All About Boyfriend Jeans

The last day of my Week of Denim is a Friday, obviously, and I really think it calls for a great pair of vintage boyfriend jeans.  Like most girls, I’m kind of always on the hunt for amazing jeans…even though I have a lot of pairs that I love.  I rarely find new pairs that can rival what’s already in my closet, but occasionally the stars align and it happens.  When it comes to boyfriend jeans, the best pairs I’ve ever found are from Gap.  Weird, right?  I mean the best two pairs I’ve ever owned cost less than $20 each. I mean, of all the expensive pairs of jeans I own, those Gap ones are just as great.  I even had someone once ask me if my jeans were Current/Elliott (which I love), and I was like, um, no these actually were on sale for $15 at Gap.  I’m pretty sure I saw a cloud of dust she ran outta there immediately in the direction of the store.

Regardless of all my amazing pairs, I have been wanting a pair of true vintage Levi’s.  The kind I always see on Instagram that are that perfect light wash and are hand distressed…the holy grail of vintage boyfriend jeans.  They are super hard to find around where I live because there’s just not that many places to get great vintage here.  On my recent trip to Venice (California, not Italy!), I found them!  I was headed towards a vintage clothing shop that had great reviews on Yelp, when I happened upon another one on the way.  I had to pop in because it looked interesting.  It was way better than interesting.  I’m pretty sure that this was the best selection and prices of vintage clothes that I’ve ever seen.  Vintage graphic tees for days, vintage dresses, and JEANS.  I cannot wait to get back in there.  It’s a place called Gotta Have It, and you gotta go there.  It was the first of three vintage stores I went to there, but next time I go, I’m planning on stocking up there on shirts and jeans.  Needless to say, this is where I found my vintage Levi’s for less than $50.  Score!!


Excuse the blinding sliver of midriff that escaped in this photo.  Obviously Edward Cullen has nothing on my midsection these days.

Oh, and ps, that’s my awesome new necklace from Mountain Soul Jewelry hiding in that second picture. :)

The thing about boyfriend jeans is that they’re kind of the anti-jean.  They’re the comfy pair that doesn’t make you have to suck in your gut or gear up for squeezing into them.  They’re the pajama pant of jeans.  And once I feel a little thinner, I’ll probably just wear a white tank with them and feel like I’m channeling Jennifer Aniston’s cool easy vibe.

I’m going to go put on my new jeans and feel super cool now.  Happy Friday!


Denim Skirts as Dresses and (im)Perfection

What is it about perfection that is just so elusive?  Oh wait…it’s that perfection is a relative concept.  What’s perfect to one person is not perfect to another.  And let’s just be honest, and say that we are almost (if ever at all) never perfect by our own standards.  Why?  Because my version of perfect is Giselle.  Cindy Crawford is perfect.  Most of the bloggers I see on Instagram are pretty perfect to me…I mean have you SEEN those girls?  Like are they for real?  Of course I can never ever attain these impossible standards I’ve placed on myself because I will never ever look like someone other than me.  Darn.

After having two babies in a row, I had ballooned out to approximately 100 pounds above my normal weight.  I had (and still have) stretch marks all over my stomach.  My cheekbones had vanished and I felt like a complete and utter failure.  Even as I write this I almost am laughing at the sheer craziness of that feeling.  I had literally just grown two (rather large) humans in my body and given birth to them, and now was suddenly in charge of taking care of their every need.  And I felt like a failure.  Because I didn’t look perfect.  I’ve lost 90 of those pounds and I should feel like a success, but do I?  Oh heck no.  I take 30 photos of myself, cry, tell myself I shouldn’t be doing this, then I fix my makeup and try another 30.  The photos that do make the cut are still painfully imperfect to me.  I can see the extra weight.  I can see the lack of confidence in my face and the shame for not being who I think I should be.  And it’s painful.  However, I’ve made a new decision that propelled me into doing this blog and talking about clothes and life and all that good stuff.  Every time I feel that urge to seek after perfection and compare myself to all those “perfect” bloggers out there, I remind myself that I am in a new pursuit.  I am in the pursuit of realness.  I am not doing this to try and get a photo that could compete with someone else’s.  I am not trying to show the world how skinny I can be.  I am doing this to seek after who I really am.  To be honest with myself and with everyone who happens upon this blog or upon my Instagram feed…to be who I am and be confident about it.  Oh, and I’m doing this because it’s FUN!!!

