DIY Styling: Gucci Style Part Two

Aaaaaand we are back!  How many parts of this DIY styling will be Gucci, you may ask?  How many stars in the sky are there…how many grains of sand…just kidding.  This installment of DIY Styling is fairly simple one.  Remember, most of these aren’t as much “do it yourself” as they are “wear it yourself”…this is DIY styling first and foremost!  Because there’s nothing I love more than styling!

One of the greatest things about the Gucci line right now is that it’s incredibly eclectic.  There’s a glorious “mash up” of styles happening that makes this an incredibly fun style to recreate.  Also, pretty easy…because mixing things to create a style is much easier than needing one exact piece to make it happen!

I absolutely love this look in the September issue of Vogue.  I love the baroque mod mash up…because what a strange and unusual combo!  Baroque conjures up images of lots and lots of excessive ruffles, lace, jewels, velvet, and fur.  And then mod makes me think of simple shapes like sheath dresses and clean lines.  But put em both together?  Why not?!

See what I mean?  It’s such a strange and interesting combo that it just might work!

Here’s how you can recreate this look.  You can really do this your own way…all you really need is a mod style dress.  Think a 1960’s style dress (it doesn’t have to be striped or chevron, any 60’s simple sheath will do!) and then add some baroque styling elements.  Baroque is an easy style to add accessories in.  Think large blingy gold statement jewelry, fur scarves, collar necklaces, and the like.  Those are usually an easy find from almost anywhere you go.  Then marry the two (ceremony not necessary) and bam.  Instant “Gucci Style”.

For this look I used a vintage 60’s dress (I stuck with the color theme of the photo for visual simplicity) and I added a vintage fur collar to the dress.  These are often found in the costume section of the thrift stores or sold at vintage shops.  Even Free People sells them!  Then I added this antiqued gold collar necklace (these pearls would do nicely too!) to give that baroque bling.  I have no idea what her footwear is in this image, but hey, that means we get more room for creativity with this look right?  I chose loafers, because, well, nothing says “Gucci” like a great pair of vintage loafers!

Hope this inspires you to go do a little baroque mod mash up of your own!  If you do, please tag me on Instagram so I can see!


On Pulling Off Weird Stuff

Often, I get comments from people about what I’m wearing.  Totally normal for me, and for anyone else of you who loves clothing and are bold in your fashion choices…whatever that may look like!  One of the comments I get the MOST however, is usually one regarding how I “pull things off” or how I am “bold and brave” in my outfits.  Again, I completely understand this comment, especially now that I’ve spent some time working in a clothing store listening to women talk while they try stuff on.  I’ve learned a few things about how most women think!  I’ve learned that many women have very little confidence in what they put on their bodies.  That often times, they find what works, and stick to it…then they stop thinking about what they wear.  There’s nothing wrong with that at all!  But I have noticed that sometimes a woman will be shopping, spot something she loves, then sigh longingly and say “I wish I could pull that off like YOU do.”  Hmmm…that never sits well with me.

I get it.  There are just some things that don’t look great on me, some colors that do nothing for my complexion, and some outfits that make me look the OPPOSITE of slimmer.  For sure, those are some outfits that I try to avoid.  I feel like though, there are much fewer of those items that you CAN’T wear…than you think!  Now, this is just my humble opinion.  BUT, I’m just trying to make a point here and let you in on my inner thoughts and feelings!  Because to be honest, I have all the same fears and criticisms about clothing that all women do.  I just choose not to listen to them for the most part.  And THAT…my friends, is the secret to “pulling it off”!

This weekend, we were heading off to this barn by the beach we love to go to (I know, only in California right?) and I was about to reach for my usual shorts and tank top.  Then I spotted this muumuu vintage dress that I haven’t worn in a while, and I thought to myself: “I want to wear THAT.”  I kind of felt like wearing something different than my normal weekend go-to, so I put it on.  I began looking at myself in the mirror from every angle, as all women who are body conscious do!  I then began asking my husband questions like “is this flattering?” and “do I look silly?” (see, even the girl who dresses like a circus willingly has all the same fears!) and then I finally stopped myself in my tracks.  I wore that muumuu, and loved every minute of it.  At that moment, I realized that I wanted to write up a little guide to wearing crazy clothing…and how to pull it off!

