Fashion Feelings: And Now, For Something Completely Embarrassing

Embarrassing moments happen to all of us.  Somehow I feel like I have them…a bit more often than most people.  Like, I’ll be trying to be all smooth and stuff walking through the parking lot, and then I’ll trip on the air in front of me and wobble down and then back up again a lot like one of those weird balloon stick figure guys they use to advertise for used car sales.  Yep, I have come to terms with the fact I am just not “smooth.”  But now, for something completely more embarrassing.

I’m going to be nice to you and share with you some of my favorite embarrassing moments.  Just because I love you, and I have no more pretense left of being a super cool person in the true popularity sense of the word.  So here goes.

The Moment I Realized I Was a “Forever Blonde”
I used to work full time in an office with a lot of guys.  Guys love sports.  I do not.  This makes for a lot of moments where I’d end up saying weird things like “call and audible” or “batting seven thousand” or whatever crap I had to say to make them understand me.  Yes, I can play that game (as long as it’s a game with WORDS and not a BALL).  That being said, I still have no idea how football is played really, and will probably always be trying to figure out why it is played as well.  One day I was in a meeting with two of the biggest sports fans in the office, and when the meeting ended, it moved rapidly on to sports as things often did.  The two guys were talking about their college team mascots, and the first guy said “we were the ______ (insert animal that has teeth and claws and runs really fast here)” and then the other guy explained that his team was the Bengals.  I’d like you to take a minute, close your eyes, and say the word “Bengal”.  Did you do it?  Now I can finish my story.  When he said “Bengal”, I heard “bangle” (he’s notorious for mispronouncing words in my very weak defense of this story) and I felt very confused.  The thoughts were swirling in my head, and unfortunately, when my thoughts swirl, my mouth starts moving much faster than it should.  So instead of taking a minute, processing what was being said, and THEN speaking, I blurted out “Wait.  Your team mascot was…BRACELETS?”  Both guys stopped, looked at me as if I was a three headed alien that had just landed in front of them and was picking all three of my noses with the same hand (now there’s a trick!) and the dead silence rang out.  I rapidly realized my IDIOTIC error in judgement, and I blabbed something about “haha oh yeah right you mean TIGERS…I thought you meant like BANGLES you know like the BRACELETS and I thought that was really weird hahahahaha (and on ad nauseum)” as I slowly backed out of the room.  They resumed their conversation as though nothing at all had happened because there’s no WAY on EARTH that anyone could be THAT STUPID RIGHT?  And now I have a fabulous story to tell about how my brain is eternally blonde and I actually thought that someone’s team mascot was a piece of jewelry.

The “Hair Petting” Incident
I’d like to start after the last story by saying that this one wasn’t my fault.  This was one of those weird and horrifying moments in your life that you look back on and say “what the heck was THAT??” But you do need to know that not all of these are my fault and I’m not a walking train wreck (most of the time).  Let’s begin.  I was in high school, singing on the church band as was one of my dreams since I love to sing.  There was a guy on the band, who was…interesting.  You know, like, nice enough, but just…a tad…different.  I was really young, so I for the most part kept my distance from the older guys because I wasn’t looking to date at that time, especially someone who wasn’t in high school as well.  However, that distance shrunk a bit one day in a weird way…  I was sitting in the back of the church during some special service or something that was going on (I don’t remember what happened and you’ll see why) and he was sitting behind me.  And then, the weird part happened.  He started…petting my hair.  Yes.  I’m as creeped out as you are right now.  I was basically frozen to the spot.  What the heck was I supposed to do??  I mean, if this happened now, I would most definitely be like “aw heck to the naw” and get up and move, but I was SIXTEEN!!!!!  No one had ever petted my hair before (I’m not a dog, nor have I ever volunteered to be part of a petting zoo) so I was basically petrified and pretended like this was normal and as soon as he stopped I ran far far away.  Ick.  I gotta say, this gives me a whole new respect for dogs, and I now ask their permission before I pet their fur.

