On Shopping and Homework

Since it’s a holiday three-day weekend, I thought a fitting subject would be “how to do your homework before buying an item.”

Wait just one tiny minute.  You mean that there’s HOMEWORK involved for shopping?  Here’s the easy answer.  If you want to save money, HECK YES there’s homework to be done!  Yesterday, I was doing a little online shopping, and I realized that I have a total process in which I make shopping decisions.  I didn’t even realize I was doing this until then.  I thought since today’s a holiday, why not have a little homework to do right?  I mean, it’s a day when lots of stuff is on SALE so shopping is definitely happening, so let’s talk about how to do your “due diligence” before you commit to buy!

Now for sure, there are a couple of things to consider when you’re shopping.  One of them is this: is the item you’re looking for very specific…like maybe you found it online or you saw it in a store and you know exactly what brand it is…if this is the case, there’s still homework to be done, but it might change the end result.  There have been times that I’ve done all my homework, and not saved a dime because it turns out I really just had found the best deal to begin with!  But more often than not, if I don’t do my homework before buying, I end up overpaying.  Plain and simple.  You want to get an A+ on your shopping skills?  Yeah me too!

Here’s my usual disclaimer…this is just MY process, you may have your own AND you may have some hot tips I don’t know about, so PLEASE share with me if you do!  I’m always looking for extra credit! :)


  1. Google the item you want.  This may seem simple, but how many times have I happened upon something I want, and not taken the two seconds it takes to just google it before buying it from the first place I found it??  OR maybe you are looking for a Free People dress and you just go straight to the Free People site without checking other retailers.  Here’s something I’ve found.  Often, places you don’t even suspect may carry a brand or an item that you want.  Once I desperately wanted a Novella Royale jumpsuit and I googled it, only to find it had gone on sale half price on freepeople.com.  Boy I was glad I googled it!  When you find what you’re looking for, google the exact name of the item, and who knows? You may even get lucky and find it listed on hautelook.com or gilt.com!  Wouldn’t that be amazing?  It kind of surprises me how simple this is, and yet how few people actually do it.  I have purchased things for a fraction of the normal price that it’s listed for AT THE SAME TIME as it’s listed for more…simply because I googled it.  This is also SUPER helpful if the thing you want is sold out in your size.  Sites like swell.com, revolve.com, shopbop.com, zappos.com, lordandtaylor.com, asos.com, as well as all the standards like Nordstrom and Macy’s, ALL carry a variety of brands and sometimes they will have a sale specific to their store that applies to that item!  Did you know that Minnetonka is also carried by American Eagle Outfitters and Urban Outfitters?  Yep.  Google will be your best friend!
  2. Do a search for the item…in different ways.  Sometimes things go by different names.  There’s really nothing new under the sun, we just often call things by different terms than they did in say, the 1960s.  I’ve often run into people who were teenagers during the original time a clothing item was popular and they always say: “in MY day, we called those dungarees” or something like that.  So, say you’re looking for a kimono.  Search for “kimono” of course, but don’t forget to use the term “robe” because often they are synonyms for each other.  This is VERY useful if you are looking at vintage items because people from different generations will call things by different names, so depending on the person selling it, you may need to use different key words.
  3. Check other sites for knock offs or similar items.  I have a few places that are my “go-tos” for this.  I’ve learned that as much as I love Free People, not all of their stuff is unique.  Not only do people knock them off very quickly, but some of their stock is not really unique to their store.  So, I check a few places first.  I check second hand retailers like thredup.com and poshmark.com…this is a great way to find what you are looking for, for less…and sometimes it’s even new with the tags!  I always check zara.com too, because yes, they can be just as expensive, but they often have similar items or sometimes things I like more for less money.  vicicollection.com has had items IDENTICAL to Free People for under $20!  I do a quick scan of their site to check.
  4. Search for a coupon code.  This actually works a lot of the time.  When I find something I’m looking for, I do a quick search for the name of the retailer and “coupon code” and I’ve gotten codes that save me money.  If it’s a smaller retailer or seller, check their instagram or Facebook feed for sales.  Get on their email list to save off your first order AND to get deals.  Once I was ordering something from England and was just about to click the magic “place order” button…when I thought I’d better check my email first.  I did, and since I had subscribed to her emails, I saw that she had sent out a code for free international shipping.  Yep, I just saved myself like $30 just by checking my email first.
  5. Look for the item that inspired the piece you want.  This is kind of interesting to do.  Sometimes I will be obsessed with something…and then I actually find a vintage piece that is virtually identical to what I want.  Um, I’d rather have the original thanks!  Sometimes it’s expensive yes.  But SOMETIMES it’s a fraction of the price.  Here’s a great example.  I bought this dress from Spell Byron Bay that is gorgeous.  I literally had not seen many things like it, so I went for it, shelled out the big bucks, and of course it’s beautiful.  Then I went down to Venice Beach and walked into a vintage store and they had four dresses on the wall that were virtually identical to my dress.  The owner of the store informed me that the Spell girls had just been in their shop to get inspiration!  The dresses were the same price as the Spell one I purchased.  Do you get my drift?  This is the reason I chose this kimono for today’s post.  I have been in LOVE with a Spell kimono that is quite similar to this one, but haven’t been ready to shell out the money for it.  I was on poshmark.com a week ago, and I could not click BUY fast enough when I saw this.  It is almost the same thing, at 1/4 of the price.  And it’s vintage, so it’s the original!  Yep.  Homework pays off you guys.

