On Jealousy and Fringe

Jealousy.  It’s one of those feelings that we all come across at one point or another.  And is it just me, or has social media managed to feed the green-eyed monster and somehow made it…bigger and more accessible?  It’s kind of the worst, yuckiest feeling, and yet…it still happens whether we like it or not.  Today, I had a run in with the not-so-lovely feeling.

I was out and about, and I saw someone who I actually do not know personally.  At all.  But thanks to the magic of social media, I know quite a bit about her.  At least, what she chooses to share that is (I feel like that always needs to be clarified, right?).  So I saw her, and because I “know so much about her”, I found myself feeling jealous.  Before I knew it, I was thinking things like: “wow it must be nice to be her…to have so much money…to be able to do and buy whatever she wants…” I mean, it took all of 3.5 seconds for my thoughts to escalate to this point where I was feeling angry with her.  What on earth??  I was so repulsed by my thoughts and feelings…and yet I still had them.  I really know NOTHING about her as a person.  And yet, for 3.5 seconds, I was kinda sorta actively hating her.  Wow.  I’ve found that it’s gotten easier and easier for me to forgive people for being judgmental and mean at times because, hi, my name is Katy, and I sometimes have judgmental and mean thoughts.  Yep.  I’m no better than anyone else.  My world has been rocked, yet again!

So in the moment I was jealous of this poor girl who had no idea I was directing laser beam thoughts of hate at her, I didn’t think for a second about who she was, what her life is/has been like, or what she’s been through.  I have no idea.  I mean really, I have NO IDEA.  I don’t know her story.  I mean, for all I know, she could have had a very difficult life up to this point.  I REALLY DON’T KNOW, and that’s the problem with jealousy.  I don’t know what it’s like to be her, what she feels, and who she is as a human.  Picture this.  What if you took a homeless person who had been through hell, and overnight made her a multimillionaire.  You gave her a brand new Range Rover, an expensive makeover, and all the right social media photos.  I bet you anything, people would say those exact things I had thought earlier today.  “wow, it must be nice to be her!”  IS IT?  Gosh we really DON’T KNOW, do we??  Sure, there are some people who do seem to live a sort of “charmed life”, but no matter what, we do not know what it’s like to live from their perspective.  I talked myself down from hate laser beams quickly…once I realized how out of hand my thinking had become.

Regardless, her story is not my story.  Sure, she has stuff I want.  That’s a normal, natural part of life.  Just because she has it, doesn’t mean I can’t have it.  There’s enough to go around.  But my story, my timeline, and my path is not hers, and it would be better if I could focus on MY story instead of looking over at hers and wishing that it was mine.  Easier said than done, but it’s something I remind myself of often.  None of us are immune from jealousy, and all of us are guilty from time to time of coveting someone else position in life.  Eyes forward, encourage each other, and keep moving forward.  That’s what we have to do.  Because looking at each other isn’t really forward is it…it’s more like trying to hop the fence and go sideways.

Gotta wear my attitude like want to wear my clothes.  Boldly and with grace.

My good friend found me this top from her friend up in San Francisco, Souls of California (she has the BEST vintage!) and it’s insane.  It’s drapey and fringy and all the things I love!  I put it with vintage Levi’s, thrifted braided huarache like sandals and this amazing white turquoise necklace handmade by DesertMermaid.

Hope you are loving living YOUR story this week!  I’m working on that right now… ;)


On New Beginnings And A Dress

I’ve always struggled a bit with transitions.  I mean, they kind of trip me out.  I remember graduating from college and having the sudden realization that for four years I had been driving to the same place, seeing mostly the same people, and spending a large portion of my life in this spot…and then suddenly I just stopped going there.  It’s weird isn’t it?  To think that at your old job or school or neighborhood you talked to people every day and then one day, it all changed.  Suddenly the people who you said hi to frequently can almost become complete strangers.  It’s an odd concept to me.  I struggle with it a lot because I grow to care for people sometimes more than they care for me and I grow fairly attached to places and environments.  I’ve tried and tried to make the transitions out of places smooth and maintain relationships with people, but I know that I have failed at times for one reason or another to do as good a job as I wished I could have.  And now, here I am, at another transition in my life.

I’ve been working at a resale clothing store for almost two years now (hard to believe it’s been that long!) and it’s been so amazing.  It helped me gain confidence in my styling abilities.  I have met friends and amazing people through it.  I’ve learned a lot about social media, blogging, and about women’s shopping habits too.  Plus, I’ve gotten some amazing clothes out of the deal too, let’s just be honest!  And now, a good friend of mine will be taking over my responsibilities there as I move forward in my own business (got the business license in the mail hooray!) and start up this whole Velvet California dream that’s been cooking for a bit here.  I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s exciting, it’s scary, and it’s just…new.  And yes, it’s a transition.  I mean, sure I’m still gonna be hanging around the store lots because I’ve ALWAYS loved the store, the clothes, and the owner…so I’m not outta there or anything.  But I’m definitely launching into something that’s different territory for me.  And different is, well, different.

