Sometimes Simplest is Best

I love things that look like they took a ton of thought but didn’t.  I mean, I also love those outfits that I actually worked for and put together a “masterpiece”, but lately, having toddlers and being more preoccupied, low on sleep, and just busy with all kinds of stuff relating to tiny humans, I love finding those one item simple outfits.  That still look crazy and cool.  Because, come on.  It’s still me underneath the coffee drinking snack dispensing human that I am at the moment.

I went into a local antique shop, which is kind of rare for me to do.  Okay.  Confession time.  I only went because I heard they had some Harley Davidson tees.  They didn’t.  But I ended up finding two amazing dresses for really great prices…so it wasn’t a loss after all!  This dress is most definitely a muumuu, but I love the colors and the shape…and it was a steal!!

Being the lover of cowboy boots and western accessories that I am, I added white vintage cowboy boots and this amazing bolo tie I got at Ruby Rose.

Side note.  I’m puzzled at the single pocket in many vintage dresses.  Did vintage people have only one hand?  This is a mystery.  And also a terrifying peek into my brain.

It’s a Friday find for the books.  I’m in love.



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