Magical Dresses and Mojo

This whole Monday Mojo theme has been really schooling me lately.  I know, it’s my title, I made it up, and I could change it or just make stuff up if I wanted to.  But in reality, I want to be honest and real, and I like the idea of Monday Mojo.  Of taking the most hated day of the week, and turning it around and making it the best.  The magic Monday instead of the manic Monday.  But if I’m being real and honest (which is basically always for me), it’s been kind of a rough topic for me to write on.

Now it’s not the clothes.  I can find mojo filled outfits no problem.  It’s not the clothes, it’s me.  I kind of feel like I lost some of my mojo a while ago and I’m still waiting to get it back.  A couple of years ago, I went through some things that really kind of knocked my mojo socks off, and not in an amazement way.  I had hoped and dreamed for something my whole life…I even have my nine year old prayer journal to prove it…and I thought it was coming true.  Then it all went away.  I guess I’d compare it to maybe someone who wanted desperately to get married, then after getting engaged and thinking it was all going to happen, realizing that her fiancé wasn’t the right person after all.  I remember the epic feeling of seeing my childhood dream coming true…watching it happen before my eyes and feeling this amazing joy and just…mojo.  Then it all went away.  And worse than went away, it was like I lost my dream, then I got kicked in the gut a bunch of times.  So there you have it.  My mojo is laying on the side of the road, beat up and broken.

Don’t get me wrong.  Things are great now.  I have an amazing life, a beautiful family, a church that I absolutely love, and so many blessings that I can’t even begin to express so much gratefulness for.  But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t that part of me that still feels it.  And sometimes it’s hard for me to be all mojo-filled when I remember how sparkly and amazed I was only to get all of the wind knocked out of me for so long.  It feels like slowly coming back to life…like I stopped breathing for a while and now pieces of me are coming back to life…but I’m not all the way there yet.  And I’m not going to settle for giving up on that part of me that hopes endlessly and dreams big just because it hurt so badly to lose it all.  I don’t want my kids to grow up being limited by what goes wrong, but rather to overcome and see miracles no matter what the odds are.  But man.  I can’t wait to FEEL the mojo again.

This dress is one of those magical unicorn dresses.  It literally takes my breath away when I look at it.  It’s almost too beautiful to wear.  Yes I said ALMOST!  I most definitely WILL wear it repeatedly when it cools down a little.  But I feel like it should be framed on the wall when it’s not being worn.


The magical dress is Lenni the Label…one of my absolute favorites.  The necklace is Child of Wild, another magical line of jewelry.  And the boots…vintage from Etsy.  The whole outfit is enough to restore mojo on my weakest of days.  And the rest, what’s inside, will follow soon enough.

Have a magical, massively mojo-filled Monday!


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