Okay so this kimono.  I’m freaking in LOVE.  And again, having a little patience and persistence really saved me some money in the long run!  These necklaces are BOTH handmade by amazing women, please support them if you need some new jewelry in your life that really wows people!  The choker is from Desert Mermaid on Etsy (it comes in white too and it is really the most comfortable choker I have ever worn) and the leather fringe one is a BRAND NEW creation by my DEAR friend Jessica of Hillbillygypsy Boots.  She’s selling them on Poshmark too!  The boots are Sam Edelman (they’re like almost completely sold out, so if you want them, I’d shop NOW for them), and even though I own so many fringe boots, boy am I glad I bought these babies.

Argh.  It is most definitely a Monday.  Will someone please tell my kids it’s a holiday?!?

On Collaborating On A V Neck Tee

It’s Wednesday!  And today, for a special treat, instead of just me showing you some weird and crazy ways to wear your basics, I’ve got a partner in crime!  Mandy from milehighthrifter.com has joined forces with me to get our creative juices going…and boy is she great at being creative!  Let me tell you a little bit about Mandy.

She’s awesome.  I love a girl who when I say: “I put a tie with it”, she doesn’t even blink and says: “oh yeah great idea!”  It’s like the idea of wearing a tie as an accessory is perfectly normal and not weird at all (because for me, it’s totally not!) and she just rolls with it because she loves the fun, the interesting, and the unexpected.  She’s perfectly self depreciating and sarcastic (hmmm…that reminds me of someone else I know…oh yeah.  Me.) and she is a FABULOUS thrifter!  When I see something with super cool and fabulous sleeves, I think of Mandy because she has the BEST SLEEVES!!  I think I first fell in love with Mandy when she declared her undying love for me on Instagram after having like one mini conversation.  Yep, that’s a woman after my own heart.  She’s all in, just like me, and she says what she means right away!  I think our first conversation was about cankles…and we’ve been head over heels ever since! :) We decided that we’d do a little collaboration on an item that most of us have in our drawers or our closets…the plain v neck tee.  I’m gonna share what she did with it first and give my two cents on her looks, but please go to her blog to see the other side of the story!

How “NOW” is Mandy in this look?  I love this look because it’s simple, but the shoes…this look is all in the shoes for me.  I love how she took these perfectly thrashed jeans and then added in these gloriously crisp white heeled lace ups to really class up the whole thing.  I think with this look, you’d typically expect to see flip flops or tennis shoes, but these oxfords really keep it classy in my opinion.

