Fashion Feelings: To All The Places I’ve Never Been Yet

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not what you’d call a great traveller.  I get anxiety over if I will be able to get good food, what kind of food I will be eating, and where my food will be coming from.  Basically…I have a lot of food-based anxiety.  Like, if I were to go to a country where they served something and I didn’t know what it was…I may have a panic attack.  Heck, I have a panic attack just thinking about eating fast food (probably because I don’t know where it comes from, so I guess that’s not all that different!) so the thought of being served like squid or something makes me all sweaty and freaked out.  (Do people eat squid?  Don’t answer that.)  All that being said, I want to see places I’ve never seen before.

My first time on an airplane was in high school going to Italy, France, and England.  I’ve written about the flight before, how the girl next to me barfed all over me then we all got scared and over compensated for our fears and got drunk on dramamine on the second leg of the journey…yeah, it was a dramatic first airplane experience for sure.  We arrived in Rome, exhausted from being awake for two days straight, wasted on airplane sickness drugs, and delirious.  This is not a great start to a trip.  We spent the first day dragging our smelly unbathed rear ends around a place made entirely of human bones (not sure what that was all about), following the most hyper tour guide that there ever has been.  He was so excited about everything that we all began plotting ways to murder him so that we could go take a nap.  (don’t worry, he survived our tour…but it was a closer call than he realized.)  We got to our hotel room, which smelled like the inside of a moldy paint can (weird I know, but that’s the only way I can describe it) and the first thing I did was take a shower and then, naturally, plug in my hair dryer.  Being the American “blonde” that I am, I used the adaptor wrong and blew a fuse, burning out the power in the entire hotel.  An angry Italian came up to our room, muttering to himself most likely Italian cuss words, unplugged my blow drier and shook his finger at me.  I’m surprised he didn’t smack me with it.

The entire trip I was in complete culture shock.  Everyone had told me how “Americanized” Europe had become.  What were they TALKING ABOUT????  I was in some of the easiest places to travel, considering cultural differences and relative lack of language barriers, and I felt SO LOST.  The food seemed so foreign, the money conversion made me do math (and I HATE MATH), and nothing looked or felt like home.  This is what happens when you are raised in a small town and never experience anything different until you are a teenager.  It’s hard to adapt if you are not in familiar surroundings.

So I can say this with all honesty.  I want to travel.  I’m scared.  But I want to do it.  I want to see places that maybe are not “the usual” suspects that I would say I’ve always wanted to go.  I want to meet people of different cultures and see what the fashions are and just not be scared to try new things.  Oh boy.  That’s a stretch for me.  But I want to do it someday.

I was in Urban Outfitters and saw this shirt on a mannequin in the men’s section.  I instantly fell in love because it looks like a vintage bomber jacket, but in a shirt form!  The detail is just magnificent!

If/when I travel, I will definitely be chronicling my journeys because nothing is more amusing than seeing the world through the eyes of someone as sheltered as me.  I know it, you know it…it’s just pretty dang hilarious even looking back at myself in Europe, not knowing how to flush the toilets because they were different than American toilets.  And I will most definitely learn to use an adaptor.  Because that was just embarrassing.

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