On First Impressions and Cowboy Caftans

First impressions are so interesting aren’t they?  I know you should “never judge a book by its cover” and all that, but of COURSE the cover has at least a TINY bit to do with the book doesn’t it?  Sometimes it doesn’t have as much to do with it  as we THINK it does, but it’s most definitely part of who/what that book is.  Funny how some people make such a strong impression that it kind of defines part of who you see them to be forever really, and other people just kind of somehow “come to be” in your life and you don’t really remember the first time you met them.  Some people I feel like kind of just fade into our lives and they just always ARE, and others, well, you most CERTAINLY remember what kind of impression they made right off the bat.

When I was at Cal Poly, in one of my classes we had to give a mini presentation about who we were during the first day of class.  Nothing major, we didn’t have to prepare anything, it was more of a “who are you?” type thing so that we knew more than each other’s faces and maybe a name or two.  This one guy, let’s call him “Joe” (*names have been changed to protect the innocent/guilty and I most DEFINITELY DO remember his name), decided that just simply answering the question was not enough.  While most of us sat in our chairs and gave the usual: “my name is ______ and I like shopping and reading and long walks on the beach blah blah”, when it was his turn he leapt up and ran to the front of the room.  He immediately grabbed a dry erase marker and began drawing on the board as though we were playing some sort of Pictionary game.  We watched as he drew, not sure where this was going, and honestly it didn’t look like it was going anyplace good.  He finally finished his “work of art” and turned to face the class.  “Hi!  I’m Joe*!  And THIS (he motioned dramatically at the drawing on the board) is a diagram of my butt.”  He proceeded to explain where there was hair, as well as where there was not hair on his butt, why this was interesting, and probably some other details about himself that no one remembered because we were all stunned into a silence, memorizing that image of his butt against our wills.  When he finished, the professor gave him a long hard look, said: “Okaayyyyyy…thank you?” and later gave him QUITE a talking to about how inappropriate this presentation was.  Uh…YOU THINK???  I remember this guy’s real name.  But I called him “butt guy” instead, and he has been henceforth known as “butt guy” by my husband too.  I mean, the other day, I saw someone I went to college with and Eric said, “Oh was that butt guy?”  You SEE???  His first impression will NEVER DIE amongst those of us who were in that class that day.  I know nothing about him.  But I’m a wealth of information on his rear end.  Unfortunately.

Ah yes, first impressions.  There have been times when people have told me their first impressions of me.  Usually if I’m getting told by people what they thought of me initially, it’s because they formed a bad impression of me, and not a good one.  Otherwise it’s not really a great story.  Like “oh when I met you I thought you were super nice haha…” yeah not nearly as good of a story as “I thought you were vapid, popular, ditzy, and vain.”  Pretty sure I’ve heard some form of all of these things about myself.  Weird because I’m really not popular and I’m so self deprecating most days people would not think I was all that vain.  I do say a lot of dumb stuff probably too loudly so sure I’ll take ditzy no problem…whatever I used to be a blonde right!?  Anyway, whenever people are telling me their first impressions of me its because they were wrong…(“hey you’re not popular at all!” just kidding, see there’s the self deprecating side speaking up!) and they’ve realized that I’m not who I came across as at all.

To be completely honest, UNLESS you are talking about your butt along with diagrams and stuff, I’m pretty sure what you are wearing comes into play largely with your first impression.  Sure it’s also your facial expressions, body language, and what’s coming out of your mouth…but clothes are an easy first impression maker.  This is partly why I love clothes though…it’s a way of expressing yourself in a very visual way that’s immediate.  It’s like you get to put together your own piece of art, then wear it to show people:  “Hey, I made this outfit!”  It may not always come across as who you are completely, but it’s your creation and it expresses a part of your creativity and your personality!

Yep I’m two posts in a row with the caftans guys, what can I say.  I didn’t plan it that way, but I bought this thing the INSTANT I saw it on The Hippie Shake‘s website it was too amazing.  I mean, most caftans are like 1970s Florida beach wear, which I LOVE.  But this one, this one is like 1970s cowboy meets California beach!  The choker is from PrickliePear and the boots are handmade…get similar ones from Hillbillygypsy Boots!

Hope your week is starting off well, and that you haven’t seen any diagrams of anyone’s rear ends lately.  It really does stick with you…

Feelin Like A Beach Day

Some days I’d just rather be on the beach.  I’m definitely not complaining about my life or being a mom or having toddlers.  But there are just some days, when laying on the sand and reading a book having someone hand deliver me drinks that are blue…or maybe standing on a yacht holding a martini glass like they do on the movies…just sounds so heavenly.  Probably because it’s a Monday.  Probably because having a three year old means that the worst thing that can EVER happen to him, happens…multiple times a day.  Like when his sister pointed at him the other day.  It was the end of the world as he knew it and he did NOT feel fine.  And he made sure we didn’t feel fine about it either.  So yeah, sometimes I could really use a beach day that doesn’t include sandy diapers.

