Cool Copying: Why I Never Get Rid Of Stuff

Okay, maybe that’s a lie.  I get rid of A LOT of clothes to be honest.  I resell stuff on Poshmark, I trade it in at my local resale store, and I donate stuff to friends and thrift stores.  There’s no WAY I could keep everything, because then I’d be a legit hoarder and you would find me buried under mounds of supposed-to-be-Halloween costumes, weird vintage, and things that virtually no one knows what they are.  I’d be trying to claw my way out, slip sliding on all that satin and velvet.  So yeah, I gotta get rid of stuff.  However, I am often VERY reluctant to do so.  With certain pieces more than others.  Here’s why.

Do you know how many times I have hit a period in my life where I think to myself: “well, I’m never gonna wear THAT style again!” and then…SURPRISE!  I DO!!   Yep.  Remember that box of vintage slips I got rid of years ago?  I STILL REGRET THAT ONE.  There was this one white and blue pinstripe skirt…an amazing pair of boyfriend shorts, and a baby blue polyester vintage suit that I very much remember and miss.  That being said, I have become slightly better at telling what I really just don’t love and won’t re-wear, or what I can replace with something better and won’t ever miss because of it.  So when I saw this photo, I was like YES I AM VINDICATED!  (I’m shouting at myself, because honestly no one else cares about this around me)

I love this look.  It’s equal parts menswear and rock and roll and that is awesome.  I bought this skirt at Forever 21 probably about seven years ago or so, and every so often, it proves to be amazing.  It has spent some time on my “to get rid of” pile, but then at the last minute, it always gets salvaged.  Because I realize how cool it is and realize that the minute I get rid of it, I will most likely spend my free time looking for something to replace it, only to spend three times as much!  No its not like I’ve EVER done THAT before!!  (Sarcasm.)

I got my white blazer on super sale on Black Friday at H&M (hooray!).  I liked the look of the plain white tee with the text on it, so I wore my Bandit Brand “Rock and Roll” shirt because, well, it’s on the nose, but in this look that totally works!  Also, my skirt is fully lined, which just makes it a bit more wearable in the cooler months (here in California, I realize this would not be wearable in the snow!).  But all in all, I think it’s a look worth copying!  And let’s not forget about those EARRINGS.  Yes, my friend Arwyn works miracles in the leather world and did these up right for me.  Ahhhhh, I love her.

Now if only I could get that white pinstripe blazer back that I got rid of so many years ago…that would have been a cool addition too!

Happy Tuesday!  (that is what day it is right??)

On Being Born Free and This Tee That Reminds Me

I heard someone say something that really resonated with me today.  He said: “We were built for victory.  But fear keeps us in defeat.”  It really struck me for two reasons.  One, I don’t often believe that I was actually BUILT for victory.  I just assume that sometimes, dreams just don’t work out and accepting reality is just part of life.  And two, fear has been a major sticking point for me on a lot of things in life.  I was born a bold risk taker, and then rewired to be fearful and overly cautious to a fault.  So when I heard that statement, it really rocked my mind!

I was talking with my husband yesterday about how before we went through our few years of intense struggles, I had this very specific and intense goal and plan.  It was something that I had literally dreamed about since I was a child…and it was this thing that sort of drove me to keep going in a lot of ways.  I’m SUCH a goal oriented person, that it was a large, and sometimes too large, part of my life and my thoughts.  Then, when we lost all of what we had worked for and basically had to start over (and at a deficit no less!) I had gone for so long without even the hope of this goal, that it was gone.  It was like it was completely dead and buried in a graveyard of dreams that would never be.  And for a while, I was sort of “okay” with that.  I think in my recovery process, for a while I just couldn’t really deal with any more loss…I had lost enough, so the thought of dealing with things I never had and lost was just too great a burden to bear.  But after a while, I began to feel more and more of a whole person and then, the actual hole that the dream had left became more apparent.  In straight terms, I sometimes feel like I lack the vision and passion I had before.

Maybe some of that’s good.  That vision and passion drove me so hard, even to the point of depression at times because I could not immediately attain it, that it needed to take a breather.  It needed to be there, encouraging me forward, but not in a way that I could not enjoy life in the meantime and the journey to get to it.  However, I think I would like to regain some of that vision.  Because if I was “meant for victory”, then this story isn’t finished.  I told my husband that I go back and forth between thinking that my goals and dreams are not dead and that they’re still going to happen…and that I should just let them go and assume that they are a thing of the past.  His response was that the latter of the two options was dangerous, because it would allow me to slip into a state of apathy and acceptance for something that is temporary.  He was right.  I was not “meant for defeat”, even though defeat is sometimes part of the journey.  I was born free of fear…and the fear of hoping and dreaming again is what can keep me from that victory.

I have to remind myself that sometimes my leaning towards fears and accepting defeat are not part of who I am.  They were learned, and now I must UNlearn them and stand in the victory I was meant to.  Because I can still work for, believe for, and hope for the things that I was meant to experience.  THAT is victory even in the times when things are not obviously victorious!

