Fashion Feelings: What I’ve Learned From Television

I watch a lot of tv shows.  I use the excuse that I didn’t have television when I was a kid (like cable tv, we had a television, but it was only used for like Disney movies and my parents’ National Geographic VHS tapes), but truth is, I love tv shows.  I meet new friends, go new places, and learn new things.  Yes, I said it, I learn new things.  And I don’t watch documentaries.  I watch mostly teen tv, sci fi,  mysteries, and comedies.  And I get educated from these, you guys.  I’m here to say, that television can be educational.

Here’s what I’ve learned from my hours of TV watching.

  1. I learned what FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) was from The X Files.  I also learned to trust no one, that aliens do exist, and that everything is a cover up.  TRUST NO ONE.
  2. I learned that the term “going commando” was coined on the show Friends.  I also learned that you definitely do not do that in another man’s fatigues.
  3. I learned who Paul Anka was from Gilmore Girls, since she named her dog after him.  I also learned that coffee is good, it makes you talk fast, and that is just fine with me.
  4. And from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, I learned how to wear fringe.  (They made a lot of crap up on that show, so I didn’t learn a whole lot else, except how to look far off in the distance and yell SULLLLLLLY really loudly).

And there you have it.  Parents, television is educational, so let your kids binge on Gossip Girl because you never know what they may learn.

So this is my Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman outfit.  It is inspired by Sully, who if you ever watched that show, will know was the dude with the really pretty blonde hair who thought he was a Native American, but probably just had a great spray tan.  This is the amazing tunic dress I got in the Halloween section at one the Goodwills by me.  I love this thing and while it is costume-y, I’m just going to be careful to accessorize it correctly (i.e. don’t wear my fringe boots with it unless I’m using this as a Sully costume) and that way, I can attempt to get minimal stares while I wear it.  (Some stares are always inevitable with my style).

I’m attempting to learn stuff from my fifth round though Pretty Little Liars, but you guys, I just get more paranoid and afraid of the letter A, so I’m not sure it’s the MOST educational…

Happy almost Friday y’all!

Real World Style: Magazine Fall Style

I love pouring through those amazing haute couture spreads in the latest (or even old editions really) issues of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire…basically you name a magazine, I love it.  One of the things that’s always a struggle though, is to make the looks they put together actually wearable in real life.  I mean, a lot of haute couture is more art that inspires fashion than pieces that are really supposed to be worn to the grocery store or to a holiday party.  Let’s get real.  Some of those girls on the runways or in the photo shoots…aren’t wearing any underwear.  Sorry guys, I love fashion a lot, but I’m not showing my nipples while buying diapers at Target.  At least intentionally.

Challenging as it can be, sometimes there are looks that are more easily reproducible in those glossy pages than the ones that consist primarily of mesh and body paint!  These are the most fun looks because they are great outfit inspiration when I’m feeling like I don’t know what I want to wear!  One tip I’ve learned…vintage is often a GREAT substitute for haute couture pieces.  Often times vintage is what inspired those pieces we all see and love, and it’s at a fraction of the price and more accessible to those of us who don’t live near a Versace or Gucci store!

I love this look.  The fall feelings…the mixture of the menswear blazer, the feminine pleats, and the gritty rainboots all creates a beautiful piece of art.  This is one of those looks that, may be fantastically pricey and couture, is easily replicated out of normal clothing that is either already in your closet, or is somewhere around you at a normal store!

Everything on me is vintage, except for those Hunter boots.  And you know what, everyone needs a pair of Hunters!  It barely rains here, but when it does, I bust out these amazing things happily!  Micro pleats are a huge trend for fall 2016, and micro pleats are SO VINTAGE!  Here’s a basic option from H&M for a micro pleated skirt dress.  My jacket is an amazing Goodwill find (I watched another girl try it on and waited for her to put it back before snatching it up!) but here’s an incredible velvet blazer that would be SO good with that H&M micro pleat dress!

And there you have it, proof you can dress haute couture without spending the big bucks (unless you wanna, and there is NO judgement from me on that!).

Advice In Style: Costume Couture

Drop everything you are doing right now, stop reading this, and run, RUN to your local thrift store.  Okay, okay, maybe finish reading this so you know why you’re running.  I went to my local Goodwill the other day, and do you know what I saw?  THE COSTUMES ARE OUT!  (I know, I need to switch to decaf, I hear you loud and clear).  You guys, I cannot emphasize enough how much this is the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR TO THRIFT.  (*Pouring decaf now).  Now, you may be saying: “Katy, I don’t wear weird stuff like you, I don’t want to shop in the costume section!”  But that’s why you need to read this post.  From the weird to the conservative, there is something for you in that costume section.  Lemme break it down for you!