The “I Promise I’m Not Peeing” Moment
I play guitar and sing.  And I sweat a lot.  Bonus, I sweat even MORE while I play guitar and sing.  Now please, don’t try to sell me on a new deodorant because the sweat DOESN’T JUST COME FROM MY ARMPITS people.  Not trying to be gross or graphic, just keeping it real.  I used to occasionally wear skirts while I played (don’t do that anymore, and you’ll see why) and I thought this would help with my overly sticky situation.  But instead, the opposite happened. One morning while playing in the dead heat of summer, I felt a large bead of sweat begin to form at the base of my…derriere.  You know, the lovely lady lumps back there.  And then, slowly, mid song, that bead of sweat began to travel, graceful and true, down the back of my leg.  I wondered…could anyone see this bead of sweat?  It felt large enough to see, that’s for sure.  And what would they think?  That I had to pee and I just couldn’t hold it in any longer?  This made me sweat more, which made the bead just move a little faster and more vengefully towards my ankle.  And then, it landed.  Thank the Lord.  I still don’t know if anyone ever saw this, and if they did, I hope they know that I am not incontinent, I just sweat like a trucker (and if you’re a trucker and aren’t sweaty, then I apologize for this reference).  I now wear pants when I play and sing.  End of story.

I may have embarrassing moments, but I usually don’t get embarrassed by my outfits.  Sure, this shirt looks a bit like chest hair, but I’m actually good with that.  I love “manrepeller style” and this outfit has a nice mix of 1970’s grandpa and luxury vintage to it.  If you don’t have a “chest hair” sweater or shirt, you should get one, because these kinds of clothes get you OUT of embarrassing moments.  No one notices if you drop stuff or trip or say weird things about bracelets…because they’re too distracted by your weird clothes.  I’m a closet genius (and my puns are #onpoint too) ;)



Trending: Friday Five Roundup

It’s Friday!  Oh wait…I have kids…so what does this all mean?  Whether you are Netflixing, mom-ing, or working for the weekend, we could all use a few fun things to start off our weekend right.  I’ll try to roundup some interesting and happy thoughts for ya ;)

Juicy Couture, How I’ve Missed You (get outta my closet and onto my body)

You’re either gonna love me or hate me for my closeted Juicy love.  I got all my old Juicy’s in a box (and I may buy them at thrift stores when I see them…) and I’ve just been ITCHING to bust them out again.  Thanks to this popsugar article I feel like I’m not alone.  Also, regardless of how you feel about the iconic tracksuits, if you haven’t read the book by the creators of Juicy, “The Glitter Plan“, please do so.  It’s one of my favorite books ever and fashion lovers out there will enjoy the heck outta that book.

Target Makes More Clothes That Don’t Look Like They’re From Target

I mean, they just get better and better.  And while I obviously prefer to buy handmade or from a small company or individual, the reality is we all gonna buy stuff from Target now and then.

Like THESE pants, which I clearly *need*.

And THESE booties, because like, are you for reals that these are from Target??

New Netflix Shows About Fashion.  Yes, Please.

I have no knowledge of the book this is based on, full disclosure.  However, anytime there’s a new show about fashion or the fashion industry, I will watch it! Plus, I want that outfit.  Obvi.  Until this comes out, I’ll be checking out Versailles on Netflix, since I’m having withdrawls after finishing The Crown.

Major Shoutout To The Savior of My Kid’s Lunches

My kids aren’t allowed to bring any kind of peanut or nut butter into their classroom, and when your kids are so picky like my kids are…this can be a majorly stressful restriction!  Thank my lucky stars, I got them hooked on Sunbutter as well as peanut butter.

I put it on their crackers, I make sunbutter balls with honey and oats and chocolate chips…just beware that you must INFORM the teacher that your child has sunbutter, otherwise you may get a phone call halfway through the day (speaking from personal experience!).

Who’s Grammy Performance Will Bring The House Down?

My money’s on Gaga, because I’ve never seen her do anything halfway and after that Super Bowl flying off the stage stunt I think she’s the sure fire winner of “most amazing and riveting performance”.  See for yourself who’s gonna rock the house this weekend.