I have realized that it’s often easier to stay in things that are comfortable than it is to move into the unfamiliar.  I often have a tug of war within myself between the side of me that is driven and wants to always be learning, growing and moving forward…and the other part of me that just likes the familiar routines.  Because both are good.  We need both to survive and not just do that, but to THRIVE.  I need a good mix of my routine and of newness to keep things from being too stale or too overwhelming.  But to be very honest, sometimes the thoughts that go through my head are more like: “if I just stayed here doing this same thing…it would be much easier and way less scary than _______” than I’d care to admit.  I’m half adventurous and half completely safe and boring.  I’m working on not letting the safe and boring side get the best of me!  Because as they say, “nothing ventured nothing gained” right?

This dress was sent to me from this amazing girl who I met on Instagram, @bumblebeecats who just opened her own depop shop selling amazing vintage!  I just thought it was SO incredibly sweet for her to think of me and send me this adorable piece!  I think the support I have experienced from so many amazing women and friends is what has been helping me keep going on this project and enter into new territory…and not feel alone in doing it.  New beginnings are exciting.  But sometimes things have to end to make room for the new things!

Happy Wednesday all you amazing girls

On Style Rebellion

Sometimes I feel a little rebellious.  I mean, don’t we all?  The thing that I think is funny though, is that right now I’m feeling rebellious…against myself.  Yeah, I know, like what does that even MEAN right???  I think I’ve been feeling a little bit like I’ve pigeon holed myself into a style and I just am feeling very caged in.  By me.  I am hoping that this post may help some of you in those times when you feel like you maybe…can’t buy something that isn’t typically “you”, but in reality I’m guessing it will just confirm to you guys that I’m legitimately insane.  I’ll proceed anyway.

Okay, so you know the drill.  We all have things we gravitate towards.  We have our “go-to’s”, our typical shopping spots, our pairings of choice (and I don’t mean wine and cheese).  For me, when I need to put on a pair of shoes, it’s always boots for the most part.  When it comes to jeans, it’s always bell bottoms.  So on, and so forth.  (You may be wondering about kimonos, but uh, yeah those are ALWAYS gonna be happening regardless of what style I’m feeling at the moment, so never fear.  I am still an all kimono, all the time girl.)  Sometimes though, I see something that makes me kinda, sorta, wanna…change it up.  And to be honest, I think I feel like I’m “not allowed” to.  I worry that people will think it’s weird or not like it.  I worry that maybe if I change it up sometimes, I’m not really being “me”.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  And on top of all this unnecessary emotional consideration regarding what pair of shoes I choose…I worry that I will buy something that I will NEVER WEAR.  Yep.  It’s a lot of stress…for not a lot of reason.

I think that I sometimes I feel ashamed because I suddenly want to wear leggings as pants when I’ve always said “leggings are not pants, I will not wear them that way”.  Dang it.  Like that one time I said I hated fringe…and now look at me.  Geez maybe I should talk less.  (That was a joke by the way, because that’s never gonna happen.)  So now, here I am, staring at a pair of $95 leggings wondering if I’ve been brain snatched.  Oh my goodness.  What’s a girl to do?  Isn’t it our prerogative to change our minds once in a while?  What happens if the very thing we judged other people for wearing…we now WANT TO WEAR?  Oh gosh.  Yes, I am going through this very thing right now.

Here’s my answer to this crazy “I-need-to-switch-it-up-right-now” problem.

  1.  First of all, give yourself grace.  You will change your mind on things, sometimes just because you saw it worn in a fashion that you understand and relate to.  That’s okay.  I didn’t like fringe at first because I hadn’t seen it worn in a way I liked.  That all changed.  (Obviously)  Allow yourself to change your mind.  It’s okay, and it’s normal.
  2. Look around.  I spent for-freaking-ever on manrepeller.com because I love her kooky style and it’s just different enough from mine that it really inspires me to change things up.  Look around at the style(s) you are interested in and give yourself enough ideas with the item of clothing to really assure that you will wear it.  Blogs, instagram, magazines, google searches of that item…just look at a bunch of different people wearing what it is you think you want to make sure you still like it (and please, don’t just look at it on the Free People model because those photos are HECKA misleading).
  3. Shop around.  I stared at those $95 leggings (I don’t even like athletic wear you guys) and shopped around until I found a similar enough pair for $22.  My plan is to see how much I wear them at this price, then if I wear them out and love them, then buy the more expensive pair.  See if you can find something relatively cheap so that you can give it a trial run.  That way, if you wear it once and hate it, you don’t feel buyer’s remorse.
  4. Realize that “you” means a variety of things.  I don’t have to wear cowboy boots to be “me”.  I am a creative person who loves to try new styles, wear interesting things, and make a statement in whatever it is I wear.  That means, I do not wear the same thing all the time.  Hence, what is “me”?  Whatever I darn feel like on that day.  You are not what you wear, what you wear is just an expression of you, and how you are feeling that particular day.

