Trending: Friday Five Roundup

Well here we are again, it’s Friday!  And a top o’ the afternoon to ya!  Hope you’re not getting pinched and finding your bucket o’ gold and all that green goodness!  Enjoy your corned beef and cabbage and get ready for some fun news for your weekend!

Shamrock Shakes CAN Be Healthy

In honor of the greenest of all days and the fact that typically green foods are GOOD for you, HERE is a fabulous option for a festive dessert that won’t add needless chemicals or sugar to your life.  Because why not feel good about desserts??

New Target Collections…Because I Always Gotta Look

I saw on the Today Show today that Victoria Beckham is doing a line for Target, so naturally I was curious about it.  To be honest, I’m not like crazy excited about anything I see, but there is a lot of super cute stuff so it’s worth a look!  HERE is a complete slideshow so you can see for yourself if there’s something you just gotta have from the new collection.

You MUST Watch This Genius New Comedy On NBC

You guys.  I’m SUCH a sucker for a new show, and comedies are just the most fun.  I watched the first two episodes of Trial and Error on NBC and oh my gosh.  Best new show.  Not only do I love John Lithgow in everything I’ve seen him in (Winston Churchill, anyone?), but the entire cast and premise of this show is just sheer genius.  Watch it…you just gotta.

The Jeans…No One Needs

Say…WHAAAAA???  Yeah…I’m kind of baffled by these, er, interesting creations.  But, if you MUST have them, HERE’S a link for you.  At least your knees will be waterproof right?  That’s something!

Make Sure Your Shows Made The Cut

Come on NBC PLEASE renew Timeless for me!!!!  Check HERE to see what’s made the cut for this fall so far!!!

Hope your shows made the list!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Fashion Feels: Black Friday

Black Friday.  It’s like a drug for me.  And yet, I cannot get a single friend to go shopping with me on this holiest of all days.  I mean, it’s literally the most crazy, fun, buzziest shopping day of the year.  The day when I actually get grandma to babysit the kids so that my husband and I can go out nice and early and DO THIS SHIZ.  Yes, I am a serious, but really more fun, Black Friday shopper.

Sure, sure, most of my best shopping is done from small businesses, thrift stores, and vintage shops.  Absolutely do I believe in supporting these places FIRST and FOREMOST.  I mean, I OWN a small business now for crying out loud, so I must also believe in and support them.  But there’s just something about Black Friday that I just LOVE.  It’s like a club.  You go out early, dressed in your sweats (the cute ones of course), get a giant coffee, and you see each other and nod in silent solidarity.  We are the hardcore.  The ones willing to sacrifice an hour or two (or more if you’re one of the crazies who goes out at midnight) of precious sleep to score a DVD for a mere $5.  Does it matter that no one really buys DVDs anymore?  No.  It’s the fact that you are buying an actual MAJOR MOTION PICTURE for five buckaroos that gives you that little thrill and keeps you going.  That, and the giant coffee you’re toting around.  Um, refill please.

Before I move on to my day, which I will try and document with photos that are worthy of looking at, let me give you some background.  I am an only child.  You probably know this already, but I need you to know it for this post.  I was a very social person from day one, born to two people who would rather stay at home or go bird watching than go to a mall or a grocery store.  Yes, you heard me right. BIRD WATCHING.  Now this may be like totes hipster and cool and all these days, but guys…just no.  I wanted to be where the action was.  I would beg my mom to go somewhere, ANYWHERE (and NOT the library or the used bookstore, and if you knew my mom you’d understand why…ten hours later we are still at the xerox machine…) and yet, they’d usually stay home.  Boredom was my middle name.  My dad would balk at the idea of going Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve and I would poke and prod until he’d drive me down there just so I could be where all the humans were.  My Christmases were me, getting toys, and then basically waiting until all my friends were done with their Christmases so I could actually PLAY with my new stuff.

