Friday Finds…Cowgirl Inspired

I like jewelry.  I mean come on, I’m a girl.  My daughter is only one and a half and she already understands the concept of a good accessory.  Granted, her idea of “accessories” is my underwear hanging around her neck, but she’s got the right concept.  I like jewelry, but honestly, I really pretty much only like statement jewelry most of the time.  With a few exceptions, all the stuff I wear is turquoise, gold coins, collars, and just large pieces that stand out quite prominently.  That’s why when I discovered this necklace from Mountain Soul Jewelry on I was SUPER excited.

I probably should have been a cowgirl.  When I was seven, my lifelong dream was to be a world champion barrel racer.  I don’t think I actually knew what barrel racing was and I’d seen a horse all of a few times in my known life, but I was gonna be a world champ dang it.  I wanted all the gear.  The hat, the boots, all the cool fringy accessories (wow haven’t changed much since seven, have I?) and to be all cowgirl cool leading my horse around everywhere.  (I was too scared to actually ride one.  Leading it around was just like a cool accessory to me.)  Obviously I didn’t fulfill my childhood dream (I have ridden a horse though, fyi.) but I still like to dress like a cowgirl, quite often actually.

When I found Mountain Soul Jewelry I immediately knew I needed some of their stuff.  First of all, it’s so amazing when you order something and you know you’re ordering from a person and not a large company.  There’s something about things being made with love by an artist that makes them much more special.  I love this necklace because it’s totally like an updated bolo tie.  It’s a little more fashion-y than a bolo (which those are super cool too) and a little more girly.  I feel like this is a piece that will be on endless repeat with my outfits.  Does it go over a basic t shirt?  Yes.  How about a floral dress?  Absolutely.  With a vintage jumpsuit?  Um, of course.  The leather is soft and it’s lightweight and easy to slip over your head and run out the door.  Oh, my kids love the beads on the fringe, so that’s their two cents on the whole thing.


If you are looking for a new way to add some interest to your outfits, you need to check out Mountain Soul Jewelry.  You know how cowboy boots go with everything and make everything look cooler?  This necklace is just like that.

So happy to be wearing this piece for my Friday Finds.  It’s a winner.

Happy Friday!

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