I felt like combat boots, a slip dress, and a $2 thrifted plaid nightgown that is now a duster.  And there you have it.  Be rebellious against your style now and then…it makes coming back to your usuals much more fun :)


On Things I Love/Hate About Me

Ever heard that whole “thin line between love and hate” thing before?  I’m betting so.  Kinda funny because it’s kinda true.  I mean, both emotions are so strong, that it’s almost like saying that whether you love or hate something, both are very strong emotions, and could almost be confused for each other at times.  It makes me think of that movie, remember that old high school classic “10 Things I Hate About You”, in which we ALL knew actually meant the girl was gonna fall for the guy she “despised”?  Yep.  Predictable, and yet, awesome.  I was thinking about that movie, particularly about the title.  It is unfortunately MUCH too easy for me to come up with 10 things (actually many many more) I hate about ME…but not as easy to come up with 10 things that I LOVE about me.  Dang.  Why is that???  Self loathing just comes more naturally than self LOVING I guess!!

So I thought about it some more, and realized that when it comes to things we love about ourselves, they are sometimes the same things that we hate at times too, am I right?  Like…you may love a certain quality about your personality, but at times that same quality gets you into trouble.  Like…you love that you’re social, but you often get told that you’re talking too much…or something of that nature.  Get my meaning?  I thought that this was a PERFECT example of that “thin line”.  It’s the things we are passionate about ourselves, the things we love AND hate.  So here it is.  My “10 Things I Love/Hate About ME.”  (*I’d love to hear yours…whether it’s one, ten, or 20!  So please tell me!)

  1. My Height.  I love being tall.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love being able to reach stuff up high, never having to hem my pants, and never really having to wear heels.  However, you try being the tallest out of all your friends, or most people in any given photo.  Yes, I am that hunchback looking person on the side, trying to awkwardly be the same height as everyone else around me.  Also, short people don’t realize this often, but tall people often look “fat” next to shorter people because of their height.  It’s just the way it goes, people!
  2. My Eyebrows.  This is again, a double edged sword.  My eyebrows are virtually…perfect.  In the way that they NEVER have really needed to be shaped or waxed because they grow in a perfect arch.  HOWEVER, they will never be like Brooke Shields’ full and gloriously bohemian caterpillars like I WANT them to be.  So…love/hate.
  3. My Tenacity.  I love that I fight for things and people.  I love that I don’t give up easily and that I often will choose the harder way if the results are better.  But I also hate it.  It makes for a lot of heartbreak in the process because I care SO VERY DEEPLY for the things I fight for…and the process can be terrible.  I often get angry at myself for being unwilling to compromise and just do things the “normal way”.  It’s a wonderful quality…and a painful one at that.
  4. My Sense of Humor.  Some people think I’m quite funny, so I stick with them.  I kind of shy away from people who don’t think I’m funny, because…well…I like to make people laugh!  I love love love when people laugh at stuff I say or do.  I love when I get my comedic timing right (I really just quote a LOT of tv shows you guys, and I bank on the fact that most people don’t actually remember the things I’m copying!) and I love it when people tell me I’m funny.  But I also don’t love it when people are trying to be serious or like, pay attention to stuff (um…who really DOES that??) and all I can think of are random comments about llamas or vampires, and NO ONE wants to hear them.  I can never turn off the randomness.  Ever.  So…love/hate.
  5. My Memory.  I have excellent SHORT TERM memory.  I was the quickest studier, easiest A on tests all through school because I could memorize like nobody’s business.  I don’t have to understand stuff, I can just remember it and spit it out.  But it is exactly what it sounds like…it is SHORT TERM.  If you asked me something that was on a test I took just half an hour earlier…I probably couldn’t answer you.  It’s a great tool…but it often means that I have a hard time LEARNING and REMEMBERING like, REAL stuff.  It’s all just data that gets quick shoved into a junk drawer in my brain…and then dumped shortly after.
  6. My Memory…For Randomness.  You guys, I remember actresses and characters names.  I remember tv show plots, quotes, situations…you name it.  I remember stuff from books, movies…anything with a STORY, I get the deets for ya.  Ask me if I remember someone’s name that I have seen every Sunday at church for the past three years.  Yeah.  I don’t got that one.  USEFUL RIGHT???  I love that I am so into stories.  They’re fun.  Sometimes though, just once in a while, it would be nice if I remembered an ACTUAL HUMAN’S NAME in REAL FRICKIN LIFE.
  7. My Commitment.  When people applauded me for losing weight after having my kids, I of course appreciated it.  But you gotta know that for me, it wasn’t optional.  I am HARDCORE about my diet and exercise.  I am beyond committed.  I love this.  A challenge in these areas doesn’t really frighten me, it excites me.  But this commitment level often gets in the way of LIFE.  It makes me stressed out when I go out of town or have a change in my schedule…it makes me rather inflexible at times.  And I hate that.
  8. My Hair.  The fact that this made the list is NOTHING short of a miracle.  I have battled my hair for most of my life, with little success.  After switching to a natural hair routine, I have come to love my hair texture.  I love the curl and the wave, and at this point…I wouldn’t trade it in.  That’s a first.  However…I wish it was thicker and stronger.  I’d love to grow it out.  Up to this point, it’s never grown past like my shoulder blades.  So here’s hoping…maybe this will all change and I’ll just love/love my hair someday soon!
  9. My Nose.  I’ve had people tell me they love my nose.  I’ve always loved my nose too.  I mean, I feel like the shape is great, and I’ve never wished it was different.  But you guys, I’ve ALWAYS struggled with stuffy noses at all stages of my life.  I’ve often loved that my nose is thin and has a good shape…but it’s just that…it’s THIN and that makes it get stuffy often.  The thing that I love about it…often frustrates me.
  10. How Much I Care.  I care about people and things.  A LOT.  Often more than I really should.  I love that I love people.  I love that I feel for people and I want to help them and do my best to.  But yeah, this is a double edged sword.  It’s painful to care for people, because when you care as much as I do, you often don’t receive the same amount of return from others.  Much of the time I am fully aware that I am way more committed to someone/something than they are to me.  That is a hard and exhausting place to be in.  It’s challenging to balance yourself when you feel so much for people and things.  I love it…and I hate it.

