On Social Media and An Amazing Jacket

It’s been easy in the past for me to get kind of down on social media.  I stayed off Facebook completely till less than a year ago and I spent over a year not being on Instagram at all.  Not even to look at what other people were posting.  I’ve had some painful moments due to it, some times when I’ve seen things that have hurt me, made me feel like less than I am, or just discouraged me and caused me to wish things were different or that I was different.  However, I’ve discovered the one thing about it that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  The women I’ve met.  Seriously, I have met some of the greatest girls on Instagram…girls who the only thing that’s not great about them is that they aren’t close enough for me to hang out with!  It’s been SO encouraging and fun to “meet” these girls…whether it’s just in conversations on Instagram or actually in person.

During our recent trip to San Francisco, one of the girls I had “met” on Instagram reached out to me and asked if I wanted to meet up for coffee.  I was so excited because usually on these trips, my husband is in meetings for work and I just hang out by myself, which is fine for a bit, but hanging with someone is preferable to shopping alone!  Before meeting her, I had a moment of panic and I said to my husband: “oh no…I don’t know what she looks like, how will I know who she is??”  And he replied: “ummmm she will most definitely know who YOU ARE!”  Fine, I take a lot of selfies.  I get it.  It’s such an interesting thing meeting someone for the first time…when you’ve already had full conversations with them before.  And not only that, but since you’ve been looking at photo snapshots from their lives for so long, you kind of feel like you know them.  Social media has totally legitimized stalker behavior if you ask me!!  We hung out for the morning, and honestly, I felt like I had known her for years.  And yes, THAT is the amazing thing about social media too…”blind friend dates” are more like being longtime buddies thanks to the fact that you’ve gotten to know each other already.  It’s like a compatibility test for friendship.  Did you both like that photo of that vintage dress that just got posted?  You are 99% compatible as friends.

I had so much fun with her.  This scenario has repeated itself in different locations with different Instagram friends…and every single time, I feel like I’m nailing the friend game.  Which is much different from how it has been for me lately when I meet girls wherever I happen to be.  There’s usually a moment where the new girl I just met says: “I don’t really buy that many clothes…” and I’m like “oh…ok…that’s fun…” (awkward silence because I have no idea what to say next, but I’m guessing it will be about cows because that’s my “go to awkward silence” conversation.  And no, I don’t know anything about cows, which makes it even more awkward than it was.  I should probably find a new topic.)  So social media, forgive me for bashing on you so hardcore, and hey, thanks for all the cool girls you’ve hooked me up with!

The SUPER cool girl in San Francisco embroiders stuff like a boss, hence this INCREDIBLE hand fringed and embroidered denim beauty I’m sporting here.  Honestly, I really don’t have to be cool at all to wear this, because it’s so cool that it makes up for all my lack!!!!  You need to follow her… @township31 on Instagram, and please, have her embroider something for you because she’s the COOLEST PERSON and she’s SO TALENTED!!!

Do you SEE how cool this is?  I’m so thankful to have met her for so many reasons though.  Making friends as an adult is so much harder than it needs to be, and hanging out with her was just so easy.  The moral of the story is this: meet your Instagram friends, because they are even cooler in real life!

Pants are from Nightcap (on sale HERE) and worth the splurge trust me! And the necklace is from Etsy.

Happy start of your week!


On Competition and Lace

Competition.  It’s one of those things that everyone deals with, no matter who you are or what age you are.  I mean, sometimes it’s friendly competition in a game or a contest, sometimes it’s a workplace thing where there’s money, status, or a promotion involved, and sometimes it’s just downright nasty.  I know guys deal with competition as well as women, but for some reason it just seems like in women it’s just worse.  Maybe it’s because guys overtly compete with each other often and it’s all out in the open…whereas when women compete, well, you know what happens.  There’s so much subtext, so much NOT being said, so much that  would go unnoticed to the undiscerning eye…it tends to be hidden.  I think anyone who’s been around other women at any point in their lives (or maybe has just watched a few episodes of The Bachelor for that matter!) has experienced this.

In high school, there weren’t that many of us really since it was such a small school.  And fortunately we were all so vastly different that we didn’t have a ton of competition amongst us.  There were some girls who I could see that dynamic going on with, but it thankfully didn’t leak onto me.  And my best friend and I were the good kind of girl friends, the kind who supported each other and didn’t have this horrid love/hate relationship that some girls have going on.  But when I became the youngest girl singing on the band at church, things were a bit different.  Now I’d like to point out that for the most part, everyone INCLUDING the women were really sweet and supportive.  But there were those few who just really couldn’t behave that way.  There were the women who were insecure about themselves and had a hard time with me coming in and “threatening their position” as women so often feel about other women.  So when I eventually became the leader, I decided that I didn’t want this kind of competition to exist on the band because of how it felt to be the recipient of it.