Get some kleenex ready, because this is some good stuff right here.  I remember on Christmas Day, I would literally sit on the back of the couch, looking out the huge window in the front of the house we lived in.  I would watch the house down the street, where four siblings lived, receive car after car after car filled with PEOPLE getting out.  I remember wishing so hard that it hurt that it could be me over there.  Because…I LIKE BEING AROUND PEOPLE.  Honestly, I could buy like one thing and have the best black Friday ever.  Because the shopping is not even the best part of the day for me.  It’s just the fact that if I know where all of my kind will be on any given day, I will make it a point to be there.  It makes me feel like I’m part of the buzz.

SO HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY!  Here’s my day…broken down by steps for you! :)

Step one.  Set the alarm, MAKE myself leave that dream I was having and get in the shower, because, $9.99 jacket at H&M.  Shower, brush teeth, makeup, dress in layers, eggs, no coffee (no time).

Step two. Park, and jump out to claim my jacket and find a white blazer (SUCCESS!) and whatever other goodies may be on sale.  There are like four people in the store (thank you sleepy small town) so I am tempted to over dramatically scream GET OUTTA MY WAY and act like I’m warding off vicious shoppers, but because I’ve had no coffee yet, the amusement must stay imaginary.

Step three.  Get COFFEE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.  Take a weird selfie in an alley way where a dog is watching me because…well, I don’t know why there was a dog eating something in an alley, but I’m too tired to answer this strange question.

Step four.  Head to Target, where all the people actually are to hunt for doorbuster, and SURPRISE! get sucked into the clothing section because with the Cartwheel app everything is 45% off.  So…clothes shopping it is.

Step five.  Go back downtown for some green juice and a sitting break.  Then hit up some random stores and find a place to eat some FOOD.  Ahhhhhhh…more caffeine.  Suck down that iced tea and THEN remember to take a photo of it (too tired to be an awesome instagrammer today).

Step six.  Take an awkward selfie in the bathroom, because the bathroom of this restaurant coordinates with my pants, and then take a photo of my husband who is always posing weird for photos in hopes that I will one day pay attention to the weird thing he is doing and actually take a photo of him instead of me.

Step seven.  Go home, drink more coffee, listen to the kids squawk in their cribs during “nap time” and asses the spoils.  Success, not much money spent, and heck to the yes I got that $9.99 jacket.  Now I’m ready for GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL (!!) and bed.  Ahhhhh bed.

I love Black Friday.  Even the fact that the movie we were gonna see today was sold out, nothing can ruin my Black Friday buzz.

Sleep tight all you shopping warriors.  We done good.



Cool Copying: Chanel and Elbow Patches

You know what I need more of in my life?  Elbow patches.  I feel like they just add that little element of like Sherlock Holmes chic that makes any jacket cooler.  Yeah.  I need more of those things.  When I was a kid, my first career of choice was to be a detective.  I read a lot of kids mystery books and I always was on the hunt for a good “mystery.”  Once my best friend and I saw a mannequin hand in a convertible car parked on the side of the road.  Because we were the best detectives around and had a strong nose for a good mystery, naturally, we stole it.  And that was the extent of my career as a detective.  I know, the irony is not lost on me that the real mystery here to the person who OWNED THE MANNEQUIN HAND was who stole it…but that’s not my point.  Elbow patches a great detective make.

Elbow patches also make me think of professors.  I always thought that teachers were supposed to dress a certain way (probably because I was homeschooled until I was in high school and had never actually met a real teacher).  Then when I got in high school, I realized that teachers are just normal people.  Some of them dress “teacher-y” and others…wear weird stuff.  I had this one teacher, who was just plain weird.  That sounds mean, but you guys, he was.  He wore the same corduroy pants from 1975 (but not in a cool way) with a neon windbreaker from 1985 (see what I mean about the “not cool way” thing?) basically every single day.  He stared at the center of your forehead when he talked to you and never, ever looked you straight in the eye.  His gaze would wander farther and farther from the region of the top half of your face the longer he talked, until he was just looking out the window.  Whenever he’d say “YOU!” and call on someone, we’d all just look at each other like: “do YOU know who he’s looking at?  Because I sure don’t.”