This dress is a classic love/hate thing.  I mean look at it!  I had to cut out some serious shoulder pads of this thing.  But the colors…oh the colors.  It’s just amazing and ugly all at the same time.  So…I’ll take it! :)

I’m working on that whole “self loathing” thing.  But it is quite true though, that often our good qualities can have a dark side as well!  It’s just part of being human!


On Wearing Leopard…Not Like A Flintstone

Leopard print.  You either love it, or you hate it.  Right?  Some women gravitate towards it and wear it like a neutral and other women just reject it like it’s a string bikini in a five star restaurant.  I get it.  Leopard can go wrong, as can most things in fashion right?  But have no fear, there are ways to get it right!

I found this crazy vintage leopard jumpsuit and I put it on IMMEDIATELY (which is what I do with all jumpsuits) and the first thing I thought was: “I look like a Flinstone.”  Now, did this deter me from BUYING that jumpsuit?  HECK TO THE NAW!!!!  So I thought this would be a PERFECT blog post topic!  How to wear leopard without looking like a Flintstone!  Whatcha think, you in?

Okay.  Clearly what I’m wearing is a bit, um, further on the commitment scale when it comes to leopard.  However, these tips I think could probably help you out even if your a bit leopard phobic and want to try it out just for fun.

Tips To Wearing Leopard Print
*if you’re kinda sorta scared of it. 

  1. Do Not Wear Tribal Jewelry With It.  This seems like an easy one, but just for reals, avoid anything bone, beaded (for the most part, there are a few exceptions, just keep this in mind), feathers, or anything that looks too…earthy.  Those are the things that along side leopard, will look like Bam Bam couture.  I’ve found that large gold or silver statement jewelry or layered turquoise will instantly take the leopard from caveman to bohemian in a hot second.
  2. Keep The Footwear Simple.  This means tone down the fringe, fur, patterns, and gladiators…keep it to booties, tennis shoes, espadrilles, sandals, or something western when you’re wearing a LOT of leopard.  Today I wore a leopard shirt with denim shorts, and I wore tall fringe boots with it and it totally worked because I had the denim thrown in.  However, I did NOT wear any of my custom beaded boots or flashy footwear.  The simpler the footwear, the better.
  3. Mix It With Neutrals.  If you’re wearing a leopard skirt…add a white, black, nude, or chambray top.  Leopard top?  Jeans or denim shorts hands down is the best option.  Leopard and denim is always a good and easy combo that’s guaranteed to take you OUT of the prehistoric.  (They didn’t have jeans back then, so you see?  Safe choice.)
  4. Go Cowboy.  Leopard goes western real easy-like.  So cowboy boots and that kind of thing are always a good way to style your grrrrreat new piece.  (It’s possible I’m having too much fun with this.)  I’ve learned that the best ways to swing your style when it comes to animal print are: bohemian, western, or chic.  So…turquoise, cowboy boots, or like chambray pants and a blazer over a leopard shirt.  Got those images kinda locked in your brain?  You’re good to go.
  5. Use It As An Accent.  If you want to wear leopard, but are just WAY too freaked about it, try a small piece.  Find a leopard bag, scarf, or pair of shoes that you can just mix in with your wardrobe.  Or layer a sweater vest OVER a leopard button down…that way it’s there, but it’s less of a statement.  I guarantee that if you try this and end up liking it, you’ll get more and more comfortable with the pattern and may end up wearing it in larger pieces.
  6. Don’t Draw Attention To It.  This is like a life rule that ALL women (myself included) need to just stop doing.  Have you noticed that if you’re insecure or slightly uncomfortable about something that you constantly bring it up?  I do that.  People will compliment me and I’ll be like “oh yeah I feel like it might make me look fat and I feel like a Flintstone and I wasn’t sure if I should wear this…” instead of just being like “hey thanks!”  Or sometimes, I don’t even wait for them to bring it up.  I point dramatically to the thing I’m uncomfortable with and then ramble on for half an hour about my issues, my childhood, and how I really feel like Taylor Swift changed my life.  You get the point right?  We’ve all been on the other end of this situation and don’t you kinda want to scream “STOP GRABBING YOUR ARM “FAT” AND BLUBBERING ON!”  I do.  So anyway, the point is, stop drawing attention to the new thing you are trying out and it will become more normal.