I remember asking a new girl to sing on the band along side myself and another singer.  She was very excited to join us and complete our team.  On her first night at practice, she sang great and the other girl singing with her was so encouraging to her.  I could tell she was going to be just fine, however I could tell by her demeanor that she was emotionally struggling.  I could see it on her face that no matter what anyone said to her, she didn’t feel good enough to be there.  The competition she was feeling was internal…it wasn’t coming from anyone else around her.  So after practice, everyone left but her and the other singer and I asked her gently “how did it go for you?”  She crumbled…tears streaming down her face she sobbed out how she didn’t feel like she was a good enough singer to sing with me and the other girl, how she felt inadequate, and how she didn’t think she belonged.  We hugged her, reassured her a bunch that we wanted her there, that there was nothing about her that was inferior to either of us, and that there most definitely was a place for her with us.  By the time she left, her whole face changed.  She was smiling, excited, and acting appropriately according to the way the night had gone.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes no one around us is competing with us, and yet we are still competing with everyone around us?  I honestly feel like at this point in my life, I am my biggest competition.  I am constantly comparing myself to who I USED to be…like the jeans I still can’t quite wear yet…I am constantly trying to be better than I used to be and better than I am.  So many times I find myself feeling badly about myself, crumbling much like I watched that girl do so long ago, even though there’s no real reason to feel that way.  It comes with being a typical type A personality, being a woman, and just being the kind of person who often equates things like weight gain due to pregnancy with failure.  I’m always competing with me.

I think what I love about this outfit is that it’s not trying to be anything other than it is.  I love this vintage slip because it looks a lot like what For Love and Lemons is most likely inspired by, and it has slits in the sides so it makes it perfect for wearing over jeans without being too billowy.  The bells are from Show Me Your Mumu of course and the necklace is from Zachary Pryor on Etsy.

I keep reminding myself that instead of trying to mimic who I was before…I need to be who I am now.  I need to understand that it’s not failure to be different than I was before a lot of things changed in my life…it’s not failure, but a new opportunity to rediscover things about myself.  So I love to put together outfits like this that are unique in themselves and feel fresh and like the me that is now. I mean, if I compete with myself, who wins??  Yeah that’s a brain teaser isn’t it?

Happy weekend all!

On Bad Days and Crazy Layers

Okay, so which one of you called it that after my last blog post about having some new ideas and all that…I’d want to just quit this week?  Yes!  I see that hand!  You’re the WINNER!  Of course you called it, because if you’ve met me (or read my blog posts, same deal), you know that right after I get inspired, I instantly decide that it’s not even worth trying…I mean, I’m no good at any of this anyway, and I should just go on and quit.  It’s such a lovely trait, I have to say.  It frustrates me to no end, but at the same time as I’m frustrated with myself, I still FEEL all those feelings, and that just makes it plain hard to fight.  I guess feelings aren’t always everything huh.

I’m thinking that while I may be a tad more dramatic than the average human, most people feel this way.  Because when you start anything new, or even begin to THINK about starting anything new, hurdles and challenges instantly appear.  I mean no matter how prepared you think you are, how determined of a person you are (and I am VERY determined despite the whole instantly wanting to quit thing!), or however many resources you have…there are always things to be conquered when you’re starting something new.  I guess for me, it all just came crashing down on me in one very bad day.  Cue the tiny violins to play for me please.

My day wasn’t really ALL that bad, but a few key things occurred that reminded me of all the hard stuff we went through a while ago.  While the outcome of these small things was completely and totally fine, I ended up not being fine by the end of my morning.  I was a wreck.  I suddenly was reminded of all the things that still needed to be taken care of…the things that haven’t happened yet…and what on EARTH was I doing thinking about starting something new when I couldn’t seem to get my sh** together.  Pardon my french.  I felt incredibly discouraged.  And honestly, I kind of thought maybe I should just not blog for a week or two and take some time off.  Because it’s not like I’m superman or something, I mean the city WILL be safe if I don’t write about my FEELINGS for a few minutes.  I mean, that’s just a given.  However, is that the right thing for me to do?  No.  So I put on my big girl panties (man I need new underwear as a side note!) and I went out and took some pictures of some weird outfits.  I put makeup on, put on some earrings, and pretended that I had it all together because you know what?  NO ONE HAS IT ALL TOGETHER.  I may not have it all together, but that’s not a requirement for moving forward.

I have been extremely guilty of not being happy where I AM because I am so focused on where I AM NOT.  And I want to change that.  So here I am, in my weird clothes, just trying to be HERE and move forward instead of looking backwards!