HOW TO PULL OFF WEIRD STUFF (because you know you wanna)
keep in mind these are just MY rules, please tell me how you do it!

  1. If You Love It, Wear It.  Seems simple right?  Keep in mind, this is not a guide to how to LOOK great all the time, because for sure, some of the stuff I wear and want to wear is not always the exact right fit for my body.  There are some women who only want to wear stuff that is the right cut for their figure.  Understood…and this is not the post for you!  What I mean by this is that if you really love something, go for it and give it a try!  Forget a little bit about the rules for your body type and remind yourself that muumuus are not flattering on ANYONE, so if you love it, just go for it.  It’s too boring to limit yourself to only clothing that is absolutely the most flattering!
  2. Make It Work.  Okay, so we’ve established that if you really love an item of clothing, you should wear it.  That being said, maybe it can be made better, more flattering, more something that you’re comfortable in!  Can it be belted?  Layered over or under something?  Worn with different shoes?  Tucked it/untucked?  Play with it.  You’d be surprised.  Sometimes you can create different shapes or hide “problem” areas by changing a few details.
  3. Rock It.  Okay, this is important when it comes down to “pulling it off”.  Once you’ve put on that muumuu like I did on Saturday, you have to decide that you are WEARING THE HECK OUTTA THAT THING.  That’s exactly what I did.  I put on my trusty rock and roll cowboy boots, my huge hat, and my turquoise, and I told myself I was gonna rock that thing.  And THAT my friends, is how you do it.  How do you pull stuff off?  You put it on, stop thinking about it and asking questions about it, and JUST DO IT.  This is like me and red lipstick.  I usually have to decide that I’m wearing it, then do it.  It’s the only way I can pull off stuff that I love, but am not typically all that comfortable doing.
  4. Wear Something You Feel Comfortable In Too.  This goes back to the last point…when I put on that muumuu and was feeling questionable about it, I put on some boots and jewelry that I ALWAYS feel good in, and that helped tremendously.  Trouble comes when you are trying to pull off TOO many things at the same time.  Like funky shoes, new jewelry, a crazy outfit, AND makeup that’s out of your norm.  Choose ONE thing to pull off, like a dress or a pair of shoes, or a new shade of lipstick.  Then keep everything else simple around that bold new step.  This will help you pull it off without feeling like you want to run back home screaming and throw on your sweats!
  5. Ask The Right People For Their Opinions.  If you’re feeling unsure about an outfit, ask a friend for some help with styling to get some more creative input.  That being said, you need to choose the right people to do this with.  Do not ask friends who can’t think outside the box.  This will only lead to you scrapping the whole thing when they tell you that it’s not the most flattering or something to that nature.  You need to ask creative friends who love interesting fashion choices.

Yep, this is another one of my kinda weird, but beautiful at the same time vintage pieces.  A sweet girl who works at the Goodwill down the street from me came running up to me with this in her hand last time I was there.  And she nailed it!  This thing is so unique and lovely!  But yeah, it takes me deciding that I’m gonna “pull it off” for me to wear this kind of thing!  I added some boots that I love and make me feel great, so that helps kind of “normalize” the dress for me.  All I can say, is that if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!  I believe in you!  You can always DM me your weird outfits on Instagram.  I have no problem encouraging you and helping you style strange and bold stuff!

Happy Monday all.  Stay cool in all that polyester all of you who are in a heatwave like me!

On Collaborating On A V Neck Tee

It’s Wednesday!  And today, for a special treat, instead of just me showing you some weird and crazy ways to wear your basics, I’ve got a partner in crime!  Mandy from has joined forces with me to get our creative juices going…and boy is she great at being creative!  Let me tell you a little bit about Mandy.