As you can see, this is not leopard for the faint of heart!  But I mixed in some turquoise and some very very boringly neutral booties (which I keep in my closet for just this kind of occasion!) and hey, I’m not a Flintstone!

Happy leopard wearing all you babes





On Inspiration, Motherhood, and Challenges

Being creative can be a challenge, can’t it?  I mean, we are all so creative as individuals and we all have so much talent…and yet what is the number one thing we say when we start talking about creativity?  “If I only had more time…” Yep, the story of our lives.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed with just the normal daily tasks that I need to accomplish.  The meal preparing, the clean up, the laundry, taking care of the kids…not to even mention any work that I need to do and THEN add on top of that TIME to be creative?  Forget about it.  I mean, the good news is that I’m pretty speedy at everything I do, which is both good and bad because it means I get stuff done, but I often miss details because I’m flying through what I’m doing.  But, for sure, creativity could use time to cultivate.  I’m not gonna say that creativity “needs time”…because that’s exactly what I’m talking about in this post!

I recently read this article that a friend sent me about motherhood and creativity.  It was an interesting article to me because it addressed things that I think most women FEEL but don’t really articulate…for fear of sounding like they are ungrateful for their children or that maybe they are complaining.  This article kind of talked about how having kids can definitely feel like the death of your creative side…for a lot of obvious reasons.  I mean, time to yourself?  That’s not a normal thing when you have young children!  Plus, I mean…your brain is consumed with other things like “did my kid eat enough healthy foods today?  Is that behavior normal or should I be concerned?”  and “hey did I put sunscreen on him/her/them within the last half hour?”  They don’t call it “mom brain” for nothing!  It’s like the portion of your mind that you used to use for things like reading, getting inspired, and creating…has now become a log of foods and activities and, well, worries, about these tiny humans that you care so much for.  So yeah, seems like having kids could be the death of your creative side right?  Heck no.  Just because life (whether you have kids or not!) can make you feel like a can of refried beans that’s been reheated too many times…doesn’t mean you are done creating.

One of the things that I’ve been constantly reminding myself of lately, is that for the most part, people who started something big or created something amazing…did it WITHOUT a lot of what you could argue they NEEDED for it.  Most people don’t have the money, time, or even support they “need” when they start stuff.  Why?  Because it seems like the more we have as humans, the less motivated we are to be creative or to work at stuff.  I think often times, amazing things actually are produced OUT OF NEED, not out of HAVING.  So yeah, when I start worrying about having all the money that I need to start this clothing line or the time that I want to write more music and record it…then I remind myself that I do have a little bit of both, and that’s all I really “need” for right now.  I can encourage myself to be wise with both my time and my money and go for it.  That putting one foot in front of the other is going somewhere a lot faster than just standing still waiting for all the stars to align and for me to have the perfect elements all there, just waiting for me.

I guess my point is this.  Having kids is amazing, but yeah it does cause you to reprioritize stuff, and sometimes what gets lost is your creativity.  I am always so amazed though to see those “momtrepreneurs” in magazines and on tv…you can see that they took those challenges of having less time (and frankly less sanity!) and they turned that into something incredible!  Sometimes when the heat turns up, that’s when you get the gold.  Let it be something that motivates us to keep being creative.  To realize that challenges and time constraints can be used to make us more efficient and more flexible in our creativity.  You never know, maybe even just the pressure of having less time to be creative will cause all those creative juices to get flowing quicker and efficiently!