Then I got to college and I walked into the first day of my first math class.  I realized that the girl writing on the chalkboard was the TEACHER even though she looked like she was younger than us.  Turns out students can teach too (student teacher, anyone?), so assuming that anyone who looks just like us was NOT the teacher was a bad idea.  The best though was my botany lab professor, who at the beginning of the quarter told us that he was retiring after this and really didn’t give a rat’s behind about this class.  Sweet.  That was an amazing start to the lab.  He was super tall and thin, had kind of 70’s rocker long grey hair (again, not in a cool way) and wore the same belt with a massive silver dragon belt buckle on it every single day.  I watched him chew out the entire class and call us all stupid because “we couldn’t follow instructions” for a test.  His instructions were total whack, you guys, and we were the smart ones, I guarantee this.  He had a conniption and looked like he may cry, die, or lie down on the floor.  Yes, so many teachers in the world.  And honestly, a shockingly disappointing amount wear elbow patches.  Sigh.  My school didn’t look like Hogwarts either.  Wtf.

I saw this Chanel ad and the minute I saw it, I knew I needed to copy it.  Because, tweed, pastels, and pearls…it is just SUCH a great mash up.

So here’s my version of it, for now.  I’m still going to be on the hunt for more pieces in this look, but here’s what I’ve found…

I thrifted the jacket and the skirt and the pearls…well I made those all by myself!  YouTube video coming soon! :)  I used riding boots for now, but the next thing I’m on the hunt for are OXFORDS because, I know they are coming in in a BIG way.

Sadly, this jacket does not have elbow patches, but it’s pretty darn close to that style.  And also, sadly Hogwarts does not exist in real life.  At least that’s what I’m told, but honestly I don’t really believe that.

Happy ALMOST Thanksgiving!  Get that turkey brining!  :)

Trending: Friday Five Roundup

Why is it that some weeks Friday just sneaks up on you…and other weeks by Tuesday morning, you’re wondering if it’s Friday yet?  Well, regardless of which kind of week you’ve had, IT’S FRIDAY!  Let the rejoicing BEGIN!  And also, let’s talk about the week in review.  Only the happy stuff, I promise.

People Of Earth premiered on TBS, and people of earth, it’s good.

It’s quirky, it’s random, and it’s freaking funny.  Alien humor is always my style…and it’s done by the creators of The Office, so you know it’s by comedy geniuses.  It’s got a Men in Black kind of vibe…worth checking out for sure.

Netflix’s upcoming series “The Crown” is eye candy.

The new show centers on the life of Queen Elizabeth II and as always, whether it’s a keeper or not remains to be seen…but the wardrobe is most DEFINITELY a winner already!

My dreams came true in the form of a popsicle.

Yes, you read that right.  Cold brew in a POPSICLE.  All the flavors look amazing, but you guys, these are amazing.

Speaking of coffee, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Basically everything that Califia Farms makes is incredible.  They did not pay me to say that, nor do they know I exist.  This is the honest to God truth, their stuff is DELICIOUS, and hallelujah the peppermint mocha is out in stores now!



As much as I classically hate DST as a mom of two schedule oriented toddlers, and a lover of sleep at the same times every day, I will not say no to an extra hour of sleep.  Hooray for FINALLY feeling ahead of schedule for ONCE IN MY LIFE!



Fashion Feeling: In (the) Navy Now

Color trends are interesting.  Often I have no real clue where the “color of the year” comes from, however I know it does have meaning and comes from research and all that.  Just because something’s the “color of the year” or “on trend” doesn’t mean I’m gonna wear it though.  There was that one year when it was this super taupe-y purple…and boy do I NOT look good in that color.  So, I just went “off trend” for the year and wore orange instead.  Because I always wear orange.

This year, for fall, it seems that navy is making a resurgence.  Gosh what a great color.  I mean, it’s ALWAYS “in”, it looks good on basically every skin tone, and it’s just a good basic color.  A little more interesting than black, but still very slimming and neutral.  Win-win.  I’ve also noticed that nautical style is really making a huge comeback as well.

