Fashion Feeling: In (the) Navy Now

Color trends are interesting.  Often I have no real clue where the “color of the year” comes from, however I know it does have meaning and comes from research and all that.  Just because something’s the “color of the year” or “on trend” doesn’t mean I’m gonna wear it though.  There was that one year when it was this super taupe-y purple…and boy do I NOT look good in that color.  So, I just went “off trend” for the year and wore orange instead.  Because I always wear orange.

This year, for fall, it seems that navy is making a resurgence.  Gosh what a great color.  I mean, it’s ALWAYS “in”, it looks good on basically every skin tone, and it’s just a good basic color.  A little more interesting than black, but still very slimming and neutral.  Win-win.  I’ve also noticed that nautical style is really making a huge comeback as well.

Considering I’ve never been on a boat really…maybe once my mom made me go whale watching as a child and I’ve been terrified of whales ever since…this is most definitely a poser-y style for me.  But hey, isn’t all style like that?  I mean, I wear a Boy Scout shirt and I have no clue about the Boy Scouts.  (They’re not the ones with the cookies, so…) I wear rock and roll stuff and while I do play guitar, I play like acoustic guitar, not like shredding leads.  So I can pretend I’m in the “navy”, right?

I honestly love the nautical/military kind of trend.  I think it’s structured and flattering, and well, blue and gold together are just SUCH a winning combo.  So classy and always “expensive” looking somehow.  I don’t pay a TON of attention to color trends, quite honestly, but I do when I like them!

Hope your weekend is going swimmingly and you have effectively avoided all whales (unless you’re not scared of them like I am, which, if you’re a normal human, that’s probably the case).

Trending: Emmys Fashion Faves

Last night, a whole bunch of pretty girls got all dolled up and put on really expensive dresses.  Just for our entertainment, eye candy, and opinionated rants! Gosh, I feel like I didn’t see a single dress last night that I didn’t like.  I mean, sure, some were maybe less favorited than others, but overall it seemed like a pretty lovely evening…gown-wise!  I of course, have my top choices I’ll share with you because it’s fun to talk about Cinderella style and pretend like I have an event to go to where I could wear one of these!

My Top 2016 Emmy Fashion Faves:

  1. Kristen Bell

You guys know I love Kristen Bell.  She’s my fantasy BFF.  We make fun music videos together and use her amazing washing machine (that I dream of owning) with the drop down, hand wash sink feature.  Dang.  I gotta get me some better fantasies.  Anyway, I love this floral dress…it kind of looks like she made it out of sexy curtains, and I love sexy curtains.

2.  Claire Danes

This poor girl is getting SO much flack right now for her spray tan.  All I have to say to that is, haven’t YOU ever gone a tiny bit overboard with the faux tanner before??  I think we all have.  And liked it.  I think she looks AMAZING.  That gold dress is my dream come true.  Good for her for getting all bronzed up.  It feels good to be tan!

3. Angela Bassett

It’s probably not a mystery why I love this dress so much.  It kind of looks like a robe, it’s yellow, and the sleeves are like kimono sleeves, so basically, it’s my ideal dress!  It’s so drapey and vibrant!

4. Nina Garciá

Every time I saw this dress, it was like everything else vanished on the screen.  I LOVE THIS DRESS.  I want to wear it with tennis shoes and grocery shop in it.  I love the embroidery and the florals on the chiffon with that structured bodice…brava Nina.

5. America Ferrera

After years of watching her in bad braces and ponchos in Ugly Betty, I love seeing her all dolled up and gorgeous like she is.  I love how simple and yet stunning this dress is!

6. Abigail Spencer

I always LOVE Abigail’s style.  Whether it was on screen on Mad Men, IRL, or in the new upcoming show Timeless…it’s always just GOOD.  I love the chiffon, the sparkly kind of polka dot thing she’s got going on here, and the girlish yet still sexy shape of this dress.

7. Guiliana Rancic

She looks like the belongs at the court of Versailles.  This gown is pure magical fantasy!  I LOVE this cape/train thing.  The sheerness makes it drape nicely and those fluttery floral accents…she looks like a princess.

8. The Stranger Things Kids

The best part of the Emmys was untelevised, you guys.  These kids doing their rendition of Uptown Funk literally stole the show without even being in the show!  These kids are freaking ADORABLE and just look at those mad style skills! More to come on how I feel about this show soon…but I think they really stole the  spotlight at the Emmy’s last night multiple times!

