Trending: Jackie Kennedy

I don’t think the incredible fascination with the Kennedys will ever go away.  Especially, surrounding the week of JFK’s death.  I never really understood this fascination, until I watched 11.22.63 on Hulu.

After watching this show, based on a Stephen King historic fiction novel…I really got it. What a fascinating family that had a large role in the history of our nation.  I always knew that they were interesting and that there was a lot of intricacy and possible conspiracy surrounding them.  They were popular during an interesting time in history…a time when there was so much change happening at every level.

Not to mention…Jackie’s clothing.  Yes, with all the other political murder mystery plots and intrigue aside…she’s such a fashion icon.  I think the amount of movies and shows that could be made based on her are pretty much endless.  Because she’s not only a complex human being, but heck.  She’s fun to look at.

This morning on the Today Show, they showed a preview for the new movie, succinctly entitled: Jackie.  Much to my delight, it stars Natalie Portman.  Man.  Does it get better than that?

Guys, I can’t wait for this one.  Natalie Portman has just the right amount of delicacy and grace as well as what seems like an old soul…to nail this.  Yep.  I’m all over this one.  And I might be inspired to wear some lovely 60’s fashions from it too.

Time to bust out my pearls and white kid gloves.  Hmmm…not sure I can rock those yet.  But it doesn’t hurt to try!

On Regressing and Dressing

My two-year-old, soon to be three-year-old daughter is going through sleep regression.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, let me break it down for you.  It’s basically EXACTLY what it sounds like.  Your kid who may be a great sleeper (mine is) basically forgets how to fall asleep and causes exhaustion and misery all night and day long because of it.  You basically feel like all that sleep training you did gets flushed straight down the toilet as your child is in their crib, wailing and sobbing, for no apparent reason other than the obvious: they don’t want to go to sleep.  What was pretty simple and straight forward one week ago, has now become a source of anxiety and frustration for the entire family.  Gah.  If that doesn’t make you want to have kids, I don’t know what will!!  The good news is that it’s short lived, and before I know it, she will be back to being the good sleeper she really is.  But for now, coffee.

I feel like sometimes I have adult regression at times.  Is that a thing?  It should be.  I feel like I can work through how I feel about something and make all this progress, and then for a brief period of time, I go completely mad and all my progress goes straight out the window.  The good news is that it usually comes back, I regain my sanity (or at least as much of it as I had to begin with!) and I can move on from it.  However, I feel like there are certain areas where I struggle so much to make real progress, and I regress way too often.  Maybe it’s just that we all have our “triggers” you know?  Like our “stuff” that really gets to us.  Funny how someone can say something totally harmless or I can see something that’s not meant to bother me, and I find myself reacting like someone threw a hand grenade at me.  Yep.  Those are the areas that I have difficulty not regressing in way too often.  Maybe I’m not that different from my two-year-old!  I mean, I get frustrated because my initial reaction to the situation is “what the heck?  You know the drill!  You lie down and go to sleep, it’s not rocket science!”  But maybe I’m not all that different.  I mean, what the heck?  I know the drill!  I need to just not let the same crap bug me over and over again, it’s not rocket science!  Hmmm…helps me have a little more sympathy for what she’s going through!

Either way, regression is hard because it’s discouraging.  You start doubting yourself…wondering if the progress you made was actually real or if it was all something you imagined.  The short answer is, it is completely and totally real.  Babies go through so many sleep regressions because they are growing and changing constantly.  And we go through so many emotional regressions because we are growing and changing and learning is something that doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a process, and patience is key.  Good thing I’m SUCH a patient person (*SARCASM)!

Honestly, when I’m having a “regressing” kind of day, I put on fun clothes.  Why?  Because it helps me to get my mind off what I’m feeling and makes me feel a little better, no matter what.  It’s my way of rebelling against the regression and trying to enjoy other stuff while I work through the same old garbage!

