Advice In Style: Shopping The Men’s Section

In fashion, women’s clothing often seems to take cues from men’s stuff.  Like “boyfriend jeans” or “boyfriend tees” (they really really want us to steal stuff from our boyfriends don’t they??) it seems like the idea of menswear influence never goes out of style.  Like when Diane Keaton wore a white suit to the Oscars so many years ago, it’s just always classy.  So…what does that mean?  Like, does it work to actually buy men’s clothes?  I think everyone has their own answer to that question, but I’m going to answer the way that I tend to shop the men’s section.  The answer is…yes AND no!

I am the kind of shopper that tends to keep an open mind and doesn’t care much for what section clothing has been classified as.  I will shop the pajama section, the costume section, the kid’s section and the men’s section ALL for clothing I will wear out and about.  I also tend to look in ALL sizes, because not only is sizing majorly inconsistent even within brands, but also things often get put in the wrong size category on accident.  Who cares about labels or numbers right?  Well, I guess scientists and mathematicians, but we all know I fall into neither of those categories, so I’m allowed to not care :)

So here you go…my tips on Shopping The Men’s Section:

1. Shirts, shirts, and more shirts.  The men’s section of most stores often has the best graphic tees, hands down.  This is true of Urban Outfitters, Target, thrift stores, and basically anyplace that carries tees.  Here’s the rub.  They won’t always FIT great, so you must try them on, and be prepared to modify if necessary.  I have made awesome muscle tees out of men’s tees, because they tend to be nice and long, and often the sleeves are the most problematic area for fitting and flattering a woman’s body.  I have cut off the neckline, stretched out the neckline, and cut holes to add distressing…really it’s up to you what you want to do.  The great thing about them, is they tend to be larger than women’s tees, so you get a great oversized look or can knot them at the waist with extra room to spare!
2. Levi’s & Wranglers. If you’re tall and not super duper skinny like me, Levi’s and Wrangler’s are a great find from the men’s section.  If you’re looking for mom jeans and you’re in the 28-30plus range of waist sizes, this can be your jackpot!
3. Shoes.  Vintage shoes run small, and if you’re thrifting with larger feet, men’s shoes can be a total score.  Vintage cowboy boots, loafers, and oxfords can be a good find in antique and thrift stores from the men’s section.
4. Button Down Shirts.  I have seen people do some pretty amazingly creative stuff with men’s button downs!  You can turn them into strapless tops by tossing the arms behind you and tying them around your waist…you can unbutton the whole thing and criss-cross wrap it on you like a wrap dress…basically you can really repurpose a great men’s button down, as long as you like the fit of the sleeves.  I love a good small vintage men’s button down or flannel, because it gives me the option of knotting it in the front or wearing it open like a jacket!

This button down caught my attention RIGHT away.  The print is so retro and I just knew I loved it enough to figure out what to do with it!  I loved the thought of using this with some bell bottoms and really going with the vibe of the print.  Even though the sleeves on men’s shirts can be a bit big like these sleeves, but in this case, the fabric allows them to drape kind of like a little bell sleeve (I ALWAYS unbutton the wrist buttons on any shirt first thing when I put it on) which makes it okay that they’re large-ish.

Hopefully these ideas will encourage you to at least give the men’s section a tiny peek next time you’re out shopping…you never know what you’re going to find!!

Happy hunting!

On Persistance and Finding What You’re Looking For

Okay you guys.  Pretty sure my brain went on vacation without me this week, because I can’t seem to locate it.  If you see it, will you tell me?  Gah.  I’ve been doing all sorts of insane things like attempting to clean ALL my kids toys and trying to get this clothing line off the ground into production…all while my digestive system has been not allowing me to have coffee.  Awesome.  My brain probably went out for coffee without me.  I have discovered that I care quite a bit less about…uh, EVERYTHING…when I can’t have coffee.  And I don’t care what the “coffee alternatives” promise, they all sit on a THRONE OF LIES.  Anyway.

Besides being in a zombie-like state and trying to get my system to normalize so I can have the sweet nectar of the gods once more, I’ve been mostly focusing on putting one foot in front of the other with Velvet California.  And that’s not easy for me.  I’ve never been a “one foot in front of the other” type of person.  I’m a “do it as fast as you can and don’t bother to read the instruction manual” type of girl. You know, the kind who will take off running in the wrong direction just because I didn’t have time to listen to the rest of the instructions.  (Probably why I’m bad at sports).  I’m the one who doesn’t ever listen to the ENTIRE voice message before I hit “call back”, therefore I’m mostly confused about everything, all the time.  Yep.  Good qualities right?