Switch It Up: Velvet

This fall 2016 trend was made for me.  I mean, let’s get real.  When velvet is not a trend, I will still be happily wearing it in every piece of clothing possible.  I love velvet.  I want everything in my house to be velvet.  It’s my favorite fabric!  So when I started seeing this luxurious fabric pop up everywhere in magazines and on the runway, I let out a resounding cheer and began buying even more of it.  Naturally.

Now not everyone feels this way about it, I understand.  While I love velvet pants and wear them like most people would wear jeans…like a basic…this is not something that everyone would do.  Why not explore some options on how to wear this (amazing) trend, in ways that are economical and approachable?  I have a few options for you in this department!  And none of them are pants, because y’all already know how I feel about them velvet bells. ;)

Committed Relationship

This look is basically a runway hack for the velvet trend.  While you could spend a lot on a velvet dress (which is perfectly acceptable), you could also go to the pajama section of the thrift store (my all time favorite section after the costume section) and keep your eyes out for a nightgown/robe like this one!  The velvet dress is not for the faint of heart, but it is very fall and winter appropriate and very chic.  Keep accessories simple, as this is a statement piece all on it’s own, and boots really make the look wearable.  This dress is a gorgeous option for fall if you’re looking for a very wearable piece!

Just a Tad

If you’re feeling like wearing velvet may be too much for you but you really like this trend and want to mix it in, try a pair of velvet booties!  This makes the trend a little more of an accessory and you can easily wear them with a tee and jeans like I did here.  This pair is very unassuming and not as loud as mine are!

With Some Velvet On Top

Adding a velvet blazer to your look is a great halfway point between completely committed and wearing it as an accessory…and it’s so rock and roll!  Throw one on over a graphic or a band tee with some jeans and you’re an instant cool girl.  You can also put one over a button down with a pencil skirt if you’d like to keep your look more structured and office appropriate!  Either way, it kind of adds that little je ne sais quoi to your look that takes it to the next level.  This blazer is on sale for an insane price and…I want it!!!

No matter how you wear it, it’s a fun trend to try and I hope you’re giving it a test run!

On Jumpsuits and (My Lack of) Patience

I always hated that age old question: “how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time.”  Because first of all, WHO WOULD EAT AN ELEPHANT???  What a HORRIBLE metaphor!  Second of all, I hated what it meant.  Because I am a “dive in head first get ‘er done quick” kind of person, so when someone would say that to me, it would inevitably mean that I had to do things slowly.  Yuck.  I was such a fast eater, that at work staff meetings people would ask me if I grew up in a large family and had to fight for my food.  Uh…I was an only child…this is awkward…

I’m so guilty of having flashes of inspiration and then immediately getting discouraged when I realize that I cannot accomplish everything all at once.  I will get fired up on something, then I start thinking about all the steps that I need to take to get to the finish line just to actually start whatever it is I want to do, and since I can’t get it done by lunch time…yeah I’d better scratch that one.  It’s always been a difficult thing for me to do things one at a time…when I really just want to do it all at once.  I’m a major multi-tasker, sometimes to a fault.  Like when I’m washing dishes as I go along and my husband gets irritated because I just washed the spoon he was currently eating cereal with.  I mean, if I wash it now, I don’t have to do it later right?  Plus…doesn’t cereal always taste better when you eat it with your hands anyway?

So I’ve been kind of waiting for some fresh vision in the way of style and blogging and all that and trying to figure out what the heck my next step is, what I want to DO with it (besides have fun, obviously), and also how to keep moving forward in my own creative ventures.  As you know with this kind of thing, it takes time and sometimes it just feels like the answer to all those questions is a foggy “I don’t know!!!” for a looooong time.  And then yesterday, I had a vision!  I finally got some direction and creative ideas…and I talked to my husband about it (he’s the business smarts behind anything we do) and he agreed that it was a good idea and not TOO crazy…and that it was doable.  Of course, I immediately began to talk myself out of it.  Because, well, I don’t know HOW to get to the finished product in one day, therefore it’s not a good idea.  He knew this was coming, so he encouraged me to just start with one or two things, and reminded me that this stuff takes time and it’s…oh yeah.  One step at a time.  DANG IT.  Guess I’m eating an elephant guys.  (not literally, please don’t come after me ok?)