I really could go on and on.  There were so many beautiful women in beautiful dresses, it was like a parade of glorious fashion choices!  And now, I will spend ten minutes imagining I’m winning an Emmy for best leading lady in a comedy mom show (basically, my life) and how many outfit changes I will have during the evening.  Or I’ll just take a nap.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I crack myself up…


Trending: Cuba

Up till this point, if someone said “Cuba”, my first two thoughts were “cigars” and “missile crisis.”  But now…something’s changed.  My first thoughts are no longer about things I don’t care for or don’t really understand…my mind now turns to the colorful images of the scenery, the architecture, and, duh, the FASHION.  And I’m not the only one.  With the recent surge of tourism (for obvious reasons!) happening to Cuba, everyone is predicting that the next wave of couture will be influenced by that “Old Havana” style that is so prevalent there.  If you haven’t really seen what I’m talking about, look up Cuban fashion and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Chanel actually held their runway show there in May…signifying that this is the new wave of style to hit the runways, and therefore, most likely a lot of the stores we shop at regularly!  Futuristic fashion right now is actually more like a glimpse into the past!

So what does this mean?  This means COLOR!  Pink, blue, and yellow seem to be predominant shades in this style, as well as gold decadence.  RUFFLES and flouncy pieces are key.  TROPICAL patterns (think vacation destinations like palm trees and exotic flowers) are ruling these fun flowy pieces.  MENSWEAR accents tie the whole look together, like oxford shoes and fedoras (think men’s style from the 40s & 50s).  I don’t think these things are really all that much of a stretch from what’s been going on in style recently, however I think these pieces will really start to become predominant in the spring and summer when the weather starts warming up.

Want to be futuristic and start wearing these pieces now?  (Me too!)

This dress is the perfect one and done piece for this look!  Try a pair of oxfords (these have a little bit of a feminine flair to them) and a fedora and a shimmery gold scarf to add that Havana bling.  You are so ahead of the curve!

Happy styling!


DIY Styling: Gucci Style Part Two

Aaaaaand we are back!  How many parts of this DIY styling will be Gucci, you may ask?  How many stars in the sky are there…how many grains of sand…just kidding.  This installment of DIY Styling is fairly simple one.  Remember, most of these aren’t as much “do it yourself” as they are “wear it yourself”…this is DIY styling first and foremost!  Because there’s nothing I love more than styling!

One of the greatest things about the Gucci line right now is that it’s incredibly eclectic.  There’s a glorious “mash up” of styles happening that makes this an incredibly fun style to recreate.  Also, pretty easy…because mixing things to create a style is much easier than needing one exact piece to make it happen!

I absolutely love this look in the September issue of Vogue.  I love the baroque mod mash up…because what a strange and unusual combo!  Baroque conjures up images of lots and lots of excessive ruffles, lace, jewels, velvet, and fur.  And then mod makes me think of simple shapes like sheath dresses and clean lines.  But put em both together?  Why not?!

See what I mean?  It’s such a strange and interesting combo that it just might work!

Here’s how you can recreate this look.  You can really do this your own way…all you really need is a mod style dress.  Think a 1960’s style dress (it doesn’t have to be striped or chevron, any 60’s simple sheath will do!) and then add some baroque styling elements.  Baroque is an easy style to add accessories in.  Think large blingy gold statement jewelry, fur scarves, collar necklaces, and the like.  Those are usually an easy find from almost anywhere you go.  Then marry the two (ceremony not necessary) and bam.  Instant “Gucci Style”.

For this look I used a vintage 60’s dress (I stuck with the color theme of the photo for visual simplicity) and I added a vintage fur collar to the dress.  These are often found in the costume section of the thrift stores or sold at vintage shops.  Even Free People sells them!  Then I added this antiqued gold collar necklace (these pearls would do nicely too!) to give that baroque bling.  I have no idea what her footwear is in this image, but hey, that means we get more room for creativity with this look right?  I chose loafers, because, well, nothing says “Gucci” like a great pair of vintage loafers!

Hope this inspires you to go do a little baroque mod mash up of your own!  If you do, please tag me on Instagram so I can see!


Advice In Style: Costume Couture

Drop everything you are doing right now, stop reading this, and run, RUN to your local thrift store.  Okay, okay, maybe finish reading this so you know why you’re running.  I went to my local Goodwill the other day, and do you know what I saw?  THE COSTUMES ARE OUT!  (I know, I need to switch to decaf, I hear you loud and clear).  You guys, I cannot emphasize enough how much this is the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR TO THRIFT.  (*Pouring decaf now).  Now, you may be saying: “Katy, I don’t wear weird stuff like you, I don’t want to shop in the costume section!”  But that’s why you need to read this post.  From the weird to the conservative, there is something for you in that costume section.  Lemme break it down for you!