She’s awesome.  I love a girl who when I say: “I put a tie with it”, she doesn’t even blink and says: “oh yeah great idea!”  It’s like the idea of wearing a tie as an accessory is perfectly normal and not weird at all (because for me, it’s totally not!) and she just rolls with it because she loves the fun, the interesting, and the unexpected.  She’s perfectly self depreciating and sarcastic (hmmm…that reminds me of someone else I know…oh yeah.  Me.) and she is a FABULOUS thrifter!  When I see something with super cool and fabulous sleeves, I think of Mandy because she has the BEST SLEEVES!!  I think I first fell in love with Mandy when she declared her undying love for me on Instagram after having like one mini conversation.  Yep, that’s a woman after my own heart.  She’s all in, just like me, and she says what she means right away!  I think our first conversation was about cankles…and we’ve been head over heels ever since! :) We decided that we’d do a little collaboration on an item that most of us have in our drawers or our closets…the plain v neck tee.  I’m gonna share what she did with it first and give my two cents on her looks, but please go to her blog to see the other side of the story!

How “NOW” is Mandy in this look?  I love this look because it’s simple, but the shoes…this look is all in the shoes for me.  I love how she took these perfectly thrashed jeans and then added in these gloriously crisp white heeled lace ups to really class up the whole thing.  I think with this look, you’d typically expect to see flip flops or tennis shoes, but these oxfords really keep it classy in my opinion.

Isn’t she the CUTEST?  Man I wish I had that midriff!!!  I love the knotted detail on the tee with the button down mini skirt…it’s those little details that really change up an outfit, you know?  And of course, the Converse.  I think this look is perfectly summer ready and absolutely adorable.

And this look.  She has the best personality and it completely comes through in her outfits…which is why fashion is SO FUN!  Suspenders and a ruffle skirt?  Yeah she really blew my mind on this one because I honestly have to say I wouldn’t think to do this, and I LOVE IT.  I think the magic of this outfit is that the plain v neck tee really balances out the outfit.  If you were to wear anything more than a basic tee with this, it could take it from day wearable straight into costume territory.  So she really nailed it with this look!  Please go look at her blog to see more photos of these outfits and more!!

And now, for some more fun…with a v neck tee of course!
THE SHIRT: Really ANY v neck shirt will do!  The one I’m using is actually thrifted from the men’s section at the Goodwill.  If you can’t find one there, a great place to grab one (or more) is in the men’s undershirt section at Target or Walmart or any store of the like.  This one is actually a Hanes men’s undershirt!  This is a great place to get them because then if you tend to stain white tees, you won’t be so bummed…because you got a three pack to begin with!

Okay so I’ve got this dress hanging in my closet that I thrifted.  I love the fabric and the drape of the skirt, but the top is kind of, um, terrible on me.  So, add a tee on top and problem solved!

NECKLACE (similar, but made by the same person), BOOTS (similar), DRESS (similar).
THRIFTY TIP: This dress and shirt are both thrifted, and to be honest, dresses like this are so plentiful at thrift stores and maybe if you find one you like the pattern of, this will give you some ideas on how to make it work if you don’t absolutely love the top part of it!
CRAFTY DIY:  Hand distressing men’s new undershirts will give a cheap shirt a more lived in and more expensive feel.  HERE is a tutorial with some simple ideas on how to make a newer shirt look old and vintage!
SWAP IT OUT: Change the boots to sandals (gladiators or flip flops!) and of course, change the color of the tee for a whole new look!

Much like Mandy’s use of suspenders, I took my love of vintage men’s ties and balanced out the crazy with the simple!  Completely makes it wearable and calms down the fun accessories (you know, when the accessories are acting like you’re going to a party and you’re really just going to Target…that kind of deal).

PANTS (similar), PLATFORMS (similar, but same brand).
THRIFTY TIP: Ties are BEST WHEN THRIFTED!  There are SO MANY of these bad boys at the thrift stores it’s not even funny!  Check them out next time you go!
CRAFTY DIY: If you’re not into wearing an actual tie, try a leather wrap necklace. It gives a similar vibe, but you can do it yourself by buying some leather cord or even some ribbon to do it, or buy one HERE.  See how you can even embellish the choker part of it then just wrap and tie in a knot?  Even the least crafty can handle this one!
SWAP IT OUT: A bandana would be super cute…try a bandana and some colored skinnies and some boots.  Super cute.