Speaking of “one bite at a time”, I ordered this Rolla’s jumpsuit on a whim a few months ago because it was the last one left in my size and I’d been looking at it for a while.  I got it, and it fit, but it most definitely was snug.  I put it on again after months of eating carefully and working out…and VOILA one bite at a time my jumpsuit got looser!!!  That’s a great feeling :)

This is the Rolla’s Sailor Flare Jumpsuit and it seems to be mostly sold out everywhere, but HERE there are some other options similar.  The bolo is from Ruby Rose and the fringe booties are Sam Edelman (old, but here are some similar).

Enjoy the rest of your week, and take frustrating things one step at a time!  I may get frustrated just DOING that, but hey, it’s the best way to eat an elephant right :)


On Being Born Free and This Tee That Reminds Me

I heard someone say something that really resonated with me today.  He said: “We were built for victory.  But fear keeps us in defeat.”  It really struck me for two reasons.  One, I don’t often believe that I was actually BUILT for victory.  I just assume that sometimes, dreams just don’t work out and accepting reality is just part of life.  And two, fear has been a major sticking point for me on a lot of things in life.  I was born a bold risk taker, and then rewired to be fearful and overly cautious to a fault.  So when I heard that statement, it really rocked my mind!

I was talking with my husband yesterday about how before we went through our few years of intense struggles, I had this very specific and intense goal and plan.  It was something that I had literally dreamed about since I was a child…and it was this thing that sort of drove me to keep going in a lot of ways.  I’m SUCH a goal oriented person, that it was a large, and sometimes too large, part of my life and my thoughts.  Then, when we lost all of what we had worked for and basically had to start over (and at a deficit no less!) I had gone for so long without even the hope of this goal, that it was gone.  It was like it was completely dead and buried in a graveyard of dreams that would never be.  And for a while, I was sort of “okay” with that.  I think in my recovery process, for a while I just couldn’t really deal with any more loss…I had lost enough, so the thought of dealing with things I never had and lost was just too great a burden to bear.  But after a while, I began to feel more and more of a whole person and then, the actual hole that the dream had left became more apparent.  In straight terms, I sometimes feel like I lack the vision and passion I had before.

Maybe some of that’s good.  That vision and passion drove me so hard, even to the point of depression at times because I could not immediately attain it, that it needed to take a breather.  It needed to be there, encouraging me forward, but not in a way that I could not enjoy life in the meantime and the journey to get to it.  However, I think I would like to regain some of that vision.  Because if I was “meant for victory”, then this story isn’t finished.  I told my husband that I go back and forth between thinking that my goals and dreams are not dead and that they’re still going to happen…and that I should just let them go and assume that they are a thing of the past.  His response was that the latter of the two options was dangerous, because it would allow me to slip into a state of apathy and acceptance for something that is temporary.  He was right.  I was not “meant for defeat”, even though defeat is sometimes part of the journey.  I was born free of fear…and the fear of hoping and dreaming again is what can keep me from that victory.

I have to remind myself that sometimes my leaning towards fears and accepting defeat are not part of who I am.  They were learned, and now I must UNlearn them and stand in the victory I was meant to.  Because I can still work for, believe for, and hope for the things that I was meant to experience.  THAT is victory even in the times when things are not obviously victorious!

I know you probably can’t read it, but this shirt says: “Born Free” so I thought it was appropriate for this post!  I gotta say, this outfit is pretty much straight inspired by Spell Designs…I can never get enough of their bohemian eclectic colorful fringy goodness!  The boots are old Sam Edelman, but fringe booties are EVERYWHERE now, and an absolute essential for the fringe lover like myself!  The skirt is Free People, the top is Bandit Brand (amazing vintage inspired graphic tees!), and the jacket is Off Fifth.  The belt is from “my” store (I call it “mine” because I love it and I have the privilege of styling there!) so it’s second hand amazingness!  Don’t forget about the necklace.  Ohhhhh that necklace is new from Zachary Pryor on Etsy.  Gotta love a good statement piece!