Sure.  This looks like madness.  All together, you’re thinking: “Well THIS sure doesn’t look like couture to me!”  That’s where you’re wrong.  I would bet money that a runway stylist could shop the costume section at the Goodwill, send a model down the runway in it, and you probably wouldn’t even know which model was wearing the “costume couture”.  Why?  Because styling is everything.  Sure, that jacket doesn’t look expensive siting on the rack next to the Spiderman costume!  Nothing would!  But here’s how you can shop top trends and regular style staples in the COSTUME SECTION!


This jacket is a real vintage jacket.  It’s only in the costume section because someone deemed it “costume worthy”.  That’s something to remember if you are feeling insecure about this whole ordeal!

Check out this black beauty of a duster I found!  I just saw this style on the Today Show this morning you guys.  Top trends in the costume section.  Under $20.

Retro Denim
This is a GREAT time to find some classic 1970’s bell bottoms, some 80’s overalls, or pretty much any era of great denim.

How about this patchwork denim vest, totally on trend for Fall?

Metallics are so hot right now.  Thanks to the costume section, you won’t have to pay much to give this look a shot!


There are skirts a-plenty during this time a year!  I’ve seen vintage petticoats (which make amazing prairie skirts, think Spell Style), square dancing skirts, and even just simple solid colored vintage midis…on trend for Fall.

This black skirt is full and perfectly flattering for the upcoming season!

You know I love me some fringe.  I saw a fringe vest today and really, the crowning jewel of my costume couture hunting happened right here:

This is a vintage, handmade, leather fringe tunic.  I know.  I know.  I got no words you guys.

Pajama Couture
Pajamas are so hot right now…you can wear the top with jeans or the bottoms with a graphic tee…or just rock ’em together, devil may care!

Maxi Dresses
Sometimes vintage nightgowns make the best maxi dresses.  They often are what the new bohemian maxi styles are modeled after!

I fully plan on wearing this bohemian maxi with cowboy boots and lots of turquoise.

Yeah, I said it.  This is THE TIME to find traditional gorgeous asian couture!

Just look at those pretties…perfect with jeans!

Military Jackets
These are out in spades right now, and they are always so chic!

And So…
I decided to make my very own thrift store dressing room costume couture chic outfit (over my athletic leggings obviously)!

Sure, the dressing room isn’t quite couture, but hey, the prices and the finds make it worth it!




On Style Ruts and Having Fun

Even people who love to wear clothes and to shop get into style ruts.  Like me.  I love to style and to put together outfits…but these past two weeks I’ve been kind of, off my game you could say.  Not like in a slump where I can’t figure out what to wear, but more like I’m just kind of uninspired I guess.  It’s funny how something you love so much and generally have fun doing can even feel like a chore at times.  Blog posts have been not really happening as much the past couple of weeks, partly because life has been busy and partly because figuring out what to write about and what I want to creatively put together has been more of a struggle than usual.

I know that I put a lot of pressure on myself to preform in a lot of ways.  This is partly what causes the ruts for me quite honestly.  I put pressure on myself to come up with great ideas and to constantly outdo myself and then suddenly things that are typically fun for me become frustrating and exhausting.  So today, I decided that adopting the Nike slogan was the best idea.  Just do it.  And then I had my inspiration.  Today, let’s talk about getting out of a style rut.  This post is as much for me as it is for you…maybe more!

So here we go!  This may be different for you than it is for me, but if you’re suddenly a closet case, suffering from outfit anxiety and blue jean boredom…here’s some tips to help you get OUT of that rut, and INTO something new!

HAVE FUN.  This might sound silly, but sometimes to counteract boredom with a bit of fun, you gotta be a little silly, a little goofy, maybe even a little juvenile.  Like for example, putting some pompom sandals with your jeans and a tee.  Wearing a shirt that has a woodland creature on it.  Adding a little piece of “costume” to your outfit…it can be small and subtle like a clever slogan on a piece of jewelry or bolder like a flower crown.  All I’m saying is, wear something that makes you smile and reminds you of playing dress up as a little girl.  No one even needs to know that’s what you’re doing, but you’ll feel the difference!

