Real World Style: Goth Feels

I’ve never been much down for the whole “goth thing”.  However, I have friends and relatives who fully embraced the trend a long time ago…the whole dark and moody thing just never really worked for me.  I mean, I didn’t even start wearing black until about five years ago!  I am the least dark and twisty person you could find…and a lot of time my style reflects that.  That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the style in certain ways though!

Goth seems like it was a total late 80s and early 90s style kind of sub sect, especially amongst angsty teens.  I remember one of my good friends talking endlessly about Marilyn Manson (although we were a bit on the young side to really be listening to him) and wearing almost black lipstick.  She definitely embraced the moodier side of fashion while I was still wearing pink and listening to uber pop music in all it’s happy glory.

Isn’t it funny how the style cycle is moving quicker these days it seems?  I think because of social media and iPhones and all that jazz, photos get disseminated much quicker and almost immediately after a trend begins, we are oversaturated with it.  Fast fashion pumps out a style quicker than you can blink, and before you know it, you have an email in your inbox from Forever 21 with a complete collection of clothing based on that trend.  The fast fashion fairy godmothers plus the magic of Instagram equals a trend reaching the masses and then being “so over” much MUCH quicker than in any other time in history.  So we are now seeing trends cycle through, like some of the 90s punk goth stuff we are starting to see, when it wasn’t all that long ago we just saw black velvet chokers and dark lips walk down the runway THE LAST TIME they did.

The great thing however about all this lightning speed communication of trends is that there is so much more creativity happening amongst them!  The “goth” we are seeing now is definitely a throw back to the early 90s, but this time, it’s gotten a little fancier.  And this time, I’m gonna test it out because I’m a little bolder in my style choices than I was when I was a kid.  Clearly.

I found this photo in Marie Claire that I liked because it’s kind of an edwardian romantic take on goth.

I love the idea of mixing white and black lace together.  It takes the sweetness and delicacy of the lace and adds an edge.  I love testing out a trend or a style that doesn’t necessarily feel like “me”, because it often gives me new ideas and new courage to think (and dress) outside my usual box!

This look is like the fancier older sister of the moody goth younger brother.  Know what I’m saying?  I have a vintage Gunne Sax lace dress over a vintage black slip dress and some ruffly combat boots…because the ruffle is just plain fun.  I feel both moody and fancy at the same time.  I weirdly used to wear dark lipstick ALL THE TIME, but now it feels fun and yet strange.  It’s not my usual go-to style, but I’m gonna try and sneak some pieces of it into my weekly wardrobe!  Still listening to pop music though.  That’s not gonna change :)
Happy Monday!



Advice in Style: How To Dress Like You Tried

Hi, my name is Katy, and sometimes I don’t feel like putting together a fun and creative outfit.  Sometimes, I just want to throw something on and go.  Maybe I’m just tired, maybe I just have to run out to the store and don’t feel like putting a ton of effort into what I’m wearing, or maybe I’m just not feeling all that creative, but I still want to feel like I look good.  Know what I’m saying?  I’m going to introduce you to your new lazy day BFF, the new MVP of your closet, the thing that will make you look “date night” while you feel “pajamas”.  I’m talking about the black jumpsuit.  This is not a theory, you guys, this is a tried and tested fact. This is the LBD of the daytime, the go-to for park days and target runs.  It’s the thing that may not be all that exciting, but it’ll sure as heck get a whole lotta wear!

Let me tell you a few stories of my first hand experiences with my LBJ (not, Lyndon B. Johnson, Long Black Jumpsuit, to clarify). I went to Target with one of these babies on with some red lipstick.  I got told multiple times that I looked “SO GOOD”  and “SO PUT TOGETHER”.  I wore a different one out running errands and someone asked me “where I was going”.  I looked at her, puzzled, and said…”um, here?”  Then I realized that I looked like I was going to a fancy event because of this amazing article of clothing that requires ZERO effort.  Another time I was at a playground, and one of the moms told me she had been staring at me because she thought I looked so good.  Have I convinced you yet?

If you really want to look good, and I mean, like you REALLY tried, add lipstick and a nice pair of mule slides.  I’m not kidding you guys, this is the magic look for the days you just don’t wanna try.

Here are some options for you.  Strapless, really cute culotte style, and probably the most comfortable and flattering (in the tummy area primarily!) thing you’ll ever wear.

