Advice in Style: Mashups

Anyone else out there used to watch Glee?  Then you know what a great mashup is.  You take two things that are amazing and you put them together.  Two different things that seem like they may have nothing in common, and you combine them…often learning that there is more common ground between the two things than you think.  Style mashups happen ALL the time, but no one ever calls them that!  So I’m just slapping a Glee-friendly label on them and showing you a few.

1970’s meets western:

Preppy meets vintage rocker:

Asian inspired gown meets bicker chick:

Rockabilly chills with rock and roll:

You catch my drift?  So what makes for a great mashup?  In music it’s things like similar chording, a common theme between the lyrics, and the possibility for a compatible tempo.  But what about in style?  How do you make sure that the two worlds will live happily ever after instead of fighting for the center stage?

Here’s some helpful ideas for you.  None of them are RULES…because there’s LOTS of ways to make a great mashup!
1. Pick one dominant theme.  One way to do this is to pick one or two pieces that you want to be the focus.  Then fill in the blanks in between with simple things.  Like, choose crazy 1980’s sneakers and a preppy tweed blazer…and fill in the gaps with a white shirt and jeans.  That way your mashup has some neutral territory.
2. Separate the mashup with some space.  If you’re freaked by this idea, shoes and something on your top half (like a top or a jacket) is the easiest way to give it a go.  That way, there’s a little bit of territory between the two things you’re mixing.
3. Choose styles that “go with everything”.  Obviously, not everything, well, goes with everything, but let me explain.  Cowboy boots tend to be one of those things that are an easy style mix up piece.  They go with fancy edwardian dresses for some epic style confusion.  They work with a rocker tee and goth leather mini skirt.  They are usually a sure fire, go-to, mashup piece when you’re looking to add something.  Converse are also another great piece.  Plaid/tweed blazers, seventies scarves, and 1950’s brooches usually mix in well with other fashion statements too!
4. Just give it a try.  There are many times when you may think to yourself: “this is going to look terrible together!”  But then you try it on all together…and voila!  Magic happens!

I’m all about style mashups.  Partly because I can never make up my mind about what style I’m into at the moment.  Partly because I love to get creative and see what happens when fashions collide.  Partly because…it’s way fun!!!

I got this (most likely a costume) vintage dress at a thrift store and I decided to wear it open like a robe because it has the most amazing drape to it…and the sleeves!! OMG!  I was trying to figure out what to wear it with, and these over the knee western fringe boots just would NOT get out of my mind.  I really just loved the idea of these two major pieces hanging out together.  It just somehow…seems like they belong together!  I also added one of my favorite fringe pieces from my amazing friend Jessica (Hillbillygypsy Boots) to tie in with the fringe on the boots.

Go forth and mash it up!  Have some fun!  This is where you get to break all the rules :)

Switch It Up: Slip Dresses

Dontcha just love it when something you’ve been collecting and loving for so many years is finally in style?  You know, when everyone suddenly thinks you’re copying the latest trends…and you’re screaming NO I WAS DOING THIS LIKE THREE YEARS AGO!  And no one really cares?  Man I need more coffee today…I feel as though the cranky part of me is eating the peaceful calm side of me.  Like I have a peaceful calm side.  (*hysterical laughter from my husband)  I’ve talked about my love for slip dresses before, but let me just reminisce for a moment about the GIANT BOX OF VINTAGE SLIPS that I got rid of when I finally gave up hope that I’d ever wear them again.  I know, sometimes I am so far away from being smart it scares me.  But now, I’m collecting them once again, making up for my momentary lapse in judgement.  We can call like three years “momentary” right? Okay, thanks.

Let’s talk slips.  Everyone’s doing it.  And if everyone jumped off a cliff we probably would too, right?  (occasionally the “mom” in me rears its ugly head, sorry kids)  It’s cool and it’s fun and thanks to Courtney Love in the 90’s, it’s retro chic.  The great news about slipping into a slip dress, is that they are plentiful, can be relatively inexpensive, and are quite varied in specific style amongst themselves.  Theres the lacy ones with lots of darts that are more fitted.  There are the simple satin ones that are more likely from the 80’s or 90’s that are less fancy.  And hey, you can even find new reproductions if vintage or thrifting isn’t your thing!

Business Pajama Casual
I love the combination of a slip dress and a striped, gingham, or plaid button down.  It’s the secret 90’s fashion lover in me I guess.

This look is super simple, kind of looks like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s shirt…it has that sexy “I just rolled out of bed” look to it.  It’s an easy one to reproduce!  Vintage slip plus over sized button down, and good to go!  I added the fringe Converse because it kind of adds to the tomboyish look with a fun flair.

Retro Fabulous
I love a ringer tee.  When you layer a slip over a tee, it almost has a vest-like effect.  It’s interesting and different.  Adding the destroyed boyfriend jeans definitely gives this a bit of a 70’s meets 90’s vibe.

Easy to create…any tee, doesn’t even have to be a ringer…it can be a v-neck or a plain tee too, and some baggy jeans and you’re good to go.

Tuck It In
The magic of a slip dress, or any simple sheath dress, is that you can double it as a top when you tuck it into a maxi skirt!

Belt it or not, use a midi or a maxi, there are plenty of options to this look!  Remember too, if you tuck a slip dress into a skirt that’s rather, er, see through, you can use the bottom of the dress as an ACTUAL slip!

If you aren’t comfortable with thrifting one or you aren’t into the vintage ones, check out these for a cotton minimalist approach (v-neck version here) and for a more vintage inspired look check out these.