I’m getting there.  Friends ask me if I’m excited and, well, OF COURSE I am…I don’t want to belittle that fact.  However, it often feels so overwhelming to me because I am doing one thing at a time…and I want to just DO IT ALL RIGHT NOW!  And I mean gosh, things are starting to be produced!  But the money that it takes up front…the details that go into every single thing…the decisions on sizes, quantities, and timing…sometimes all feel a bit…overwhelming.  If I could just have a freakin cup of coffee I feel like I’d be handling this better…

But hey.  One step at a time gets there faster than standing still.  So, that’s what I’m doing!  The first run of the first shirt design have been green lighted (by dropping of a check obviously!) and next up will be the second design and the kimono production…then printing.  It’s happening.  Slower than I want, but faster than it could be, which is a good compromise I think!   Persistence, tenacity, and drive are all things I don’t often seem to lack.  Patience…that’s the little bugger that I can’t seem to nail down!

This outfit is a great example to me of persistance, and even, well patience!  These vintage dresses like this style from the 70’s I’m wearing here, are RARELY found (by me at least!) in my size.  Usually I find these incredible collared maxis in teeny tiny sizes that I could never dream of fitting into.  I walked into my favorite thrift store a week ago and BAM…there it was.  Same with these moccasins.  I have been wanting these House of Harlow beaded beauties since they came out.  I found these on Poshmark for a fraction of the price.  It pays to keep going, keep looking, and NEVER. GIVE. UP.

So there it is.  Brain on vacay and all, I’m still going so I think YOU CAN TOO!!
Love all you beautiful people!


On Technology and Disco Dressing

College was awesome.  I had so much fun in my classes because I genuinely loved learning stuff.  One of the funniest things however was watching these well educated college professors try to use technology.  It was just the most amusing thing ever to see them attempt to use laptops, projectors, and basically anything that had buttons…including outdated VCRs!  One teacher would always hook his laptop up to a projector at the start of every lecture.  He would begin his lesson, and inevitably would become long winded and leave the laptop alone for a while.  It didn’t take a genius to see that every time the laptop would go into sleep mode, it would disconnect from the projector and then we would spend the remainder of the class watching him jiggle cords and unplug and replug things in while we waited for the campus tech support to arrive.  When we explained to him what was going on, he looked at us as though we were speaking Chinese.  Another teacher would “show off” the amazing technology in one classroom at the start of each quarter.  I know this because I had to take two classes from him and I heard from other students that this was his norm.  This was not a technology course, but the first day of every season, he would give this grand display of how incredible the screens and the sound system were…and of course, midway through, something would stop working.  And then, the rest of the time was spent waiting for the super irritated tech guy who would be shaking his head and mumbling under his breath as he fixed whatever was wrong so that this unnecessary display of technological prowess could continue.

My absolute favorite of all stories however, is this one class I had where I had to use an Apple computer for the very first time in my life.  It was a journalism class about layout and design, so we used a lot of graphics programs to try and design magazine and newspaper pages complete with photos and headlines and all that jazz.  The teacher gave us very specific instructions that we were to bring a zip disc (at this point that’s completely laughable because I don’t think those even exist anymore) to save all of our work on at the end of every class.  So I did.  The first day we were getting to work on those brand new computers, I put in my zip disc and began my project.  When I was finished and ready to leave the lab, I wanted to take my zip disc out of the drive.  I looked around, and couldn’t find an eject button anywhere.  Not on the computer, not on the screen, there was nothing to be found.  I asked the teacher how to remove the disc, and he came over to me and looked at the screen.  “Click here, then here…then choose this…” and he trailed off and looked confused and then got distracted by something else, leaving my disc safely in the computer.  Then I asked the two people next to me with zero luck.  Finally, I began walking around the whole classroom, asking one person at a time what on earth I was supposed to do.  After I had asked nearly every person in my class, one girl told me that I had to select the zip icon, then drag it to the trash can on the screen.  My response to these ridiculous instructions were, “oh yeah, that was the next thing I was going to try IF I WAS A CRAZY PERSON.”  Because, WHAT?!?!  I’m a decently logical person with this kind of technology.  But I’m telling you, these computers were the WORST.  Every time I would click on the wrong spot, or do even the slightest thing too quickly, I would get what I refer to as “the whirling pinwheel of death” on the screen, that basically was the computer saying to me: “screw you, you’re about to lose all your work while I crash.”  My then boyfriend (now husband) worked on campus at the time, would get angry texts from me, basically that said: “if you ever want to see this computer alive again, you better come quickly, oh and bring me a giant cookie too.” He would come save my work and the computer as well, while my teacher stood there repeatedly telling people to “click here, then here, oh wait go back…no click here…”  pretty usefully if you ask me.  I had a decent amount of computer rage after this class needless to say.  The computer did survive the entire quarter and I married my boyfriend because he never forgot to bring a cookie.