Considering I’ve never been on a boat really…maybe once my mom made me go whale watching as a child and I’ve been terrified of whales ever since…this is most definitely a poser-y style for me.  But hey, isn’t all style like that?  I mean, I wear a Boy Scout shirt and I have no clue about the Boy Scouts.  (They’re not the ones with the cookies, so…) I wear rock and roll stuff and while I do play guitar, I play like acoustic guitar, not like shredding leads.  So I can pretend I’m in the “navy”, right?

I honestly love the nautical/military kind of trend.  I think it’s structured and flattering, and well, blue and gold together are just SUCH a winning combo.  So classy and always “expensive” looking somehow.  I don’t pay a TON of attention to color trends, quite honestly, but I do when I like them!

Hope your weekend is going swimmingly and you have effectively avoided all whales (unless you’re not scared of them like I am, which, if you’re a normal human, that’s probably the case).

Trending: Friday Five Roundup

It’s Fri-YAY!  Oh my gosh did I actually say that out loud?  I guess I could delete it, but that would take too much work…I’m too far in, I’m committed, so there you have it.  Anywhoo… (who AM I today???) it’s time for a recap of all the super fun crazy silly amazing random things that happened this week!  Have some coffee, read on, and enjoy!

Lady Gaga is doing the halftime show at the Super Bowl!

Now, I could seriously NOT care any less than I do about sports.  Sorry all you sports fans, but I just can’t get myself to get into stuff I am really really really bad at.  However, two years ago when Katy Perry dominated the halftime show, it reminded me that it’s worth waiting for all that silly football stuff to be over so I can watch a concert!  And Lady Gaga?  YES PLEASE.

Scream Queens is back in all it’s pink glory, and really finding it’s bloody bubblegum-hued groove.

This show makes me want to wear more pink.  More capes, more fur, and more…earmuffs.  Yeah, the style is off the hook and this week, well this week really felt like we were back in the zany swing of things where we left off last year!  When I find just the right pieces, I will be doing a Scream Queens inspired style post because, anyone who can pull off this level of pink in an outfit has my respect.

Is there anything better than watching two guys try on spanx?  Yes.  Watching two BRITISH guys try on spanx.  

The Daily Mail asked two guys to try on the Kardashian’s favorite slimming under garments, and well, as you can see, it’s just the most awesome thing ever.  If this doesn’t brighten your day, I can’t help you.

I think Kate Hudson is reading my mind.

Among being, like, the perfect human, I think she can see my thoughts.  Because I LITERALLY JUST dreamed up a pant suit very similar to this for my clothing line, Velvet California.  Of course, mine will have something awesome printed on the back of the jacket and all that, but COME ON.  Is she spying on me?  I’ve reached a new level of narcissism.  Haven’t I.

Pumpkin obsession level: MIDNIGHT.  Because, fall.  

I found this new home blog that I’m completely head over heels for called Style Mutt Home and there’s this pumpkin/succulent tutorial that will have you racing to your local craft store.  Because, OH MY GOSH SO PERFECT.

And now, for some more pumpkin spice coffee.  Must find something pumpkin spice colored to wear and then maybe bake a pumpkin, just to switch it up a little.  And Kate Hudson if you’re reading this, GET OUT OF MY BRAIN.



Cool Copying: Leopard. Again.

Do you ever see an outfit and just kind of get obsessed with it?  Like, you see a picture of an ensemble, and it’s all you can think about.  You look at it and can almost feel how amazing it would feel on your body.  What?  No that never happens to me!  JUST KIDDING!  (Insert string of laughing till their crying emojis here).

This happens to me…more than I care to admit.  Sometimes we will be out shopping and my son will see a toy, and literally talk about it for days, and almost nothing else.  While it’s easy to find this annoying and all as a parent, I completely understand how he feels!  It’s like this part of your brain that sees something, and triggers this reaction where you think: “if I just got that one THING my life would be complete…”  (Again, insert hilarious laughter emojis because we know how untrue this feeling is!)  So yeah, I get how he feels.  I’m an adult, (I think?) so I know logically now that stuff obviously doesn’t make me happy per say, and that there will always be another “thing/outfit” that makes me feel this same level of obsession.  All that to say, instead of obsessing like crazy and then spending obscene amounts of money just to have something I need, I’ve started a list.