Sure.  This looks like madness.  All together, you’re thinking: “Well THIS sure doesn’t look like couture to me!”  That’s where you’re wrong.  I would bet money that a runway stylist could shop the costume section at the Goodwill, send a model down the runway in it, and you probably wouldn’t even know which model was wearing the “costume couture”.  Why?  Because styling is everything.  Sure, that jacket doesn’t look expensive siting on the rack next to the Spiderman costume!  Nothing would!  But here’s how you can shop top trends and regular style staples in the COSTUME SECTION!


This jacket is a real vintage jacket.  It’s only in the costume section because someone deemed it “costume worthy”.  That’s something to remember if you are feeling insecure about this whole ordeal!

Check out this black beauty of a duster I found!  I just saw this style on the Today Show this morning you guys.  Top trends in the costume section.  Under $20.

Retro Denim
This is a GREAT time to find some classic 1970’s bell bottoms, some 80’s overalls, or pretty much any era of great denim.

How about this patchwork denim vest, totally on trend for Fall?

Metallics are so hot right now.  Thanks to the costume section, you won’t have to pay much to give this look a shot!


There are skirts a-plenty during this time a year!  I’ve seen vintage petticoats (which make amazing prairie skirts, think Spell Style), square dancing skirts, and even just simple solid colored vintage midis…on trend for Fall.

This black skirt is full and perfectly flattering for the upcoming season!

You know I love me some fringe.  I saw a fringe vest today and really, the crowning jewel of my costume couture hunting happened right here:

This is a vintage, handmade, leather fringe tunic.  I know.  I know.  I got no words you guys.

Pajama Couture
Pajamas are so hot right now…you can wear the top with jeans or the bottoms with a graphic tee…or just rock ’em together, devil may care!

Maxi Dresses
Sometimes vintage nightgowns make the best maxi dresses.  They often are what the new bohemian maxi styles are modeled after!

I fully plan on wearing this bohemian maxi with cowboy boots and lots of turquoise.

Yeah, I said it.  This is THE TIME to find traditional gorgeous asian couture!

Just look at those pretties…perfect with jeans!

Military Jackets
These are out in spades right now, and they are always so chic!

And So…
I decided to make my very own thrift store dressing room costume couture chic outfit (over my athletic leggings obviously)!

Sure, the dressing room isn’t quite couture, but hey, the prices and the finds make it worth it!




Real World Style: Military Shirts

Isn’t it funny how while some things in fashion come and go, certain things never seem to really ever go out of style?  I mean, I’m pretty sure that leopard print, while it is inordinately hot at the moment, never really goes “out” of style.  And how about florals and plaids?  There’s another example.  Those prints may have their big moments on the runway or in magazines, but they never really go away.  Military tops and jackets are some of those items that I find seem to always, ALWAYS, be around.  I think the way people wear them varies from season to season, but let’s be quite honest…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fashion report that said they were a no-no.  Not that I ever really listen to those reports anyway…because if I love it, it’s “in style” in my closet and in my life!  End of story!

I always feel a little, how do I say this…poser-y wearing military stuff because, I am a wuss.  I complain when I get like, less than nine hours of sleep and when my coffee is not the exact brand I love, so being a part of something as intense as the military is just not the right fit for me.  Clearly.  So my rules for military inspired wear for myself is that it must look “fake” enough so that no one thanks me for my service or thinks I just went on a shopping spree at the army surplus store.  The other trick to pulling off this trend is also to mix it with other styles.  When you put an army jacket with, say, a floral maxi dress or boyfriend jeans and a graphic tee, no one will think you just got off active duty.  Although, once I did get asked if I was a den mother…but being asked if I’m part of the Girl Scouts, while still quite laughable given my feelings about nature, is a different story altogether!

The bottom line is this: military tops and jackets can add a lot of structure and interest to a normal outfit!  They give girly dresses an edge, and frame a tee shirt and jeans quite nicely.  Just remember, if someone salutes you as you walk by, you may need to rethink your combo.

This top is vintage, and when I found it on Poshmark, I knew I had to have it.  It looks to me like a military commander’s shirt (if you’re gonna wear military, may as well wear something that says you’re in charge right?) and I couldn’t pass it up.  And of course, I had to send it to my friend Arwyn (@township31) who at some point, will probably have fringed, embroidered, and painted on my entire closet.  Let’s just get real here.  She added the gold dipped (her genius idea) leather fringe on the front, thereby taking it from strict military into the blurry realm of…cowboy military?  Not sure there’s a category for that, but I’ll just go ahead and start one.  I will definitely wear this as a regular button down with my jeans, but for starters I wanted to play with it a little more.  I threw it over a green slip dress to kind of pay homage to the army green part of the military trend and then put the short combat boots with it to tie it all together.  It’s a little 90’s, a little 80’s, and a little crazy…just how I like it.