Isn’t she the CUTEST?  Man I wish I had that midriff!!!  I love the knotted detail on the tee with the button down mini skirt…it’s those little details that really change up an outfit, you know?  And of course, the Converse.  I think this look is perfectly summer ready and absolutely adorable.

And this look.  She has the best personality and it completely comes through in her outfits…which is why fashion is SO FUN!  Suspenders and a ruffle skirt?  Yeah she really blew my mind on this one because I honestly have to say I wouldn’t think to do this, and I LOVE IT.  I think the magic of this outfit is that the plain v neck tee really balances out the outfit.  If you were to wear anything more than a basic tee with this, it could take it from day wearable straight into costume territory.  So she really nailed it with this look!  Please go look at her blog to see more photos of these outfits and more!!

And now, for some more fun…with a v neck tee of course!
THE SHIRT: Really ANY v neck shirt will do!  The one I’m using is actually thrifted from the men’s section at the Goodwill.  If you can’t find one there, a great place to grab one (or more) is in the men’s undershirt section at Target or Walmart or any store of the like.  This one is actually a Hanes men’s undershirt!  This is a great place to get them because then if you tend to stain white tees, you won’t be so bummed…because you got a three pack to begin with!

Okay so I’ve got this dress hanging in my closet that I thrifted.  I love the fabric and the drape of the skirt, but the top is kind of, um, terrible on me.  So, add a tee on top and problem solved!

NECKLACE (similar, but made by the same person), BOOTS (similar), DRESS (similar).
THRIFTY TIP: This dress and shirt are both thrifted, and to be honest, dresses like this are so plentiful at thrift stores and maybe if you find one you like the pattern of, this will give you some ideas on how to make it work if you don’t absolutely love the top part of it!
CRAFTY DIY:  Hand distressing men’s new undershirts will give a cheap shirt a more lived in and more expensive feel.  HERE is a tutorial with some simple ideas on how to make a newer shirt look old and vintage!
SWAP IT OUT: Change the boots to sandals (gladiators or flip flops!) and of course, change the color of the tee for a whole new look!

Much like Mandy’s use of suspenders, I took my love of vintage men’s ties and balanced out the crazy with the simple!  Completely makes it wearable and calms down the fun accessories (you know, when the accessories are acting like you’re going to a party and you’re really just going to Target…that kind of deal).

PANTS (similar), PLATFORMS (similar, but same brand).
THRIFTY TIP: Ties are BEST WHEN THRIFTED!  There are SO MANY of these bad boys at the thrift stores it’s not even funny!  Check them out next time you go!
CRAFTY DIY: If you’re not into wearing an actual tie, try a leather wrap necklace. It gives a similar vibe, but you can do it yourself by buying some leather cord or even some ribbon to do it, or buy one HERE.  See how you can even embellish the choker part of it then just wrap and tie in a knot?  Even the least crafty can handle this one!
SWAP IT OUT: A bandana would be super cute…try a bandana and some colored skinnies and some boots.  Super cute.

Again, you can use the plain tee to balance out elements in your closet that are bolder, louder, and more statement making.  It can be a nice blank canvas on which to apply lots of fun jewelry and crazy patterns!
NECKLACE, PANTS (similar, but same brand), CLOGS (similar).
THRIFTY TIP: Blazers are one of the great thrifted items.  Check both the women’s section and the mens, and you’ll be sure to find some good ones if you keep your eyes out!
CRAFTY DIY: If you wanted to make your own accessories, you could easily make a necklace out of seed beads with lots of different colors.  This is another great option for a statement necklace!
SWAP IT OUT:  Instead of clogs, you could use loafers or flats and you could tone down the look with a solid pair of slacks or with jeans.  It would be a much more casual look with a pair of boyfriend jeans and some cute flats!

