Life…and This Dress…are Unpredictable

I often feel like I would prefer my life to be much like my coffee order.  Predictable.  Oh and low calorie of course.  This week however has been one of those highs and lows weeks that comes with having toddlers.  One day everyone’s upset, tired, cranky, and just over it…then the next we are all at the aquarium, having the best day-cation we’ve had yet.  So there you have it.  Life at it’s most unpredictable.  Parenting is exhausting and sometimes it feels like a losing battle just trying to feed my kids healthy food, getting them to sleep on time for naps, and even just having patience with them while I’m trying to drive places and they’re fussing and fighting.  But then there are those windows…those pockets of time like today when they finally, FINALLY start to eat vegetables…and everyone’s having a great time…and I feel like maybe, just maybe, I’m not losing every battle.

I’m not great with unpredictable.  I love to plan.  Having kids has made that very very difficult for me.  But you know what, I’m learning to love going with the flow more than I ever have.  I need them just as much as they need me.  To teach me how to chill out about food spilling on the floor.  The help me relax even though the house isn’t all the way clean.  To encourage me to live in the moment with them instead of focusing on things that aren’t as important as just being present in my life.

I got this unpredictable, full of life and full of fun dress from Barnaby Jack Vintage and it’s just so different and amazing.  It’s comfortable, easy to throw on, and perfect for mom life grocery shopping or nabbing a quick shopping trip on my own even. :)  As you can see, my photo shoot got interrupted, but it was a welcome interruption…so I went ahead and included my little guest model!



I don’t know that I’ll ever be a super relaxed person.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t get better at it!  Besides, who really wants things to be predictable anyway, right?

Hope your weekend’s off to an awesome start!


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