The good news is, I survived, and with some hilarious memories of flustered teachers trying to play a VHS tape but not understanding how the basic mechanics of a tape machine worked…and I wondered what decade they were actually born in.  Because VHS, you guys.

I love this outfit because it’s both so retro and kind of so disco space age.  It’s fun, kind of crazy, and just kind of techno.  The top is vintage and thrifted, the bells are from Fearless + Flawed, and the cute little cactus is from Appendage & Bough.  Ah technology is fun isn’t it?  Sure makes for some great stories though!

Dear Apple, you almost made me into a Droid user.  Sincerely, the whirling pinwheel of death.



On Receving A Compliment and The Jacket of My Dreams

Last Sunday, a woman I admire and love deeply gave me a compliment.  Here’s how it went down.  Her: “Katy you look so thin oh my gosh!!”  Me: “no no no I still have so much weight to lose…”  Her: “No.  Stop.  You say: ‘THANK YOU! I’ve been working really hard!'”  You guys, I get endlessly annoyed at myself for NOT BEING ABLE TO RECEIVE A COMPLIMENT.  When I think about it, it’s SO rude to the other person.  I think I’m being all modest, when in reality, someone’s trying to give me a gift and I’m shoving it back towards them.  I apologized to her and thanked her honestly, because that’s what I should have done in the first place.  Just a few days later, I was in Trader Joe’s with the kids and they were starting to meltdown.  A girl who only had a few items in her basket offered to let me go ahead of her.  I felt so badly that I refused and told her that she should go because I didn’t want to make her wait for me with my huge cart of stuff.  A woman I know happened to be standing next to me, and she said: “you know, you should really let people do stuff like that for you!”  She said it in such a nice way, that I almost cried.  Again, here was someone kindly trying to give me a gift, and I was refusing it again.  Why?  Because I didn’t feel like I deserved it.

Whenever I wonder why I’m like this, I remember the time I tried to take my mom to get a pedicure for her birthday.  I almost want to laugh hysterically at this thought because knowing my mom, it’s a ludicrous idea really.  She was so intensely uncomfortable the WHOLE time.  She kept offering to help the girl doing the pedicure, and talk to her, and basically apologized to her the ENTIRE time for the fact that the girl was DOING WHAT SHE HAD BEEN PAID TO DO.  Now I am all for being super kind and compassionate to people, even when they’re doing their job.  I try to do my best to clean up a tiny bit at restaurants because I don’t want to be the kind of person who leaves a disastrous mess just because I have toddlers.  I know that some jobs (like cleaning someone else’s toenails) are not the most glamorous of all jobs, so there’s no need to be rude or not treat the person doing them like a human being.  However, there’s also no need to feel badly that someone is doing something for me, whether it’s just a kind gesture or someone bringing me food at a restaurant.

Honestly, there are SO many things I’m working on in myself, mainly because I don’t want to pass them on to my kids.  I was raised by a mom who didn’t allow people to do stuff for her…she ALWAYS did stuff for other people…so I grew up to think that allowing people to give me things or compliments was not okay.  I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking this way.  I’ve struggled so deeply with my self worth and with believing that I’m good at anything at all…and that has led to me feeling very undeserving of any praise or generous gifts.  I’m getting there…but this week has proven to me that I really need to just learn to receive. When someone says something nice, just say THANK YOU and let it go.  I don’t need to “qualify” their compliment or minimize myself in some other area to balance it out.  And the next time that my kids are melting down in the grocery store, I’m sure as heck going to let some nice person allow me to cut in front of them if they want to! :)

I found this jacket at the store I work at and all I could think of was…these HAVE to go with my orange pants!   And so, an outfit is born.  This jacket was being saved for an event we are doing, but my friend and co worker graciously let me buy it, and I let her be kind to me :)

I hope you are ALL receiving compliments and owning them.  Because YOU are worth it.  You are worth ALL of the compliments you receive, and so much MORE!