I love everything about this dress.  Especially the sleeves.  It’s like retro magic!  The boots I overwear SO much and I’m definitely buying another pair this coming winter because they are actually magic on my feet.

I hope your weekend is magic.  And full of good, restful sleep :)

On Childhood Movies and A Classic Kimono

Often, more often than you’d think, someone will reference a movie or something from pop culture before the 90s and I have literally no idea what they are talking about.  Stuff that I should probably know about.  But I grew up homeschooled by parents who are not into pop culture, even from their own time.  This means I was not introduced to pretty much anything from the 60s, 70s, or even from the 80s.  I didn’t listen to any mainstream music basically until Britney sang Hit Me Baby One More Time.  With the exception of a few Hootie songs before that :)

I didn’t watch a lot of movies that most people my age watched as a kid, however I happened to catch at least a few amazing ones.  This is my review of the ones I remember, and I’m going to do it all from memory so it’s going to be super precise and very, very accurate!!  These were my some of my favorites (or just ones that I was allowed to watch!)…from memory!

The Labyrinth.  This one tops most of them because, duh, it’s The Labyrinth for crying out loud.  Jim Henson was the shiznit back then.  Favorite thing: Jennifer Connolly, I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world.  Moment that scarred me for life: the part where she goes into that room in the midst of the dump and it looks EXACTLY like her bedroom.  Just the stuff of nightmares are made of.  WTF moment: David Bowie.  I had no idea who he was, so I wondered why his hair was so weird and why he was singing like that.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  This was a weird movie.  I basically remember only two things about it, except for the fact that I think Dick Van Dyke was in it (?) and I always wanted him to be my grandpa.  Favorite thing: no clue.  Possibly that the car flew?  Did it fly?  Not sure.  Moment that scarred me for life: the scary ice cream truck guy.  WTF moment: the scary ice cream truck guy.
Anne of Green Gables.  Also one of my FAVORITES and I was in LOVE with Megan Follows as Anne.  Oh and I was in love with Gilbert too, because he was a major dreamboat.  Favorite thing: everything.  Anne and Diana, Anne’s romance with Gilbert, Anne’s puffy sleeves and puffy red hair.  #childhoodgoals  Moment that scarred me for life: when Matthew dies.  Just sobbing great big tears.  WTF moment: when Anne turns Gilbert down after he proposes to her.  I mean COME ON we all know you’re gonna end up together…you’re really gonna drag this out for a few more hours??
Fuzzbucket.  I know what you’re saying…”what-the-wha-ket?!?!”  This was one of the lesser known 1980s Disney movie about something that was human and also very fuzzy.  Favorite thing: how insanely dorky and cheesy the whole movie was, it was HILARIOUS because it was sooooo bad.  Moment that scarred me for life: probably the whole thing, really, because I actually could have been watching a real movie.  WTF moment: the moment I discovered there was an actual full length live action movie named “Fuzzbucket”.
Gremlins.  I know right???  I wasn’t allowed to watch ANYTHING but I was over at my parents friends house and they were watching it.  So somehow, this horror snuck in.  Favorite thing: how scary it was and how fun it was to watch.  Moment that scarred me for life: when those cute cuddly things get really big sharp teeth and aren’t cuddly anymore.  WTF moment: the fact that I actually ever watched this movie.
Star Wars.  Of course, this was the best.  I watched this one so many times that my friends and I actually started turning the sound off and talking for it.  I actually feel like some of our plot lines were better.  Especially the one where Darth Vadar has misplaced his hat, and he becomes so enraged that he goes on a rampage and tries to destroy the ones who he thinks have stolen it.  Favorite thing: Princess Leia and Han Solo.  #childhoodcouplegoals  Moment that scarred me for life: when Han Solo gets encased in carbonite.  Weeping ensued.  WTF moment: Luke’s face when he realizes Darth Vadar is his father.  Woodchuck face is what I called it as a child…it was hard not to laugh.  #sorryluke

