Kimonos and Toddlers. It’s Just Reality People.

I am not a model.  Never have been, never do I aspire to be one.  But in order to do this blog I gotta at least try to do my best and “model” the clothes I’m talking about and be present in these photos.  So I’m doing my best.  Every single picture rats me out…how I still need to lose the last 10-15 pounds since having my two kids.  How I have back rolls.  How I have crazy eyes in most of the the pictures even after watching endless seasons of America’s Next Top Model.  Smize-ing #fail.  Sorry Tyra.

But Friday Finds is about having fun.  And that means just not worrying if I look F-A-T (sorry, with toddlers running around I spell a lot, and that’s one of the words I don’t want them playing fast and loose with) or if I have crazy eyes for once.  It’s about fun fashion discoveries.  Those items of clothing that just are so “YOU” and no one else, that you just feel like someone put it in the store just for you to find.

Today after work I ran by my favorite vintage store in the known universe (yes, it IS that good) Ruby Rose in SLO.  It’s seriously like if Free People was a resale store, this would be it.  It’s just like the place you leave happy because everyone’s so nice in there and the store is so pretty and you just scored amazing clothes for amazing prices…this run on sentence exists because I could run on and on about it.  I immediately found some amazing pants and a vintage shirt (posts on those to follow you bet your buns) but then I saw this vintage kimono.

When I put it on, I feel like a 1970s glamorous housewife.  I am transported to a sunny place where there’s palm trees and martinis and classic cars.  The men are all wearing suits and everything’s tinged in that beautiful orangey 70s hue…ahhhh I feel so glam sipping my martini by the pool.  I bought it.  Of course.

I feel so glam.  This print is gorgeous and it pairs so beautifully with my blonde leather Frye cowboy boots and my gold collar necklace.  I will probably style it with lots of turquoise next and my vintage black cowboy boots, but this piece is just flawless.  Perfect for a #fridayfind in my book.

Oh, and just in case you ever thought I took myself too seriously, here’s my almost three year old’s interpretation of my pose.

Basically he’s a better model than I am.

Hope you are having a GLORIOUS Friday!

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