If you love military style, I salute you.  And if you’re part of the ACTUAL military, I really really salute you.  Because the store has been out of my favorite coffee for a month now and I am NOT a happy camper.

Happy Monday!


On Necklace Layering

Necklace layering.  It’s something that I often do, but rarely think about.  I’ve had a number of people ask me how to do it, and then I have to stop and think about it.  The answer is simple really, you just put on necklaces, and then after a while, you stop putting them on!  Okay, for reals that’s what I do.  However, I do understand that there is an instinct that I have developed over time, and that takes practice.  And you have to start somewhere, and with some level of inspiration.  So I’m going to try and break it down into some basic ideas, with some tips and tricks for you…that way if you’re feeling like you don’t know where to start or you don’t feel like you’ve got your instincts on this yet, you’ll have a place to begin!  Keep in mind, there really are no RULES to this.  There’s no rules other than if you like it or not.  If you like silver, use silver.  If you like gold, use gold.  If you like both, mix them!  The sky is the limit, and anything goes!

To get started, start collecting jewelry!!  This doesn’t have to be an expensive process.  I really don’t own many expensive pieces yet, and that’s ok.  Etsy is a fabulous source for handmade jewelry, and a lot of it is quite inexpensive.  Forever 21, Target, and even places like Kohl’s have very much stepped up their jewelry game and they have many great pieces to mix and match.  And don’t forget about thrift stores, flea markets, and second hand stores!  That’s where you’ll really score and get stuff that no one has ever seen before!!  I have been collecting jewelry for a while now, so it’s quite easy to layer…and once you start your collection and it grows a bit, you’ll see that it gets easier.  The more options you have…well, the more options you’ll have :)

This look is FUN and basically my GO TO right now.  It’s got leather and gold (I’m a gold person, so keep that in mind…silver will work or rose gold too if that’s your metal of choice!) and lots going on.  I like lots going on!
THE PIECES: This is a leather wrap choker with a tassel pendant attached to it (details on that to follow), a layered multi chain necklace, and two vintage gold choker length necklaces.
TIP: The BEST way to make this look easy peasy, is to find one necklace that has a ton of chains on it.  These are pretty easy to find cheap typically at places like F21 or the thrift stores. You can also make one if you’re so inclined by going to the craft stores and getting a bunch of chain and attaching it into one multi length necklace.  Varying the chain colors and link size will make it look even cooler.
TRICK:  Okay you guys.  This leather choker.  It’s a PIECE OF LEATHER I bought at a craft store (leather laces, deerskin is the best if you can find it) and I bought a chain pendant at Michael’s to hang on to it.  It cost me under $10 and I now have a bunch of colors.  It’s so easy, it’s almost wrong.

This look is basically a more delicate layering option.  If you keep the metal monochromatic and the pendants even smaller than these, it will be more delicate and more of a conservative layering look.
THE PIECES: I have a handmade necklace from The Joyful Jewelry Box (love her!), a turquoise cross from Forever 21, and a thrifted agate slice.
TIP: This is an easy look.  The thing you want to do is to keep all the necklaces at very similar lengths…just slightly staggered is best.  Like within half an inch to an inch of each other is best.
TRICK: You can easily make this look by buying chain and small pendants at the craft store and making each necklace just slightly longer than the last.


Chokers are the total new IT necklace.  They are also a GREAT layering piece because they don’t interfere with your other jewelry…there’s no tangling or competing for the same length typically.  This look can be monochromatic like I did it, or can be totally changed up by using different colors.
THE PIECES: This is a deerskin braided concho leather choker by Desert Mermaid, a multi strand turquoise thrifted necklace, and a tassel necklace from Anthropologie.
TIP: The principle behind this look is three distinct lengths.  ONE: a choker, TWO: a collar bone piece, and THREE: a midriff hitting pendant.  Pretty much ANYTHING can be used in this look, even a short necklace instead of a choker if you’re not a choker person.
TRICK:  A piece of ribbon tied around your neck is a perfect layering choker.  It’s cheap and easy and you can literally own every color of the rainbow for super cheap.


Surprise!  You thought this was about NECKLACE layering didn’t you!?  Gotcha!  I mixed in a brooch because remember?  There are NO RULES!
THE PIECES:  This is a tiny collarbone star necklace (the one I wore at my wedding in fact!), a vintage brooch, and a long gold necklace from Anthropologie.
TIP:  This is a great way to layer that won’t get tangled up together!  You can also put a brooch off to the side, or even wear a few in a row across the neckline of your shirt to add more interest.
TRICK: If you love brooches but don’t have any, they can easily be thrifted or made by taking clip on earrings or anything really and gluing it onto a pin.