This lace dress is just SO fun…it’s a Free People dress but I got it at a consignment shop so here’s one similar.  These bells are just the best thing EVER and I know price-wise they are a bit of a commitment, but TRUST ME on this.  If you want legit bells and want them to be crazy comfortable, buy them.  I wear them so much it’s not even funny.  To be honest, I’m considering getting another pair in a different wash I love them so much!  The vest I got from Classic Rock Couture on Etsy, one of my all time favorite Etsy shops…she always has AMAZING stuff for the avid vintage shopper like me!  I may restyle this dress in a different way for another post.  I’m feeling the whole babydoll style of it and I think it’s going to be a fun piece to layer!



On Ponchos, Hipsters, and Hair

I was a little late to the hipster party.  I mean, when I was younger, I wore pastel plaids, denim maxi skirts, big turquoise glasses, and most definitely listened to a cassette player and records because my parents didn’t feel the need to advance in technology.  The problem was that these things weren’t COOL at that time.  Let me tell you, it took me a LOOOOONG time to appreciate denim skirts in my life because they used to be something I associated with being out of date, out of style, and socially awkward.  So I guess you could say that I was one of those original hipster types…but clearly not by my choosing!

I remember when I got my first “real” haircut, like one that my mom didn’t give me.  It was when layers hit big and although I was much too young to be allowed to even know what Friends was, but I sure as heck knew who Jennifer Aniston was.  And yes, I wanted to BE her like most girls.  I went to my mom’s friend who cut hair out of her mobile home (you can tell how this story is going to end!) and asked her for “layers like Jennifer Aniston”.  Well, I didn’t get them.  I got layers like Courtney Cox, who at the time had MUCH shorter hair than Jennifer did.  It was terrible.  I’m not saying that in a self depreciating “I know I looked cute but I’m going to pretend I was awkward” way.  No.  It was simply BAD with my textured hair and lack of knowledge on how to style it.  I spent most of my sophomore year trying to undo that travesty.  And then came (cue the scary music) THE PERMS.  I don’t understand who in their right mind would ever allow someone with such textured and odd hair to get a PERM, but it sure happened.  In that same mobile home, I spent hours with my nose jammed against the screen trying not to vomit from the smell of rotten eggs and chemicals slathered all over my head.  The result was ALWAYS the same.  Me, desperately pulling at my strangely kinky hair, wishing I had never done it.  Again.  But I asked for a “BODY WAVE”!!!!  Yeah, we know.  That’s what EVERYONE thinks their getting, and yet they leave looking like Diana Ross.

It really wasn’t until my junior year that I began to even START to get a clue.  That less can be more when it comes to layers, perms are most definitely NOT for me, and that plaid and denim were for home schoolers.  I then transferred ALL of my original efforts into makeup, and ended up wearing lipstick in a deep shade of brown for years.  Makeup was my new passion, and I overdid it like CRAZY.  Once a little kid told me: “your lipstick is as DARK AS THE MOON.”  I had no idea what that meant, but I figured it was not good.  I also wanted boobs and didn’t have them, so I wore one of those 10 pound water bras from Victoria’s Secret that basically sloshed when you walked.  I desperately tried to undo all of my faux pas by creating new ones…which is kind of human nature right??  We feel dorky so we try really hard to be cool, and thereby end up just being dorky in new ways!  Ahhhhh yes.  I considered piercing my belly button (my dad said over his dead body) and I bleached my hair as much as possible so as to look like Britney Spears.  Glitter, baby pink lipstick, and tight white tank tops were my jam.  I tried, but I never could really rock that look either.

Finally, FINALLY, I am starting to feel like I have a little bit of my groove.  Maybe it’s that I’m finally not bleaching my hair, or that I’m not addicted to dark makeup, or that I stopped trying to make my boobs look like a porn star…but I feel like while I’m stilly just kind of a dorky person, I’m more ME.  Sure.  I overdo the HECK out of my clothes.  But that’s just ME, isn’t it?!?

I’m totally wearing this poncho backwards.  Because I like it better that way!  It’s super fun vintage and was $10 at a local thrift store…and I mean, how could I pass that up!  I immediately wanted to wear it with some orange bells, although I’m definitely gonna wear it with jeans too!  I loved using the circle jewelry to compliment the stripes of the poncho.  Kind of a juxtaposition of shapes!  I have on some vintage men’s loafers that I thought classed up the whole thing too.  It’s fun, bright, and backwards, just like I can be :)