Sometimes finding a dress for an event can be a beast.  There are just times when you can’t find exactly what you want, or you want sleeves and dresses with sleeves can be harder to come by…you know this story.  Enter the white tee/white skirt that LOOKS like a dress, but it’s much easier!
SKIRT (similar), BOOTS (similar).
THRIFTY TIP: White can be a harder color to thrift for sure.  However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find!  But you can do this look super easily in black and it will be instantly fancier and easier to find stain-free!
CRAFTY DIY: I saw this feather necklace in a Free People store years ago, and I went out to the craft store, bought chain, feathers, and some crimping beads and made it myself.  It was a little time consuming, but honestly it saved me like $70, so it was worth it!  Another little crafty thing you could do is go buy some Rit Dye at Walmart and buy a white skirt and shirt, and dye them the same color.  Look who’s a genius now!  YOU are!
SWAP IT OUT:  Swap the boots for heels, and the jewelry for something sparkly and you’ve got an event or date night ready look.

I hope you love our collaboration…don’t you just LOVE Mandy?  Her instagram and blog are a treat, so make sure to follow her for lots of thrifting inspiration!

Happy midweek y’all!


On Venice Beach and Shopping

Last Friday we got to visit Venice Beach, which is one a pretty darn cool place to check out if you haven’t been before.  I love to see the houses that back up to the Venice Canal…it’s where a lot of those romantic scenes in the movie “Valentine’s Day were filmed actually!  And the famous Abbot Kinney Street is so unique and filled with places to shop.  Now, I didn’t actually shop on Abbot Kinney because, well, Abbot Kinney is like Rag & Bone and stuff…it’s like $$$$$…but I got to go to a couple of my favorite vintage shops that are down by the beach and have awesome stuff at a fraction of the prices of the main drag.

First off, let me give you my basic review of Venice Beach.  Keep in mind that this is strictly MY perspective, coming from MY crazy brain!  Everything in Venice smells like money, incense, or pot. (I think.  I can never quite nail down what pot actually SMELLS like, but I think I’m starting to get it.) There are more Range Rovers, man buns, and vegan restaurants than, well, pretty much anywhere you’ve ever been before.  Everyone wears chambray button down shirts, and I do mean EVERYONE.  There’s graffiti on basically everything, but it’s like high class, fancy graffiti, if there is such a thing.  It’s kind of like a nicer and cleaner Haight and Ashbury, but with more money and more gluten free options.  I spent some time at the Tom’s flagship coffee shop and shoe store where the “social justice refugees” as I’ve called them hang out, buy coffee and shoes, and experience the Tom’s virtual reality “giving experience”.  Yep, Venice Beach is a unique place!!

Some of my favorite random things I saw (because I love the random stuff you witness when you are around people!) were a girl walking by me wearing underwear.  Now I THINK whatever was on her lower half was somehow, in some alternate universe INTENDED to be shorts, but they were shaped like underwear, were skin tight and shiny, and were smaller than my underwear.  These were not booty shorts people, they were underwear.  But apparently she felt perfectly natural walking down the street in them, so I guess that makes it ok. (!?!?!)  There was a guy sitting on a bench talking into his iPhone but on speaker phone.  WHY do people do that in public you guys?  And he said, “you know, I might DIE!”  My instant reaction was “huh? What does he mean??”  And then he went on to say: “I’m at TWO PERCENT!”  Basically I think he means, if his phone dies, he goes with it.  He poses an interesting philosophical question you guys.  If your phone battery dies, does a part of you die too?  Now I’m just getting sarcastic.  Let’s get on to the pictures!

My first stop was this super cool place called Animal House Vintage.  On the wall of this place you’ll see all these amazing Indian gauzy gowns that look like Spell dresses.  Last time I stopped in the girl working there said that the Spell girls had just come into town and shopped there for inspiration, so you can imagine how great this place is!  I didn’t manage to find anything that fit quite right on this trip down, but everything, just everything, is so good there.  And the prices are pretty darn sweet too.

Next I visited one of the coolest places for crazy fun vintage stuff, called Gotta Have it Venice.  They get most of their vintage from estates and from costumes!  It’s crazy and chaotic in the best possible way!