The wild west ain’t got nothing on this look!  Bolos can be a bit harder to layer because of their long tails.  That’s why layering them under a scarf works beautifully.
THE PIECES:  A thrifted scarf and a bolo made by my lovely Hillbillygypsy Boots.
TIP:  Any scarf will do for this look!  You could use a vintage one or any type really…it will still be a great layering piece over a bolo or a long necklace.
TRICK:  You could find a fabric that you like and cut a square in a scarf size and that’s an easy and cheap way to get any look you want with the pattern you want.


Again with the scarf!  Flip it around, add a brooch, and you’ve got a whole new groove.  Basically this look is about three different lengths.  It’s an easy one!
THE PIECES: Thrifted scarf, a vintage brooch, a thrifted coin necklace, and a long necklace from Anthropologie.
TIP: With a floral scarf and a pretty sparkly brooch, you get a whole different look to this layered vibe.
TRICK: If you don’t have a brooch, you could easily just tie your scarf in a knot, or tie a longer one in a bow, and then add a few necklaces below it and it’s still super cute!

Now…just do it!  Mix some metals, try some tricks…get crazy and bold with this!  Jewelry is an easy and more conservative way (for those of you who have to dress a bit more conservatively for work OR you just aren’t into bold clothing) to add flair and pizazz to an outfit.  I mean, a white tee and jeans could look so put together with some layered jewelry!

If you wanted to buy pieces like the ones I used, I’ll add some links here for you to get started on your hunt!


Hope your week is just jammin’


On Basics…And Maxi DRESSES

Wednesday is upon us, so it’s once again time to think about how to swap, switch, and snazz up a basic!  “Basics…Anything But” today is all about a maxi dress!  To begin with, let’s have a little heart to heart about maxi dresses, shall we?  I remember watching an episode of The Rachel Zoe Project years ago when she was meeting with buyers for some major department stores to find out what pieces from her line they were going to purchase.  To her shock and horror (being a MAJOR maxi dress lover), NO ONE was ordering the maxis.  Actually, they were ordering everything BUT the maxi dresses.  She asked them why on earth this was the case, and they gave her their honest answer: because they just aren’t big sellers.  Because a lot of women are afraid of the maxi or they just don’t know how to wear it.  This really got me thinking.  I’ve always loved maxi skirts and dresses…I’ve worn them my whole life, and I haven’t really thought twice about it.  But now after spending some time in a clothing store, I’ve realized that this is actually fairly true.  I wouldn’t say that MOST women don’t wear them, but I would say that A LOT of women are not drawn to this length.  The skirts that sell out are the shorter lengths by FAR.  This is the funny thing…maxi dresses and skirts, if they are the correct fit, are actually quite flattering, comfortable, and versatile.  So regardless if you’re a long dress lover or not, let’s try and have some fun with one!

THE DRESS:  Okay so fit is really important on a maxi, just as it is in most dresses.  Floor length dresses tend to be a LOT of fabric (I think this is one of the things that can scare women away to be quite honest) so if this is an issue for you, stay away from a higher waist empire style for SURE.  If the waistline starts just under your boobs, that’s going to be a much longer, fuller skirt than if it starts lower down on your waist, or closer to it.  If you happen to love the empire waist, then go for it!  But if not, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of skirt that is happening!  In order to pull off these swaps and switches successfully, the best style of dress will be a strappy (or strapless) simple maxi that’s a bit more fitted at the top and fuller at the bottom.  The dress I chose is from Free People and it’s got quite a full skirt on it.  (I gotta say, I bought it because Sasha of @snafierce wore it and DANG she rocks it, check out her post!)  You can EASILY do this exact same styling with a simpler dress if you don’t want the huge ruffles!  HERE is a super cute option that’s got some pattern variation and is nice and relaxed and HERE is a super simple budget friendly option (I know it’s called “empire waist” but it’s not full skirted, so it’s much more slimming than the average!)

Let’s start styling!  The beauty of this switch up is that if you have summer events or weddings to attend, you could potentially buy one dress and re wear it multiple ways (including to an everyday non formal function) without wearing the exact same outfit!  Apparently that’s all the rage now (I read about it in the Wall Street Journal this week so I know it’s true!).

Something about this dress reminds me of Gossip Girl!  It’s got a Grecian feel but it’s not quite as fancy as that dress Serena wore in the Hamptons!

