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Okay, okay, I’m just way too excited about this to NOT write about it.  I mentioned before that I am starting a small clothing line…and the test t-shirt I ordered AND the kimono prototype fabric arrived today! How can I NOT talk about this!  I thought, since you all are my favorite humans, the ones who take your precious time to read my (often endless) ramblings about clothing and feelings and things…that I’d give you the special scoop first.  You sure deserve it!

I’ve been trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing for quite a while now.  After my life kind of went crazy for a few years, it took me a bit to get my feet back on stable ground again.  I considered vintage selling for a while, but honestly I love to BUY vintage more than I love to SELL vintage.  It just doesn’t excite me to hunt for vintage for anything other than to wear it!  My husband has repeatedly told me that he thought I would be happiest actually creating things…but this really intimidated me for the most part.  I don’t know how.  I don’t sew, I don’t understand patterns or fabrics very well, so this is not something that I felt like I could just jump in to.  Each time he brought it up, I would veto it based on a poor excuse.  Until a few months ago.

I was driving in my car and I had a revelation.  The car is quite honestly the place I have most of my inspiration!  I suddenly had this “vision” I will call it for a clothing line.  It was specific.  I saw in my mind’s eye these things: kimonos that are structurally asian inspired but with modern breathable fabrics, graphic tees that are primarily California 1970’s looking graphics, hand dyed vintage slips, and maxi skirts that are flattering, fit well, but are still comfortable with an elastic waistband.  Everything will cohesively go together, so you could mix and match if you wanted and create endless outfits with them.  They will all be made in America or be fair trade.  T-shirts that look like you could have found them in your grandparent’s attic…but are comfortable and stretchy.  Vintage look, with a modern feel.  The look to this line is going to be retro (of course) with a hint of bohemian.  Think 1970’s California and I think you’ll get it.  Man.  I’m excited.

Then came the name issue.  My husband and I tossed around a few names, checked their availability online and on instagram…nothing really stuck out UNTIL…he almost yelled out I’VE GOT IT!!!  Velvet California.  And yeah, I’m pretty sure no one could top that.  So there you have it!  Velvet California is slowly becoming a reality!  Gosh.  The level of support and excitement that I’ve had from most of YOU has been overwhelming.  I mean, there’s just no way that I could ever express what it means to me to have you cheering me on.  It’s kind of unreal.

I see this as something that I want to encourage women.  I want it to encourage them to be themselves.  To give some options for everyday wear that are fun, individual, and still very wearable.  Most of my days are spent going to the grocery store.  To parks.  To Target.  And yeah, I don’t wear my uncomfortable clothing or my high maintenance clothes when I’m running errands.  But I still want to dress in fun stuff, to look put together, and to feel like ME.  So that’s what I want this to be.  Alternatives to the necessary, but often boring, leggings.  Workout wear.  Sweats.  The things that, let’s face it, we ALL wear at times and hey!  That’s okay!  We are human!  We are allowed to go out with bad hair, bad breath, no makeup, and gross sweats from time to time right??  But if I do that more than like, once a year, I start to feel much less like myself.  I feel much better when I can dress like me and STILL chase my kids around or load up the car with groceries.  Yep, this is me trying to do the impossible…make real life and fashion WORK together cohesively and beautifully!  Seriously though, if it’s not at least a little impossible, I’m probably not interested in trying anyway!

Yeah I really wish I had some pieces done for this post.  But that’ll be so soon anyway, I thought I’d just go with my vintage dragon kimono because it’s fierce :).

Thank you for being you, for always spending time with me, and for listening and responding.  I always appreciate it.  Always.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I just about died from excitement!!! Katy, seriously! I lost my breath when you mentioned kimonos….I have been fascinated with them my entire life (in my late 30s). I had one when I was in Jr. High in the 90s and would wear it because I loved it….and of course—it was sooooo remotely far away from what was in style–and there were lots of eyes staring and snickering—but I felt “fierce” like you mentioned! And my goodness….I almost fainted again at fair trade and American made…..perfect. You are sooooooo brilliant my friend! Xoxo excitement abounds for your new adventure! I can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up!! Xoxo Allison from Sun & Pearl

    1. Oh my gosh ALISON I love you. You are amazing…I wish I had been that cool in Junior High!!! I think you ROCK and I will be sure to show you what I’ve got going on…it’s happening, slower than I’d like but the first prototype will be done hopefully this coming week. Then I’ve got a solid kimono planned with a super 70’s large scale screen print on the back…that’s my “baby” in this project at the moment! Graphic tees I’m just working on getting the exact right fit for the shirt…I’d like it to be more of a unisex fit so that it’s not all tight in the wrong places and that it’s wearable for those of us (ME) who don’t want to show off our muffin tops haha… You are so incredible and your support means everything to me. This comment really really warms my heart…don’t know why I didn’t see it till now I’m sorry I was so slow to respond!!!!! LOVE YOU GIRL

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