My Super Hero Outfit

I watch too much teen television.  And I’ll prove it to you.  You may think I’m kidding about these things, but these are honest to goodness thoughts that I’ve had running through my head.  Honest.

Sometimes at night I’m afraid there might be a velociraptor hiding in my closet.  It makes me walk by it in a hurry.

The other night I saw a reflection of the little red light on the carbon monoxide alarm in the mirror and it sort of distorted the light into looking like two little red lights.  I froze for a minute…thinking it might be an alpha werewolf ready to pounce.  (Their eyes glow red FYI).

Sometimes when I’m writing a text and I accidentAlly cApitalize an A in a word, I get a chill and think it’s a message from A.  Then I realize I’m the one writing the text, so that’s silly.

Every once in a while I’ll be in a crowded place like farmer’s market or something and I suddenly feel like I’m an international spy surrounded by secret Russian agents that I have to identify and take down.  (Take them down with what, I don’t know…maybe fishy crackers to the face?)

When I am watching the news and something tragic has happened, I’ll think to myself “but are they really dead?  They’ll probably just come back as a vampire…”

Occasionally I’ll hear a group of people speaking in a foreign language and I momentarily believe that I could just walk up to them and start speaking to them (in their language of course).

There you have it.  Proof I watch way too much teen tv and have a super overactive imagination.  But I do wish that I was a superhero at times.  That I could glitter in the sunlight or run in heels (ok, walk in heels.  Ok, STAND in heels.).  That I could speak a dozen languages or stop time or wear a cape.  But most of the time I just feel super ordinary and barely able to accomplish the usual tasks like cleaning and laundry let alone learn another language.

What I love about this outfit is, well, everything.  It’s my super hero outfit.  The kimono is my secret cape.  The sequin shorts are me glittering in the sunlight.  The red boots are my superhero boots.  Because you better believe if I was a superhero that I’d have some spectacular boots in my costume.  It’s a little crazy, but it’s my way of being super in my everyday life.

We all have super powers though.  Sometimes we don’t really know what they are, but we’ve got them.  Sometimes your super power is also your kryptonite…and it keeps you from doing what you’re amazing at.  Fear, lack of confidence, and comparison have almost kept me from doing the things I love…and those things are the kryptonite to my boldness, confidence, and unique sense of self.  We’ve all got it.  And if we live the right story, the good one, then the super hero always wins.

Don’t forget your cape today :)

I love the draped look of the kimono. It’s like a super hero cape!
Red Boots like Super Girl!
Close up of my fire red hair. Super Hero Style!


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