Friday Finds: Four Thrift Store Scores

I am not the best thrift store shopper.  I always want to go, but then I get there, I tend to change my mind instantly.  You see, half of me is a digger…the kind that wants to hunt for buried treasure and enjoy the thrill of the find.  The other half of me is just plain tired from picking up toys all day long and I just want to have my clothes delivered to me on a pretty rack in a nice smelling store.  So the half of me that wants to dig gets me in the car and drives me there, and the other half wusses out the minute I enter the store.  It’s probably because when I was a kid, I spent a LOT of time in thrift stores.  Back when it wasn’t cool…when there weren’t really clothes I wanted to wear in there…those were the days my mom dragged me around to second hand places and dug through a whole lot of stuff I didn’t want, only to bring home things I wasn’t super excited about.

I have been trying to overcome my aversion to the hunt.  I love vintage and I enjoy finding those amazing gems that you can find when you have the patience to do a little digging.  There’s a Goodwill that reopened recently down the street from my house, so it’s pretty darn clean…I thought I’d take my chances and see if I could find any hidden treasure.

I totally scored.  I mean not just one, but four dresses that I would totally buy at way more than $6.99!  Friday Finds times FOUR!

This turquoise dress was actually the last one I found.  It’s simple and plain, but it’s this really sweet vintage beachy fabric.  I thought it could be just a nice weekend dress or grocery shopping dress…or really morph into whatever I wanted it to be!  I used this vintage red jewelry because I thought it would really pop on top of the color of the dress.  There’s also this great long beaded multicolored beaded necklace I layered in from HumanKind SLO that goes with basically everything to add a tiny bit more color.  Orange huaraches because they go with the theme of the beachy fabric, and this fun beaded anklet!

I love this handmade vintage 1960s dress.  It looks so retro, but in a totally wearable way.  I added my favorite Mountain Soul Jewelry Bandit Babe necklace and some cowboy boots because the shape of this dress can totally lend itself to a western vibe.  This charm bracelet I found at Curio and it’s legit vintage…inscribed with the year 1972 and everything!

This is totally a vintage housedress/nightgown…but like who is gonna wear something this amazing to bed??  I have found that the trick to wearing vintage nightwear is the accessories.  They can either reinforce the whole “I’m actually wearing a nightgown” deal, OR they can make it look like a dress that the whole world needs to see.  This is true of vintage slips too.  So…turqouise.  It just makes every outfit look young and intentional.  Fringe boots.  Again, they don’t look like slippers (flats and sandals give off more of a slipper vibe, FYI).  So, if you have a vintage nightgown, robe, or slip, add some large jewelry and boots and no one will be the wiser.

The fourth, and final dress.  And definitely the find of the DAY.  Do you see this embroidery?  Yes, this did cost $6.99…I’m not pulling your leg.  So basically the beautiful thing about these types of bohemian embroidered vintage Oaxacan style dresses is that they are so ornate, the styling is basically done for you.  Less is more with these babies. I added these Southbound Concho earrings because they totally pick up the orange in the floral pattern and accent the pink (and a necklace would be too much with this print).  This vintage orange beaded necklace becomes a wrist wrap, and the fringe boots because they add a nice edge.

I think I may have been healed of some of my thrift store issues.  I absolutely cannot NOT go more often after these finds.  I even found a super awesome brand new shirt for my husband for $1.99…we looked up the brand online and it’s a $30 tee!!  Um, ok…I think I’ll have to just tell the half of me that’s whining through the whole ordeal to just shut up and deal while I find amazing things.

Happy Friday!!  Hope you’re out finding amazing things today!


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