I paired this dress with some gladiator sandals (HERE is a great pair for $54!) and some bohemian beachy macrame jewelry to give it a dressed down but still classy feel.  This is a great look for a beach wedding or party!
THRIFTY TIP: This look is VERY similar to the look I put together a few posts ago when I did one about maxi skirts!  So if you don’t have a good long dress or can’t seem to find one, find two long skirts and layer them just like I did on that post!
CRAFTY DIY: If you know how to make macrame plant holders and the like, make yourself a great necklace!  Otherwise, you can totally buy shells at the craft store and hang them on a chain to make your own necklace and it will look super boho beach ready!
SWAP IT OUT: Fringe sandals, or a basic scrappy sandal will also be very beachy keen with this look.  You could also use beaded necklaces instead of shells to add color and change the vibe of the outfit.

Here’s an easy way to change the look of your dress without layering on too much in the hot weather!  It adds a little coverage also if you’re looking to cover your arms or shoulders.

This look is still beachy but it’s a little classier.  It’s a very monochromatic look with this dress, but you could TOTALLY change that by using a different dress or shoes or top!  The crochet top needs to be short typically so that it hits at the right spot and leaves you a bit of a waist with the maxi dress.  HERE is one option, but it will depend on the top of your dress what style works best with it!  HERE is a few color options on the wedges for you (the ticket is that stretchy top because it’s SO comfortable!).
THRIFTY TIP: HERE is a fabulous (and nice retro reproduction too!) steal of an option for a crochet top that comes in black and white to give you a choice of colors!  And while you’re at it, HERE is a great cheap gold collar to give you a pop of metallic for this look!
CRAFTY DIY: Another way to make this look super cool and a little bit tough, is to thrift a bunch of gold chains (or make some at the craft store!) and layer a bunch of them.  That way you have an instant gold collar necklace!
SWAP IT OUT: Swap the cream crochet for black and use silver jewelry and black wedges.  It’ll be more of a nighttime look, a little bit tougher, and less beach ready.

A great way to make almost ANYTHING look more casual and daytime?  A graphic tee.  They layer over or under most anything and everything and they really relax the whole vibe of the outfit!  My answer to most everything is (yes a kimono, but in this outfit that doesn’t apply!) is a graphic tee and cowboy boots.  You can pretty much go anywhere with a casual dress code in those two things.
In this case, I used a tee from Bandit Brand, which is a GREAT place to get graphic tees if you want to splurge and grab something that really does look vintage.  (HERE is my exact shirt).  You could totally grab one of the same prints in many different styles (I just happen to love the muscle tee but sleeves totally work too!) and even some in different colors.  Also, Midnight Rider is another go-to for vintage reproduction tees!
THRIFTY TIP:  So when I started hunting at thrift shops for graphic tees, I realized why they are typically so expensive when you find them online or at a vintage shop.  The good ones are pretty darn hard to find.  But do look when you’re thrifting, just focus on the MEN’S SECTION because that’s where the good ones, if they exist, will be.  The great news is that places like Target have been ROCKING the vintage shirt game and even Forever 21 is getting up to speed too.  Check out THIS ONE and THIS ONE because I know it can be kind of shocking, but I never expect to pay less than around $50 for a good graphic tee and these ones totally fit the bill and come in way under that price!
CRAFTY DIY: I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  A borderline lame or not so hot tee from the thrift store can be saved by stretching the heck out of it, cutting the hems open, and ripping a few holes in it.  Heck I even got one that was basically ugly and I cut a v out of the front and grommeted and laced it up.  Totally changed the shirt into one of my favorites!  Here’s a YouTube tutorial on it!
SWAP IT OUT: You could easily use a cute tee and tennis shoes to liven up this look and make it super fun!  THIS ONE and some white tennis shoes would be fun!

I know, I know, who in their right mind wears a summer dress with fur right?  I DO!!!!  I love the neutrals and the sort of haute couture of the loafers, gold, and the fur vest with this ruffled goodness.
This is a super easy layering option…throw on a vest, slip on some loafers, and go.
THRIFTY TIP:  Fur is one of those things that it’s honestly better to get new…faux fur is preferable usually, and places like Target and Forever 21 and H&M tend to have a plethora of them in the fall.  The great news is that it’s totally off season for fur vests so they’re all on sale!  THIS ONE is under $20!
CRAFTY DIY: HERE is a FABULOUS post on how to make your own statement necklaces out of stuff like ribbon and chain and stuff so that you can create your own bling for much cheaper than the store bought ones!
SWAP IT OUT:  Too hot for fur?  A denim vest or even a funky brocade one would be really fun over a maxi dress!  You could also swap booties for the loafers or even simple ballet or lace up flats for them as well!

