Fashion Feelings: Mad For Plaid

Plaid is one of those prints that will never, ever be “out”.  It would be like saying: “black is out…” because no one would ever say that.  It’s a neutral, a basic, and a classic all rolled into one.  And I think it’s universally flattering, and obviously offers a variety of different color options.  It’s great for fall and winter, and can be played with in the warmer seasons as well.  And who out there hates a great flannel I ask you?  Okay, probably someone does, but those people are rare.  Kind of like those random people who “don’t like chocolate.”  What is THAT all about?!

When I think of plaid, my mind immediately goes here

Or here

Because no matter how long plaid has been around, it’s hard to separate it from the 90’s.  That’s when plaid wasn’t just “in”, it was IN.  Flannels became a form of outerwear instead of just a shirt you wore.  School girl uniforms became sexy thanks to Britney and Cher (from Clueless, I’m clearly not discussing Cher in real life).  It seems like plaid was everywhere in the 90’s.  I think maybe because I was becoming more aware of fashion during this time period, I have a very strong association with these moments in plaid…because they are what really introduced me to plaid as a fashion choice rather than something you just wore.

Now, during the 90’s, I most certainly did NOT dress cool.  I didn’t actually watch Clueless until after the 90’s were over and I never got to watch more than half an episode of My So Called Life.  My style choices during that time were dictated by an incredibly strict dress code on top of an incredibly strict couple of parents.  So, when it came to being in style, none of what you see above was what I was wearing.  I didn’t really experiment with wearing flannels until I was well out of college.  And one day, I put on a flannel over a striped dress and it was magic.  This was the first time I had EVER mixed patterns, and you know what?  I LOVED IT.  I remember trying the dress on with the flannel…feeling almost like I was doing it on a dare.  I was like “what if…I put THIS with THIS?  That would be SO CRAZY!”  I laugh about it now considering the weird things I put together, but at the time, it was a bold move.  And it WORKED!

I found this flannel plaid dress in the nightgown section of the thrift store (what on earth was it doing THERE?) and I love it because it’s just so holiday feeling.  It’s got such a full skirt and it’s so classy.  Plaid is one of those patterns, like leopard print, that I love in all pieces.  I love plaid tops and plaid bottoms, plaid dresses and plaid coats.  It works any way you slice it.

I have a sudden urge to dress like a Catholic schoolgirl.  Wonder where that came from…(thanks Britney).