Keep being you


On Technology and Disco Dressing

College was awesome.  I had so much fun in my classes because I genuinely loved learning stuff.  One of the funniest things however was watching these well educated college professors try to use technology.  It was just the most amusing thing ever to see them attempt to use laptops, projectors, and basically anything that had buttons…including outdated VCRs!  One teacher would always hook his laptop up to a projector at the start of every lecture.  He would begin his lesson, and inevitably would become long winded and leave the laptop alone for a while.  It didn’t take a genius to see that every time the laptop would go into sleep mode, it would disconnect from the projector and then we would spend the remainder of the class watching him jiggle cords and unplug and replug things in while we waited for the campus tech support to arrive.  When we explained to him what was going on, he looked at us as though we were speaking Chinese.  Another teacher would “show off” the amazing technology in one classroom at the start of each quarter.  I know this because I had to take two classes from him and I heard from other students that this was his norm.  This was not a technology course, but the first day of every season, he would give this grand display of how incredible the screens and the sound system were…and of course, midway through, something would stop working.  And then, the rest of the time was spent waiting for the super irritated tech guy who would be shaking his head and mumbling under his breath as he fixed whatever was wrong so that this unnecessary display of technological prowess could continue.

My absolute favorite of all stories however, is this one class I had where I had to use an Apple computer for the very first time in my life.  It was a journalism class about layout and design, so we used a lot of graphics programs to try and design magazine and newspaper pages complete with photos and headlines and all that jazz.  The teacher gave us very specific instructions that we were to bring a zip disc (at this point that’s completely laughable because I don’t think those even exist anymore) to save all of our work on at the end of every class.  So I did.  The first day we were getting to work on those brand new computers, I put in my zip disc and began my project.  When I was finished and ready to leave the lab, I wanted to take my zip disc out of the drive.  I looked around, and couldn’t find an eject button anywhere.  Not on the computer, not on the screen, there was nothing to be found.  I asked the teacher how to remove the disc, and he came over to me and looked at the screen.  “Click here, then here…then choose this…” and he trailed off and looked confused and then got distracted by something else, leaving my disc safely in the computer.  Then I asked the two people next to me with zero luck.  Finally, I began walking around the whole classroom, asking one person at a time what on earth I was supposed to do.  After I had asked nearly every person in my class, one girl told me that I had to select the zip icon, then drag it to the trash can on the screen.  My response to these ridiculous instructions were, “oh yeah, that was the next thing I was going to try IF I WAS A CRAZY PERSON.”  Because, WHAT?!?!  I’m a decently logical person with this kind of technology.  But I’m telling you, these computers were the WORST.  Every time I would click on the wrong spot, or do even the slightest thing too quickly, I would get what I refer to as “the whirling pinwheel of death” on the screen, that basically was the computer saying to me: “screw you, you’re about to lose all your work while I crash.”  My then boyfriend (now husband) worked on campus at the time, would get angry texts from me, basically that said: “if you ever want to see this computer alive again, you better come quickly, oh and bring me a giant cookie too.” He would come save my work and the computer as well, while my teacher stood there repeatedly telling people to “click here, then here, oh wait go back…no click here…”  pretty usefully if you ask me.  I had a decent amount of computer rage after this class needless to say.  The computer did survive the entire quarter and I married my boyfriend because he never forgot to bring a cookie.

The good news is, I survived, and with some hilarious memories of flustered teachers trying to play a VHS tape but not understanding how the basic mechanics of a tape machine worked…and I wondered what decade they were actually born in.  Because VHS, you guys.

I love this outfit because it’s both so retro and kind of so disco space age.  It’s fun, kind of crazy, and just kind of techno.  The top is vintage and thrifted, the bells are from Fearless + Flawed, and the cute little cactus is from Appendage & Bough.  Ah technology is fun isn’t it?  Sure makes for some great stories though!

Dear Apple, you almost made me into a Droid user.  Sincerely, the whirling pinwheel of death.



On My TV Heroes and This Poncho (Thanks Ugly Betty)

As you probably know by now, I love great TV shows.  Especially if they are funny.  When a show is really really good, I kind of feel like the characters become my friends over time…and sometimes they even inspire me, whether it be in what they wear or just who they are.  I thought it would be fun to write a post on two of my television heroes…Leslie Knope (Parks and Rec) and Sue Heck (The Middle).  Now to be honest, I kind of feel like Sue Heck might grow up to be Leslie Knope one day, the characters are so similar!  But even so, both of them are just hilarious and so inspiring!

This might seem silly to write about fictional people as heroes, but when I watch these characters, I often think that if we were all just a little more like them, the world would be a better place!  I’m cool with looking up to a TV character if it inspires me to be a better person and dream a bit bigger. :)  So here goes:  life lessons from two of the craziest and most amazing women who aren’t real, but I really wish were!

