On Wearing Leopard…Not Like A Flintstone

Leopard print.  You either love it, or you hate it.  Right?  Some women gravitate towards it and wear it like a neutral and other women just reject it like it’s a string bikini in a five star restaurant.  I get it.  Leopard can go wrong, as can most things in fashion right?  But have no fear, there are ways to get it right!

I found this crazy vintage leopard jumpsuit and I put it on IMMEDIATELY (which is what I do with all jumpsuits) and the first thing I thought was: “I look like a Flinstone.”  Now, did this deter me from BUYING that jumpsuit?  HECK TO THE NAW!!!!  So I thought this would be a PERFECT blog post topic!  How to wear leopard without looking like a Flintstone!  Whatcha think, you in?

Okay.  Clearly what I’m wearing is a bit, um, further on the commitment scale when it comes to leopard.  However, these tips I think could probably help you out even if your a bit leopard phobic and want to try it out just for fun.

Tips To Wearing Leopard Print
*if you’re kinda sorta scared of it. 

  1. Do Not Wear Tribal Jewelry With It.  This seems like an easy one, but just for reals, avoid anything bone, beaded (for the most part, there are a few exceptions, just keep this in mind), feathers, or anything that looks too…earthy.  Those are the things that along side leopard, will look like Bam Bam couture.  I’ve found that large gold or silver statement jewelry or layered turquoise will instantly take the leopard from caveman to bohemian in a hot second.
  2. Keep The Footwear Simple.  This means tone down the fringe, fur, patterns, and gladiators…keep it to booties, tennis shoes, espadrilles, sandals, or something western when you’re wearing a LOT of leopard.  Today I wore a leopard shirt with denim shorts, and I wore tall fringe boots with it and it totally worked because I had the denim thrown in.  However, I did NOT wear any of my custom beaded boots or flashy footwear.  The simpler the footwear, the better.
  3. Mix It With Neutrals.  If you’re wearing a leopard skirt…add a white, black, nude, or chambray top.  Leopard top?  Jeans or denim shorts hands down is the best option.  Leopard and denim is always a good and easy combo that’s guaranteed to take you OUT of the prehistoric.  (They didn’t have jeans back then, so you see?  Safe choice.)
  4. Go Cowboy.  Leopard goes western real easy-like.  So cowboy boots and that kind of thing are always a good way to style your grrrrreat new piece.  (It’s possible I’m having too much fun with this.)  I’ve learned that the best ways to swing your style when it comes to animal print are: bohemian, western, or chic.  So…turquoise, cowboy boots, or like chambray pants and a blazer over a leopard shirt.  Got those images kinda locked in your brain?  You’re good to go.
  5. Use It As An Accent.  If you want to wear leopard, but are just WAY too freaked about it, try a small piece.  Find a leopard bag, scarf, or pair of shoes that you can just mix in with your wardrobe.  Or layer a sweater vest OVER a leopard button down…that way it’s there, but it’s less of a statement.  I guarantee that if you try this and end up liking it, you’ll get more and more comfortable with the pattern and may end up wearing it in larger pieces.
  6. Don’t Draw Attention To It.  This is like a life rule that ALL women (myself included) need to just stop doing.  Have you noticed that if you’re insecure or slightly uncomfortable about something that you constantly bring it up?  I do that.  People will compliment me and I’ll be like “oh yeah I feel like it might make me look fat and I feel like a Flintstone and I wasn’t sure if I should wear this…” instead of just being like “hey thanks!”  Or sometimes, I don’t even wait for them to bring it up.  I point dramatically to the thing I’m uncomfortable with and then ramble on for half an hour about my issues, my childhood, and how I really feel like Taylor Swift changed my life.  You get the point right?  We’ve all been on the other end of this situation and don’t you kinda want to scream “STOP GRABBING YOUR ARM “FAT” AND BLUBBERING ON!”  I do.  So anyway, the point is, stop drawing attention to the new thing you are trying out and it will become more normal.

As you can see, this is not leopard for the faint of heart!  But I mixed in some turquoise and some very very boringly neutral booties (which I keep in my closet for just this kind of occasion!) and hey, I’m not a Flintstone!

Happy leopard wearing all you babes





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