Go forth, and slip into something more slip dress like!

On Change, Letting Go, and…Converse Shoes.

Okay, so I’ve been kind of putting off writing this. Mainly because today I had a major case of the “what the heck am I doing with my life?” thoughts. For a lot of reasons…partly because I didn’t get quite enough sleep last night (and being tired makes me emotional) and partly because I just got kind of lost in the whole: “I thought I’d be further along in so many ways by now” thought train.  Partly too because I’m such a people person, and doing this blog stuff on my own can feel kind of lonely.  I have a hard time getting inspired when I’m by myself. I love working with people and on teams.

I used to work full time, and I gave up my job for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I was in the middle of having two babies and it was time for me to make a significant change in my life, otherwise I’d never find out if I could ever do any of the other things I have on my heart to do. I loved my job. I know I’ve mentioned that before, but I really really loved my job. Probably more than I should have. I loved the people I worked with. I loved staff meetings. I remember staff meeting days…I’d drive my British racing green Mini Cooper up the hill (I’d totally be blasting some kind of music and pretending I was on a race track because the road would always be empty) and I’d get my coffee and all my stuff and head into the meeting room. Everyone would be all: “staff meeting…” rolling their eyes and I’d be all “yeah so super lame…” (me, trying to be cool, but on the inside I was all tingly at the thought of being in a room with other people for an hour or two). Spending an hour talking, laughing, PLANNING (I love planning), making notes, brainstorming, and YELLOW PADS (if you don’t know what it feels like to crack open a new yellow pad, go directly to your nearest office supply store and get one)…it was just my favorite. Now that we’ve established that I am VERY dorky, I can make my point.

Life is unpredictable. I still miss my job but I do see why I needed to leave it. It was time for me to make a change, and I listened to that prompting, and I did it. Do I regret it? At moments yes, especially on days like today when I feel a bit on the lost side and feel like I’m struggling to get inspired on my own. But mostly I don’t because I know I’ve changed a lot too and I very much hope that the changes I’ve made and risks I’ve taken will make more sense to me someday than they do today. And now, onto clothes.

I got this dress at Ruby Rose SLO’s annual flea market, so it was $10. Such a steal for such a beautiful and well fitting vintage dress. In the spirit of being unpredictable, I decided to do something a little out of character for me.





You know what I’d normally put with this dress?  Cowboy boots, fringe boots, or moccasins.  Yep.  My go-to all time favorites.  Instead, I decided to do something WAY not normal and put Converse with them!  And you know what?  I loved it!  It felt comfortable, creative, and different…but in a fun way!  I guess sometimes making a change can be fun and can yield better results than you imagined.  It’s hard to sometimes let go of things you love, but sometimes what you get in return is worth the letting go part.

Hope your week is going wonderfully and you aren’t having a mid week crisis… :)


Overalls…But Better.

I’m a true child of the 90’s.  I grew up with flannels and oversized sweatshirts and  everything Claire Danes wore on My So Called Life.  Clueless was like my style Bible.  So yes, I loved overalls.  I owned a pretty sweet pair of Union Bay baggy overalls that I rocked well through high school and even on some of my days off from class during college (because I just couldn’t bear to part with them).  When I started seeing them come back in style, I was pretty excited.  I mean when you think about it, they are jumpsuit adjacent, so it makes total sense why I’d like them.

The thing is, while I still have a soft spot in my heart for 90’s fashion and I own about a billion flannels, I just don’t feel like dressing 90’s is really me.  And overalls can just look bad when they don’t fit right.  Plus, I don’t own a farm, so it just kind of feels a little silly for me to be buying something that is unflattering on me and makes me look like I know how to milk a cow.  Much like my hunt for the perfect, non-mechanic wear denim jumpsuit, I embarked on the hunt for the perfect, non-farm owning overalls.

I really can’t hide anymore how much I love @leahhofff on instagram.  She’s like my constant style crush…and when I saw these overalls on her…well, it was all over.  I can’t take credit for finding them because she saw them first.  I instantly contacted Lykke Wullf Clothing on Instagram (who makes such dreamy clothing by the way) and the owner was basically amazing.  She worked with me to make sure my pair would fit me, and customized these overalls for my body.  And I really cannot rave enough about them.  They are soft and stretchy and that super nice thin, but durable, denim that breathes and moves, unlike traditional overalls.  Plus they are super 1970’s style, so I feel like I have completely satisfied my overall cravings and made my high school self happy.

Here’s the first way I’m going to wear these babies.  A floral off shoulder shirt…or any flowy sleeved top I’ve got underneath them.  I love how the length is just a tad cropped, but since she customized them to fit me, they aren’t that awkward cropped length that everything gets on me.


I have this little black lace Free People crop top that I’ve been saving for these.  The lace sticks out and adds a little something and doesn’t look like I’m naked underneath the overalls.  Which would be awkward.

Graphic tees are perfect for these overalls.  And vintage Converse of course.  I guess I don’t feel like there’s many ways to go wrong with these.  I will probably end up wearing a plain white tank top under them with sandals on days when I can’t decide what to wear or I’m in a hurry.

These overalls are like my happy place.  I think about them and I get excited to wear them.  I think about them and I remember how much I loved wearing overalls when I was younger…they just make me smile.

I hope you’ve got lots of stuff in your closet that makes you smile and makes you feel just a little bit like a kid again.  We all need that.

Feeling like eating an ice cream cone (a calorie-free one of course) and playing kick ball.  Oh, and wearing my overalls of course.