Never Give Up.  Sue Heck tries out for every single team, every single club, every single award…she may not be “cool” or “beautiful” by the standards of her peers, but she doesn’t belittle herself or pay any attention at all to those things.  She believes in herself, even when it’s kind of ridiculous odds, and she just goes for it.  No amount of rejection ever gets to her and she’s relentless in her pursuit.  Leslie Knope is so passionate about turning an abandoned lot into a playground, that she overcomes insurmountable odds just because she just won’t give up.  Even when people tell her it’s not gonna happen, she’s unshakable.

Everything Can Be Viewed Positively.  One of my favorite things about watching The Middle, is watching Sue get rejection letters.  It’s hilarious.  She gets the letter, reads the first part about how “we regret to inform you…” and then her voice gets SUPER excited when she reads the next part…”we look forward to hearing from you in the future…” and she jumps up and down like she just won the lottery!  Because all she sees is that they want to hear from her again!  Geez.  If I could only see the positive instead of the negative!!!  How amazing would it be if we didn’t get affected by rejection, but only saw an OPPORTUNITY instead of a closed door?  I think this is a genius life lesson that I often need to take to heart.

Be a Little Delusional.  I bet that most important heroes in history were at all at least one point in their lives called: “delusional”.  I think a lot of big dreams seem absolutely crazy before they become reality.  Leslie Knope is kind of crazy.  I mean, she goes against a town who could really care less about this park she’s dreaming about…who really wants a fast food joint there instead…and she does it.  She proves that being delusional is worth it at times.  I think if we all voiced out loud what we really dreamed about, it might kind of sound crazy.  But what would happen if we were fearless enough to just go for it?  I think we might accomplish more than we think we could!

Love and Respect All People.  If you haven’t seen Parks and Rec, stop reading this immediately, and go watch it on streaming Netflix.  But that’s beside the point…the town of Pawnee is hilarious.  The people are DUMB.  They are hysterically dumb.  Like, any normal human would run from that place and call it hopeless.  But even though everyone else on the show has written off the citizens of Pawnee, Leslie ALWAYS believes in them, gives them a chance to change, and shows them respect.  Even though they don’t deserve it, and it usually comes back to bite her in the rear!  She over and over again shows love towards them, even though it’s not returned to her.  I love this quality and I think it’s one of those difficult ones that I always need to grow in.

If You Don’t Find An Open Door, Create One.  Sue Heck gets rejected from basically everything she tries out for.  She’s not athletic, coordinated, musically talented, or really skilled in any extra curricular activity.  But instead of letting that stop her, she just goes ahead and forms a cheerleading squad for the wrestling team, aptly named “the wrestleretts.”  It’s hilarious, and of course, everyone kind of just makes fun of her and her friends (one of them is named “weird Ashley” so you can kind of catch what this cheerleading squad is like!) but it’s hers!  She didn’t take no for an answer.  She didn’t fit in with the other groups, so she started her own.  I so often let myself get discouraged by things like: “I just don’t fit in here” or “there’s no open door for me here” and instead of creating a place where I do belong, I just give up.  I think there are so many more opportunities than we even realize right in front of us…it’s just that some of them don’t exist yet.  They are just waiting for a passionate and unique person to dream them up and DO them!

This outfit is inspired by Ugly Betty…because let’s be real here.  Ponchos are kind of her thing.  So thanks Ugly Betty for being so darn awesome and unique!  You may not be real, but this outfit is dedicated to you! :)

I went into Ruby Rose to shop for my husband.  Because they TOTALLY have guys stuff too OKAY?  Gosh.  Stop accusing me of shopping for myself when I should be shopping for him.  Okay, you can accuse.  Because I ended up buying this incredible poncho for me.  Merry Christmas, me!  It was in the window, and I just had to try it on.  Then I tried it on, and I couldn’t take it off.  So…I bought it.  I couldn’t wait to wear it with my lace Nightcap bells…because somehow the texture mixing of the leather and lace just seemed to work.

I’m curious if anyone else has a TV character that inspires you?  Or is it just me?  Haha…maybe this post will make you think of one!

Happy Monday!


On (more) Velvet Bell Bottoms and Becoming a Hippie

Yes, the bell bottoms are back.  Are you really all that surprised?  That’s what I thought.  :)

Even though this isn’t a lifestyle or beauty blog, I thought I should share with you my slow journey to becoming a hippie.  Mostly because it’s funny, and also because, well, I love bell bottoms and those things seem to go hand in hand right?   I remember watching a few seasons of Mad Men (worth it just for the clothes and the set design!!) and seeing that the year was 1963 or somewhere around that time.  I was watching, wondering…”where is the hippie fashion??”  I mean, it’s the 60s right?  Isn’t that the era of fringe and paisley and bell bottoms?  And all I was seeing on the screen were house dresses and fur coats and kitten heels…all styles that I very much associate with the 1950s.  And then all of a sudden it became so clear in one single episode of the show.  Don Draper travelled to San Francisco (the show was set in NY, but I’m assuming you probably know that) and the minute he stepped off the plane, THERE THEY WERE.  There were the bohemian caftan queens I had been looking for.  THEY WERE IN CALIFORNIA.