I did watch some others…I loved The Dark Crystal (thanks again Jim Henson!), Back to The Future (another all time favorite), and wasn’t a big fan of things like The Sound of Music because the ending was so sad.  And of course, Disney animated movies were also my favorites.  But for reals, when someone references things from before the 90s, I’m just lost for the most part.  I have tried to educate myself on some of it, but as you know, if you didn’t experience it the first time around, it’s just painfully cheesy if you try and watch it now.  So I guess I will just have to be the person who has the blank stare when people talk about The New Kids on the Block, The Godfather, Charlie’s Angels (the one without Cameron Diaz!), or anything else that seems significant to the times.  But hey, quiz me on Britney songs all day long and I’ll pass with flying colors!

At least this lack of information didn’t translate to clothing!  I ABSOLUTELY adore the clothing from these time periods that I know nothing about!  When people tell me I dress like Stevie Nicks, I may not know much about her, but I sure do love her clothes!!!

I am SUCH a sucker for a kimono.  And if you haven’t looked at photos from the latest Gucci runway shows, DO IT IMMEDIATELY and you’ll see there’s a lot of kimono and robe dressing mixed with bohemian elements like fur or fringe…add to that a classic ladylike twist with brooches and scarves and you’ll see what I’m talking about!  It’s madness, but it’s absolutely amazing!  What I love about the Gucci stuff is that it’s all VERY easy to recreate at thrift stores or at less expensive prices.  Things like shirts and dresses with ruffles, kimonos, robes, vintage slips, scarves, brooches…it’s all very Gucci at the moment.  Hmmm…maybe I’ll need to do a blog post recreating these looks from the runway from the thrift stores!!!  This vintage kimono/robe does the trick!  Minnetonka makes the BEST most affordable fringe boots that you will wear constantly.  This Native America breatstplate I found on Etsy for a steal!

Okay…coming soon will be a Gucci/thrift store mash up recreation for you!  I mean, heck, I want to do it for me, so I’ll share the results with you!





On Collaborating and A Sweet Deal For You!

When it comes to vintage clothing, I’ve discovered that there are two types of people.  People who love vintage, and people who do not.  Amongst the people who do not, there tend to be varying reasons why…for example they just don’t know how to wear it, it doesn’t fit them correctly, or they just really love new stuff as opposed to older things.  All of those reasons I completely understand, however I firmly fall into the first category obviously!  I love owning things that had a story and a life before me.  I love finding unique things from decades past and giving them new life.  And I love how detailed and intricate most of those vintage items were made…by hand and with purpose and intention.  And I love finding people who love vintage like me.

I got to meet (on Instagram) the girls behind The Reformed Moth (a shop on Etsy and also a storefront in Newport, Rhode Island) and these girls really GET vintage.  They reached out to me to do a collaboration (my first one!) and style some of their pieces, so of COURSE I jumped at the opportunity!  I was not disappointed.  These girls have mad taste.  Honestly I could buy and wear everything on their shop if they were all in my size!  Every piece I tried on was absolutely FLAWLESS.  This is QUALITY vintage.  This is not “thrift store” vintage…this is boutique, handmade, in PERFECT condition vintage.  And I loved every piece I got to style.  I had such a great time and each of these four pieces were on their own so stunning that I did my best to respect them and show them off for the artwork that they are.  I’m excited to share them with you and also give you a little incentive to check out their shop below! :)

This first dress was just stunning on it’s own when I put it on.  It was very fitted on me, so I was kind of expecting it to not flatter me, but I felt SO sexy in it with the side slits and body hugging shape.  I added a thin scarf in pink and ankle booties in orange because they brought out the gorgeous spring florals in the pattern.  I love this dress with gold jewelry because it adds a little glamour!

I LOVE the bright pink on this velvet tunic dress!  It is so bold and fun!  Because it’s so vibrant, I wanted to add a lot of neutrals and go a little western with this piece because it’s kind of an unexpected twist.  This dress is SO so soft and fully lined too…it is just gorgeous on its own.

