How to Wear Your Husband’s Plaid Shirt

One thing I’ve learned about dressing and pattern mixing is that plaid goes with literally everything.  It’s like a good attitude, sunshine, or iced coffee.  It just always works.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone utter the words: “I don’t look good in plaid.”  Because EVERYONE looks GREAT in plaid!

There are just somedays when I need things to be easy.  Because with toddlers, nothing is ever easy.  I mean remember those days when I could literally just park my car and get out and go?  Just like that?  No longer.  Now a simple stop for coffee entails diaper bags, wielding a giant stroller, and unbuckling and buckling seat belts.  Not to mention whatever snacks, toys, and other pacifying elements are required.  Because no matter how many times you INSIST it will ONLY BE A FEW MINUTES, you might as well be speaking a foreign language and the tiny humans who rule your life insist that you grab ALL the toys and books.  Just for a Starbucks run.  Half an hour and one coffee drink, two apple juices and chocolate covered food items (and a bucket of sweat pouring off of me) later, I’m repeating this exercise to get back IN the car.  So simplicity being a thing of the past, at times I just need to reach for things that just ALWAYS work without me belting, pinning, layering, or sucking in my gut.  Know what I mean?!?

Because I don’t have enough shirts (insert sarcasm here), I stole one of my husband’s.  With his permission of course.  I really like this plaid shirt…the soft colors and the fact that it’s vintage and super thin and worn.  And plaid goes with EVERYTHING.

First and easiest way to wear plaid.  With bell bottoms of COURSE!!!  I love when plaid shirts are a tad too big so I can tie them at the waist.  Then add jewelry and huaraches and you are so good to go!  These sandals are from Ix Style and they’re the cutest!  They’re fair trade and provide clean water for families in Guatemala when you buy them!

This is the easiest plaid shirt DIY ever.  You basically take your arms out of your sleeves, then tie them around your waist like a belt.  Instant strapless top.  That is my kind of DIY!!!  So cute, fun, and totally creates a different outfit out of the same pieces!

I love plaid tops and patterned palazzo pants.  This is my go-to playdate with my kids outfit with my kids because it’s comfy, casual, and easy.  It looks put together but not like I got inappropriately dressed up to go to a park.  The feather necklace just kind of adds a little extra fun! :)

Hope you’re having a fun, easy Wednesday no matter what you’re doing!