I mean look at all of that!  There’s SO much cool stuff and it’s all the greatest prices too.  I got a couple of graphic tees (this place is my absolute go-to for vintage graphic tees) and this incredible pair of Minnetonkas.  I have never seen this amazing burnt orange shade so even though I actually own the exact same pair in brown, I had to get this pair because I think they are quite rare and pretty much near impossible to find!

Then I decided to have a little downtime because in mom world, downtime is fairly hard to come by!  Since there’s rarely a place to sit and chill in Venice it seems, I went to Tom’s because it’s one of the larger coffee shops.  I had some green juice that was an unfortunate choice of green juice blends…it was, let’s say less than tasty.  But I got to sit and read and take artistic selfies, so all was not lost. :)

There are a few other super cool vintage shops in Venice that I’ll hit next time and review for you!  And next time, I’m bringing my laptop (how else am I gonna fit in at Tom’s without bringing in a guy with a bun?) and a hat.  Oh yeah, and a bikini because the humidity MELTED my makeup off in like five minutes flat.  I know, I’m a total California weather wuss, I get it.

Ahhhhh shopping for crazy fun stuff is such a blast.  Hope you guys are getting to do some of it wherever you like to go!



On How Life is Like Thrifting

I was thinking about thrift store shopping…and I realized that some of the same rules that apply to doing it also apply to life as well.   I decided that instead of just writing another post on thrifting tips, which is definitely always fun, that I’d write one that’s both about thrifting AND about life.  Because I could always use a little encouragement and sometimes I just need to write this stuff for myself!

So here goes.  Here are some of my current (I like to use that word because hey, maybe I’ll come up with some new ones someday to add to it!) rules for thrift store shopping AND living!

Keep an open mind because not everything different is bad.   When it comes to thrifting, the best way to be successful is to have an open mind when you’re shopping.  Grab and try on stuff that has the potential to be amazing…or REALLY BAD.  The other day I went to Goodwill and I tried on this shirt that was either going to be like Chloe Spring 2016 runway awesome OR mom from the Goldberg’s epic 80’s craziness.  (It’s coming to the blog soon to answer your question :))  I guess I feel like in life this is super helpful too…sometimes I’ve written off people right away thinking that I would have nothing in common with them or that they seem kind of…different…and later on end up realizing that they are amazing fun people that I would have missed out on knowing had I not given them a shot!  There was this girl I knew a long time ago who seemed really serious.  I’m not serious at all people, so when people seem more analytical or solemn, I tend to shy away from them because they typically find me silly, loud, and ridiculous.  I knew her for quite a while and honestly I don’t remember how it happened, but one day we talked a little bit and I realized that even though she was a bit more serious than I was, she was also a LOT of fun.  We ended up hanging out and becoming great friends!  Somedays I think about that and realize that we missed a year or two of friendship simply because we had falsley judged each other!  All this to say, that when you’re thrifting, sure, you could try on some pretty hideous things in the process, but you never know till you try right?!  And in life, you might miss a friend if you judge too quickly!

You have to wade through a lot of not so awesome stuff…but not pay attention to it.   Gosh.  Thrift store shopping can be gross.  Let’s call it like it is.  There’s a LOT of nasty stuff that’s pretty much trash and you have to sift through it to find the good stuff.  That’s so the way life is.  There’s so much crap in social media, on TV, and just everywhere.  Wrong stuff, bad stuff, stuff we can’t control but get’s propagated by the spread of information so we have to wade through it just to get to the stuff we want to see and experience.  I have a hard time with this stuff.  I’ve always been very affected by the sad things I see on the news so I try to be careful how much of it I expose myself to.  I mean, we have to be responsible and do our part, but you guys I’m not superwoman.  I wish I was!  But in the words of Frankie Heck (from The Middle, if you’re not watching, it’s hilarious and the most recent episode deals with this topic!) “sometimes you gotta just relax and watch a movie with too many white people in it.”  Ahhhh I love that quote because it’s so true.  We all need to do what we can.  But if we let the problems consume us, it will not allow us to be effective at basically ANYTHING!  If you’re thrifting and you get bogged down by the smelly weird stained clothes that you see, you’re not going to be able to see the treasures that might be sitting RIGHT next to it.  So yeah, the garbage is there.  It would be naive to say it’s not.  But we don’t have to pay attention to it!