I am a beach community dwelling Californian…so it stands to reason that the odds are pretty dang high that I would become a hippie eventually right?  I mean, there’s juiceries, acai bowl places, vegan restaurants, and kombucha on tap basically all over this place.  (My computer’s spell check hates like all of those words, so clearly it’s not a hippie.  We will have to have words later.)  I’m used to people protesting the buying of turkeys outside of Whole Foods around the holidays.  Green Peace people calling me “super mom” (much to my great irritation because I KNOW it’s a ploy to get my attention) and blocking the entrance to Gap downtown so you HAVE to hear about the whales.  This is an area that has that kind of lifestyle.  I was raised with carob and homemade bone broth and yoga and all that jazz.  Although my dad readily fed me Oreos and cheese balls because he said my mom was “trying to poison him”.  I was well prepared in my hippie lifestyle to come despite my brief addiction to MSG laden foods.

It’s kind of happened in phases.  Like I’d read an article about something and then I’d implement something new into our diet or our habits.  I started making homemade bone broth weekly and drinking it daily and also cooking the kid’s food in it.  I got rid of our plastic food storage containers.  I started using coconut oil for everything (and I mean EVERYTHING…I’m basically that guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding who puts Windex on everything, but with coconut oil) and started buying organic.  And then…the hippie transformation became more serious…like I threw away a giant overflowing grocery bag full of all my favorite brands of cosmetics.  Ouch.  That one hurt.  I still almost cry when I walk by Sephora I miss all my favorites so much.  But I’m slowly replacing it with other brand and it’s good to know that the ingredients are safe for myself and my children when they get lots of mama kisses!  I started making my own toothpaste and getting more into essential oils.  And then one day, I realized that the girl who used to be annoyed by her mom grinding her own peanut butter has now become even too hippie for Whole Foods.  I mean, you know you’re in trouble when you ask someone who works at WHOLE FOODS for a product and they look at you like you asked them for a magical unicorn that fits in your pocket.  True story.

Ahhhh yes, I am now a California hippie.  I still shave, pluck, wax, and use deoderant (hippie deodorant), and I refuse to camp.  I sure as heck am not sleeping outside in what I can only assume the bears would think is a burrito wrapper.  But in most other ways, I am a kombucha drinking acai loving hippie.  I know a lot of this stuff is becoming mainstream…so I’m not alone in my journey and that’s awesome.  I’m not gonna say much more than this about it all because there are SO MANY amazing blogs about this kind of stuff.  Like Wellness Mama.  That woman is so amazing it’s kind of scary.  I mean, when you check out her blog, think of it as a resource, otherwise you will end up in the fetal position when you realize she’s pregnant with her sixth child, makes her own homemade plastic wrap, crawls through the attic to put in ethernet cables, all while running a huge blog and homeschooling her children.  My kids are currently watching Netflix while I wonder how many meals in a row they have eaten frozen pizza.  So…you catch my drift here.

I love bohemian hippie fashion.  These velvet bells are the newest to my collection and they were custom made by MXCI UK who was kind enough to search high and low for this color for me!  She’s amazing!  The top was just SO classic hippie that I couldn’t resist putting it with the bells for a true 1960s flair.  The squash blossom is from Classic Rock Couture, one of my favorite Etsy shops.

Wildfox tank and Free People bra with a hit of turquoise.  I love the more casual look with these pants because I feel like it’s a great way I can wear them while running errands.

I love this mustard lace shift dress I got at a step from Forever 21 because it totally looks vintage!  The gold arrowhead looking necklace is from Free To Wander and the other is thrifted.

There’s certain things I just can’t do.  Like let go of my Keurig for example even though it’s not the most organic or natural coffee.  But I’m only human right?  I’m probably never gonna be as natural as Wellness Mama or those other super bloggers, but I’m going to keep doing what I can and TRY not to stress about what I can’t do.  Ha.  Easier said than done for me!!!

Hope you beautiful women are having a wonderful start to your week!


On Being An Individual and Not Having a Vintage-Sized Waist.

I was feeling kind of bad about myself the other day.  I mean, this is not an unusual thing for me, and I think for most women, it’s a fairly common occurrence right?  You all know I love vintage clothing.  But (spoiler alert coming up) I HARDLY EVER FIT INTO THEM.  Thankfully, I have a mom who used to be a professional seamstress, and so my big secret is that she actually works miracles on all the weird stuff I bring to her and adds sometimes even multiple sizes to outfits so that they fit.  I know that vintage runs small.  And I know that clothing alterations are necessary for pretty much everyone, because no one is a “one size fits all” body type.  But that doesn’t stop me from feeling badly about it at times.