GET BACK TO BASICS.  This has two meanings, really.  First off, revisit the BASICS in your closet.  For example, I realized that my denim collection needed a refresh.  I have a lot of jeans, but many of them are old and kind of out of date and not the style I’m craving lately.  I have some great flares and bells, but I’ve been in a rut with those things…I needed some good skinny jeans and some great boyfriend jeans to add in.  So check out your basics…you may even have all that you really need, but maybe you need to clean some of the old basics out and replace them with some new graphic or plain tees with a revamped fit and style.  The second meaning of this statement is, to remember what you love, style-wise.  Get back to the basics of WHO you ARE, the STYLES you LOVE, and the LOOKS you ADMIRE.  If you’re a classic jean and tee girl, then re wear a few of your favorite things or an outfit you felt great in last time you wore it.  (yes, outfit repeating is not only allowed, it is encouraged!) Remember what eras you love and play with mimicking them.  I’m a 70’s lover, so for me, that means throwing on my high waisted orange bell bottoms and a retro t shirt.  I feel like “me” in that look and it never bores me.  It always feels fresh to me.

GO SHOPPING.  Okay, I get it.  This may not be in your budget, I understand!!  But how about thrift store shopping?  I use thrifting all the time to get out of a rut and sometimes buying a $5 vintage denim skirt or scoring a $4 Free People top is all I need to do it.  You could also call up a few friends and do a closet swap!  That way no one pays a dime, and everyone leaves with new stuff.  And don’t forget about places like Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads Trading Co. that will pay you cash or give you store credit for your gently used stuff.  You really don’t need to go on a huge shopping spree to get out of a rut!

GET INSPIRED.  Magazine photo spreads are my favorite for this.  Because just the act of seeing what other people are doing creatively will often spark your creativity.  You’ll see new layering ideas, new pattern mixing thoughts, and ideas of pieces you may want to add in to your wardrobe.  Fashion is basically all of us copying each other but with our own flair added to it!  I love it love it LOVE IT when I hear that someone was inspired by me.  When someone asks if she can “copy me” (usually that means she’s doing her own thing but it was inspired by me, so it’s not really even copying to me!) it MAKES MY DAY.  It is the HIGHEST compliment to me to hear that something I wore inspired someone else.  So take a look at the Free People catalog, Instagram, Vogue, Who What Wear…whatever inspires you most, and COPY AWAY!

Okay, so this is me breaking out of my style rut!  I thrifted this two piece (top and skirt) vintage MADNESS from the Goodwill.  It’s CRAZY isn’t it?  And I LOVE IT!  I will most likely wear this together and separately mixed with other pieces, and I think it’s just fabulously and horrifyingly bizarre.  I decided that after being in a rut, I needed to have some fun and wear some vintage (abiding by my rules that I talked about above!) and just be a little crazy.  I don’t have to be creative in this outfit because it does all the work for me honestly.  But it’s a start for me getting back to having some fun with styling again!

HAVE FUN this week with your outfits!  I mean, why not right?  Outfits are totally a creative expression of who we are!

Happy Tuesday

On New Chances and A Thrifted Top

Gosh I love when the tables turn in the right direction.  For a few years there, I really struggled to find the good in stuff around me.  I mean, I knew it was there. I had a lot to be thankful for no doubt.  But honestly, the thoughts that ran through my head were more negative than positive and I had to struggle pretty hard against the negative thoughts most days.  Even when things started to get better and life became more stable, it was still hard.  It takes a long time to conquer loss.  To realize that there is life after the life you had planned fell apart.  To remember that your dreams do matter and that maybe, just maybe, you have some usefulness left in you.  Slowly but surely, I have noticed that the tables have turned in my thoughts.  Sure, I still have lots of things that bum me out.  I have days where I wrestle with old feelings and thoughts.  I have things that discourage me and I feel like maybe I should just give up.  But those days and those thoughts are getting less and less, and I’m finding that my thoughts are often more happy than negative.  Ahhhhh I love this.  I feel like I’ve been waiting a long time for this.

Just yesterday I was at church talking to people (because this is where a lot of my social life happens!) and I had this sudden realization.  I LOVE the people around me.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have ALWAYS LOVED the people around me.  Deeply and completely.  But yesterday, talking to someone who is so different from me, someone who loves to go to flea markets…but he goes for Lord of The Rings stuff, swords, and Star Wars action figures…I just felt so happy.  There are so many people around me at this point in my life who are so different.  In every single way.  They’re different ages, backgrounds, interests, and personalities.  But honestly, they’re SO FUN.  I just had this amazing feeling that has become more and more common lately, where I just felt so loved.  So supported.  So encouraged.  This happens more than just at church for me lately.