Don’t let your “failures” deter you from trying again.  And again.  Sometimes you go to a few shops and you come up empty handed.  Nothing fit, nothing was that great, everything was kind of just bad…it happens.  Some weeks nothing gets done.  The laundry piles up, the kids are cranky, you haven’t been a very nice person…it’s just life.  But hey, that doesn’t mean that we can’t try again tomorrow right?  That doesn’t mean that you’re not going to find some incredible thing at the Goodwill or that you aren’t going to kick butt at whatever you’re doing tomorrow!  Or heck, maybe even in the next couple of hours!  Things ALWAYS can turn around and the only way we are guaranteed that they won’t is to stop trying.  I stopped thrift store shopping for a few years because I stopped having success and then I stopped trying.  Well, I’m guessing I would have had success if I’d tried again!  Today I’ve been kind of a blah kind of human being.  I don’t plan on giving up and being blah for the rest of my known life.  It’s worth trying again no matter what the “failure” is!

Share your successes freely and your failures sparingly.  Haven’t you noticed how  success breeds success and failure breeds failure?  Like if you tell a friend about all the cool stuff you found at a thrift store, she gets excited and tends to go find stuff on her own…it’s like your excitement and your triumphs cause other people to do the same, but ONLY IF YOU SHARE THEM!!  Same goes for the negative too though.  You tell someone how you never find good stuff…it often encourages them to NOT go out and try…it reminds them that sometimes it’s a wasted trip and that sometimes there’s nothing but junk.  Same goes for life.  I don’t know how many times it’s happened, but when I hang around people who share good stuff all the time, I find myself doing things differently.  I try new things.  I take more risks.  I feel more confident and hopeful about life.  But those people who are constantly asking negative questions…sharing unnecessary bad stuff (like you know the bad Facebook stories about people you don’t know…THOSE types) can do the exact opposite.

So you see?  Life and thrifting are kind of similar!  I found this dress at Goodwill, and I could not believe my eyes.  It was one of those crazy bizarre things that I knew could go either way, and happily, all the weird things I tried on that trip ended up to be total wins!  But if I’d never tried, I’d never have known :)

The sandals are the absolute BEST simple summer sandals and if you need new summer shoes, you NEED these Sam Edelmans!  Oh and they come in like EVERY color too!  I am caftan obsessed…and honestly LOTS of vintage shops on Etsy have them, so do take a look next time you’re on there!

I hope your weekend is amazing and filled with fun thrift store finds!


On A Simple Life And A Simple Dress

Stories from the past fascinate me.  I guess you could say that history fascinates me, but it really wasn’t until college that I had the most amazing history teacher who actually told stories…that I realized that history was more than just dates and names to be memorized and then regurgitated onto a scantron form.  Now I’ll read or watch anything I can that’s based on a historical time period because it just comes alive and makes me feel like I get a real taste of the time period…even if it’s fictionalized a little (or a lot in some cases!).  It’s so interesting to think about how things are different now from then…and what things have changed the most.  I mean, people…they don’t really change that much right?  We still want mostly the same things.  But it’s the things that surround us and the methods by which we live that have changed SO much!

Of course, the era of the 60s and the 70s is probably the most fascinating to me, partly because of the fashion, but also because it’s not THAT long ago.  I mean, a lot of our parents were either born then or lived through those decades, so it’s not like we are that far removed from them.  However the differences between now and then are pretty crazy right?  I mean cell phones.  Just watch a show from the 60s and people are still talking on these phones with these long old curly phone cords that are attached to THE WALL.  Can’t go very far with one of those, now can you!  Or the internet.  I mean, how on EARTH did you learn stuff without it?  Can you even imagine what it’s like to want to know something…and have to go to a LIBRARY to find out about it?  Weird.  And yet, a lot of the people we interact with on a daily basis would tell you how normal this all used to be.  And now you can stop being so hard on your mom for wondering what the heck Twitter is.  Because the poor woman had to get in her car and drive to a place filled with books just to find out stuff, we gotta cut her some slack for not knowing what “LOL” means.  (NOT “lots of love”,  mom.  It’s really not, I promise.)

