Trending: Upcoming Fall Shows

The end of summer means one thing to me (besides pumpkin spice lattes, obvi): FALL TV!  Oh how the long warm days filled with the barbecues and beach trips (or in my case more like sweaty toddler wrangling trips to Target) have been nice, but nothing, NOTHING floats my boat like new fall tv.  Yes, I will wholeheartedly admit that I love my tv shows.  And checking out new shows is a whole new set of fun!  Which ones will I FALL in love with (hehe I have GOT to stop with these puns)?  Which ones will be giant disappointments and end up in the “hey remember that one show that lasted like two episodes?” category?  We just won’t know until it all starts up in a couple of weeks!  Now, while I do love quite a few shows, I’m quite discriminating on which shows I do watch (if you’ve read my post on movies, you have probably already guessed this)…so…yeah.  I’m a choosy person when it comes to my entertainment :)

Let’s talk new shows.  The elusive, to be determined, unwatched premieres of fall 2016.  I feel like some dramatic music should play right now…these are the shows I’m most excited to check out and hopefully welcome to my family of favorites!

This show is described as “an unlikely trio traveling through time to battle unknown criminals in order to protect history as we know it.”  Um, yes please.  Plus, the vintage fashion that I’m seeing in the previews is a MAJOR bonus.

Piper Perabo.  Should I go on?  This new crime/legal drama looks like it has major promise.  And Piper Perabo.

The Good Place
So…I think Kristen Bell and I could be BFF’s.  She loves sloths to the point of tears, I have weird emotional affinities towards bizarre animals too…she’s quirky and funny and likes to make homemade music videos…I just love the girl.  So her new show is most definitely my top most anticipated new comedy of the season.

The Perfectionists
I can’t talk about the fact that Pretty Little Liars is ending after this next season.  I can’t talk about it, you guys.  It’s too emotional.  So, the fact that I. Marlene King (PLL producer) is doing yet another Sara Shepard book (PLL books author) on ABC Family…gives me hope for a new show about girls harboring secrets.  I’m a sucker for a great teen mystery.  I just can’t help myself!

Good Girls Revolt
Okay, have you seen the premiere episode of this AMAZING new show on Amazon yet?  I am RIVETED.  60’s fashion?  Check.  Women in journalism?  Check.  Great writing?  Check.  Girl power?  Check!  SLAM DUNK!  New episodes are starting soon and IT’S ABOUT TIME!!

I’m looking forward to my returning favorites as well like Grimm, The Goldbergs, Modern Family, Teen Wolf, Jane the Virgin, iZombie, and so many more…ahhhhhh yes.  Pumpkin spice and my tv shows are nice!  I love fall so much :)