This crazy neon thing is a vintage ROMPER!!!  So of course I had to have it!  Speaking of creative struggles…here are some things I’ve had many frustrations with when it comes to trying to be creative and also being a mom:  Time.  Because toddlers don’t like to wait while you accessorize perfectly.  They also have no good input to add to your outfits, and will not be complimentary when you’re having an off day.  Taking photos.  I can’t just take photos whenever, I’ve got to do it when the kids nap or are preoccupied.  The lighting, like on this day when I took these photos, can be a beast and I have just given up on many a day! Feeling ridiculous.  Because there are days when I think to myself “why don’t I just throw on sweats and call it a day?  No one cares what I wear anyway!”  Okay, not true, I CARE WHAT I WEAR.  So shut it, self, and put on your cool vintage stuff.  Being tired.  I need a lot of sleep.  It’s a constant point of stress for me just trying to get to bed on time and get enough hours of rest so that I’m not cranky.  Which I usually am.  So there’s that.  Not FEELING creative.  Some days I go to put together outfits, and I just stare at my crazy closet, no thoughts whatsoever in my brain.  I can’t even figure out what to wear with JEANS.  So there are days when I just call it good, and try again the next day.  Because sometimes you do just need to use those few moments of rest and watch reruns of That 70’s Show.  Just call it “inspiration”, and you’re all good. :)

Hope you’re all inspired today, no matter what!

On Pajama Dressing. Because, It’s Wednesday.

So I’m back.  Still in my pjs.  Really in awe of how all you super cool Brits call them “pyjamas”, which my American spell check absolutely hates, but I honestly think is way cooler than plain ole “pajamas”.  Maybe that’s the trick…when we sleep in them, they’re pajamas, and when we are classy and wear them out and about, they’re pyjamas.  I like it!  But enough about wordplay, let’s talk JAMMIES!

If you’re on the fence about this PYJAMA trend, let me try and talk you off the fence, and on to the appropriate side of the yard (my side, which is, OBVIOUSLY the RIGHT side. ;)) Here’s a few reasons I love this trend, and always have.

It has a kind of “devil may care” vibe.  You know those girls who always look cool and like they aren’t trying very hard…that’s what this look kind of gives off.  It’s got a little bit of an air of, “I don’t care, I rolled out of bed looking this hot” to it.  I’m so not effortlessly cool, so if there’s a style that makes me look like that, I’m instantly sold.

It’s cozy, but still looks nice.  These shirts, as I said in the last post about PYJAMAS, are only one step away from collared shirts.  This is kind of cool because they look good with slacks, a blazer, or a pencil skirt…among MANY different pieces you can mix them in with.  This makes them kind of a classy/casual hybrid.  It’s like a button down, but with added interest.

It’s different.  While this is definitely a “trend”, I really don’t see this in real life that often.  So it’s unique, and you can easily rock this and look like you are “trend setting” because quite honestly, most people don’t really know what’s going on on the runways or in fashion unless they’re super into it like we are.  Many of the “trends” I see in magazines are not that popular on the streets unless you live in a fashionable area, or it’s been a “trend” for quite some time.  This trend is different, but not so different that you’ll stick out like crazy.  It’s a small way to add interest to your outfit without you feeling like you have to go out on a limb and have everyone staring at you!  (Unless you enjoy that feeling, and if you do, we should talk because I’ll give you the “special” tips on how to look like a crazy person.  I pull that off daily.)

Today, I’ve got a short sleeved pyjama (I just decided that I’m British today, so roll with it ok?) top that I thrifted, and styled two ways.  This is very similar to the long sleeved one, but it’s maybe more summer appropriate.

When people say they don’t know what they can wear cowboy boots with, I respond, “um, well, hmmm…EVERYTHING.”  But I digress.  I love how easy and casual this vintage pyjama (it’s my story, and I’m sticking to it) top looks with some cutoffs.  The vintage cowboy boots in red kind of add a “if Wonder Woman wore pyjamas, this is what she’d wear” vibe.  Don’t you think? :)

I love these pyjama (stop trying to auto correct me, computer!) style pants from Zara.  I think this is a way to class up this vintage top and of course, espadrilles because it’s summer and they are just so comfy, I can’t resist!  Again, adding on lots of jewelry to your pyjamas (yep, still doing it) will counteract that “wait…are you just wearing your jammies?” look instantly.  Because unless you know someone who sleeps in loads of jewelry, then this is not a normal night time loungewear look!

Have I convinced you yet?  No worries, I still got one post to go on this topic.  Then I promise to get out of my pyjamas (you’d think auto correct would have given up by now, but it’s a persistent little bugger isn’t it) and talk about some other stuff.  I’m not quitting this trend though, even when the magazines decide that it’s “out”.  This is to classic and timeless (and comfortable!) to ever be OUT in my opinion!

Happy midweek all you pyjama wearing gals!


On Inside Scoops

Okay, okay, I’m just way too excited about this to NOT write about it.  I mentioned before that I am starting a small clothing line…and the test t-shirt I ordered AND the kimono prototype fabric arrived today! How can I NOT talk about this!  I thought, since you all are my favorite humans, the ones who take your precious time to read my (often endless) ramblings about clothing and feelings and things…that I’d give you the special scoop first.  You sure deserve it!