I hope you’re dreaming big and feeling free today!

On Vintage House Dresses and Being Loud

Do you guys ever struggle with aspects of your personality that maybe aren’t bad, but you just feel self conscious about?  I’m betting the answer to that question is an across the board YES.  I tend to be a bit harder on myself than some are, but I know there are many others out there like me.  And there are things about me that I’ve tried to change, but have come to accept are just parts of who I am…and that I need to embrace them instead of trying to reject them!

I talk. A lot.  Shocking I know.  This wasn’t always the case.  When I was younger, being an only child who was homeschooled and had little contact with other kids my own age…I was pretty quiet.  People who knew me when I was younger always say the same thing: “Oh I remember you!  You were ALWAYS reading!”  Yep, I was always reading because I was bored, lonely, and well, I loved to read.  I was so quiet, that when I auditioned for a musical at my church, I didn’t get the part because no one could HEAR me.  Let’s fast forward.  After growing up with non socialite parents and being at home nearly all the time, I finally got to go to a teeny tiny Christian high school that was small, yes, but there were other HUMANS MY OWN AGE there.  Because I loved to sing, I joined the informal choir/band that my school had.  The first time we all sang together, I remember standing in the back row.  We started singing, and this one guy in the front row who had absolutely no care about what people thought about him perked up immediately.  I saw him look to the left, then to the right…he kept singing, but he started to investigate what was going on.  He slowly walked by everyone in the front row, eyes squinted, clearly listening for something.  He then got to the next row and walked slowly by everyone again, putting his ear up to each person and then shaking his head.  He got to the back row and again, went person by person till he got to me.  He put his ear up to my face, smiled, and pointed: “YOU! You’re the singer lady!”  That was what he called me for the rest of the year.  He heard me all the way in the back, which is where I was always put from then on because I was always LOUD.  The girl who got denied a role in a musical for not being audible was now drowning out everyone else in the choir.

I hear all the time: “You talk a lot…you’re so animated…you’re loud…” it’s a constant state of being for me.  And to be honest, I often feel SUPER self conscious about it.  I don’t try to talk a lot…I just have a lot of words.  There have been plenty of times when I have left a meeting, a hang out, or a public place, and berated myself the entire way home.  Why couldn’t I just talk less?  Why couldn’t I just be one of those super cool quiet types?  There are times when being told I talk a lot makes me feel so embarrassed and so ashamed of myself.  I spent a few years trying SO hard to not talk too much.  To be different.  To not talk about what tv show I just watched or the super fun dress I got on sale or the funny thing I just read.  I would tell myself to just SHUT UP.  But it never works.  The words just tumble out of me like a never ending waterfall and I will always share what funny thing I just saw and what new outfit I’m so excited about.  It’s just who I am.  And all those years of being a quiet wallflower child were just NOT ME.  I should have had the confidence to be in musicals and to be running around trying to make people laugh.  Now I have the freedom to be me, and it’s all just coming out of me naturally.

I love this dress because it is loud.  It’s fun, bright, happy, beautiful, and LOUD.  I love it on it’s own and I love it over skinny jeans.  It’s fun and it just feels so like ME.

I LOVE vintage dresses.  This amazing vintage house dress is from Village Vintage in Arroyo Grande and I actually just bought it without even trying it on.  AND I love it more on than I did when I saw it in the store.  I love how kind of 1960s/70s it is and how fun it is to pile on jewelry and add to it!  Boots are Frye’s from a few years ago and the jewelry is all vintage.

Because it’s “winter” in California (I use quotes because while many of my Instagram friends are buried in snow, I am wearing a short sleeved dress outside), I added some skinny jeans.  I think there’s so many ways to style this dress.  I thought it would be fun to simplify the jewelry and simply add a pop of orange with the boots and the necklace to bring out the orange in the dress.  The boots are from Urban Outfitters and they are the perfect retro bootie for the season.  Or in my case, forever because I’m stuck in the 1970s. :)

Hope you love all the fun parts of your personality, even the ones you get lots of comments about!