I grew up with a mom who had constant weight woes.  Throughout my entire childhood, I heard her talk about how she couldn’t lose weight and how she felt badly about her body.  Even though I didn’t ever struggle with weight and my body type was COMPLETELY different from hers (I was taller than her by the time I was 7!), somehow her fears about weight transferred onto me.

My feeling badly about my non-vintage sized waistline started when I made the mistake of actually measuring my waist (don’t do that by the way…it’s not nice!) and seeing the real number on the measuring tape, and not the number I just guessed off the top of my head.  You know like your magical driver’s license weight where no one is checking on it to make sure you’re not lying…so you kind of just “guess” which basically means, take your goal weight, shave ten pounds off of it because you could totally get there right??  Back to my waistline measurement.  No, I’m not confused and accidentally looking at the number in centimeters…although I wish that were the case.  Maybe there’s a math formula where you divide the number in half and that’s my ACTUAL waistline number???  All I know is that the number was discouraging for me…especially after working out like a beast and actually seeing changes in my body recently.

After getting all bummed out like I did, I then had another thought.  I thought to myself…”wait…who dictates what number size my waist should be?  If I have a healthy lifestyle and I’m doing the best and most that I can, why should I feel badly??”  I kind of had a moment of like #girlpower or something, because I suddenly felt all fired up about this whole concept of “who says I have to be _____??”  I mean, why do we always feel like we need to conform to a certain size, shape, style, or even personality?  We are individuals.  And NOTHING is more beautiful than confidence and individuality.  Forget the tape measure.  It’s going away.  If it fits, it fits.  If it doesn’t, I’ll have my mom add some fabric, make it even more funky and unique, and STOP feeling badly about it.  No matter how hard I workout, my waistline is never going to be 26″, and it’s a good thing, because that would probably look super weird on me.

And here’s why I chose this outfit to go with this topic.  Sometimes I get a little self conscious of how my thighs look in jeans, so I often wear something long enough to cover them.  When I took these pictures, I almost put a long tank top under this amazing Midnight Rider tee, but I felt like that would have lost some of the impact of the outfit.  And you know what?  I’m just gonna go ahead and not apologize for my thighs and be happy with them!!

The bells are Show Me Your Mumu and this incredible bolo is from my awesome friend Hillbilly Gypsy Boots (it was a custom order, which she’s fabulous at).  Indian chief ring is from my favorite Ruby Rose.  I have good friends who love me in spite of the fact that I only know Bob Dylan as Jakob Dylan’s dad and that I had no idea that “The Band” was an actual BAND.  It’s nice to have friends who love you for who you are, despite your ignorance about the 1970’s!

Happy midweek to all of you amazing and individually beautiful girls!

On Pretending I’m From Australia and A Vintage Shirt Dress

I’ve been doing this workout program called Way of Gray, which is a 12 week video series.  And seriously, it HURTS.  Like, my butt is getting a workout that it has never seen before.  And you guys, I like to workout hard.  I’m not a like, walk slowly and talk at the gym kind of person.  I workout at home so that no one sees me while I’m dumping down sweat and making horrible “when will this be over?” faces.  But this workout is the most challenging one yet.  The other day while I was hobbling around due to a sore bum (I’m gonna go ahead and pretend I’m Australian or Canadian, and therefore cool enough to say “bum”), I was thinking about this radical soreness.  There was a little part of me that was asking, “is this even worth it?”  I mean, my butt was like so sore, I was limping and grimacing when I went to pick up the kids’ toys…and all you moms out there know how much fun it is to be that sore when you have to pick up 5,785 blocks and other assorted toys from your living room floor approximately three to five times daily.  So I was basically pondering whether this pain was even worth it.

I kind of had a mini pity party about my sore muscles and how “I’m a mom and I just CAN’T be this sore I mean I have CHILDREN and therefore need to be kind to my hind quarters…”  okay it wasn’t THAT bad, but you catch my drift.  I was kind of trying to come up with a great excuse to maybe lay off the “bum” workouts.  But after this fleeting thought, I then had a second, and more interesting, thought.  If my muscles are this sore, and I’m working this hard, I’m going to see a change in my body.  I imagine that the soreness is a sign that my body is being reshaped and my muscles are getting stronger and leaner.  Then I thought about how this equates with life in general.

