My Summer “Wish List”

Let me get this out of the way, because I hate preachy posts that make me feel like I shouldn’t want stuff.  TRUST ME, I have a list three miles long of the things that I want, and NONE OF THEM are cheap.  So making you feel like I’m all altruistic and have sworn off shopping would be a MAJOR miscommunication.  However this post is not about stuff.  It’s my grown up summer wish list, which doesn’t have as nice a ring to it as the whole grown up Christmas list, I realize, but it’s not Christmas and I’m frickin hot.

My Summer Wish List*
(*does not include all the stuff I want, I’ll hit you up later Santa Claus.)

  1. Have Fun
    I love how as a grown up, I have to like, purpose to have fun.  What the literal heck, you guys???  As a kid, all you want is to be a grown up so you can do whatever you want whenever you wanna do it.  Then you become a grown up, and you realize you can basically never ever do what you want because you have kids, you’re not independently wealthy, and, oh yeah, there are other people in this world who need you to do stuff for them.  One of my goals for the summer is to have fun.  Both the kind of fun that involves me shopping by myself and the kind that involves doing family stuff with my husband and kids…and trying desperately to ENJOY it instead of stressing about the fact that the kids are TOUCHING EVERYTHING.  Wish me luck, people.
  2. Be Wise, But Worry Less
    I like to shop.  Every time I intentionally try to “spend less” I end up feeling restricted mostly due to how I was raised, and I end up impulse buying something just so that I don’t feel trapped.  Uhhh…that’s not wise.  I find that for me, when I intend to “be wise” with how I shop, it makes for healthy purchasing habits.  I buy the things I would be sad I missed out on if I was strictly just trying to save money…and I don’t buy the things I would have bought just to make myself feel better.  And the second half of this whole thing goes along with this.  Worry less…meaning, when I’m being wise with my purchases, I can stop worrying about spending needlessly.  I want to enjoy the all the fun I’m trying to let myself have after all, right??
  3. Give Myself A Break
    I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself.  To lose weight, to keep the house clean, to get my kids in bed exactly at the same time every night…and inevitably something gets in the way of any number of the things I’m attempting to control…and then I feel like I failed.  So this summer, I’d like to give myself more rest time.  Time to read a book, time to not think about any of the things I “need” to do, and time to recharge.  I often fill up that time with other things, and then feel rather burnt out on life.  That’s no good for anyone.

This dress was kind of one of those “I’d have been bummed if I missed it” purchases.  I popped into New With Tags in Paso Robles and this Raga LA dress was just hanging there, staring me in the face.  It’s so lightweight and flowy and makes for one of those great summer outfits that makes you feel so dressed up without being hot and uncomfortable.  The choker is from Amanda of The Desert Mermaid and the bolo is from my good friend Jessica from Hillbillygypsyboots.  The lace bralette is from Urban Outfitters, but you can find these babies almost anywhere now including Target!

Whatever’s on your wish list for the summer, I wish you great luck getting it or getting it done!



On Jumpsuits and (My Lack of) Patience

I always hated that age old question: “how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time.”  Because first of all, WHO WOULD EAT AN ELEPHANT???  What a HORRIBLE metaphor!  Second of all, I hated what it meant.  Because I am a “dive in head first get ‘er done quick” kind of person, so when someone would say that to me, it would inevitably mean that I had to do things slowly.  Yuck.  I was such a fast eater, that at work staff meetings people would ask me if I grew up in a large family and had to fight for my food.  Uh…I was an only child…this is awkward…

I’m so guilty of having flashes of inspiration and then immediately getting discouraged when I realize that I cannot accomplish everything all at once.  I will get fired up on something, then I start thinking about all the steps that I need to take to get to the finish line just to actually start whatever it is I want to do, and since I can’t get it done by lunch time…yeah I’d better scratch that one.  It’s always been a difficult thing for me to do things one at a time…when I really just want to do it all at once.  I’m a major multi-tasker, sometimes to a fault.  Like when I’m washing dishes as I go along and my husband gets irritated because I just washed the spoon he was currently eating cereal with.  I mean, if I wash it now, I don’t have to do it later right?  Plus…doesn’t cereal always taste better when you eat it with your hands anyway?