On Thrifting and This Epic Vintage Dress

I’ve been having a hard time not being discouraged about a lot of things lately.  I think it’s just one of those times where I am kind of in a plateau with my weight loss and there’s a lot of things like car troubles and other frustrations that have been getting me down a bit.  It’s Christmas time, which is just magical, and I have a wonderful husband and kids, so I have nothing to complain about…however sometimes there are just those little things in life that seem to weigh me down more than I’d like.  Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard I try, I can’t shake off the negative thoughts and feelings that are just, well, part of life from time to time!

I think there are just times when all the stuff I went through a year or so ago, all those moments of complete and utter panic, often kind of haunt me…I don’t think I’m the only one who has ever felt like this.  You know those moments where you are about to panic even when everything is totally ok?  It’s amazing how powerful thoughts can be even if you’re in the most peaceful of situations!  I continually have to keep shifting my perception of life towards the positive and amazing things that are going on.  Just like I have to focus on the 100 pounds I did lose, not the 10 stuck ones.  I have to focus on the great place we live and the fun we get to have as a family, not the car that needs fixing.  Perspective is just everything often times.

I think it’s totally normal for us as humans to kind of “learn” from our experiences, the good and the bad.  Like if you go through a bad relationship, you often attribute all the bad things that your previous partner did to you to your new partner, who may have none of those tendencies.  And then you have to unlearn all those things!  I’m kind of in that process, but with life.  I’m currently “unlearning” all the harsh things that I went through for a while.  Just because they happened then, doesn’t mean they are going to happen again.  But that’s a hard thing to train your brain to receive.  Those hard and negative things really stick with you…even more so than the positive and encouraging things unfortunately!

Here’s how all of this applies to today’s outfit.  I feel like thrift store shopping is kind of a learned art.  When I find something great, I remember that find, and I am motivated to keep going.  And then when I find more great things, I get even better at hunting and frequenting the same places or even finding new ones!  However, for years I only could find bad stuff…I don’t think my eyes were really open to what I was actually looking for…so I hated thrift store shopping.  It was intimidating, pointless, and ended in wasted time and frustration.  But once I got the right perspective, I started being able to see the jewels in the midst of the stuff I didn’t want.  I started one by one finding items I truly valued and loved.  And I unlearned all my bad thrift store feelings.  Now I don’t associate thrift store shopping with ewwwww gross I don’t wanna go there!  And I feel like having the right perception and attitude has helped me find some of the stuff I have gotten.

I think this dress is possibly one of the best thrift store finds I’ve ever scored.  It’s the kind of dress I would TOTALLY buy online if I saw it.  It’s just kind of epic AND it’s orange, my favorite color.  When I saw this hiding in the racks at Goodwill, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Do you see what I mean?  This dress is just so unique!  And I’m so thankful I got to unlearn all my bad thrifting thoughts so that I could find it.  And now, to unlearn all the other garbage I learned!

Hope your week is just as epic and fun as this thrift store find :)

Waiting For The Rain. In Hunter Rain Boots of Course.

So when I bought these Hunter rain boots, it wasn’t actually for RAIN.  Full disclosure.  I saw a photo of Kate Moss (because let’s be honest, what clothing purchasing story DOESN’T start with that line?!) wearing tall hunter green Hunter rain boots with cutoffs and a t-shirt.  She was at Coachella and all covered in mud, which added to the amazingness of the photo.  Naturally, I had to have a pair.  And true to their reputation, these boots are amazing.  However, they don’t get a lot of action around here.

It’s no secret that California is in a pretty major drought.  I’ve been hearing the word “drought” my entire life, so until recently, the severity didn’t really sink in.  I mean come on.  I would get SUPER annoyed with people because they’d be like “we are in SUCH A DROUGHT” and I’d be like, um…it’s been raining all week.  What more do you want?!?  California is not a rainy state!!  But then, recently I drove by a local lake in town and saw people standing in it.  On dry ground.  And not in a miraculous “God parting the Red Sea” kind of way…they were actually standing on dry cracked ground with NO water in sight.  That’s when I realized, THIS TIME, the “drought” was the real deal.