It’s funny how with all the changes there are from then till now that it’s easy sometimes to long for a simpler time.  There are so many days when I get tired of staring at screens all the time.  I get frustrated with the amount of anxiety it can cause to know so much sometimes.  I mean, remember when a strange pain in your right knee didn’t lead to a 45 minute trip down Google lane only to discover you MAY have a strange exotic bird disease that gives you approximately 6 months to live?  Maybe that’s a SLIGHT exaggeration, but you know what I mean!!!  I grew up with a LOT of unnecessary medical education in my home which led to me being a hypochondriac.  Sometimes knowing stuff really backfires on you.  It’s funny how there’s just so much good about having all this access to information and yet, so much bad as well.  Hypochondriacs know this all to well!

I just finished watching 11-22-63, that show based on a Stephen King book all about the assassination (or the prevention thereof!) of JFK.  It totally showed some pieces of life in the 60s, which were so fun to watch.  Funny how we always see this as a “simpler time” and yet in some ways…it was worse.  I mean, I think we see things as being “worse” now mainly because we have all these channels of news that broadcast stuff constantly.  Bad stuff happened back then, but often no one knew about it because there were no cameras on cell phones, security cameras everywhere, and Facebook for it to be wildly (and widely) disseminated.  That’s kind of worse in some ways.  People got to hide in the darkness of lack of information, whereas now getting away with stuff is hard because everywhere you go, someone is snapchatting or facebooking right next to you.  So yeah, so much information can cause anxiety or this false idea that the world is going to hell in a hand basket…but I’m not sure that it actually has gotten worse.  We’ve just been educated on what’s going on around us instead of things being kept in the dark.  I mean, in 1963, a guy literally walked into a building right next to where the president was going to be with a rifle the size of a curtain rod and killed him.  That would not be even remotely possible these days!

The moral of this story is, stop googling weird diseases and your life will be better!  Just kidding!!  Except I really should stop that for reals…haha.  I really think that while we do often long for a simpler time, it’s great to be thankful for the ways all the madness of technology has made our lives better, and then quit staring at screens for a while and engage in real life.  There’s the simple life we need.  Right in front of us.

This dress is one that I found at the Goodwill and the belt was thrifted a long time ago too.  It’s one of those ensembles that makes me feel perfectly retro, girly, and cute.  Since I can’t give you links to this exact look, I’ll give you a few that have a similar vibe!  This dress is adorable and the perfect red number! Here’s a sweet little stretchy belt that would compliment it so nicely.  These boots are a STEAL for riding boots like these Banana Republic ones I got years ago.  So simple.  Just about as easy as Googleing stuff right! :)

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

On Getting a Bargain

I love to shop.  I bet you didn’t know that did you?  :) I love to bargain shop, thrift store shop, grocery shop…you name it, if it involves shopping, I’m probably in, and very excited about it.  Now obviously, I think it’s totally worth it to spend full price on certain things or even spend a lot on things if they’re investment pieces or things you wear the heck out of  (like my Minnetonka boots or my Show Me Your Mumu bells).  Nothing beats finding exactly what you want…in the fit or fabric you want, right?  However, what’s even BETTER than that?  Finding exactly what you want at a thrift store or on sale!  I got contacted by ThredUp (the ever so lovely Sasha Agent recommended me, bless her!) to collaborate with them…and I really didn’t know what kind of clothing site it was!  I checked it out, and BOY was I surprised.  Now I honestly try to be very careful what I recommend to you all.  If someone offered me free stuff and I wasn’t crazy about their shop, I’d decline it.  Because it most definitely means a lot to me to be able to say with certainty that what I’m recommending to you is something that I would actually buy or wear myself…not just “oh hey look free stuff!”  But if Sasha says it’s good, trust me, that girl knows her shizz.