So I’ve been kind of waiting for some fresh vision in the way of style and blogging and all that and trying to figure out what the heck my next step is, what I want to DO with it (besides have fun, obviously), and also how to keep moving forward in my own creative ventures.  As you know with this kind of thing, it takes time and sometimes it just feels like the answer to all those questions is a foggy “I don’t know!!!” for a looooong time.  And then yesterday, I had a vision!  I finally got some direction and creative ideas…and I talked to my husband about it (he’s the business smarts behind anything we do) and he agreed that it was a good idea and not TOO crazy…and that it was doable.  Of course, I immediately began to talk myself out of it.  Because, well, I don’t know HOW to get to the finished product in one day, therefore it’s not a good idea.  He knew this was coming, so he encouraged me to just start with one or two things, and reminded me that this stuff takes time and it’s…oh yeah.  One step at a time.  DANG IT.  Guess I’m eating an elephant guys.  (not literally, please don’t come after me ok?)

Speaking of “one bite at a time”, I ordered this Rolla’s jumpsuit on a whim a few months ago because it was the last one left in my size and I’d been looking at it for a while.  I got it, and it fit, but it most definitely was snug.  I put it on again after months of eating carefully and working out…and VOILA one bite at a time my jumpsuit got looser!!!  That’s a great feeling :)

This is the Rolla’s Sailor Flare Jumpsuit and it seems to be mostly sold out everywhere, but HERE there are some other options similar.  The bolo is from Ruby Rose and the fringe booties are Sam Edelman (old, but here are some similar).

Enjoy the rest of your week, and take frustrating things one step at a time!  I may get frustrated just DOING that, but hey, it’s the best way to eat an elephant right :)


On Caftans, Bolos, Booties, and Not Being All That Much Fun

Sometimes I’m way too disciplined.  Like way way too disciplined.  I know that doesn’t really sound like a flaw, but it is, trust me.  Here’s the thing.  I feel like I have a hard time having FUN because I’m so worried all the time about how many calories are in something I’m eating (even when it’s something healthy, which let’s face it, it ALWAYS IS).  I’m thinking about what time it is and therefore when I should get home to start dinner so I can get to bed at a reasonable time.  I’m wondering if I should buy something, or would it be wiser to save the money, or is there something else I should buy instead?

I was raised to be hyper responsible.  Which is good, obviously.  But sometimes people like me get so busy thinking about the right and best thing to do, that we miss out on the actual thing that we are doing.  It’s hard to enjoy healthy food when you’re wondering if it’s too many calories and are my jeans actually getting tighter?  It’s hard to enjoy what you’re doing when you’re thinking about what time you need to be done doing whatever it is you’re doing.  But then, just try NOT thinking about it once you’ve been trained to be like this.  Yep.  It’s near impossible.

I’m trying to loosen up and have fun within the constraints of my disciplined life. I love working out, going to bed early, and eating healthy.  But I also need to be able to enjoy the occasional skipped workout and (gasp) sugary treat.  That second one is honestly gonna take me some more time.  Just to be SUPER honest with you!

So while I’m trying to figure out how to BE more fun, I’m gonna DRESS more fun okay?  That’s my solution for the moment :)

I got this amazing bolo from my wonderful friend Jessica of Hillbilly Gypsy Boots.  Who DOESN’T need a buffalo bolo tie in their wardrobe, am I right?  See?  I can be fun!!! I love the peach color of this incredible vintage caftan, and I thought it would be fun to keep with the color scheme and wear these amazing orange suede booties and the orange bolo.

I hope to report that I’ve become much more fun soon.  So stay tuned :)

Happy weekend!

Palazzo Pants. Please Don’t Be Afraid.

Started a new workout program today…Way of Grey or @wayofgrey on Instagram.  So if I begin typing a word and it ends in “sdfhhhhhhhhkkllllll…” it’s because I’ve temporarily lost control over my arms due to doing 5,934 burpees earlier this afternoon.  Send immediate help, oh and someone please grab me an iced coffee while you’re at it?  Thanks.

Ahhh I do enjoy a good self inflicted butt kicking!   But that’s just my afternoon.  My morning started with me throwing a toddler-sized tantrum (and the toddler-sized ones may SOUND small to you, but when it comes to tantrums, smaller is actually larger) because it’s too hot I don’t know what to wear and I feel fat.  It ended with all of my shirts being dumped into a pile on the floor.  And there you have it.  Me in the heat.  When it gets this hot I basically want to stick my head in the fridge, cry a little, and have an endless stream of iced beverages handed to me while I whine.  I’m so not high maintenance it’s not even funny.

Now that we’ve covered the length of my day and aired out all of my issues with the heat, it’s time to talk about palazzo pants.  Those amazing and sometimes tricky little buggers that girls either love or are completely terrified of.  There’s nothing I love more than an amazing pair of pants.  Except maybe a jumpsuit.  Oh and vintage dresses.  Graphic tees.  Oh yeah…boots too…okay okay I get it.  I love A LOT of things!  But pants definitely rank pretty high!!  Here’s some ideas on how to wear these suckers!