Again, you can use the plain tee to balance out elements in your closet that are bolder, louder, and more statement making.  It can be a nice blank canvas on which to apply lots of fun jewelry and crazy patterns!
NECKLACE, PANTS (similar, but same brand), CLOGS (similar).
THRIFTY TIP: Blazers are one of the great thrifted items.  Check both the women’s section and the mens, and you’ll be sure to find some good ones if you keep your eyes out!
CRAFTY DIY: If you wanted to make your own accessories, you could easily make a necklace out of seed beads with lots of different colors.  This is another great option for a statement necklace!
SWAP IT OUT:  Instead of clogs, you could use loafers or flats and you could tone down the look with a solid pair of slacks or with jeans.  It would be a much more casual look with a pair of boyfriend jeans and some cute flats!

Sometimes finding a dress for an event can be a beast.  There are just times when you can’t find exactly what you want, or you want sleeves and dresses with sleeves can be harder to come by…you know this story.  Enter the white tee/white skirt that LOOKS like a dress, but it’s much easier!
SKIRT (similar), BOOTS (similar).
THRIFTY TIP: White can be a harder color to thrift for sure.  However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find!  But you can do this look super easily in black and it will be instantly fancier and easier to find stain-free!
CRAFTY DIY: I saw this feather necklace in a Free People store years ago, and I went out to the craft store, bought chain, feathers, and some crimping beads and made it myself.  It was a little time consuming, but honestly it saved me like $70, so it was worth it!  Another little crafty thing you could do is go buy some Rit Dye at Walmart and buy a white skirt and shirt, and dye them the same color.  Look who’s a genius now!  YOU are!
SWAP IT OUT:  Swap the boots for heels, and the jewelry for something sparkly and you’ve got an event or date night ready look.

I hope you love our collaboration…don’t you just LOVE Mandy?  Her instagram and blog are a treat, so make sure to follow her for lots of thrifting inspiration!

Happy midweek y’all!


Leopard IS a Neutral

Working at a resale shop, I often have the privilege of getting to style women of all ages and all styles.  I get to talk to them about what they like, what they won’t wear, and how they like to style themselves.  Everyone is so different in their style personality and their lists of “dos and don’ts” for getting dressed!  One of the things I’ve noticed is that there are certain topics or items that when they come up, the response is either a adamant: YES I LOVE IT or the exact opposite…an: I WOULD RATHER GO NAKED THAN WEAR ____.  Okay okay, maybe the dislike isn’t quite THAT strong, but you get the general idea!!  Among those things are: the color yellow, palazzo pants, patterned leggings or pants, strapless things, maxi dresses, and yes, leopard.  I completely understand this.  Sometimes leopard can conjure up an image of a flashy, skin tight, blingy, way over the top outfit that turns women off to the pattern all together.  And if you’re the kind of person who likes to wear a simpler, more understated look and this is your association with leopard, then I totally get it!

I’m here to tell you today that leopard print can be a neutral.  For all you who want to start pattern mixing…leopard is one of those patterns that mixes quite well with florals and plaids, making it a very basic pattern to mix in to your wardrobe.  Leopard print booties are a great way to add a pop of pattern to a simple jeans and tee.  A leopard print scarf can make a black dress so chic.  It’s a great accent pattern!

I have leopard EVERYTHING.  I could do it from head to toe (alright I couldn’t do it well…I just COULD clothe myself in it from head to toe if I wanted to, you know what I mean!).  I love it.  You know what I love it with?  The color red and cowboy boots.  So that’s what I’m going to show you today…how to wear leopard in a more fun, boho cowgirl kind of way!  Because if that doesn’t sound like fun then I don’t know what does!!

Okay so with this geometric sweater, this leopard skirt totally looks nothing like the traditional ways you often see leopard being worn.  If you  mix leopard with more masculine pieces and strong primary colors, it won’t have that fluffy, little girl look it can have like when it’s mixed with pink or purple.  I also love how cowboy boots make it more casual.

Don’t you love how red mixes with leopard?  When you add a vintage men’s graphic tee, again it makes leopard more of a neutral and fun piece.

I love how herringbone mixes with leopard.  Again, kind of a menswear inspired outfit.  The brown suede and black fringe on the scarf really ties together the brown and black of the skirt.

Leopard doesn’t have to be worn in a skin tight bodycon dress.  Although that’s super sexy…it doesn’t have to be like that!  It can be fun, casual, and bohemian when done right!!

Give it a shot!  You never know till you try it!!

Happy middle of the week!