We MADE IT!  Now do you wanna try a maxi?  I promise these looks will be cool over a sleeker dress if the ruffles feel like too much for you.  Even a kimono (gasp!) would look amazing over one as well, so GO NUTS!

And happy midweek day y’all we made it this far hallelujah!

On How Life is Like Thrifting

I was thinking about thrift store shopping…and I realized that some of the same rules that apply to doing it also apply to life as well.   I decided that instead of just writing another post on thrifting tips, which is definitely always fun, that I’d write one that’s both about thrifting AND about life.  Because I could always use a little encouragement and sometimes I just need to write this stuff for myself!

So here goes.  Here are some of my current (I like to use that word because hey, maybe I’ll come up with some new ones someday to add to it!) rules for thrift store shopping AND living!

Keep an open mind because not everything different is bad.   When it comes to thrifting, the best way to be successful is to have an open mind when you’re shopping.  Grab and try on stuff that has the potential to be amazing…or REALLY BAD.  The other day I went to Goodwill and I tried on this shirt that was either going to be like Chloe Spring 2016 runway awesome OR mom from the Goldberg’s epic 80’s craziness.  (It’s coming to the blog soon to answer your question :))  I guess I feel like in life this is super helpful too…sometimes I’ve written off people right away thinking that I would have nothing in common with them or that they seem kind of…different…and later on end up realizing that they are amazing fun people that I would have missed out on knowing had I not given them a shot!  There was this girl I knew a long time ago who seemed really serious.  I’m not serious at all people, so when people seem more analytical or solemn, I tend to shy away from them because they typically find me silly, loud, and ridiculous.  I knew her for quite a while and honestly I don’t remember how it happened, but one day we talked a little bit and I realized that even though she was a bit more serious than I was, she was also a LOT of fun.  We ended up hanging out and becoming great friends!  Somedays I think about that and realize that we missed a year or two of friendship simply because we had falsley judged each other!  All this to say, that when you’re thrifting, sure, you could try on some pretty hideous things in the process, but you never know till you try right?!  And in life, you might miss a friend if you judge too quickly!

You have to wade through a lot of not so awesome stuff…but not pay attention to it.   Gosh.  Thrift store shopping can be gross.  Let’s call it like it is.  There’s a LOT of nasty stuff that’s pretty much trash and you have to sift through it to find the good stuff.  That’s so the way life is.  There’s so much crap in social media, on TV, and just everywhere.  Wrong stuff, bad stuff, stuff we can’t control but get’s propagated by the spread of information so we have to wade through it just to get to the stuff we want to see and experience.  I have a hard time with this stuff.  I’ve always been very affected by the sad things I see on the news so I try to be careful how much of it I expose myself to.  I mean, we have to be responsible and do our part, but you guys I’m not superwoman.  I wish I was!  But in the words of Frankie Heck (from The Middle, if you’re not watching, it’s hilarious and the most recent episode deals with this topic!) “sometimes you gotta just relax and watch a movie with too many white people in it.”  Ahhhh I love that quote because it’s so true.  We all need to do what we can.  But if we let the problems consume us, it will not allow us to be effective at basically ANYTHING!  If you’re thrifting and you get bogged down by the smelly weird stained clothes that you see, you’re not going to be able to see the treasures that might be sitting RIGHT next to it.  So yeah, the garbage is there.  It would be naive to say it’s not.  But we don’t have to pay attention to it!

Don’t let your “failures” deter you from trying again.  And again.  Sometimes you go to a few shops and you come up empty handed.  Nothing fit, nothing was that great, everything was kind of just bad…it happens.  Some weeks nothing gets done.  The laundry piles up, the kids are cranky, you haven’t been a very nice person…it’s just life.  But hey, that doesn’t mean that we can’t try again tomorrow right?  That doesn’t mean that you’re not going to find some incredible thing at the Goodwill or that you aren’t going to kick butt at whatever you’re doing tomorrow!  Or heck, maybe even in the next couple of hours!  Things ALWAYS can turn around and the only way we are guaranteed that they won’t is to stop trying.  I stopped thrift store shopping for a few years because I stopped having success and then I stopped trying.  Well, I’m guessing I would have had success if I’d tried again!  Today I’ve been kind of a blah kind of human being.  I don’t plan on giving up and being blah for the rest of my known life.  It’s worth trying again no matter what the “failure” is!