My heart has gone through a great deal of pain.  And I don’t think I’m in the minority in this respect.  I think a lot of people have gone through a great deal of “heart pain” when it comes to loss, hurt, rejection, or just disappointment.  That pain isn’t worthless though.  I think that the heart pain can “reshape” us in a lot of ways.  I guess it’s up to us.  If we are physically working out correctly, we get lean and strong.  It we do it poorly and have bad posture, we get injured and weaker.  Same goes for my heart.  If I deal with the pain properly, I will get stronger, more confident, and more loving as a human being.  And if not, I’ll get weaker and less able to deal with the world around me.  Pain isn’t bad.  I mean don’t get me wrong.  It’s HORRIBLE.  It’s debilitating.  Even more so than a sore booty, know what I’m saying?  However, without the pain, I think I’d be pretty flabby in more ways than one.  And I’m gonna make that pain count in every way that I can.

Okay.  On to the clothes.  It’s winter here, but once again, I’m going to go ahead and pretend I’m Australian.  Because in my fantasies about having Denise Richard’s hair (literally had that dream for real once) and Gisele Bundchen’s body (still waiting to have that dream for real), I’m also a gorgeous Australian.  This amazing vintage men’s shirt happens to be from Australia and it has been made into a super fantastic shirt dress.  Take a look.

I know I know, I’m a bit insecure about whether the Native American dude is prettier than I am.  And I’m a bit jealous of his headdress and his earrings.  Because, come on.  These bells will be featured on Wednesday because I LOVE THEM.  And the earrings are those freaking amazing Gypsies Caravan ones that just don’t quit being awesome.

You know what else doesn’t quit being awesome?  You guys.  The fact that anyone reads my ramblings makes be so crazy happy you would never believe it.

Happy Monday!

On Plaid Blazers and Not Really Looking Like The Others

I got to spend the day in Santa Barbara today, which is about two hours or a bit shy of that south of where I live.  It’s always SUCH a treat because usually my husband and I come down and my mom watches the kids at home so he can work at a coffee shop and I…shop.  Are you surprised?  Hahaha… I come down frequently enough that there are stores where people actually recognize me.  That’s kind of fun because it feels a little like a vacation spot and yet a little like home still.  Oh today was a good one you guys.  I found the new Off Fifth (shopping heaven) and got some new goodies that are kind of out of character for me, which is kind of fun and different.  I had a specific style vision and I did SO good you all would be proud of me!!

I went into a really fun second hand/consignment shop and was waiting in line, when I overheard this woman saying something to the effect of: “her pants” as she motioned at me.  This is not surprising.  I am the reigning “pants queen” so people talking about my pants is pretty normal.  She asked what they were and they were of course my new Show Me Your Mumu denim bells which I am constantly wearing these days, and she immediately grabbed a pen and some paper as I rattled off brands she’d like and what I was wearing.  It’s always so much fun when this happens.  I feel like I’m secretly getting to style someone as well as share insider secrets about fun new fashion that I know they’re gonna go nuts for.  So after all this she asked me where I lived, and she kind of paused and looked at me funny.  “You don’t look like the typical San Luis person to me”, she said.  Hilarious.

This is funny to me for a few reasons.  One, I was born and raised in San Luis, with little to no experience with outside areas.  I mean, I got culture shock when I would go 45 minutes south.  I was very much born and RAISED in San Luis.  Two, this is funny because as an outside observer, she really nailed it.  I have never ever felt like a San Luis person.  There are a LOT of reasons for that, but part of that is the fact that I always feel like I’m so fascinated with styles from all over the world that (thanks to the internet and the magic of Instagram) I am always trying to find items from places like Australia, Turkey, France…you name it…I’m in love with different places and the fashion that expresses them.  It’s weird how I can feel like I belong somewhere but yet not feel like I am like the others who live there.

So here it goes.  My weird, funky, non San Luis styling for a plaid blazer.  Because I don’t see anyone dressed like this anywhere around me.  Here’s me, a SLO native, NOT looking like one! :)


I love this blazer with a graphic tee and the infamous Berkeley Bells.  It’s so funky and easy.  And it of course needs my favorite Free To Wander squash blossom to add the necessary styling element turquoise.

I thought I’d maybe do something fun and a little more dressy with this jacket…like add vintage fur!  I was getting major Penny Lane in plaid vibes when I put this together!  I love these pleather leggings (when it’s actually COLD outside!!) because they’re so much classier than plain black leggings.  Booties kind of balance out the shiny leather and keep it from going too “evening wear” and work well with the colors in the jacket.

Hey.  It’s okay to not look like everyone else.  That’s a hard one to learn and I definitely learned that personally trying hard TO look like everyone else.  I spent a few years desperately trying to convince everyone around me (and mostly myself) that I WAS a San Luis person.  It was super painful for me to not feel like I was the same as everyone around me because I thought that it meant I didn’t belong in my hometown.  But the truth is, I am different and my town needs me because I am different.  Every place needs LOTS of different people with different styles, passions, and gifts.  Otherwise it would be quite a boring place right??

Happy Wednesday