Friday Five Roundup (On Sunday)

Okay, so I’ve been a bit behind lately.  Having two toddlers screaming at me, setting up and tearing down pop ups, and starting our new packing lunches and getting to school on time tradition may have sent me into overdrive.  But I had some coffee, watched some Netflix, and now I’m feeling like I just might be able to find five things I’m excited about.  The weekend might be almost over, but hey, there’s still a few hours on the clock so let’s celebrate!

The Santa Clarita Diet

You guys, I don’t know what’s better about this show.  Drew Barrymore’s hair or the writing.  This show is clever, cute, funny, and FULL of memorable hair moments.  I promise.  The only thing I hate about it is that there are only 10 episodes…

Free Workouts (What’s Better Than That?)

I have found the holy grail of free workout videos on Popsugar, and THIS ONE will kick your REAR.  The first time I did it I limped for like three days.  I think it works muscles you don’t even know you have.  Totally worth it though…I’m loving Popsugar’s sampling of videos!

It’s Winter Time, Cough Cough

Y’all know I’m into hippie stuff.  And to be quite honest, it works for me and my family…I’ve seen it with my own eyes!  I love Wellness Mama, and thank goodness for THIS GUIDE which has been extremely helpful for us this winter…especially now that the kids have started preschool (insert scary congested sounding music here).

Validation for Pajama Dressing (Like I Need It)

Honestly I’m just including this article from Refinery 29 primarily because I love the slideshow.  I just want to watch it over and over and then buy EVERYTHING IN IT.  Why are pajamas SO CHIC???  It’s almost like, why do they even bother making clothes when pajamas are so freaking awesome??  Don’t answer that.  I love clothes too, this slideshow just made me forget that for a minute.

For Your Inner Disney Princess

I think no matter which Disney princess was your childhood hero, there’s always at least one with that dress we dreamt of wearing.  The good news is, someone went to Paris Fashion Week and found all of our dream dresses on the runway!  Some are closer than others, but it’s a fun real life walk down Disney princess memory lane for sure.

Hey, we made it!  Happy Superbowl Sunday for all of you who care about football, Gaga, or Netflix (because the third category are all winners!)


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