Out of my Comfort Zone…in All Black.

I’m not the greatest at relaxation.  I’m one of those “doer” kind of people who has a harder time than others just chilling and doing nothing.  I always feel the need to be productive…like I should be DOING something.  I push myself too hard often, and have a hard time giving myself a break when I don’t finish things or if I take too long to get stuff done.  Life is just so much better when you relax.  It’s just something I have to learn over and over again.

Like in the case of wearing all black.  It’s so simple.  It’s such a great, no-brainer outfit for those days you need something quick and easy…those days when outfit inspiration is lacking and you just need something that always looks good.  I struggle with wearing black often, because I tend to feel like it’s a cop out.  Like I haven’t been creative enough and I’m just throwing in the towel.  It’s ridiculous, but that’s totally my nature!

So for today’s ways to wear it Wednesday, I’m going with the all black theme, to cut myself a break from pattern mixing or color mixing…because today I kind of feel a little more “mombie” (mom-zombie) like than usual.  I think it always looks so good, so I’d like to encourage myself to love all black for those days when I need to look and feel extra chic.

I started with this black maxi that I’ve had since I was pregnant with my daughter.  It’s flowy and has a really nice uneven hemline to it, but I don’t love wearing it on it’s own because it’s a bit shapeless.  I figured this would be a great piece to start with to do some layering over!

The first piece I used to layer over this basic maxi, is this sheer Chloe top I got from Lazy Eye Shop (an instagram shop owned by a friend of mine).

I love the pop of color from the vintage red cowboy boots and the contrast of that vintage necklace from Admire Boutique in Atascadero.  The sleeves on this top are just glorious!  I added a belt to give it a bit more of a waist.  Sheer tops are perfect over maxi dresses because then you don’t have to wear a tank underneath them!


I love button down shirts tied at the waist over maxi dresses.  It’s the perfect way to wear them cropped without showing your tummy!  I got this fringy black western beauty at a thrift store.  Worth every penny of that $5!  The earrings are from Southbound and I wear them with so many things!  I changed the boots to a light buttercream tan to compliment the earrings and to not steal the show from the fringe top.


Again, a tee knotted over a maxi is so fun!  This time, it’s a vintage-y graphic tee.  It gives the dress more shape and adds a new dimension to the idea of a maxi dress.  The earrings make me feel like magic…from Gypsies Caravan on Etsy.

I hope you’re relaxing today!!  It’s a great thing to let yourself do :)



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