Again, I’m not complaining.  Because these little people are freaking hilarious.  But man.  Exhausting.  I think anyone who’s ever had toddlers can testify to that truth.  So today’s Monday Mojo outfit is kind of a testament to my beach dreams.  In 1970’s fashion of course.

This outfit says 1970’s Palm Beach to me.  Now I’ve never been to Palm Beach, or really have much knowledge of the place…just like I have never been to the 1970’s.  But this outfit makes me feel like I have.

This top just came in the mail like one hour before I put it on and it was just as amazing as I had hoped.  I got it from Fenix Vintage, an Etsy shop with fantastic vintage items.  The pants were custom made from MXCI, a super cool shop in England who made me two crazy awesome pairs of velvet bells in the colors of my choice.  I put them with some turquoise and this Anthropologie tassel necklace (it’s old, but The Happy Goose Shop makes these now!).  I thought the gold Tory Burch flats added the swanky luxury feel of vintage Palm Beach resort wear.  I love how free flowing it is and how it just feels luxurious and happy.

Maybe I’m not at the beach holding a martini glass or a blue drink…but I can sure pretend!


Friday Finds: Four Thrift Store Scores

I am not the best thrift store shopper.  I always want to go, but then I get there, I tend to change my mind instantly.  You see, half of me is a digger…the kind that wants to hunt for buried treasure and enjoy the thrill of the find.  The other half of me is just plain tired from picking up toys all day long and I just want to have my clothes delivered to me on a pretty rack in a nice smelling store.  So the half of me that wants to dig gets me in the car and drives me there, and the other half wusses out the minute I enter the store.  It’s probably because when I was a kid, I spent a LOT of time in thrift stores.  Back when it wasn’t cool…when there weren’t really clothes I wanted to wear in there…those were the days my mom dragged me around to second hand places and dug through a whole lot of stuff I didn’t want, only to bring home things I wasn’t super excited about.

I have been trying to overcome my aversion to the hunt.  I love vintage and I enjoy finding those amazing gems that you can find when you have the patience to do a little digging.  There’s a Goodwill that reopened recently down the street from my house, so it’s pretty darn clean…I thought I’d take my chances and see if I could find any hidden treasure.

I totally scored.  I mean not just one, but four dresses that I would totally buy at way more than $6.99!  Friday Finds times FOUR!

This turquoise dress was actually the last one I found.  It’s simple and plain, but it’s this really sweet vintage beachy fabric.  I thought it could be just a nice weekend dress or grocery shopping dress…or really morph into whatever I wanted it to be!  I used this vintage red jewelry because I thought it would really pop on top of the color of the dress.  There’s also this great long beaded multicolored beaded necklace I layered in from HumanKind SLO that goes with basically everything to add a tiny bit more color.  Orange huaraches because they go with the theme of the beachy fabric, and this fun beaded anklet!

I love this handmade vintage 1960s dress.  It looks so retro, but in a totally wearable way.  I added my favorite Mountain Soul Jewelry Bandit Babe necklace and some cowboy boots because the shape of this dress can totally lend itself to a western vibe.  This charm bracelet I found at Curio and it’s legit vintage…inscribed with the year 1972 and everything!

This is totally a vintage housedress/nightgown…but like who is gonna wear something this amazing to bed??  I have found that the trick to wearing vintage nightwear is the accessories.  They can either reinforce the whole “I’m actually wearing a nightgown” deal, OR they can make it look like a dress that the whole world needs to see.  This is true of vintage slips too.  So…turqouise.  It just makes every outfit look young and intentional.  Fringe boots.  Again, they don’t look like slippers (flats and sandals give off more of a slipper vibe, FYI).  So, if you have a vintage nightgown, robe, or slip, add some large jewelry and boots and no one will be the wiser.

The fourth, and final dress.  And definitely the find of the DAY.  Do you see this embroidery?  Yes, this did cost $6.99…I’m not pulling your leg.  So basically the beautiful thing about these types of bohemian embroidered vintage Oaxacan style dresses is that they are so ornate, the styling is basically done for you.  Less is more with these babies. I added these Southbound Concho earrings because they totally pick up the orange in the floral pattern and accent the pink (and a necklace would be too much with this print).  This vintage orange beaded necklace becomes a wrist wrap, and the fringe boots because they add a nice edge.

I think I may have been healed of some of my thrift store issues.  I absolutely cannot NOT go more often after these finds.  I even found a super awesome brand new shirt for my husband for $1.99…we looked up the brand online and it’s a $30 tee!!  Um, ok…I think I’ll have to just tell the half of me that’s whining through the whole ordeal to just shut up and deal while I find amazing things.

Happy Friday!!  Hope you’re out finding amazing things today!