On Inspiration, Motherhood, and Challenges

Being creative can be a challenge, can’t it?  I mean, we are all so creative as individuals and we all have so much talent…and yet what is the number one thing we say when we start talking about creativity?  “If I only had more time…” Yep, the story of our lives.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed with just the normal daily tasks that I need to accomplish.  The meal preparing, the clean up, the laundry, taking care of the kids…not to even mention any work that I need to do and THEN add on top of that TIME to be creative?  Forget about it.  I mean, the good news is that I’m pretty speedy at everything I do, which is both good and bad because it means I get stuff done, but I often miss details because I’m flying through what I’m doing.  But, for sure, creativity could use time to cultivate.  I’m not gonna say that creativity “needs time”…because that’s exactly what I’m talking about in this post!

I recently read this article that a friend sent me about motherhood and creativity.  It was an interesting article to me because it addressed things that I think most women FEEL but don’t really articulate…for fear of sounding like they are ungrateful for their children or that maybe they are complaining.  This article kind of talked about how having kids can definitely feel like the death of your creative side…for a lot of obvious reasons.  I mean, time to yourself?  That’s not a normal thing when you have young children!  Plus, I mean…your brain is consumed with other things like “did my kid eat enough healthy foods today?  Is that behavior normal or should I be concerned?”  and “hey did I put sunscreen on him/her/them within the last half hour?”  They don’t call it “mom brain” for nothing!  It’s like the portion of your mind that you used to use for things like reading, getting inspired, and creating…has now become a log of foods and activities and, well, worries, about these tiny humans that you care so much for.  So yeah, seems like having kids could be the death of your creative side right?  Heck no.  Just because life (whether you have kids or not!) can make you feel like a can of refried beans that’s been reheated too many times…doesn’t mean you are done creating.

One of the things that I’ve been constantly reminding myself of lately, is that for the most part, people who started something big or created something amazing…did it WITHOUT a lot of what you could argue they NEEDED for it.  Most people don’t have the money, time, or even support they “need” when they start stuff.  Why?  Because it seems like the more we have as humans, the less motivated we are to be creative or to work at stuff.  I think often times, amazing things actually are produced OUT OF NEED, not out of HAVING.  So yeah, when I start worrying about having all the money that I need to start this clothing line or the time that I want to write more music and record it…then I remind myself that I do have a little bit of both, and that’s all I really “need” for right now.  I can encourage myself to be wise with both my time and my money and go for it.  That putting one foot in front of the other is going somewhere a lot faster than just standing still waiting for all the stars to align and for me to have the perfect elements all there, just waiting for me.

I guess my point is this.  Having kids is amazing, but yeah it does cause you to reprioritize stuff, and sometimes what gets lost is your creativity.  I am always so amazed though to see those “momtrepreneurs” in magazines and on tv…you can see that they took those challenges of having less time (and frankly less sanity!) and they turned that into something incredible!  Sometimes when the heat turns up, that’s when you get the gold.  Let it be something that motivates us to keep being creative.  To realize that challenges and time constraints can be used to make us more efficient and more flexible in our creativity.  You never know, maybe even just the pressure of having less time to be creative will cause all those creative juices to get flowing quicker and efficiently!

This crazy neon thing is a vintage ROMPER!!!  So of course I had to have it!  Speaking of creative struggles…here are some things I’ve had many frustrations with when it comes to trying to be creative and also being a mom:  Time.  Because toddlers don’t like to wait while you accessorize perfectly.  They also have no good input to add to your outfits, and will not be complimentary when you’re having an off day.  Taking photos.  I can’t just take photos whenever, I’ve got to do it when the kids nap or are preoccupied.  The lighting, like on this day when I took these photos, can be a beast and I have just given up on many a day! Feeling ridiculous.  Because there are days when I think to myself “why don’t I just throw on sweats and call it a day?  No one cares what I wear anyway!”  Okay, not true, I CARE WHAT I WEAR.  So shut it, self, and put on your cool vintage stuff.  Being tired.  I need a lot of sleep.  It’s a constant point of stress for me just trying to get to bed on time and get enough hours of rest so that I’m not cranky.  Which I usually am.  So there’s that.  Not FEELING creative.  Some days I go to put together outfits, and I just stare at my crazy closet, no thoughts whatsoever in my brain.  I can’t even figure out what to wear with JEANS.  So there are days when I just call it good, and try again the next day.  Because sometimes you do just need to use those few moments of rest and watch reruns of That 70’s Show.  Just call it “inspiration”, and you’re all good. :)

Hope you’re all inspired today, no matter what!

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