This dress was one that kind of surprised me when I put it on, because the sleeves…oh those sleeves!  It has these PERFECT flutter sleeves that are SO flattering and so fun to wear.  I wanted to switch it up from a typical retro housedress style to something more bold, so I added this giant gold bohemian collar necklace and tall lace up moccasins.  Those flutter sleeves kind of gave a little bit of an allowance for this more traditional pattern and style to be more wild and free and less vintage housewife.  This dress could be worn over skinny jeans, bell bottoms, with flats or heels…and still be stunning.  It’s a total style chameleon!

And now, for the piece that stole my heart with its sweetness factor.  This little tunic dress is clearly handmade and just the cutest thing ever.  I put it over a vintage puffy sleeve top and used simple tall boots because I didn’t want anything to interfere with the adorable detailing on this dress.  Jewelry really would just detract from it, so I left it off.  I think this was my absolute favorite piece to style because of its uniqueness and it’s pretty accents and front pockets!

You guys need to check out this shop.

Danielle and Rebecca started The Reformed Moth five years ago, and their original intention was to upcycle vintage clothing.  They began finding pieces that were so good as they were, that they decided to not mess with perfection and sell them in their original state!  They are just like me…LOVE the thrill of the perfect vintage find at a flea market…those pieces that are wearable and on trend even though they were made long ago.  These girls have excellent standards and taste…you’ll see when you look through their shop.  They were named “Newport’s Best Kept Secret” in a local magazine…and once you take a look, you’ll see why!

Go shop!  Get 25% off with code statelyvelvet :)

I’m really grateful to these girls for giving me the chance to style some of their pieces.  I’m hooked!


On Mermaid Pants and How I Don’t Do Resolutions.

Okay so every January 1st, I feel all this pressure to come up with a long (or short) list of resolutions.  It stresses me out, I finally concede and write a list of the standards…lose weight, read more, spend more time with family blah blah blah…you know, the usual suspects.  This year, I was thinking a lot about it, and I finally came to a conclusion.  I hate New Year’s resolutions.  You know why?  Because I’m a resolute person.  I come up with resolutions ALL YEAR LONG.  I hate procrastinating, so if I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna start NOW.  And putting all these things on a specific date just stresses me out because there’s this big build up…and then potential for let down just as quickly.  Instead of resolutions, I have HOPES and DREAMS for this year.

My husband and I already wrote down our goals…large and small, practical and fun…for our family.  Some of them are things we can do and others are just things we are going to work towards and hope the rest will follow.  But for me, I think in general, I can boil all my hopes and dreams down to a single word for 2016.  FUN.

Now this may sound trite.  It may sound irresponsible.  It may even sound kind of oversimplified.  But here’s the truth.  I’m planning on working my butt off to REALLY lose the last of the baby belly weight I’ve been toting around.  I’m planning on getting up earlier, getting more organized…a whole lot of stuff that’s not really all that “fun” per say.  But here’s what I mean.  I have about three years of absolutely no fun at all to make up for.  Three years of hopelessness, pain, and loss that I have been grieving over for this last year.  While I was in the midst of all of it, I thought that if I could just simply get out, I’d be completely happy and filled with joy.  Wrong.  I think everyone who’s ever been through any type of trauma knows that getting out isn’t the only thing that needs to happen to restore you to a place of health and happiness.  You can be free and yet still be a captive because emotionally you’re carrying around all the stuff you went through.  This past year, I’ve been carrying a pretty big backpack filled with a lot of things.  Fear of events repeating themselves or of running into people from my “old life”…will they judge me, will they be angry with me, will they understand or not understand?  Pain from all the disappointment and hurts that happened.  Loss from having all my hopes, dreams, and plans take a giant leap into an abyss instead of going where I thought they were headed.  That’s a lot to carry around.  I’ve had a year to grieve.  A year to process.  To face some of those fears.  To let myself be sad and feel the wounds that I was afflicted with.  And I think that’s plenty of time.  At least, I’m sure hoping it was!