I’ve always been the person who wanted sunny days a hundred percent of the time.  But this year, more than ever, I’m feeling the lack of rain.  There’s just something so soothing and nourishing and comforting about the rain.  It’s refreshing.  I’ve been needing that refreshing for such a long time now.  I think it’s just gotten to the point in my life where the incessant heat has kind of mirrored what my life has been life over the past few years.  There’s been some relief this past year, but to be honest, I’m still waiting.  And I gotta say, it’s not easy sometimes.  It’s scary seeing a lake that’s been filled to the brim my whole life be completely and utterly desolate and cracked.  Often, that’s how I’ve felt in my life.  Broken, dry, and empty.  The good news is that the rain is coming.  It’s coming in my life and it’s coming to fill up the lake.  I believe it! :)

Go get yourself a pair of these boots if you don’t have them.  They’re worth it.  Even if you only wear them on days when it MIGHT possibly rain :)


A Scarf As A Top? Heck Yeah!

You know what I think is kind of funny?  Thinking back to what I used to think was pretty.  Like clothes I wanted to wear and styles I thought were amazing.  I remember for like five minutes wearing those mesh slip on flats (I think they were probably technically slippers in whatever culture they originated from) that had like shiny flowers on the toes.  Tons of tiny butterfly clips in my hair…remember that lovely trend??  Or how about Juicy Couture head to toe monochromatic velour sweatsuits.  Ohhhhh yeahhhhh I loved that one for a while.  For a while it was all leggings and skinny jeans and now it’s all wide leg pants and bell bottoms.  Isn’t it weird how one year your perception of something can be one way, then literally just a year later, you see the exact same outfit or style COMPLETELY differently??

Nothing about the actual styles changed.  It’s just our perception of them that changed.  Sometimes that happens to me with clothing items in my closet.  Like for example this scarf that I’ve had for years.  I love it.  But as a scarf, I just don’t love wearing it.  I’ve worn it before, but it just didn’t really work super well.  So one day, I decided if it was a shirt, I’d love it.

As a shirt, I absolutely love this scarf.  I tied it into a halter top because it’s a rather large scarf, and I love the print too much to use it as an accent piece.  If I wear it with high waisted bell bottoms, it feels very vintage and 1970’s to me.  It’s all about perception.  As a scarf, I’m just probably not gonna wear it.  But as a top, It’s one of my favorite hot weather tops!  The bells are my new favorites from Show Me Your Mumu and the earrings are from Southbound.

I betcha there are some things in your closet that you could repurpose or just wear differently and change your perception of them!  Like a skirt as a dress, a scarf as a halter top or a head wrap, an earring even as a new necklace pendant.  Sometimes we all just need to see things a little differently to discover a whole new world right underneath our noses! :)


The Bell Bottoms You Absolutely Need. Like Right Now.

So by now you probably know how much I love bell bottoms right?  I’m thinking I just heard you say YES, so I’ll move on.  If not, please refer to my earlier posts on things I am obsessed with.  Among those things are jumpsuits, fluffy skirts, turquoise, vintage, bell bottoms, paisley, orange, and, well…the list is basically so long we could sit here for days.  Anyway, Ima talk about bell bottoms, k?  (is it Kanye’s fault that I say the word “Ima”??? I honestly don’t know.  But it sounds right, so Ima blame him.)

Okay so these bells are not necessarily a bargain when it comes to jeans, per say.  They’re definitely on the lower end in terms of price when it comes to nice jeans…but they’re still an investment.  However, if you’re going to invest any money into jeans this season and you want bells, I implore you to make these them.  Let me explain.

First of all, they are elastic waistband, pull on, super flare jeans.  Yep, you read that right.  Okay, let me be honest.  If I was reading this right after having my daughter (second pregnancy in a row), I would have rolled my eyes at this description and said: “so basically, they’re maternity jeans?”  Um, past me: get off your freaking high horse and get a GRIP!  So yes, they are stretchy.  Yes, they are pull on.  Do you know what this means?  They are basically the most comfortable jeans KNOWN TO MAN.  I’m not kidding.  Also, Show Me Your Mumu knows butts ladies.  They are my go-to for flowy pants because they ALWAYS are butt flattering!!  Oh and P.S. these pants are semi high wasted so they really suck you in.  It’s glorious.  These jeans are the Berkeley Bells…they come in different colors, and I am in love.

Now just a warning on these pants.  They are LOOOOOOONG.  Tall people of the world, rejoice!  They are made for you!  If you are shorter or have shorter legs, then you might not want them because you will have to cut so much off of them that the bell will be way less prominent.

They say “mu” on the butt.  Which just plain makes me happy.