Go get yourselves one of these!  You won’t regret it :)

Vintage Jumpsuits and Dealing With Imperfection

Okay so today’s Ways To Wear It Wednesday isn’t as informative as I wanted it to be.  But my two-year-old had a meltdown right when I was trying to get the photos done, so I had to stop what I was doing.  Ahhhh mom life.

I’m not super great at failure.  I was valedictorian of my high school class (of four people mind you, so I had a 4.0 which was as high as you could go at my school, but don’t go thinking I was some prodigy or something).  I was the one asking for extra credit, the one who did way more than was asked for, and the one who NEVER EVER FAILED an assignment.   Once a teacher told me: “I get one line from this guy over here that is the same as what you say in like four paragraphs”.  So basically, I was an A+ student in bull**** (pardon my french).  I overachieved in every possible area.  Then I got to college.  I became so stressed out that I had to go on medication for a pounding heart that was keeping me awake at night.  I quickly realized that straight A’s in college meant me literally spending every waking moment studying, reading, and generally being very, very stressed.  Then and there I realized that medication wasn’t something I wanted to be on simply because I saw getting a B as “failure”.  So I let go a little.  Then one day, I got my first F on an assignment.  I was a journalism major, so for any of you who know that dedication, you know that misspelling names is HUGE.  Like make it or break it HUGE.  In one of my early journalism classes, we were given an in-class assignment to write an obituary (because yes, journalists write those too) about a famous person.  Mine was on Elvis.  I must have been having a super off day (and  so was like almost half of my class because we all did this!) because I spelled “Elvis” like “Elves”.  Yep, spell check won’t catch that one, people.  I kept thinking, “something looks very, very wrong with this”, but I just couldn’t figure out WHY it didn’t look right.  I mean, phonetically it was correct…and spell check wasn’t flagging it…so I went with it regardless of my gut feeling.  And yes, myself and about half my class got an F on the assignment.

I felt like a complete failure.  I mean, how could I be SO STUPID???  When I think back to it, I still feel really silly that I didn’t catch that mistake.  But the truth is, we all just need a lot of grace.  We all have days when we put our shirts on inside out, we drive the wrong direction on the freeway (done that one), and we misspell Elvis.  Some of it’s called “mom brain” and some of it’s called “just being human”.  So these days, I’m trying to remember that there’s a difference between “failing” and “just being human”.  And that’s kind of a hard one for me often.

And now you see my “failure” (being human).  My mom gut.  Dude you guys I am SO disciplined and I’m still working on it, but this jumpsuit kind of shows off that annoyingly persistent “mom gut” I’ve been working on.  I get discouraged regularly.  Sometimes I cry.  But then I have to realize, I’m just human.  I get to give myself grace to “splurge” on a smoothie bowl or some extra cashew butter occasionally because enjoying life is much better than perfection.

So whatever your “failure” is, just realize, you’re only human, and you’re pretty darn awesome.  It’s okay to be imperfect.

Happy Wednesday


Perfectly Imperfect in a Jumpsuit

Have you ever thought something about yourself and then later realized that it was so not true?  Yeah.  That’s happened to me many a time.  I used to think that I wasn’t very judgmental.  That I was pretty full of grace and understanding for people.  Um, yeah, I wasn’t.  Let me back up a little.  I was raised in a house without cussing.  Without drinking, without really much of any real “vices”…if you don’t count excessive worrying and judging people.  (you catch my drift, right?!?)  Anyway, I tried very hard to be perfect as well as not be judgmental.  I found out later that it’s basically impossible to be both of those things simultaneously.

When I was a junior at Cal Poly, we had to take a trip to the local prison.  It was hilarious because it was a class of like 95% girls…going to a men’s prison.  So we all read the dress code, tried to come up with excuses as to why we were exempt from going (“I’m too pretty”, “I have to babysit”, and ad nauseum) Anyway, with the exception of one girl who had a metal buckle in her pants and the other who had “piercings which could not be removed” (I didn’t ask on this one because honestly I didn’t want to know what that meant), we all walked though the metal detectors, past the guard up in the tower aiming a rifle at our heads, and through many, many metal gates being locked behind us.  Once we got inside, I was about ready to cry I was so scared.  The tour was led by a woman who wasn’t even strong enough to open the doors without help from the prisoners and who was clearly violating the dress code by wearing GIANT earrings (I was having these visions of giant strong prisoners hurling open doors and ripping off her earrings to use as weapons), and we were all wide eyed and ready to fake injuries or panic attacks to get outta there.