My big hope for this year is that I can turn a corner and enter a new chapter.  That the healing will be complete enough that I can really start ENJOYING stuff.  That I can be a little more spontaneous and stop worrying about what happened a few years ago.  That I can be more present in the moment and not lost in memories that have consumed so much of me over the past year.  FUN.  I hope I get a lot of chances to be silly.  To feel like a kid again for a few moments.  To just take a breather from the worry and the burdens I’ve been carrying.  I hope that I can finally let myself take a breath after everything.  Because I am resolved to be a very disciplined person this coming year.  I always am.  But I hope to find a whole heck of a lot of FUN in the midst of that.

This outfit is what I’d consider as pretty dang FUN.  The pants are the crowning jewel.  I may not be a mega mermaid fan, but I sure love how they make me feel like one!

I got these pants from the amazing who sells custom made pants out of vintage fabrics.  I’m completely SOLD!  I thought the lace and the tie made a fun addition to the outfit.  Because what’s more fun that wearing some ruffles and a tie together??

Happy New Year’s my friends!  I hope that your hopes and dreams for this coming year are so much bigger than they’ve ever been.  And most of all, I hope you have fun getting there!

On (more) Velvet Bell Bottoms and Becoming a Hippie

Yes, the bell bottoms are back.  Are you really all that surprised?  That’s what I thought.  :)

Even though this isn’t a lifestyle or beauty blog, I thought I should share with you my slow journey to becoming a hippie.  Mostly because it’s funny, and also because, well, I love bell bottoms and those things seem to go hand in hand right?   I remember watching a few seasons of Mad Men (worth it just for the clothes and the set design!!) and seeing that the year was 1963 or somewhere around that time.  I was watching, wondering…”where is the hippie fashion??”  I mean, it’s the 60s right?  Isn’t that the era of fringe and paisley and bell bottoms?  And all I was seeing on the screen were house dresses and fur coats and kitten heels…all styles that I very much associate with the 1950s.  And then all of a sudden it became so clear in one single episode of the show.  Don Draper travelled to San Francisco (the show was set in NY, but I’m assuming you probably know that) and the minute he stepped off the plane, THERE THEY WERE.  There were the bohemian caftan queens I had been looking for.  THEY WERE IN CALIFORNIA.

I am a beach community dwelling Californian…so it stands to reason that the odds are pretty dang high that I would become a hippie eventually right?  I mean, there’s juiceries, acai bowl places, vegan restaurants, and kombucha on tap basically all over this place.  (My computer’s spell check hates like all of those words, so clearly it’s not a hippie.  We will have to have words later.)  I’m used to people protesting the buying of turkeys outside of Whole Foods around the holidays.  Green Peace people calling me “super mom” (much to my great irritation because I KNOW it’s a ploy to get my attention) and blocking the entrance to Gap downtown so you HAVE to hear about the whales.  This is an area that has that kind of lifestyle.  I was raised with carob and homemade bone broth and yoga and all that jazz.  Although my dad readily fed me Oreos and cheese balls because he said my mom was “trying to poison him”.  I was well prepared in my hippie lifestyle to come despite my brief addiction to MSG laden foods.

It’s kind of happened in phases.  Like I’d read an article about something and then I’d implement something new into our diet or our habits.  I started making homemade bone broth weekly and drinking it daily and also cooking the kid’s food in it.  I got rid of our plastic food storage containers.  I started using coconut oil for everything (and I mean EVERYTHING…I’m basically that guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding who puts Windex on everything, but with coconut oil) and started buying organic.  And then…the hippie transformation became more serious…like I threw away a giant overflowing grocery bag full of all my favorite brands of cosmetics.  Ouch.  That one hurt.  I still almost cry when I walk by Sephora I miss all my favorites so much.  But I’m slowly replacing it with other brand and it’s good to know that the ingredients are safe for myself and my children when they get lots of mama kisses!  I started making my own toothpaste and getting more into essential oils.  And then one day, I realized that the girl who used to be annoyed by her mom grinding her own peanut butter has now become even too hippie for Whole Foods.  I mean, you know you’re in trouble when you ask someone who works at WHOLE FOODS for a product and they look at you like you asked them for a magical unicorn that fits in your pocket.  True story.