I’m Just Like My Toddler

Sometimes I envy my daughter.  She’s two and she’s already way more out of her shell than I ever was when I was a kid.  That girl is like the funniest person I have ever met!  She dances when she feels like it.  Sings whatever pops into her head.  Wears whatever she wants with whatever she wants.  And she makes the weirdest expressions while she rubs yogurt in her hair.  Ahhhh to be a child.

First of all, I know kids are just kids.  They don’t have a lot of fear in them and they are able to just express themselves without a lot of social constraints.  But still…she’s got a freedom in her that it took me a long time to exhibit.  I was the kind of kid who desperately wanted to be the class clown.  The one who could get everyone’s attention easily and make everyone laugh.  Instead I was the silent one.  Once I tried out for a musical and I didn’t get the part because they said they couldn’t hear me when I spoke.  Yeah, people can pretty much hear me from anywhere now.  I guess it’s always been my goal to be much more like a kid in all the good ways as I grow up…to make up for all the times I wasn’t like a kid when I was younger.

So I dress how I like.  Wear weird things and fluffy skirts.  I try not to rub yogurt in my hair…but I definitely do take cues from my two-year-old :)

Dress is from Curio SLO and the boots are Jeffrey Campbell…sunglasses are Free People.  I love the crazy gold vintage embroidery on this dress…and paired with combat boots it feels just a tad tough!

My wish for everyone is that they can have a little muse too…they are the most fun!! :)

Happy weekend!

My Crazy Fun Fluffy Vintage Skirt

When I was in high school, I bought a baby blue vintage polyester suit…like jacket and pants straight from the 1970s.  To you reading this, after seeing my photos and knowing a little about me, that sounds very normal.  Let me explain.  In high school I wasn’t “cool”.  I wore weird stuff, but not in a good way.  I had bad hair and bad glasses, and I was fresh off the homeschool boat with absolutely zero clue who Michael Jackson or Kurt Cobain were, what was in style, or how exactly to use a blow drier.  Thankfully, I went to a super small rather dorky school where everyone was pretty nice…and I didn’t have to suffer for my lack of experience in the world.  Enough of the “cooler” girls thought I was nice and a few of the more “popular” boys thought I was decently pretty (by some miracle) so I made out quite nicely in my earlier high school years before getting some measure of a clue.  And now back to that jacket and pants.  I bought them at the thrift store because I loved them.  I had zero clue how to wear vintage at the time but I knew I needed them.  Unfortunately I really never figured out what to do with them, so they ended up back at the thrift store years later and now I want to cry when I think about how much I could use those pieces right now!!

After high school and after college, I figured out how to wear vintage.  I started wearing fluffy vintage dresses and nightgowns and loaned out some of them as Halloween costumes.  I was the girl wearing a red bandana around her head, cowboy boots, glittery eye shadow, and a giant tutu.  To work.  And no, I didn’t work as a clown or delivering singing telegrams.  I may have missed my calling…

Somewhere along the line I started losing myself and my individuality when I started trying to conform and win people’s approval.  One by one my fluffy skirts and vintage dresses ended up in a box buried in my closet.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve boarded the flouncy train.  And then, a miracle happened.  I went into Ruby Rose and I saw this skirt.  Pale blue.  Fluffy.  Layers upon layers of tulle.  I was getting major Kacey Musgraves vibes from it.  And I wanted to buy it and wear it with cowboy boots and a tiara.  Okay, okay, I scratched the tiara.  For now.  But I wore it and I felt like ME.  Fluffy, crazy, borderline clownish…ME.  I felt like screaming I’M BACK as I flounced through the grocery store pushing my giant stroller.  It was super weird for everyone else buying groceries, but hey, who cares!!

So here, my friends, is how to wear a uber fluffy skirt without looking like a clown!


Pair it with some cowboy boots or just some regular boots and a graphic tee.  You could go in any direction…a floral tee and tall boots and some pearls would be a softer look.  A destroyed tee and some old Converse would be super retro fabulous.  Any tee will do, but it’s a nice addition to this fun skirt!  This tee is Bandit Brand…they’re such a great source for vintage inspired shirts!

You can go full western with a skirt like this and add a button down.  A plaid button down would be super cute too.

And here is how I wore it for the first time.  Fringe leather vest, off shoulder floral shirt, and vintage bolo.  My son asked me if I was a princess.  All the little girls at church ogled me and oohed and ahhed at my outfit.  A lady asked if she could take a photo of me to show her friend.  So there you have it.  If you want to know what it feels like to be famous, wear a crazy outfit!

Have fun with your clothes and be who you are!  Even if that means looking a little out of the ordinary!