I know you probably can’t read it, but this shirt says: “Born Free” so I thought it was appropriate for this post!  I gotta say, this outfit is pretty much straight inspired by Spell Designs…I can never get enough of their bohemian eclectic colorful fringy goodness!  The boots are old Sam Edelman, but fringe booties are EVERYWHERE now, and an absolute essential for the fringe lover like myself!  The skirt is Free People, the top is Bandit Brand (amazing vintage inspired graphic tees!), and the jacket is Off Fifth.  The belt is from “my” store (I call it “mine” because I love it and I have the privilege of styling there!) so it’s second hand amazingness!  Don’t forget about the necklace.  Ohhhhh that necklace is new from Zachary Pryor on Etsy.  Gotta love a good statement piece!

I hope you’re dreaming big and feeling free today!

My Crazy Fun Fluffy Vintage Skirt

When I was in high school, I bought a baby blue vintage polyester suit…like jacket and pants straight from the 1970s.  To you reading this, after seeing my photos and knowing a little about me, that sounds very normal.  Let me explain.  In high school I wasn’t “cool”.  I wore weird stuff, but not in a good way.  I had bad hair and bad glasses, and I was fresh off the homeschool boat with absolutely zero clue who Michael Jackson or Kurt Cobain were, what was in style, or how exactly to use a blow drier.  Thankfully, I went to a super small rather dorky school where everyone was pretty nice…and I didn’t have to suffer for my lack of experience in the world.  Enough of the “cooler” girls thought I was nice and a few of the more “popular” boys thought I was decently pretty (by some miracle) so I made out quite nicely in my earlier high school years before getting some measure of a clue.  And now back to that jacket and pants.  I bought them at the thrift store because I loved them.  I had zero clue how to wear vintage at the time but I knew I needed them.  Unfortunately I really never figured out what to do with them, so they ended up back at the thrift store years later and now I want to cry when I think about how much I could use those pieces right now!!

After high school and after college, I figured out how to wear vintage.  I started wearing fluffy vintage dresses and nightgowns and loaned out some of them as Halloween costumes.  I was the girl wearing a red bandana around her head, cowboy boots, glittery eye shadow, and a giant tutu.  To work.  And no, I didn’t work as a clown or delivering singing telegrams.  I may have missed my calling…

Somewhere along the line I started losing myself and my individuality when I started trying to conform and win people’s approval.  One by one my fluffy skirts and vintage dresses ended up in a box buried in my closet.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve boarded the flouncy train.  And then, a miracle happened.  I went into Ruby Rose and I saw this skirt.  Pale blue.  Fluffy.  Layers upon layers of tulle.  I was getting major Kacey Musgraves vibes from it.  And I wanted to buy it and wear it with cowboy boots and a tiara.  Okay, okay, I scratched the tiara.  For now.  But I wore it and I felt like ME.  Fluffy, crazy, borderline clownish…ME.  I felt like screaming I’M BACK as I flounced through the grocery store pushing my giant stroller.  It was super weird for everyone else buying groceries, but hey, who cares!!

So here, my friends, is how to wear a uber fluffy skirt without looking like a clown!


Pair it with some cowboy boots or just some regular boots and a graphic tee.  You could go in any direction…a floral tee and tall boots and some pearls would be a softer look.  A destroyed tee and some old Converse would be super retro fabulous.  Any tee will do, but it’s a nice addition to this fun skirt!  This tee is Bandit Brand…they’re such a great source for vintage inspired shirts!

You can go full western with a skirt like this and add a button down.  A plaid button down would be super cute too.

And here is how I wore it for the first time.  Fringe leather vest, off shoulder floral shirt, and vintage bolo.  My son asked me if I was a princess.  All the little girls at church ogled me and oohed and ahhed at my outfit.  A lady asked if she could take a photo of me to show her friend.  So there you have it.  If you want to know what it feels like to be famous, wear a crazy outfit!

Have fun with your clothes and be who you are!  Even if that means looking a little out of the ordinary!





Rock and Roll

I’m just gonna say it straight.  I’ve never been all that cool.  I just found my childhood cassette tape collection, of which the contents totally prove my point.  Granted, my parents were a lot to blame for what tapes I was actually allowed to own…but the point still stands no matter who’s fault it was.  I was homeschooled against my will.  I wore clothing that was handmade…and while that’s SUPER cool now, it sure as heck wasn’t when I was nine years old.  I was the annoying kid who when I finally went to school in high school, teachers would call on because they knew I couldn’t lie so I’d rat out any one who might be trying to pull a fast one.  Oh if I could go back I’d dress like Alicia Silverstone in Clueless (then promptly get expelled for going against dress code!!) and I’d listen to amazing music and be as pop culture cool as I could get.

Sometimes my lack of “coolness” and inadequacies really weigh on me.  Something I see reminds me of how low I was just a year ago.  I see someone’s photos on social media and I realize how behind I am in basically everything…and yet again how I am not nearly as cool as EVERY OTHER blogger and mom in the universe.  And then I have to remind myself of who exactly I am and how none of that other stuff really matters.  If I measure my “coolness” by other people I never will be cool.  But if I measure it by how I am living my life and choosing to continue to move forward and just be ME, then I’m super cool.  That’s what counts.

So my Monday Mojo may be iffy today, but I’m wearing my rock and roll tee and awesome pants and squash blossom because those are chock full of mojo even when I’m not.


We all just gotta remind ourselves daily of who we are and why we actually are pretty darn cool.  Find what makes you cool, and be it to the max.  That’s what I’m trying to do…to be my own brand of cool.  I think it’s worth the effort!!

Happy Monday!