Ahhhh yes, I am now a California hippie.  I still shave, pluck, wax, and use deoderant (hippie deodorant), and I refuse to camp.  I sure as heck am not sleeping outside in what I can only assume the bears would think is a burrito wrapper.  But in most other ways, I am a kombucha drinking acai loving hippie.  I know a lot of this stuff is becoming mainstream…so I’m not alone in my journey and that’s awesome.  I’m not gonna say much more than this about it all because there are SO MANY amazing blogs about this kind of stuff.  Like Wellness Mama.  That woman is so amazing it’s kind of scary.  I mean, when you check out her blog, think of it as a resource, otherwise you will end up in the fetal position when you realize she’s pregnant with her sixth child, makes her own homemade plastic wrap, crawls through the attic to put in ethernet cables, all while running a huge blog and homeschooling her children.  My kids are currently watching Netflix while I wonder how many meals in a row they have eaten frozen pizza.  So…you catch my drift here.

I love bohemian hippie fashion.  These velvet bells are the newest to my collection and they were custom made by MXCI UK who was kind enough to search high and low for this color for me!  She’s amazing!  The top was just SO classic hippie that I couldn’t resist putting it with the bells for a true 1960s flair.  The squash blossom is from Classic Rock Couture, one of my favorite Etsy shops.

Wildfox tank and Free People bra with a hit of turquoise.  I love the more casual look with these pants because I feel like it’s a great way I can wear them while running errands.

I love this mustard lace shift dress I got at a step from Forever 21 because it totally looks vintage!  The gold arrowhead looking necklace is from Free To Wander and the other is thrifted.

There’s certain things I just can’t do.  Like let go of my Keurig for example even though it’s not the most organic or natural coffee.  But I’m only human right?  I’m probably never gonna be as natural as Wellness Mama or those other super bloggers, but I’m going to keep doing what I can and TRY not to stress about what I can’t do.  Ha.  Easier said than done for me!!!

Hope you beautiful women are having a wonderful start to your week!


On Vintage House Dresses and Being Loud

Do you guys ever struggle with aspects of your personality that maybe aren’t bad, but you just feel self conscious about?  I’m betting the answer to that question is an across the board YES.  I tend to be a bit harder on myself than some are, but I know there are many others out there like me.  And there are things about me that I’ve tried to change, but have come to accept are just parts of who I am…and that I need to embrace them instead of trying to reject them!

I talk. A lot.  Shocking I know.  This wasn’t always the case.  When I was younger, being an only child who was homeschooled and had little contact with other kids my own age…I was pretty quiet.  People who knew me when I was younger always say the same thing: “Oh I remember you!  You were ALWAYS reading!”  Yep, I was always reading because I was bored, lonely, and well, I loved to read.  I was so quiet, that when I auditioned for a musical at my church, I didn’t get the part because no one could HEAR me.  Let’s fast forward.  After growing up with non socialite parents and being at home nearly all the time, I finally got to go to a teeny tiny Christian high school that was small, yes, but there were other HUMANS MY OWN AGE there.  Because I loved to sing, I joined the informal choir/band that my school had.  The first time we all sang together, I remember standing in the back row.  We started singing, and this one guy in the front row who had absolutely no care about what people thought about him perked up immediately.  I saw him look to the left, then to the right…he kept singing, but he started to investigate what was going on.  He slowly walked by everyone in the front row, eyes squinted, clearly listening for something.  He then got to the next row and walked slowly by everyone again, putting his ear up to each person and then shaking his head.  He got to the back row and again, went person by person till he got to me.  He put his ear up to my face, smiled, and pointed: “YOU! You’re the singer lady!”  That was what he called me for the rest of the year.  He heard me all the way in the back, which is where I was always put from then on because I was always LOUD.  The girl who got denied a role in a musical for not being audible was now drowning out everyone else in the choir.