Happy middle of the week!


Honesty & Dressing Up Like I’m Cool

Do you ever find yourself thinking that you’re like extra special in your abilities to not keep your house clean?  Like every other woman/mom out there has this amazing ability to eat donuts and stay thin, be calm with her children, do crafts all day, and generally be freaking awesome while you are working your butt off only to feel like your kids watch way too much tv and you could still stand to be thinner?  I am describing to you the story of my life.

And it’s only gotten worse you guys, because of the magic of social media.  As far as I know, I am literally the only mom who doesn’t do educational Pinterest crafts with her kids all the time, have a photo ready home at any given point in the day, and spend every night out on the town with my husband.  What the **** people?!?!  Sometimes all it takes is looking at one photo of this “perfection” that is not mine, and I have a complete meltdown because I feel like such a mega failure.  And here’s the funny part.  I’m pretty sure that’s how we all feel.  I’m almost one hundred percent sure that behind every perfect photo is another normal woman/mother who feels just as inadequate as the rest of us and wishes she could be better.

At church last Sunday, a woman I know who has some older children than I do was talking about how she’s been trying to be really honest with her children now that they are getting a little older about some of her struggles that she’s been though.  She mentioned some pretty deep stuff that, to be honest, most women don’t really feel comfortable sharing.  While she was talking to me, I started thinking about some of the feelings and struggles that I went through while we were going through the “three year darkness” as I’ve labelled it.  To be perfectly honest, I struggled with stuff I may have judged people for before experiencing it first hand.  Hearing her speak so unashamedly and honestly with me just gave me this moment of freedom…if she’s not ashamed of her struggles, I don’t need to be either.  But you know what it was that made me feel like that?  Her honesty.  I think there’s often a lack of honesty between women and mothers because we are all so much wanting to be the best wife and mother we can be, and yet we feel so far from it that we don’t want to admit that we are normal.  And by normal, I mean imperfect and sometimes struggling.

I remember watching Sex and The City 2 (yes, I can find gold in even crazy cheesy movies like that one!) and there was this scene where two of the girls (the two moms) were talking.  One of them openly admitted to having a super hard time when she went back to work after having her son…and began speaking about her struggles being a working mother.  The other, who clearly thought the working mom was super mom…broke down weeping and said: “why don’t we TALK about this stuff???”  I cry every time I think about it.  Because it’s true.  Having honesty around you creates such a different environment for you…for your health as a human being…and for your soul.  I’ve been in places where I had to frame everything I said, liked, and did in a way that looked like it “was supposed to”.  I hid the times I was sad and feeling discouraged about life.  I hid the hurts that I had been carrying around for so long.  Then when we went through a bunch of loss and pain…I couldn’t hide it any longer and I was forced to seek out other honest people.  It saved my life and my sanity.  And I never want to go back to a place (I’m speaking more figuratively than literally here) where I can’t just cry when I’m sad and laugh when I’m happy.

I had fun taking these pictures because I felt like I was “pretending to be cool” but having way too much fun doing it.  I’m so not a model, nor do I aspire to be one.  I just like taking pictures of fun outfits, and this one is FUN.  Let’s start at the bottom shall we?  These orange suede booties from Urban Outfitters are SO 1970’s it’s not even funny.  They make every outfit more fun, and one step closer to a costume, which, let’s face it, is totally my jam.  The pants are lace cropped flares I got at Curio.  I’m not sure if they’re SUPPOSED to be cropped because so many pants are just high waters on me anyway, but hey, they work as though they are intended to be so.  Perfect to show off these funky shoes.  Plain black flowy tank…old old old Michael Stars.  This vest is so much fun…vintage from Curio.  The giant gold arrowhead looking necklace is Free To Wander and the gold tassel is vintage.  Free People sunglasses all the way.  These make me feel like the Beatles.  And a little like a beetle…

Happy Tuesday!


