Second Chances

Have you ever given away a piece of clothing that you kind of sort of regretted later?  I have.  Funny how for the most part you know when you’re ready to part with things and you even forget sometimes that you ever had something after you give it away…but then there’s that one dress that you still think about from time to time…

Today’s Friday Find is special, because this top used to be mine.  At least I’m about 99% sure that it was.  Let me explain.  I had this white ruffly vintage dress that I wore on Easter probably about five years ago.  I loved that dress.  However, after wearing it once, I realized that it kind of made me look like a three tiered wedding cake.  Even though I loved it, I felt a tiny bit silly in it, like it was just a little too much fluff for my style and my height.  So I gave it away.  The friend who I gave it to had the genius idea to cut it off and make it a top.  Why on EARTH did’t I think of that???  Years went by and every so often I’d see another shirt that would make me think of that one and I’d kind of wish that I’d kept it in the first place.  And today, it’s my Friday Find.

I was in the store I work at two days ago and I spotted it.  Someone had brought it in to trade for store credit, and there it was hanging on the racks.  Not gonna make the same mistake twice…I bought it back.

Something about having another chance with this top really meant something to me.  I guess there have been so many things that I’ve lost during my three year darkness…things from my old life that I knew I may never get back.  I lost a lot of things that were much larger and more important than clothing, but getting this shirt back was like a little token of redemption for me.  Like my mistake of giving it away was made up for and I got a second chance at something.  And who knows…maybe I’ll get a second chance at some of the larger things too.  But this top represents hope and redemption to me for now.


This is so much more than a top to me…it’s a piece of the old me, a GOOD piece of the old me that I get to have in my new life.  It’s a fresh start with something I thought was gone for good.  It’s small, but it’s happy for me.

There’s nothing like getting a second chance is there!?

Happy Friday


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