Now, when I see something that triggers that “I need” part of my brain, I’ve started a little list of things that I’m watching out for.  Then, what happens is after a few days of looking, I either sort of forget or change my mind about whatever it is I’m hunting for, I decide to invest a decent amount of money on it because I’ve realized it will be worth it, OR I decide to hold out till I find it for a steal.  This has become a good system for me because it helps out my tendencies towards an obsessive brain!

I was reading through my daily news (all style related of course!) and I came across this outfit on Who What Wear.

Let’s be honest.  There’s Gucci in it, which of course makes me want it.  But the principle of the outfit is simple.  Slip dress, graphic tee, slides.  I have done stuff like this before, but something about this combo is like just enough vintage, just enough Los Angeles cool, and just enough easy to make me need it.  So, I started shopping for a leopard slip dress.  If you look at the actual links to this outfit, you will see that it costs quite a pretty penny.  I’m not opposed to that.  However, besides the Gucci, nothing in this outfit is…not repeatable.  I found a slip on Poshmark for $4 you guys.  So…just saying, sometimes feeding your item/outfit obsession isn’t that bad!

See what I did there?  I took a vintage graphic tee, a second hand leopard slip (these are rather plentiful you guys), and a pair of slides (not Gucci, but I WILL GET THERE!), and done.  I done copied this outfit, y’all.  I could have spent $200 on a leopard slip dress.  That would have been fine.  But the difference is, the dress I got for $4 is basically the same thing as this one.  This is different than, obsessing over a Gucci bag.  (which I am, can you tell?)  There may be no substitute for that one item, so you gotta shell out the big bucks.  But it pays to know the difference right?

Go forth, and copy.  It is, after all, the highest form of flattery!

Trending: Halloween

The glorious day filled with costumes and candy is almost upon us…and what on earth are we gonna wear?  Surprisingly, this question rules my life more than just on Halloween… :)

Maybe I don’t know what I’m gonna wear (probably an “I’m a mom and I’m too tired to put effort into a costume” costume) but apparently, this is what a lot of other people are sporting this year:

If you’re 18-34 years old, apparently, you’re Batman.  (Secret’s out Bruce Waynes).

  1. Batman character
  2. Witch
  3. Animal
  4. Tie: Marvel superhero or DC superhero
  5. Vampire
  6. Video game character
  7. Slasher movie villain
  8. Pirate
  9. Star Wars character
  10. Zombie

And if you’re 35 and over, you’re obviously feeling rather witchy.

  1. Witch
  2. Pirate
  3. Political figure
  4. Vampire
  5. Batman character
  6. Animal
  7. Tie: DC superhero or Star Wars character
  8. Tie: ghost or zombie
  9. Scary costume or mask
  10. Marvel superhero

And while none of these things really appeal to me, I did find some that DID kind of tickle my fancy

Do you know what all these things equal?  Eleven.  If I’m speaking a different language to you, GO WATCH STRANGER THINGS and then, well, your life will be better.  You’re welcome.

All I know, is that no matter if I have the time to dress up or not while I’m dealing with getting toddlers into costume on what is inevitably a 100 degree day, I always look forward to seeing what the Today Show crew does.  They usually go all out and it’s typically pretty epic.  Like, I watch and live vicariously through them since I didn’t have a team of people preparing my costume for me.  However, can we discuss what happened last year?

Is anyone else HORRIFIED by this????  I sat there watching last year, and thought to myself…”this is what happens when you put a ton of planning into something and it goes HORRIBLY WRONG.”  Like that time my high school class had to sell fireworks as a fundraiser and some moms got together and sewed “fireworks costumes” that had pointy hoods and slits cut out for eyes.  Do you see the problem with that costume?  Yeah.  You put all this work into something, in theory it’s amazing…and then…NIGHTMARES.  JUST LOOK AT WOODSTOCK’S FACE!!! WHERE IS HIS BEAK??  MAKE IT STOP!  Hmmm…maybe they were going for the whole fright night vibe, and TOTALLY pulled it off.  Well, here’s to hoping there are no animals with pieces missing on them.  No thank you.