I hear all the time: “You talk a lot…you’re so animated…you’re loud…” it’s a constant state of being for me.  And to be honest, I often feel SUPER self conscious about it.  I don’t try to talk a lot…I just have a lot of words.  There have been plenty of times when I have left a meeting, a hang out, or a public place, and berated myself the entire way home.  Why couldn’t I just talk less?  Why couldn’t I just be one of those super cool quiet types?  There are times when being told I talk a lot makes me feel so embarrassed and so ashamed of myself.  I spent a few years trying SO hard to not talk too much.  To be different.  To not talk about what tv show I just watched or the super fun dress I got on sale or the funny thing I just read.  I would tell myself to just SHUT UP.  But it never works.  The words just tumble out of me like a never ending waterfall and I will always share what funny thing I just saw and what new outfit I’m so excited about.  It’s just who I am.  And all those years of being a quiet wallflower child were just NOT ME.  I should have had the confidence to be in musicals and to be running around trying to make people laugh.  Now I have the freedom to be me, and it’s all just coming out of me naturally.

I love this dress because it is loud.  It’s fun, bright, happy, beautiful, and LOUD.  I love it on it’s own and I love it over skinny jeans.  It’s fun and it just feels so like ME.

I LOVE vintage dresses.  This amazing vintage house dress is from Village Vintage in Arroyo Grande and I actually just bought it without even trying it on.  AND I love it more on than I did when I saw it in the store.  I love how kind of 1960s/70s it is and how fun it is to pile on jewelry and add to it!  Boots are Frye’s from a few years ago and the jewelry is all vintage.

Because it’s “winter” in California (I use quotes because while many of my Instagram friends are buried in snow, I am wearing a short sleeved dress outside), I added some skinny jeans.  I think there’s so many ways to style this dress.  I thought it would be fun to simplify the jewelry and simply add a pop of orange with the boots and the necklace to bring out the orange in the dress.  The boots are from Urban Outfitters and they are the perfect retro bootie for the season.  Or in my case, forever because I’m stuck in the 1970s. :)

Hope you love all the fun parts of your personality, even the ones you get lots of comments about!

Happy middle of the week!


The Bell Bottoms You Absolutely Need. Like Right Now.

So by now you probably know how much I love bell bottoms right?  I’m thinking I just heard you say YES, so I’ll move on.  If not, please refer to my earlier posts on things I am obsessed with.  Among those things are jumpsuits, fluffy skirts, turquoise, vintage, bell bottoms, paisley, orange, and, well…the list is basically so long we could sit here for days.  Anyway, Ima talk about bell bottoms, k?  (is it Kanye’s fault that I say the word “Ima”??? I honestly don’t know.  But it sounds right, so Ima blame him.)

Okay so these bells are not necessarily a bargain when it comes to jeans, per say.  They’re definitely on the lower end in terms of price when it comes to nice jeans…but they’re still an investment.  However, if you’re going to invest any money into jeans this season and you want bells, I implore you to make these them.  Let me explain.

First of all, they are elastic waistband, pull on, super flare jeans.  Yep, you read that right.  Okay, let me be honest.  If I was reading this right after having my daughter (second pregnancy in a row), I would have rolled my eyes at this description and said: “so basically, they’re maternity jeans?”  Um, past me: get off your freaking high horse and get a GRIP!  So yes, they are stretchy.  Yes, they are pull on.  Do you know what this means?  They are basically the most comfortable jeans KNOWN TO MAN.  I’m not kidding.  Also, Show Me Your Mumu knows butts ladies.  They are my go-to for flowy pants because they ALWAYS are butt flattering!!  Oh and P.S. these pants are semi high wasted so they really suck you in.  It’s glorious.  These jeans are the Berkeley Bells…they come in different colors, and I am in love.

