On New Beginnings And A Dress

I’ve always struggled a bit with transitions.  I mean, they kind of trip me out.  I remember graduating from college and having the sudden realization that for four years I had been driving to the same place, seeing mostly the same people, and spending a large portion of my life in this spot…and then suddenly I just stopped going there.  It’s weird isn’t it?  To think that at your old job or school or neighborhood you talked to people every day and then one day, it all changed.  Suddenly the people who you said hi to frequently can almost become complete strangers.  It’s an odd concept to me.  I struggle with it a lot because I grow to care for people sometimes more than they care for me and I grow fairly attached to places and environments.  I’ve tried and tried to make the transitions out of places smooth and maintain relationships with people, but I know that I have failed at times for one reason or another to do as good a job as I wished I could have.  And now, here I am, at another transition in my life.

I’ve been working at a resale clothing store for almost two years now (hard to believe it’s been that long!) and it’s been so amazing.  It helped me gain confidence in my styling abilities.  I have met friends and amazing people through it.  I’ve learned a lot about social media, blogging, and about women’s shopping habits too.  Plus, I’ve gotten some amazing clothes out of the deal too, let’s just be honest!  And now, a good friend of mine will be taking over my responsibilities there as I move forward in my own business (got the business license in the mail hooray!) and start up this whole Velvet California dream that’s been cooking for a bit here.  I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s exciting, it’s scary, and it’s just…new.  And yes, it’s a transition.  I mean, sure I’m still gonna be hanging around the store lots because I’ve ALWAYS loved the store, the clothes, and the owner…so I’m not outta there or anything.  But I’m definitely launching into something that’s different territory for me.  And different is, well, different.

I have realized that it’s often easier to stay in things that are comfortable than it is to move into the unfamiliar.  I often have a tug of war within myself between the side of me that is driven and wants to always be learning, growing and moving forward…and the other part of me that just likes the familiar routines.  Because both are good.  We need both to survive and not just do that, but to THRIVE.  I need a good mix of my routine and of newness to keep things from being too stale or too overwhelming.  But to be very honest, sometimes the thoughts that go through my head are more like: “if I just stayed here doing this same thing…it would be much easier and way less scary than _______” than I’d care to admit.  I’m half adventurous and half completely safe and boring.  I’m working on not letting the safe and boring side get the best of me!  Because as they say, “nothing ventured nothing gained” right?

This dress was sent to me from this amazing girl who I met on Instagram, @bumblebeecats who just opened her own depop shop selling amazing vintage!  I just thought it was SO incredibly sweet for her to think of me and send me this adorable piece!  I think the support I have experienced from so many amazing women and friends is what has been helping me keep going on this project and enter into new territory…and not feel alone in doing it.  New beginnings are exciting.  But sometimes things have to end to make room for the new things!

Happy Wednesday all you amazing girls

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