Instagram has been a mixed bag for me quite honestly.  I know I’ve talked about social medial before, so I won’t go down that road again.  But I have met the BEST people on there.  I talk to some of those girls (one in particular, she knows who she is! :) ) more than I do people I’ve actually met!  And all of those women, ALL OF THEM, have been endlessly encouraging to me.  I don’t think they know that they have brought me to tears with their words of encouragement.  I don’t think they know how low I have been.  How worthless I have felt.  And how “done” I thought I was.  I guess this is my love letter to all of you, my Instagram friends and also to my church, because without you guys, I’d be lost.

Rebeca Zulch, one of the COOLEST girls on Instagram, chose to put me on her website.  Honestly, I feel so flattered to be included on the site of someone who OWNS GUCCI LOAFERS you guys…her shoe closet is like magical unicorns built it out of rainbows and happy thoughts.  She’s beautiful and uplifting, and I got included with so many amazing women including Elise of (another favorite of mine!).  Check out the link to Rebeca’s site HERE.  Gosh.  This is what I mean.  I get that feeling again, that warm feeling that spreads throughout the whole of my being of being loved and supported.  And even though I cheese grated my thumb this morning, everyone’s been in a super crazy mood today, and I’m sweating from every part of my body…I’m so thankful.

I chose this outfit for today because this top was one that almost got passed over at the Goodwill last time I went.  It had the potential to be super ugly, but I gave it a shot, and I fell in love with it.  I realized that it had new life in it.  Sans shoulder pads and with some ripped up old Levis and platforms, it had a chance to be something other than ghetto 80’s fashion.  I can relate.  There have been many days when I thought that if someone would just give me another chance, maybe this time I’d succeed.  Thankfully, life is full of many chances and we get to try and try again.  Just like this shirt!

When you feel low, remember.  You’ll get another chance, another day, and it’s not done.  YOU are not done yet.  In the words of one of the wisest fictional characters, Anne of Green Gables: “tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.”

Own it.

On New Styles and Wanting a Refund

Do you ever have something little happen that really shouldn’t bug you that much, but instead you fly off the handle?  That happened to me the other day.  I had been part of a monthly beauty subscription box and one of the month’s boxes never arrived.  I emailed them a few times, getting little to no response.  Then when I finally did get a response, what I got was a pretty simple: “it’s your responsibility”.  That was AFTER they consistently asked me questions I had already answered in previously (and obviously unread) emails.  I never got the box.  Of course this is pretty annoying and even rude (and quite shockingly poor customer service).  However, it was my reaction that surprised me more than anything.  Usually I’m pretty chill about this kind of thing.  I’d expect myself to be disappointed and probably cancel my service (which I did).  But I found myself almost in a complete rage.  I felt offended.  Hurt even.  I felt ripped off in a much bigger way than I should have.  I even cried a little.  I emailed them and told them I was super disappointed and no longer would be a customer.  I was nice of course, but I’d say I ripped them a new one in a courteous fashion.

When I got that email basically saying they didn’t care whether I got what I ordered or not, I found myself feeling things on a level that were a bit out of proportion to what was actually going on.  I mean, I was MAD.  A lot of what my family and I went through a few years ago that quite literally leveled me for a while, was basically being ripped off over and over again…in a lot of different ways.  People who were supposed to care for us, stole from us.  People who I thought were there for me, were not.  I feel like in some ways I poured my life like a bunch of quarters into a vending machine that promptly said: “out of order” and left me high and dry.  It was a shocking time in my life because it let me see the true nature of greed and also, the honest and harsh reality of my life.  And I wanted a refund.

There are some days when what we lost feels unbearable to me.  Days like that one, where someone ripped me off for $20 and I felt like it was the last straw.  Days when I want to literally hunt all those people down and demand that they understand how it felt and what it did to me.  Days when I want a refund on my time, on my feelings, and for the pieces of my heart that I gave away and thought it was an investment.  Those are the days when I struggle the most.  Those are also the days that my husband usually has to remind me of the fact that the best is yet to come, and no amount of me pouring my heart out ever will come back completely void.  That there were good things that came out of the bad…even the horribly painful.  It’s a hard thing for me to remember when it hurts.

