love finding people who love vintage like me.

I got to meet (on Instagram) the girls behind The Reformed Moth (a shop on Etsy and also a storefront in Newport, Rhode Island) and these girls really GET vintage.  They reached out to me to do a collaboration (my first one!) and style some of their pieces, so of COURSE I jumped at the opportunity!  I was not disappointed.  These girls have mad taste.  Honestly I could buy and wear everything on their shop if they were all in my size!  Every piece I tried on was absolutely FLAWLESS.  This is QUALITY vintage.  This is not “thrift store” vintage…this is boutique, handmade, in PERFECT condition vintage.  And I loved every piece I got to style.  I had such a great time and each of these four pieces were on their own so stunning that I did my best to respect them and show them off for the artwork that they are.  I’m excited to share them with you and also give you a little incentive to check out their shop below! :)

This first dress was just stunning on it’s own when I put it on.  It was very fitted on me, so I was kind of expecting it to not flatter me, but I felt SO sexy in it with the side slits and body hugging shape.  I added a thin scarf in pink and ankle booties in orange because they brought out the gorgeous spring florals in the pattern.  I love this dress with gold jewelry because it adds a little glamour!

I LOVE the bright pink on this velvet tunic dress!  It is so bold and fun!  Because it’s so vibrant, I wanted to add a lot of neutrals and go a little western with this piece because it’s kind of an unexpected twist.  This dress is SO so soft and fully lined too…it is just gorgeous on its own.

This dress was one that kind of surprised me when I put it on, because the sleeves…oh those sleeves!  It has these PERFECT flutter sleeves that are SO flattering and so fun to wear.  I wanted to switch it up from a typical retro housedress style to something more bold, so I added this giant gold bohemian collar necklace and tall lace up moccasins.  Those flutter sleeves kind of gave a little bit of an allowance for this more traditional pattern and style to be more wild and free and less vintage housewife.  This dress could be worn over skinny jeans, bell bottoms, with flats or heels…and still be stunning.  It’s a total style chameleon!

And now, for the piece that stole my heart with its sweetness factor.  This little tunic dress is clearly handmade and just the cutest thing ever.  I put it over a vintage puffy sleeve top and used simple tall boots because I didn’t want anything to interfere with the adorable detailing on this dress.  Jewelry really would just detract from it, so I left it off.  I think this was my absolute favorite piece to style because of its uniqueness and it’s pretty accents and front pockets!

You guys need to check out this shop.

Danielle and Rebecca started The Reformed Moth five years ago, and their original intention was to upcycle vintage clothing.  They began finding pieces that were so good as they were, that they decided to not mess with perfection and sell them in their original state!  They are just like me…LOVE the thrill of the perfect vintage find at a flea market…those pieces that are wearable and on trend even though they were made long ago.  These girls have excellent standards and taste…you’ll see when you look through their shop.  They were named “Newport’s Best Kept Secret” in a local magazine…and once you take a look, you’ll see why!

Go shop!  Get 25% off with code statelyvelvet :)

I’m really grateful to these girls for giving me the chance to style some of their pieces.  I’m hooked!