Ankle Zip Skinny Jeans and Extremes.

I’ve been on the lookout for ankle zip jeans for a few years now.  They’re one of those annoyingly perfect items that I see on everyone, and yet I never manage to find in a store.  Like where are they all GETTING these jeans?  Is there a secret ankle zip jean warehouse that I don’t know about?  I mean come on.  Think about it.  When was the last time you saw someone wearing ankle zip jeans?  Got it?  Okay now think about the last time you saw them in a store.  See what I mean??  But I digress.  I FINALLY found this amazing pair of ankle zip grey super stretchy skinny jeans at H&M in Santa Barbara.  They were under $30 and they are just about perfect.

My first pair of jeans (from what I remember, and my memory is all a blur of siamese cats, me hiding in a pile of stuffed animals, and running around naked with a dress-up chef’s hat on, so it’s not the most reliable) was an ankle zip pair.  Oh my goodness do I remember those jeans.  They were slightly acid wash but darker denim, skinny jeans, with a denim bow at the top of that glorious ankle zipper.  I literally never felt cooler in my life than when I put them on at the ripe old age of eight.  My mom didn’t shop unless it was at thrift stores (and that was definitely not cool then) so these were like a rare, brand new item.  I will never forget those jeans.  I haven’t owned a pair since then.  So I think it’s about time for a new pair, dontcha?

I am an extremes personality.  No, not an EXTREME personality, I’m just all about extremes.  I’m learning to find more of a happy medium, but I tend to gravitate towards the “all or nothing” kind of mindset.  I’m all skinny jeans or giant bell bottoms.  Nude makeup or dark smokey eyes.  I mean, give me a topic and I’ll tell you how I feel about it.  I FEEL about basically everything.  I think this is partly why I love these jeans.  They are committed to being skinny jeans.  Again.  Giant bells, or super skinny.  Anything in between is just hard for me because it’s non committal.  You can totally laugh at me now, it’s ok.

I love how easy they are.  Black tee I cut the sleeves off, New Balance shoes, and some silver vintage jewelry.  Done.  Ready to run errands with the kids.

I thought I’d kind of halfway dress them up.  Kept the running shoes, added a turquoise tassel necklace from Anthropologie and a sheer floral kimono.  Still works with the sportier look, but a little softer and more girly.

Dressing them up a bit more, I swapped the shoes for these strappy Jeffrey Campbell booties and swapped out the tank top for this mini tunic dress from Urban Outfitters.  I used some sparkly jewelry and gold to class up the jeans, since gold always kind of gives off a fancier vibe.

I love my bells so much.  But it’s kind of a nice switch to wear some skinny jeans! Plus, for those of you who have small children, you know how much easier it is to move around in skinny jeans than wide leg pants!!

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you have magical luck finding yourself a pair of ankle zip skinny jeans like I did!  Or just make it easy and run over to H&M. :)


Finding The Monday Magic

You know those outfits you put on and you just get all tingly inside because they just feel RIGHT?  Like you put something on and you just know it looks good AND it feels good AND it’s fun?  I feel like no matter how many clothes you own (and I own a LOT of clothes), those pieces are harder to find than you’d think.  I mean, to be honest, I’ll often find something and think “oh this is going to be one of those things that I just love and wear all the time!”  And instead, I wear it a few times and never really love it all that much.  There’s something about clothing stores and fitting rooms that can really trick you into thinking something looks better than it does!  But that’s really the meaning behind Monday Mojo.  It’s like those little pieces of magic in my closet that I can always pull out when I’m in doubt about what to wear.

Last week at the store, this dress came in.  And instantly, I was attached to it.  It’s this brand called Holding Horses that is sold at Anthropologie, and I LOVE it.  Something about that brand is just special.  Usually the pieces are plaid and they have a bit of a vintage look about them, but they are created in a slightly unique way that makes them just interesting and different from your normal plaid pieces.  This dress is no exception.  I LOVE this thing.  It feels kind of like a hoe down meets ball gown dress (if that were even possible!) and it’s just comfy and flowy and makes me feel thinner than I actually am.  MAGIC.  Plus I love how it can be styled in different ways to change the look of it.