You guys.  There is SO MUCH stuff on ThredUp, and the bargains are PLENTIFUL. I saw SO much stuff…Free People, Madewell, JCrew, Gap, and even high end designers at a FRACTION of the cost.  You can search by your size which makes it SUPER easy to shop, and so many of the prices were under $20.  It’s so great, it’s almost overwhelming!  Naturally, after searching through the site, I agreed to collaborate because this is kind of like thrifting for brand names, but online.  It’s awesome.  I highly recommend if you’re looking for that perfect JCrew button down…check ThredUp first!

So here’s what I came up with.  They gave me $30 to shop with.  And that’s EXACTLY what my outfit cost.  No joke.  Okay, it was $30.48 to be exact, you caught me, but I’m SERIOUS YOU GUYS, this shirt is from Madewell and the skirt is pleated silk from Gap.  The pieces are gorgeous, and I’m SO excited and proud to show you that YOU TOO could get your very own entire outfit for $30!  Is that not SO COOL?  By the way, I’ve got an invitation code for you too.  If you use it, you get $10 off your order, and I’ll get $10 too…honestly I’m more excited about you getting $10 off though fyi :).  Click HERE to shop and get $10!

Shopping is much more relaxing when you know you’re getting a bargain!

Happy weekend all you gorgeous babes


On Uggs, Knockoffs, and A Fabulous Lace Top

When I was younger, I was obsessed with Ugg boots.  All the cool girls I knew wore them.  They looked SO amazing to my childlike eyes (and let’s face it, they are pretty amazing if you’ve ever worn them).  My parents were not shoppers and were most definitely not clothing people, so unfortunately they saw no need to spend however much those things cost when I was seven years old.  Also unfortunately, was the fact that there were no other options at the time for shoes like Uggs…there was only the name brand and the name brand was way too much money for my parents to justify spending on shoes for a kid with fast growing feet.  So alas, I had to go without.  But oh did I want them…and in high school, I saw the first pair of knockoffs I’d ever seen.  I saw them at Ross Dress for Less (the only new place for clothes I really knew existed) and I think they were less than $20.  I bought them of course because this was kind of sort of like my dream come true.  I was so excited.  I’d ALWAYS dreamed of rocking a sweet pair of ridiculously impractical light tan Ugg boots.  So in ninth grade, I wore my new faux Uggs.  Instead of being the gloriously amazing day that it was supposed to be, it was horrible.  My feet were drenched in sweat from the non breathable plastic faux fur and manmade “suede” exterior.  There was this horrible ridge on the heel and I had full on blisters by the end of the day.  I was crushed and never wore those horrid things again.  What a huge disappointment.

Later on in College, I finally opted to buy the real deal.  The ones that have the glorious name brand on the heel, the ones with the thick soft fur that feels like your feet are walking on individual tiny couches, the kind with the soft real suede.  It was a dream come true.  And I kind of realized then and there, that I really didn’t love fakes.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I buy plenty of “knockoffs”, copies, and faux things.  But when it comes to stuff like Uggs, a Louis bag (don’t own one yet, but I can dream!!), Louboutins (DITTO), and other high end stuff like that, I just really want the real thing.  There’s just something that feels so special to me about having the real deal…it’s like owning a treasure or something.    Plus, I really just learned my lesson when it comes to trying to get something good without spending money on it.  The memory of how uncomfortable those shoes were lives on in my memory!

I do buy copies sometimes because in reality, most fashion is just copies of something else…and sometimes it just doesn’t matter!  But when it comes to Uggs, I will always be a purist.  :)

I got this top from vicicollection.com and it’s on sale for $20!!!  It’s EXACTLY like a Free People one I was lusting after for a long time…and a fraction of the price.  And you know what, as far as copies go, this one is a ringer and it’s SO GREAT.  The bells are from Lenni the Label, but get custom ones here, here, or here.  That amazing necklace is handmade by The Joyful Jewelry Box on Etsy.

Happy weekend to all of you!  Hope it’s a grand one :)