I got this denim skirt years ago at Ruby Rose and I never wore it.  I found it in my closet when my stomach was huge from having babies and my weight was kind of off the charts.  It didn’t fit me.  So I pulled it over my head, belted it, put on some fancy cut-offs and boots with it, and suddenly I felt creative, confident, and cute.  Three things I definitely did NOT feel generally speaking.  This skirt dress got me through some pretty rough seasons when nothing felt right in my life.  It holds a special place in my heart because when I put it on, I remember feeling good about myself even though I was not exactly where I wanted to be.  And that’s important.


I think it may be impossible to not feel cute while wearing this vintage sparkly horse head belt.  I mean come on.  Plus when you do the Angelina Jolie patented leg pop, you just kind of feel amazing.  I think that’s going to be my new power pose.

Hope you’re feeling as amazing as you truly are.


Overalls…But Better.

I’m a true child of the 90’s.  I grew up with flannels and oversized sweatshirts and  everything Claire Danes wore on My So Called Life.  Clueless was like my style Bible.  So yes, I loved overalls.  I owned a pretty sweet pair of Union Bay baggy overalls that I rocked well through high school and even on some of my days off from class during college (because I just couldn’t bear to part with them).  When I started seeing them come back in style, I was pretty excited.  I mean when you think about it, they are jumpsuit adjacent, so it makes total sense why I’d like them.

The thing is, while I still have a soft spot in my heart for 90’s fashion and I own about a billion flannels, I just don’t feel like dressing 90’s is really me.  And overalls can just look bad when they don’t fit right.  Plus, I don’t own a farm, so it just kind of feels a little silly for me to be buying something that is unflattering on me and makes me look like I know how to milk a cow.  Much like my hunt for the perfect, non-mechanic wear denim jumpsuit, I embarked on the hunt for the perfect, non-farm owning overalls.

I really can’t hide anymore how much I love @leahhofff on instagram.  She’s like my constant style crush…and when I saw these overalls on her…well, it was all over.  I can’t take credit for finding them because she saw them first.  I instantly contacted Lykke Wullf Clothing on Instagram (who makes such dreamy clothing by the way) and the owner was basically amazing.  She worked with me to make sure my pair would fit me, and customized these overalls for my body.  And I really cannot rave enough about them.  They are soft and stretchy and that super nice thin, but durable, denim that breathes and moves, unlike traditional overalls.  Plus they are super 1970’s style, so I feel like I have completely satisfied my overall cravings and made my high school self happy.

Here’s the first way I’m going to wear these babies.  A floral off shoulder shirt…or any flowy sleeved top I’ve got underneath them.  I love how the length is just a tad cropped, but since she customized them to fit me, they aren’t that awkward cropped length that everything gets on me.


I have this little black lace Free People crop top that I’ve been saving for these.  The lace sticks out and adds a little something and doesn’t look like I’m naked underneath the overalls.  Which would be awkward.

Graphic tees are perfect for these overalls.  And vintage Converse of course.  I guess I don’t feel like there’s many ways to go wrong with these.  I will probably end up wearing a plain white tank top under them with sandals on days when I can’t decide what to wear or I’m in a hurry.

These overalls are like my happy place.  I think about them and I get excited to wear them.  I think about them and I remember how much I loved wearing overalls when I was younger…they just make me smile.

I hope you’ve got lots of stuff in your closet that makes you smile and makes you feel just a little bit like a kid again.  We all need that.

Feeling like eating an ice cream cone (a calorie-free one of course) and playing kick ball.  Oh, and wearing my overalls of course.


Denim, Culottes, and Dress Codes

What is it about denim that makes it get such a bad rap?  It seems like in this world where everyone’s got a dress code, denim is the one thing that ALWAYS lands on the top of the list.  I grew up with dress codes.  I went from my childhood of homeschooling with a mom who had completely different opinions about what I should wear than I did, to a private high school with an uber strict code.  It was like going from one constant clothing argument to another.