Share your successes freely and your failures sparingly.  Haven’t you noticed how  success breeds success and failure breeds failure?  Like if you tell a friend about all the cool stuff you found at a thrift store, she gets excited and tends to go find stuff on her own…it’s like your excitement and your triumphs cause other people to do the same, but ONLY IF YOU SHARE THEM!!  Same goes for the negative too though.  You tell someone how you never find good stuff…it often encourages them to NOT go out and try…it reminds them that sometimes it’s a wasted trip and that sometimes there’s nothing but junk.  Same goes for life.  I don’t know how many times it’s happened, but when I hang around people who share good stuff all the time, I find myself doing things differently.  I try new things.  I take more risks.  I feel more confident and hopeful about life.  But those people who are constantly asking negative questions…sharing unnecessary bad stuff (like you know the bad Facebook stories about people you don’t know…THOSE types) can do the exact opposite.

So you see?  Life and thrifting are kind of similar!  I found this dress at Goodwill, and I could not believe my eyes.  It was one of those crazy bizarre things that I knew could go either way, and happily, all the weird things I tried on that trip ended up to be total wins!  But if I’d never tried, I’d never have known :)

The sandals are the absolute BEST simple summer sandals and if you need new summer shoes, you NEED these Sam Edelmans!  Oh and they come in like EVERY color too!  I am caftan obsessed…and honestly LOTS of vintage shops on Etsy have them, so do take a look next time you’re on there!

I hope your weekend is amazing and filled with fun thrift store finds!


On Glitter, Gold, and a Vintage Tunic

Warning.  In this post, I’m going to most likely mention Twilight a lot, so if you don’t like Twilight, well, that’s just too bad for you.

I have to preface this by saying I know nothing of real “vampire” culture, as defined in the classic vampire fiction or movies.  My previous experience with them was The Count on Sesame Street (and since he was all about counting and numbers and stuff, he was basically SUPER boring to me) and a funny episode of the X Files that introduced Luke Wilson to me as a funny actor.  So when I read Twilight, this was my introduction into vampires, and I’m pretty sure that to most people it was offensive since the culture laid out in that story was pretty tame and silly in comparison.  Which is, exactly why I loved it.  I tried watching True Blood, but those vampires were so mean that I immediately stopped.  What the heck True Blood?  Where’s the sparkly skin?  That’s like the main reason I loved Twilight!

Years ago, I was at an event, and the ice breaker for the evening was: “If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?” I listened to all the very sophisticated answers…like “I would fly because that would be amazing to see the world from afar”, and “I would be invisible so that I could hear what other people were saying without them knowing I was there” (what a nightmare that would be, by the way!), and I was absolutely bored OUT OF MY MIND.  I mean, come on you guys.  A little originality goes a LONG WAY and these answers are just so traditional and I can’t even believe that no one has an answer I’ve never thought of.  So when they got to me, naturally I decided to veer away from the norm.  Because, I’m a total rebel.  :)  My answer was: “I would sweat glitter”.  Everyone stared at me like I was an insane person.  Which I am.  But that’s beside the point.  I then explained my reasons (which I will list below) and yet, still no one understood.  I guess I’m just to weird for the general population!

Here are my reasons, so that you too can get on board with this unappreciated genius.  1. I sweat a LOT.  Like more than my husband and maybe as much as one of those football dudes that everyone’s always going on about.  So if I were to sweat glitter instead of actual sweat, I would never have to worry about deodorant fails, sweaty pits, or gross yellowing of my white shirts.  I’d just be beautiful and glittery like Edward Cullen and people would marvel at my glory in the sunlight.  Oh, and I’d never need luminizer.  Think about that gem for a minute why don’t ya!  2. I’d be super popular at all the parties.  I mean, imagine you could make it rain glitter at any moment (just turn the heater up and you’re golden…literally) and you’d be a party HIT!  3. It could be weaponized.  Think about it…someone comes at you, you start sweating, and you just kind of fling the glitter at their faces…bam.  Weaponized glitter.  It’s glamorous, and effective.

Now that you’re all on board with my amazing scientific advance, we just need to start a campaign to turn this character I’ve created in my head into a movie, a book series, and an action figure that when you heat it up, produces glitter.  But until then, I have this outfit to simulate my fantasy.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  “But will you wear that in real life??” you ask.  Do you know me BUT AT ALL?  So yeah I’m definitely wearing this amazing sparkly vampire tunic!!!!  It’s handmade out of vintage fabric by the amazing Mod Melrose (sold though and it’s pure glory in a gold tunic.  I put it with my amazing gold Lenni the Label velvet bells, but you can also get them here and here and here.  That incredible necklace was handmade by the oh so fabulous Desert Mermaid on Etsy and she’s a master of jewelry making!

I hope no one’s out there sweating right now…and if you are, imagine that it’s glitter and you’ll TOTALLY get what I’m saying!