Now just a warning on these pants.  They are LOOOOOOONG.  Tall people of the world, rejoice!  They are made for you!  If you are shorter or have shorter legs, then you might not want them because you will have to cut so much off of them that the bell will be way less prominent.

They say “mu” on the butt.  Which just plain makes me happy.


The Things I Wouldn’t Change

Some days I feel like I’d change almost everything about myself.  I think we all have those days.  I mean, let’s be honest.  Even on our good days, there’s usually at least one teeny tiny thing we’d change right?  That’s why Instagram filters, makeup, and plastic surgery are so popular!! Then there are those days when I wish I could change my hair…I’d make it thicker and longer…and a beautiful shade of strawberry blonde.  My body…I’d be a bit thinner and definitely ditch these tummy rolls I got going on.  I’d have ice blue eyes like Cameron Diaz…speak every language like a super spy, and be so super cool in every situation they’d call me the (friendly) ice woman.  And now back to reality.  I’m still just me, sitting on my couch, with my own brown eyes (which I call hazel when I want to feel more exotic) and my good ol tummy rolls…and I gotta learn to love it all.  Sigh.  It’s the plight of being human.  And of course, constantly seeing photoshopped models on magazines.

The one thing however that I usually don’t ever want to change is my outfit.  I know, I know, that sounds like I hate everything about my ACTUAL self (I really don’t,  I’m actually quite funny, I can quote basically any quote from Friends, and I am fabulous at parallel parking) but all I’m saying is that I generally love my outfit on any given day.  Today’s is no exception.

I found this incredible dress at an antique store, the same one where I got my muumuu from Friday’s post.  Ohhhhh I just couldn’t believe it when I laid eyes on this beauty.  It’s stunning and paisley and bright…and it is so comfortable and absolutely perfect for Monday Mojo.

I’m wearing some Minnetonka lace up booties and my Free People sunglasses too…perfect for this dress.  I kept the jewelry SUPER minimal because, well, as you can see the dress is quite busy so I felt anything extra besides a few big rings would really take away from it.

This dress is so full of mojo I can’t even stand it.

Happy Monday evening…hope your week is filled to the brim with mojo.


Feeling Vintage Inspired in Lily and The Lamplight

Something about vintage just really inspires me.  Maybe it’s that vintage stuff was made to LAST.  You know…like people didn’t just go out and buy a new one if it broke.  They took time to fix it…or it was made so well it just didn’t break or rip in the first place.  I think it also just evokes thoughts of a time period that I never experienced, which is so fascinating to me.  I mean, all those things in history…those pivotal moments and those moments that were pivotal to someone (because everyone is a someone!)…they all actually HAPPENED.  And having something tangible, like a vintage piece of clothing from that time period, really makes it seem REAL.

I love when I find clothing lines that recreate vintage stuff or repurpose it…either way it really makes me excited to see stuff created like it would have been back then.  Whenever “then” may be!  This dress from Lily and the Lamplight is something special.  It’s made in England.  Which makes it like, infinitely amazing.  It’s so retro and beautiful.  I love finding beautifully created clothing that respects eras gone by…and this dress is so 60s/70s in all their glory!

I put it over my glorious Nightcap spanish lace bells from Ambiance SLO.  These things are like my new leggings…only more awesome! It’s just a little extra special something to add to the amazingness of this dress.

Black vintage cowboy boots and gold jewelry…its just a perfect way to wear this as a tunic dress.  I love adding western accessories to things!  They totally give a little rocker edge to a very structured dress.

Of course.  With my Lenni the Label bells.  If you haven’t noticed, I wear these a LOT.  :)  I swapped out the gold for silver jewelry, just to add a little contrast to all the warm oranges and golds.  I just think you really can’t go wrong with a little turquoise, am I right??

Vintage.  It never goes out of style.