I’ve been trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing for quite a while now.  After my life kind of went crazy for a few years, it took me a bit to get my feet back on stable ground again.  I considered vintage selling for a while, but honestly I love to BUY vintage more than I love to SELL vintage.  It just doesn’t excite me to hunt for vintage for anything other than to wear it!  My husband has repeatedly told me that he thought I would be happiest actually creating things…but this really intimidated me for the most part.  I don’t know how.  I don’t sew, I don’t understand patterns or fabrics very well, so this is not something that I felt like I could just jump in to.  Each time he brought it up, I would veto it based on a poor excuse.  Until a few months ago.

I was driving in my car and I had a revelation.  The car is quite honestly the place I have most of my inspiration!  I suddenly had this “vision” I will call it for a clothing line.  It was specific.  I saw in my mind’s eye these things: kimonos that are structurally asian inspired but with modern breathable fabrics, graphic tees that are primarily California 1970’s looking graphics, hand dyed vintage slips, and maxi skirts that are flattering, fit well, but are still comfortable with an elastic waistband.  Everything will cohesively go together, so you could mix and match if you wanted and create endless outfits with them.  They will all be made in America or be fair trade.  T-shirts that look like you could have found them in your grandparent’s attic…but are comfortable and stretchy.  Vintage look, with a modern feel.  The look to this line is going to be retro (of course) with a hint of bohemian.  Think 1970’s California and I think you’ll get it.  Man.  I’m excited.

Then came the name issue.  My husband and I tossed around a few names, checked their availability online and on instagram…nothing really stuck out UNTIL…he almost yelled out I’VE GOT IT!!!  Velvet California.  And yeah, I’m pretty sure no one could top that.  So there you have it!  Velvet California is slowly becoming a reality!  Gosh.  The level of support and excitement that I’ve had from most of YOU has been overwhelming.  I mean, there’s just no way that I could ever express what it means to me to have you cheering me on.  It’s kind of unreal.

I see this as something that I want to encourage women.  I want it to encourage them to be themselves.  To give some options for everyday wear that are fun, individual, and still very wearable.  Most of my days are spent going to the grocery store.  To parks.  To Target.  And yeah, I don’t wear my uncomfortable clothing or my high maintenance clothes when I’m running errands.  But I still want to dress in fun stuff, to look put together, and to feel like ME.  So that’s what I want this to be.  Alternatives to the necessary, but often boring, leggings.  Workout wear.  Sweats.  The things that, let’s face it, we ALL wear at times and hey!  That’s okay!  We are human!  We are allowed to go out with bad hair, bad breath, no makeup, and gross sweats from time to time right??  But if I do that more than like, once a year, I start to feel much less like myself.  I feel much better when I can dress like me and STILL chase my kids around or load up the car with groceries.  Yep, this is me trying to do the impossible…make real life and fashion WORK together cohesively and beautifully!  Seriously though, if it’s not at least a little impossible, I’m probably not interested in trying anyway!

Yeah I really wish I had some pieces done for this post.  But that’ll be so soon anyway, I thought I’d just go with my vintage dragon kimono because it’s fierce :).

Thank you for being you, for always spending time with me, and for listening and responding.  I always appreciate it.  Always.

On Not Being Realistic and A Crazy Tunic

What’s the difference between a pessimist and a realist?  (this is not the intro to a joke.  Kind of.)  A realist is a pessimist in a clever disguise!  Now this is just MY definition, so quote me on it if you want, but don’t go trying to find this in a dictionary or anything!  Let me explain.  I have come to realize that often, as important as it is to be “real” at times, when people are being “realistic”, this tends to lean towards the negative.  I know, sometimes you gotta really look at reality and do what you need to do.  But that is not what this post is all about.  This post is about seeing things greater than reality.

I think what inspired this train of thought primarily, was watching the movie Joy. Have you seen it?  You should.  I mean, literally, GO WATCH IT!!!  The movie is based on the life of the woman who is called “the queen of QVC” because she’s sold more products on there than anyone.  This movie shows her life as she…against insurmountable odds and with no money to speak of…invents a product and literally saves her family.  This story didn’t just speak to me, it screamed at me.  After watching this inspiring story, where her entire family and all her friends were constantly telling her to give up and just call it (they were actually being realists, considering the nature of her circumstances), I couldn’t help but think more about this blatant defiance of circumstances.  I mean, just dream with me.  Imagine if everyone in the world was like this.  Imagine if instead of giving up when things get hard, each person saw the potential in themselves, in their dreams, and in their circumstances.  What if, instead of being  “realists”, people decided to fight against the negative things in their lives. I know that every situation is different.  But I’m fairly certain that for the most part, we are all way too quick to give up, to throw in the towel, and to blame things on “the economy”…”not enough resources”…or “not enough skills”, when those things are often not insurmountable.  Or even true for that matter.

