Palazzo Pants. Please Don’t Be Afraid.

Started a new workout program today…Way of Grey or @wayofgrey on Instagram.  So if I begin typing a word and it ends in “sdfhhhhhhhhkkllllll…” it’s because I’ve temporarily lost control over my arms due to doing 5,934 burpees earlier this afternoon.  Send immediate help, oh and someone please grab me an iced coffee while you’re at it?  Thanks.

Ahhh I do enjoy a good self inflicted butt kicking!   But that’s just my afternoon.  My morning started with me throwing a toddler-sized tantrum (and the toddler-sized ones may SOUND small to you, but when it comes to tantrums, smaller is actually larger) because it’s too hot I don’t know what to wear and I feel fat.  It ended with all of my shirts being dumped into a pile on the floor.  And there you have it.  Me in the heat.  When it gets this hot I basically want to stick my head in the fridge, cry a little, and have an endless stream of iced beverages handed to me while I whine.  I’m so not high maintenance it’s not even funny.

Now that we’ve covered the length of my day and aired out all of my issues with the heat, it’s time to talk about palazzo pants.  Those amazing and sometimes tricky little buggers that girls either love or are completely terrified of.  There’s nothing I love more than an amazing pair of pants.  Except maybe a jumpsuit.  Oh and vintage dresses.  Graphic tees.  Oh yeah…boots too…okay okay I get it.  I love A LOT of things!  But pants definitely rank pretty high!!  Here’s some ideas on how to wear these suckers!


Let’s start with the most dramatic way to wear them.  With a flowy top.  This is definitely a look for the more waif-ish figure, where super flowy things don’t add too much bulk.  Kind of like a Free People/Mary Kate & Ashley (but with more color!)/boho look.  Both the top and the pants are Free People by the way, but were bought second hand at Curio and Ruby Rose (respectively).  This is a look for the bold and fearless who absolutely love to make a statement.


And now for the more conservative.  A denim or chambray button down really balances out these pants.  I added a vintage bolo to up the western look of the outfit, but you could add pearls or just something small and more dainty to go in a different direction.  This is a much easier, less statement way to wear palazzo pants but still awesome!

I thought I’d bust out a nice silly face for your Wednesday :)  And here’s the rocker-chic way.  Take a nice graphic tee (it could be a more sweet and subtle print or even just a plain white or black tee!) and knot it at the waist.  Think slimmer and tighter (doesn’t have to be skin tight, just more fitted!) on the top and flowy on the bottom. Balance. You definitely want to try and give yourself a waist in big flowy pants like these…unless you’re going for the more boho statement look.  I used the bolo like a choker for fun!

I hope you’re having a fabulous week!  And I hope you’ll give palazzo pants a try!  Even a nice solid black pair if you’re not feeling adventurous.  They are so comfy and so beautiful on…and they are fun to walk in because they swish! :)

Happy Wednesday!





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