I thought it could be fun to give this dress a rocker edge so I put it over my new ankle zip skinny jeans from H&M and added my Jeffrey Campbell strappy booties.  Lots of gold jewelry just because that adds a nice edge!

Fur.  Yep.  Tory Burch boots and this vintage fur collar and these earrings.  These earrings from Gypsies Caravan.  These earrings are like the most amazing earrings I’ve ever seen and with the fur, I kind of feel magical.  It just is my new favorite combo.

Happy Monday!  Hope you’ve found your magical outfit for the week! :)


On Plaid Blazers and Not Really Looking Like The Others

I got to spend the day in Santa Barbara today, which is about two hours or a bit shy of that south of where I live.  It’s always SUCH a treat because usually my husband and I come down and my mom watches the kids at home so he can work at a coffee shop and I…shop.  Are you surprised?  Hahaha… I come down frequently enough that there are stores where people actually recognize me.  That’s kind of fun because it feels a little like a vacation spot and yet a little like home still.  Oh today was a good one you guys.  I found the new Off Fifth (shopping heaven) and got some new goodies that are kind of out of character for me, which is kind of fun and different.  I had a specific style vision and I did SO good you all would be proud of me!!

I went into a really fun second hand/consignment shop and was waiting in line, when I overheard this woman saying something to the effect of: “her pants” as she motioned at me.  This is not surprising.  I am the reigning “pants queen” so people talking about my pants is pretty normal.  She asked what they were and they were of course my new Show Me Your Mumu denim bells which I am constantly wearing these days, and she immediately grabbed a pen and some paper as I rattled off brands she’d like and what I was wearing.  It’s always so much fun when this happens.  I feel like I’m secretly getting to style someone as well as share insider secrets about fun new fashion that I know they’re gonna go nuts for.  So after all this she asked me where I lived, and she kind of paused and looked at me funny.  “You don’t look like the typical San Luis person to me”, she said.  Hilarious.

This is funny to me for a few reasons.  One, I was born and raised in San Luis, with little to no experience with outside areas.  I mean, I got culture shock when I would go 45 minutes south.  I was very much born and RAISED in San Luis.  Two, this is funny because as an outside observer, she really nailed it.  I have never ever felt like a San Luis person.  There are a LOT of reasons for that, but part of that is the fact that I always feel like I’m so fascinated with styles from all over the world that (thanks to the internet and the magic of Instagram) I am always trying to find items from places like Australia, Turkey, France…you name it…I’m in love with different places and the fashion that expresses them.  It’s weird how I can feel like I belong somewhere but yet not feel like I am like the others who live there.

So here it goes.  My weird, funky, non San Luis styling for a plaid blazer.  Because I don’t see anyone dressed like this anywhere around me.  Here’s me, a SLO native, NOT looking like one! :)


I love this blazer with a graphic tee and the infamous Berkeley Bells.  It’s so funky and easy.  And it of course needs my favorite Free To Wander squash blossom to add the necessary styling element turquoise.

I thought I’d maybe do something fun and a little more dressy with this jacket…like add vintage fur!  I was getting major Penny Lane in plaid vibes when I put this together!  I love these pleather leggings (when it’s actually COLD outside!!) because they’re so much classier than plain black leggings.  Booties kind of balance out the shiny leather and keep it from going too “evening wear” and work well with the colors in the jacket.

Hey.  It’s okay to not look like everyone else.  That’s a hard one to learn and I definitely learned that personally trying hard TO look like everyone else.  I spent a few years desperately trying to convince everyone around me (and mostly myself) that I WAS a San Luis person.  It was super painful for me to not feel like I was the same as everyone around me because I thought that it meant I didn’t belong in my hometown.  But the truth is, I am different and my town needs me because I am different.  Every place needs LOTS of different people with different styles, passions, and gifts.  Otherwise it would be quite a boring place right??

Happy Wednesday