Okay guys, choose wisely!  My costume will be EPIC-ly normal most likely, so I’m counting on YOU to do cool stuff so I can see it!

Happy (almost) Halloween



Advice In Style: How To Dress For Indian Summer

Welcome to September!  That means only one thing…fall, right?  WRONG!  Hahahaha you thought summer was OVER?  JUST KIDDING!  Well, at least for some of us in certain parts of the US, we were just about to get our sweaters out…and then BAM.  Ninety degree weather is baaaaaack.  Now, I’m kind of a weather rebel.  I mean, in some ways, I kind of have to be in order to get to wear some of my stuff more than like, once a year in California.  However, I also get hot very quickly, so I also experience that same desire to change my style when September hits, but since the weather doesn’t want to change along with me, I gotta improvise.  I’ve got some simple (hopefully!) ideas to help those of us sitting here in shorts and a strapless top, sweating, to keep our style from suffering for it!

Unexpected Denim + Fur Accents

I know.  You’re like FUR??  Are you MAD?  Well, that’s a question for another time.  But back to the outfit.  It may be too hot for jeans and you may be too bored for denim shorts.  How about a little denim pinafore or some shortalls?  I also LOVE fur (as many of you know!) and while it’s not the most wearable for indian summer, a little accent never hurt, right?  Add some boots and a short sleeve tee, and you’ll have a little bit of a transitional style going on without sweating too much!

Light Layers

Layers are HARD when it’s warm.  So the breathability factor is super important during this transition season.  A breathable kimono (this one’s my own and coming soon!) and a graphic tee (again, coming soon!) are good fall-ish pieces to try out when it’s still sweltering outside.

Fall Trends…In Summer Lengths

Velvet is one of those awesome fall trends that I am of course, itching (I mean sweating really!) to wear!  If you can find some of the fall fabrics, but in shorter lengths like this skirt, it really helps to make the piece wearable sooner, before the temperatures start to drop.  So try a velvet flared mini skirt with a lightweight blousy button down.  You’ll feel fall without the major deodorant fail.

Hope you guys are staying cool.  Phew.  Where’s my cold brew…

Fashion Feelings: Flowers Are Better Than Numbers

I hate it when passwords have to have numbers in them.  You know why?  I can’t remember numbers.  The first two years of my marriage, I wrote down our anniversary on the calendar on the wrong date.  My husband just looked at me and was like…”why are you writing our anniversary down on that date…you know that’s not actually our anniversary, right?”  Yep.  Two years in a row, no joke.  Remembering my kids’ birthdates or trying to figure out what year it is…my brain rejects numbers vehemently.  I remember things by pictures, words, or by where the nearest Starbucks is to them.

For all you numbers people out there, seriously, I have so much respect for you.  How would we function without you??  This is not meant to offend you, this is just my brain and how it thinks!  I often wish numbers could be replaced with words.  It would be so much easier…common questions like “what time is it?” or “how old are you?” could be answered with colors or feelings.  I could remember that so much easier!  Taking this even further, potentially offensive questions like “how much do you weigh?” or “how old are you?” could become much less horrifying with answers like “feathers” and “happy” (respectively, obviously!)  Yes, I think I am on to something.  Granted, everyone may be in a constant state of confusion, but hey, there would be no more math and that would sure help my brain out a lot!

So today, I’m flowers years old and I weigh roses!  Florals are IN FOR FALL (can I get a hallelujah?!) and I’m so down with that!

Rocking florals for fall is all about LAYERS!  Take a floral sundress (you have one of those right?) and put a shirt under it, or throw a jacket over it, and you are fall ready!  I love the idea of taking a scrappy dress and putting it over a shirt.  It’s super hot right now and is a lot more fun and wearable than you think it is!  Here is a gorgeous (and under $100) idea for a fall floral maxi and here is a great layering piece for underneath to take that dress right into the new season.

Happy weekend :)