One of the things I find the most amazing, is watching new life come out of previously “dead” areas.  Like watching plants grow in the spring after the ground looks dry and devoid of life.  Like watching a new relationship form after an old one has “died”…whether it’s a literal death or an emotional one.  Like seeing someone get a new start after everything looked hopeless.  I think the only way this really happens is by letting go of the old “dead” parts.  And that is much easier said than done.  I think as the new year approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want for the new year.  New life is one of those things…and that means me letting go of the old.  For me that means emotionally letting go and not being afraid of that letting go.  It means forgiving…and that includes forgiving myself (which is the hardest person for me to forgive!).  It means letting go of what was lost (including that box I never got!) and letting it be, and allowing space for the newness that is to come.

I’ve been getting a lot of new inspiration for outfits lately.  That’s not to say that I’m getting rid of my old styles, because I still love them!  But I guess I’m letting myself have fun, be open to new ideas, and finding ways of growing and changing in my style.  Newness is always a good idea!  :)

I went to the Goodwill to get some sweaters, but instead ended up with this awesome vintage shirt that is actually Avon brand.  I couldn’t pass it up!  I’m having a lot of fun with vintage scarves lately, especially mixing them with jewelry.  Because, well more is always more to me! :)



Friday Finds: Four Thrift Store Scores

I am not the best thrift store shopper.  I always want to go, but then I get there, I tend to change my mind instantly.  You see, half of me is a digger…the kind that wants to hunt for buried treasure and enjoy the thrill of the find.  The other half of me is just plain tired from picking up toys all day long and I just want to have my clothes delivered to me on a pretty rack in a nice smelling store.  So the half of me that wants to dig gets me in the car and drives me there, and the other half wusses out the minute I enter the store.  It’s probably because when I was a kid, I spent a LOT of time in thrift stores.  Back when it wasn’t cool…when there weren’t really clothes I wanted to wear in there…those were the days my mom dragged me around to second hand places and dug through a whole lot of stuff I didn’t want, only to bring home things I wasn’t super excited about.

I have been trying to overcome my aversion to the hunt.  I love vintage and I enjoy finding those amazing gems that you can find when you have the patience to do a little digging.  There’s a Goodwill that reopened recently down the street from my house, so it’s pretty darn clean…I thought I’d take my chances and see if I could find any hidden treasure.

I totally scored.  I mean not just one, but four dresses that I would totally buy at way more than $6.99!  Friday Finds times FOUR!

This turquoise dress was actually the last one I found.  It’s simple and plain, but it’s this really sweet vintage beachy fabric.  I thought it could be just a nice weekend dress or grocery shopping dress…or really morph into whatever I wanted it to be!  I used this vintage red jewelry because I thought it would really pop on top of the color of the dress.  There’s also this great long beaded multicolored beaded necklace I layered in from HumanKind SLO that goes with basically everything to add a tiny bit more color.  Orange huaraches because they go with the theme of the beachy fabric, and this fun beaded anklet!

I love this handmade vintage 1960s dress.  It looks so retro, but in a totally wearable way.  I added my favorite Mountain Soul Jewelry Bandit Babe necklace and some cowboy boots because the shape of this dress can totally lend itself to a western vibe.  This charm bracelet I found at Curio and it’s legit vintage…inscribed with the year 1972 and everything!

This is totally a vintage housedress/nightgown…but like who is gonna wear something this amazing to bed??  I have found that the trick to wearing vintage nightwear is the accessories.  They can either reinforce the whole “I’m actually wearing a nightgown” deal, OR they can make it look like a dress that the whole world needs to see.  This is true of vintage slips too.  So…turqouise.  It just makes every outfit look young and intentional.  Fringe boots.  Again, they don’t look like slippers (flats and sandals give off more of a slipper vibe, FYI).  So, if you have a vintage nightgown, robe, or slip, add some large jewelry and boots and no one will be the wiser.

The fourth, and final dress.  And definitely the find of the DAY.  Do you see this embroidery?  Yes, this did cost $6.99…I’m not pulling your leg.  So basically the beautiful thing about these types of bohemian embroidered vintage Oaxacan style dresses is that they are so ornate, the styling is basically done for you.  Less is more with these babies. I added these Southbound Concho earrings because they totally pick up the orange in the floral pattern and accent the pink (and a necklace would be too much with this print).  This vintage orange beaded necklace becomes a wrist wrap, and the fringe boots because they add a nice edge.

I think I may have been healed of some of my thrift store issues.  I absolutely cannot NOT go more often after these finds.  I even found a super awesome brand new shirt for my husband for $1.99…we looked up the brand online and it’s a $30 tee!!  Um, ok…I think I’ll have to just tell the half of me that’s whining through the whole ordeal to just shut up and deal while I find amazing things.

Happy Friday!!  Hope you’re out finding amazing things today!