All this to say, when we finally got in there, I discovered something totally bizarre.  The guys who were in there actually seemed like normal people.  Clearly they had made some horrible decisions mostly in their teen years, but they looked like the guy you’d see working at the grocery store or your neighbor down the street.  They spoke with us about what had led up to their mistakes and about what their lives were like.  I realized that one of the main reasons I don’t want to go was because I felt like it wasn’t even worth it seeing who these people were and hearing their stories.  Boy did I feel humbled.  Apparently I am not some special breed of human who is better than those who make mistakes.  I’ve learned this even more clearly since that trip.  No matter how weird that was, I’m always thankful that I had that experience because it really leveled me and taught me how human I am…and how I was actually pretty darn judgmental when I thought I wasn’t that kind of person.

I often feel weird posting photos of myself because, well, I guess I feel like I don’t want to project some kind of image of myself like I’m trying to seem perfect.  I know I don’t look perfect in photos, let me get that off my chest…but I guess I just want to be real.  Of course I want to look good in the pictures…no one wants to look bad.  But I just want to be myself and encourage other girls to do the same and NEVER ever inspire someone to feel badly about themselves from a photo I posted.  Got it?

So what inspired me to write this post about this outfit is that the best photo I got, I looked at it and realized there was chalk all over my butt.  Yep.  See the lovely artwork my children have left for me?  Just keeping it real peeps.  Because this is reality!  I have one corner of the yard that is not littered in chalk, toys, and cars…and now it is covered in chalk.  Am I sorry?  Not really.  Because I think we all know how unreal all those perfect photos are!!

The jumpsuit is one of my favorites…from Nidodileda.  Necklace is pure magic from Child of Wild.  Chalk art is from my soon to be famous artist toddlers.

Love you guys


Out of my Comfort Zone…in All Black.

I’m not the greatest at relaxation.  I’m one of those “doer” kind of people who has a harder time than others just chilling and doing nothing.  I always feel the need to be productive…like I should be DOING something.  I push myself too hard often, and have a hard time giving myself a break when I don’t finish things or if I take too long to get stuff done.  Life is just so much better when you relax.  It’s just something I have to learn over and over again.

Like in the case of wearing all black.  It’s so simple.  It’s such a great, no-brainer outfit for those days you need something quick and easy…those days when outfit inspiration is lacking and you just need something that always looks good.  I struggle with wearing black often, because I tend to feel like it’s a cop out.  Like I haven’t been creative enough and I’m just throwing in the towel.  It’s ridiculous, but that’s totally my nature!

So for today’s ways to wear it Wednesday, I’m going with the all black theme, to cut myself a break from pattern mixing or color mixing…because today I kind of feel a little more “mombie” (mom-zombie) like than usual.  I think it always looks so good, so I’d like to encourage myself to love all black for those days when I need to look and feel extra chic.

I started with this black maxi that I’ve had since I was pregnant with my daughter.  It’s flowy and has a really nice uneven hemline to it, but I don’t love wearing it on it’s own because it’s a bit shapeless.  I figured this would be a great piece to start with to do some layering over!

The first piece I used to layer over this basic maxi, is this sheer Chloe top I got from Lazy Eye Shop (an instagram shop owned by a friend of mine).

I love the pop of color from the vintage red cowboy boots and the contrast of that vintage necklace from Admire Boutique in Atascadero.  The sleeves on this top are just glorious!  I added a belt to give it a bit more of a waist.  Sheer tops are perfect over maxi dresses because then you don’t have to wear a tank underneath them!


I love button down shirts tied at the waist over maxi dresses.  It’s the perfect way to wear them cropped without showing your tummy!  I got this fringy black western beauty at a thrift store.  Worth every penny of that $5!  The earrings are from Southbound and I wear them with so many things!  I changed the boots to a light buttercream tan to compliment the earrings and to not steal the show from the fringe top.


Again, a tee knotted over a maxi is so fun!  This time, it’s a vintage-y graphic tee.  It gives the dress more shape and adds a new dimension to the idea of a maxi dress.  The earrings make me feel like magic…from Gypsies Caravan on Etsy.

I hope you’re relaxing today!!  It’s a great thing to let yourself do :)