On Style Ruts and Having Fun

Even people who love to wear clothes and to shop get into style ruts.  Like me.  I love to style and to put together outfits…but these past two weeks I’ve been kind of, off my game you could say.  Not like in a slump where I can’t figure out what to wear, but more like I’m just kind of uninspired I guess.  It’s funny how something you love so much and generally have fun doing can even feel like a chore at times.  Blog posts have been not really happening as much the past couple of weeks, partly because life has been busy and partly because figuring out what to write about and what I want to creatively put together has been more of a struggle than usual.

I know that I put a lot of pressure on myself to preform in a lot of ways.  This is partly what causes the ruts for me quite honestly.  I put pressure on myself to come up with great ideas and to constantly outdo myself and then suddenly things that are typically fun for me become frustrating and exhausting.  So today, I decided that adopting the Nike slogan was the best idea.  Just do it.  And then I had my inspiration.  Today, let’s talk about getting out of a style rut.  This post is as much for me as it is for you…maybe more!

So here we go!  This may be different for you than it is for me, but if you’re suddenly a closet case, suffering from outfit anxiety and blue jean boredom…here’s some tips to help you get OUT of that rut, and INTO something new!

HAVE FUN.  This might sound silly, but sometimes to counteract boredom with a bit of fun, you gotta be a little silly, a little goofy, maybe even a little juvenile.  Like for example, putting some pompom sandals with your jeans and a tee.  Wearing a shirt that has a woodland creature on it.  Adding a little piece of “costume” to your outfit…it can be small and subtle like a clever slogan on a piece of jewelry or bolder like a flower crown.  All I’m saying is, wear something that makes you smile and reminds you of playing dress up as a little girl.  No one even needs to know that’s what you’re doing, but you’ll feel the difference!

GET BACK TO BASICS.  This has two meanings, really.  First off, revisit the BASICS in your closet.  For example, I realized that my denim collection needed a refresh.  I have a lot of jeans, but many of them are old and kind of out of date and not the style I’m craving lately.  I have some great flares and bells, but I’ve been in a rut with those things…I needed some good skinny jeans and some great boyfriend jeans to add in.  So check out your basics…you may even have all that you really need, but maybe you need to clean some of the old basics out and replace them with some new graphic or plain tees with a revamped fit and style.  The second meaning of this statement is, to remember what you love, style-wise.  Get back to the basics of WHO you ARE, the STYLES you LOVE, and the LOOKS you ADMIRE.  If you’re a classic jean and tee girl, then re wear a few of your favorite things or an outfit you felt great in last time you wore it.  (yes, outfit repeating is not only allowed, it is encouraged!) Remember what eras you love and play with mimicking them.  I’m a 70’s lover, so for me, that means throwing on my high waisted orange bell bottoms and a retro t shirt.  I feel like “me” in that look and it never bores me.  It always feels fresh to me.

GO SHOPPING.  Okay, I get it.  This may not be in your budget, I understand!!  But how about thrift store shopping?  I use thrifting all the time to get out of a rut and sometimes buying a $5 vintage denim skirt or scoring a $4 Free People top is all I need to do it.  You could also call up a few friends and do a closet swap!  That way no one pays a dime, and everyone leaves with new stuff.  And don’t forget about places like Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads Trading Co. that will pay you cash or give you store credit for your gently used stuff.  You really don’t need to go on a huge shopping spree to get out of a rut!

GET INSPIRED.  Magazine photo spreads are my favorite for this.  Because just the act of seeing what other people are doing creatively will often spark your creativity.  You’ll see new layering ideas, new pattern mixing thoughts, and ideas of pieces you may want to add in to your wardrobe.  Fashion is basically all of us copying each other but with our own flair added to it!  I love it love it LOVE IT when I hear that someone was inspired by me.  When someone asks if she can “copy me” (usually that means she’s doing her own thing but it was inspired by me, so it’s not really even copying to me!) it MAKES MY DAY.  It is the HIGHEST compliment to me to hear that something I wore inspired someone else.  So take a look at the Free People catalog, Instagram, Vogue, Who What Wear…whatever inspires you most, and COPY AWAY!

Okay, so this is me breaking out of my style rut!  I thrifted this two piece (top and skirt) vintage MADNESS from the Goodwill.  It’s CRAZY isn’t it?  And I LOVE IT!  I will most likely wear this together and separately mixed with other pieces, and I think it’s just fabulously and horrifyingly bizarre.  I decided that after being in a rut, I needed to have some fun and wear some vintage (abiding by my rules that I talked about above!) and just be a little crazy.  I don’t have to be creative in this outfit because it does all the work for me honestly.  But it’s a start for me getting back to having some fun with styling again!

HAVE FUN this week with your outfits!  I mean, why not right?  Outfits are totally a creative expression of who we are!

Happy Tuesday

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