My mom felt like I should wear pastels.  There were no two piece swimsuits.  No dark colors.  And jeans?  Well let’s just say I didn’t wear the cool jeans.  My high school, being all about modesty of course had super easy rules to follow, like no skirts shorter than four inches above the (bended) knee.  So every week, all the tall girls (like me) were dragged into the office under suspicion of dressing immodestly, told to kneel down, and had a ruler placed on the floor to see how short our skirts were.  Basically that meant that your skirt could be no shorter than knee length.  Being the mid to late 90s, it was virtually impossible to find skirts like this.  It was all mini skirts. Maxi skirts?  What the heck are those?  Did you ever see Alicia Silverstone wearing one of those in Clueless?  I mean I honestly don’t even know what my high school dress code would have said about culottes or cropped pants or leggings because those were nowhere to be found.  When culottes came back into style I rejoiced, but then silently wept for my high school self who could have had so much better style if only this had happened while Britney was accidentally playing with our hearts again.

Back to denim.  The dress code SPECIFICALLY stated NO SHREDDED OR FRAYED jeans.  They were NOT to be tolerated.  This was obviously a sign of rebellion and anarchist tendencies and all violators were to be given detention.  I tried very hard to abide by this rule, but let’s be honest, sometimes jeans fray and there’s nothing you can do about it.  I remember being followed across the parking lot by a hyper vigilant office lady/dress code enforcer who informed me that there was a string hanging off my jeans and was I going to cut it off?  I told her it wasn’t likely and kept walking.  This was my only act of rebellion in high school.  And it felt GREAT.

Now I celebrate my freedom by wearing cutoffs, culottes, distressed jeans, unhemmed frayed jeans, and, well, mini skirts because I can.  Denim is just misunderstood if you ask me.


I chose this outfit for my Week of Denim because it’s just vintage denim at it’s finest.  Wearing denim with denim can be tricky because you don’t want to be TOO matchy matchy, but it totally works as long as the hues of the top and the bottom compliment each other.  I don’t wear heels often at all, and culottes are made for heels.  These booties have just enough of a heel that they actually work and still allow me to walk comfortably.  I love the embroidery and button detail on this top from Ruby Rose.  And of course, I just add turquoise with everything because it’s my favorite and it really looks great with everything.

Ah if only I had a time machine to go back to high school.  I’d be the coolest, most forward thinking dresser around.

Back to the weekly grind today…wear your denim proudly!


Monday Mojo…Head to Toe Denim

Welcome to the Week of Denim!  I’ve decided to do an entire week dedicated to the fabric of the working class…just because, well, it always works!  I’ve ALWAYS had a major love for denim…whether it be jeans or shirts or dresses…it’s all good. My collection of jeans has always been one of my favorite things about my closet, and it’s one of the few things that I actually rarely buy because I love the jeans I own so much.  However, now that denim has been a mega trend for a little bit…it’s my chance to collect tops, jumpsuits, shorts…maybe even a bikini (do they make those in denim?  They so should…I want one)…because, well, I love denim.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect denim jumpsuit for a while, and actually not entirely sure I’d find it.  I guess as much as I love jumpsuits, most of the denim ones look an awful lot like those coveralls mechanics wear, which, let’s just face it, aren’t the MOST flattering.  Especially when you’re tall like me and not a size 0.   I came across this pair on an Etsy site, custombylevy, and I instantly knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.  The zip up front looks great on (and to be perfectly honest, buttons down the front of a jumpsuit are super unpractical!) and the pants…loooooooong and flared!  So 1970’s that I feel like I immediately transform into Farrah Fawcett when I put it on.  I chose this outfit for Monday Mojo, because much like the Novella Royale jumpsuit from last week, it’s easy and makes me feel great when I put it on.  It’s one of my new “go to” outfits and it’s comfortable too!


It’s doesn’t really need much styling…it’s throw on and go.  But with every piece that I put in the Monday Mojo category, these are pieces that look like I put a lot of thought and effort into my outfit!  I love things like that.  Like when you put a headband on your hair that hasn’t been washed in a week and everyone tells you your hair looks so good…it’s a nice little trompe l’oeil.

Happy Memorial Day!  Hope you’ve got a great holiday weekend outfit going on today…