Let’s start with the most dramatic way to wear them.  With a flowy top.  This is definitely a look for the more waif-ish figure, where super flowy things don’t add too much bulk.  Kind of like a Free People/Mary Kate & Ashley (but with more color!)/boho look.  Both the top and the pants are Free People by the way, but were bought second hand at Curio and Ruby Rose (respectively).  This is a look for the bold and fearless who absolutely love to make a statement.


And now for the more conservative.  A denim or chambray button down really balances out these pants.  I added a vintage bolo to up the western look of the outfit, but you could add pearls or just something small and more dainty to go in a different direction.  This is a much easier, less statement way to wear palazzo pants but still awesome!

I thought I’d bust out a nice silly face for your Wednesday :)  And here’s the rocker-chic way.  Take a nice graphic tee (it could be a more sweet and subtle print or even just a plain white or black tee!) and knot it at the waist.  Think slimmer and tighter (doesn’t have to be skin tight, just more fitted!) on the top and flowy on the bottom. Balance. You definitely want to try and give yourself a waist in big flowy pants like these…unless you’re going for the more boho statement look.  I used the bolo like a choker for fun!

I hope you’re having a fabulous week!  And I hope you’ll give palazzo pants a try!  Even a nice solid black pair if you’re not feeling adventurous.  They are so comfy and so beautiful on…and they are fun to walk in because they swish! :)

Happy Wednesday!





Sometimes Simplest is Best

I love things that look like they took a ton of thought but didn’t.  I mean, I also love those outfits that I actually worked for and put together a “masterpiece”, but lately, having toddlers and being more preoccupied, low on sleep, and just busy with all kinds of stuff relating to tiny humans, I love finding those one item simple outfits.  That still look crazy and cool.  Because, come on.  It’s still me underneath the coffee drinking snack dispensing human that I am at the moment.

I went into a local antique shop, which is kind of rare for me to do.  Okay.  Confession time.  I only went because I heard they had some Harley Davidson tees.  They didn’t.  But I ended up finding two amazing dresses for really great prices…so it wasn’t a loss after all!  This dress is most definitely a muumuu, but I love the colors and the shape…and it was a steal!!

Being the lover of cowboy boots and western accessories that I am, I added white vintage cowboy boots and this amazing bolo tie I got at Ruby Rose.

Side note.  I’m puzzled at the single pocket in many vintage dresses.  Did vintage people have only one hand?  This is a mystery.  And also a terrifying peek into my brain.

It’s a Friday find for the books.  I’m in love.



Friday Finds…Cowgirl Inspired

I like jewelry.  I mean come on, I’m a girl.  My daughter is only one and a half and she already understands the concept of a good accessory.  Granted, her idea of “accessories” is my underwear hanging around her neck, but she’s got the right concept.  I like jewelry, but honestly, I really pretty much only like statement jewelry most of the time.  With a few exceptions, all the stuff I wear is turquoise, gold coins, collars, and just large pieces that stand out quite prominently.  That’s why when I discovered this necklace from Mountain Soul Jewelry on I was SUPER excited.

I probably should have been a cowgirl.  When I was seven, my lifelong dream was to be a world champion barrel racer.  I don’t think I actually knew what barrel racing was and I’d seen a horse all of a few times in my known life, but I was gonna be a world champ dang it.  I wanted all the gear.  The hat, the boots, all the cool fringy accessories (wow haven’t changed much since seven, have I?) and to be all cowgirl cool leading my horse around everywhere.  (I was too scared to actually ride one.  Leading it around was just like a cool accessory to me.)  Obviously I didn’t fulfill my childhood dream (I have ridden a horse though, fyi.) but I still like to dress like a cowgirl, quite often actually.

When I found Mountain Soul Jewelry I immediately knew I needed some of their stuff.  First of all, it’s so amazing when you order something and you know you’re ordering from a person and not a large company.  There’s something about things being made with love by an artist that makes them much more special.  I love this necklace because it’s totally like an updated bolo tie.  It’s a little more fashion-y than a bolo (which those are super cool too) and a little more girly.  I feel like this is a piece that will be on endless repeat with my outfits.  Does it go over a basic t shirt?  Yes.  How about a floral dress?  Absolutely.  With a vintage jumpsuit?  Um, of course.  The leather is soft and it’s lightweight and easy to slip over your head and run out the door.  Oh, my kids love the beads on the fringe, so that’s their two cents on the whole thing.


If you are looking for a new way to add some interest to your outfits, you need to check out Mountain Soul Jewelry.  You know how cowboy boots go with everything and make everything look cooler?  This necklace is just like that.

So happy to be wearing this piece for my Friday Finds.  It’s a winner.

Happy Friday!