I hate when I get discouraged and start being “realistic” about life.  Because no good story is “realistic”.  The best stories, whether it be in history or in movies or in real life, are the ones where the hero actually conquered something.  And the thing that needed to be conquered probably seemed impossible.  It probably was hard, and discouraging, and there probably weren’t nearly enough resources to realistically conquer the obstacle.  So here I am, in real life, and I’m ready to start looking at things less realistically.  I’d like to stop being weighed down by things that seem “impossible” and start looking for opportunities instead.  Yes, being a realist is just too close to being a pessimist for me.

This outfit just screams “cult leader” to me.  I mean, I can’t NOT see it!!  So yes, this is my “I’m forming a cult” outfit (I’m really just kidding you should know that by now!) and my cult is one of hopefulness!  So join me.  Let’s start persevering, stop giving up, and start realizing that there’s more to life than “reality”.  This fabulous 1970s cult tunic was thrifted and I added a lot of jewelry and some riding boots to keep it from being too “fresh off the compound”.  Know what I mean? :)

Hope your week is going fabulously and you are feeling all sorts of motivation to do all the things you are so gifted at!

On Being a MOM and Being ME

There are a lot of things to absolutely love about having kids.  I mean, there are so many fun moments when they surprise you and make you laugh…and definitely teach you that there’s more to life than you thought there was. I love having kids.  But I definitely struggle with being a “mom”.  I have had a hard time with that often asked question: “how do you like being a MOM?”  Yeah I love having kids.  Being a MOM?  That’s hard.

I always knew I wanted kids.  That was clear to me growing up and into college and adulthood.  But I was terrified of being a MOM.  I grew up with a mom who took on being a mom to me as her sole job.  Now PLEASE don’t misunderstand me here…I also quit my job and stay home with my kids, so I do not at all disparage women who do this!  At all!  Of course, spending time with your kids is priceless.  However, I was raised with the example that a MOM does nothing, but raises children.  This terrified me.  I have so many things that I love to do that don’t involve kids…like sing and play music…shopping and styling other women…writing and reading good stories…these are all things that I thought I was going to have to give up when I had children.  It honestly took seeing other women actually be THEMSELVES and have interests and passions as well as raising their kids before I actually decided that I might be able to pull off this whole MOM thing.

I think it’s hard.  It’s hard having kids, and it’s hard not having kids.  It’s hard working and it’s hard not working…all I’m saying is that there are challenges in EVERY stage of life, so talking about the challenges of being a mom isn’t complaining.  I think it’s often misconstrued as complaining and then moms feel  judged when they talk about their struggles.  Having struggles doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids or you wish you didn’t have them.  Obviously that’s not true.  And I think the loss of identity is the hardest one for me.  Maybe some of you who have had kids haven’t gone through this…but man.  Once I had kids, I had to really fight to feel like myself again.  Suddenly when you have a baby, no one looks at YOU anymore.  Suddenly all of the compliments you get are “hot MOM” or “you look great for just having a baby” or “your baby is so cute!”  Of COURSE!  You have an adorable baby!  But I imagine it’s what women experience when they hit 50 or something and everyone starts telling them they look “great for their age”.  Why can’t I just be “hot” instead of “hot mom”?  It’s funny how we don’t even realize we are putting qualifiers on compliments until all of the compliments we receive are phrased in that way.  It really kind of shook me up at first.  I felt not beautiful at all…I felt like all I was, was someone’s mother.  I never felt like I was doing anything very well at all, considering that I was constantly told that I was: “doing great (for having two young children)!”

I love being home with my kids.  But I also miss working.  I am SO glad that I’m home with them and no matter how much I miss working full time, I would never trade the time I get to spend with them for that.  I do, however, feel like in order to be a healthy, happy mom, I HAVE to do some things on my own at times. I HAVE to work a few hours outside of the house.  I HAVE to be creative and do stuff that’s not MOMish.  I cannot lose my individuality out of mom guilt!  I think I grew up feeling SO incredibly guilty that my mom didn’t even take the time to go buy new underwear for herself, that I just decided that I didn’t want my kids to feel that way about me.  I don’t want my kids to feel responsible for me losing my creativity and my talents.  They don’t have to be!

I’ve been quietly starting to design a clothing line.  It’s in the works, and should be released by fall…at least a few pieces will be!  I’m VERY excited, nervous, and hopeful that the pieces will be things that all women can wear and be comfortable in.  I want it to be something that makes women feel beautiful regardless of if they feel super thin or not.  I want it to be something that inspires them to be creative and to be their own individual selves WHILE they’re being an awesome mom.  Because sure, when you have kids, you become a MOM.  But you’re still YOU!

I think one of the things about fashion for me is that I get to dress like an individual when I’m with my kids and when I’m out by myself.  It’s one of the easiest and most fun ways I can express myself as a creative person.  I don’t have to dress like a MOM to be a good mom.  I can still dress like ME and be a mom!

I’ll give you more details on the clothing line soon.  Pieces are in the works…and I can’t wait to wear them!  Happy Thursday!