Videos, Y’all: Gucci Style Choker

Okay, we all know that I’m not a great DIY-er.  Period.  However, give me some scissors and glue and I can do all kinds of fun stuff!

Here’s a little video with a SUPER SIMPLE style DIY on how to make one of those Gucci giant flower chokers.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  Oh, and you can use a succulent too…because if Gucci does it, it’s totes cool right? :)

Ignore the fact that the video camera adds like 10 pounds, and I know, I know, how many cameras are ON me…blah blah blah.  Dang video.

Happy Thursday!

Cool Copying: Leopard. Again.

Do you ever see an outfit and just kind of get obsessed with it?  Like, you see a picture of an ensemble, and it’s all you can think about.  You look at it and can almost feel how amazing it would feel on your body.  What?  No that never happens to me!  JUST KIDDING!  (Insert string of laughing till their crying emojis here).

This happens to me…more than I care to admit.  Sometimes we will be out shopping and my son will see a toy, and literally talk about it for days, and almost nothing else.  While it’s easy to find this annoying and all as a parent, I completely understand how he feels!  It’s like this part of your brain that sees something, and triggers this reaction where you think: “if I just got that one THING my life would be complete…”  (Again, insert hilarious laughter emojis because we know how untrue this feeling is!)  So yeah, I get how he feels.  I’m an adult, (I think?) so I know logically now that stuff obviously doesn’t make me happy per say, and that there will always be another “thing/outfit” that makes me feel this same level of obsession.  All that to say, instead of obsessing like crazy and then spending obscene amounts of money just to have something I need, I’ve started a list.

Now, when I see something that triggers that “I need” part of my brain, I’ve started a little list of things that I’m watching out for.  Then, what happens is after a few days of looking, I either sort of forget or change my mind about whatever it is I’m hunting for, I decide to invest a decent amount of money on it because I’ve realized it will be worth it, OR I decide to hold out till I find it for a steal.  This has become a good system for me because it helps out my tendencies towards an obsessive brain!

I was reading through my daily news (all style related of course!) and I came across this outfit on Who What Wear.

Let’s be honest.  There’s Gucci in it, which of course makes me want it.  But the principle of the outfit is simple.  Slip dress, graphic tee, slides.  I have done stuff like this before, but something about this combo is like just enough vintage, just enough Los Angeles cool, and just enough easy to make me need it.  So, I started shopping for a leopard slip dress.  If you look at the actual links to this outfit, you will see that it costs quite a pretty penny.  I’m not opposed to that.  However, besides the Gucci, nothing in this outfit is…not repeatable.  I found a slip on Poshmark for $4 you guys.  So…just saying, sometimes feeding your item/outfit obsession isn’t that bad!

See what I did there?  I took a vintage graphic tee, a second hand leopard slip (these are rather plentiful you guys), and a pair of slides (not Gucci, but I WILL GET THERE!), and done.  I done copied this outfit, y’all.  I could have spent $200 on a leopard slip dress.  That would have been fine.  But the difference is, the dress I got for $4 is basically the same thing as this one.  This is different than, obsessing over a Gucci bag.  (which I am, can you tell?)  There may be no substitute for that one item, so you gotta shell out the big bucks.  But it pays to know the difference right?

Go forth, and copy.  It is, after all, the highest form of flattery!

Advice in Style: How To Dress Like A Crazy Lady

Yes, you most definitely read that right.  It says: “How to Dress Like A Crazy Lady” in case you weren’t clear the first go round.  First off, let me address the question at hand.  “Why would you WANT to?”  This can be answered multiple ways.  Now, this post is written in a slight tongue and cheek manner, so you can most definitely treat this as a “how NOT to dress” post.  Like a: “don’t mix all these things together…or people may think you’re insane” post.  Got it?  BUT (big but hehehe), there may be an actual reason to pull off the “I have 14 cats and knit matching sweaters for them all” look.  BECAUSE IT’S ON THE RUNWAYS…ALL THE TIME.

DO YOU SEE WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT?  Dude, she’s even HOLDING A CAT, I don’t even have to make this crap up.  This photo proves my point.  “Crazy Lady Couture” is all the rage now.  So go with it.  But please, don’t buy 14 cats.  At least cap it at like 4 or 5.  For their sake.

Here are your basic Crazy Lady Couture Rules:  (feel free to go off book on this one, there are a lot of variations among this theme)
1. Always wear a hat.  Even when indoors or during the summer.  Have you ever seen a crazy person not wearing a hat?  I rest my case.
2. Sweaters are essential.  Sweater vests are even better, because they’re even more specific.
3. Lots of layers add to the madness.  This is not a look for the faint of deodorant.  Trust me.
4. Tights help.  They add an extra layer of texture to this mash up.  Plus, a lot of “normal” people don’t wear tights past the age of nine.  So.
5. And finally, the weirder the accessories, the better.  You can’t mess this one up, unless you actually try to.

Here’s my crazy lady couture look.  I gotta say, this look isn’t always the most wearable unless I’m having a SUPER confident day, but MAN IS IT FUN!

Go forth and layer to your heart’s content.  And if you have a cat compliant enough to chill with you as an accessory, even better.

Real World Style: Michelle Obama in Gucci

The second I saw the photo, all I could see was the dress.  And I knew, in my heart, that it was Gucci.  Oh and then I realized that there were humans in the photo too.  Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres to be exact.  But let’s get real, sometimes the dress steals the show from the humans!

Oh. Em. Gee.  That dress.  With its sequin faux belt and collar…and the map print…hey.  Wait a minute.  I have something like this!!  I feel like this is a point that I’m gonna be making a lot.  Couture is often designed after vintage.  Both in fabric patterns and in styles.  So you know what?  I have a map print vintage silk shirt that’s vintage, so thank you Michelle for inspiring me to bust it out!  I’m gonna clarify one thing.  In no way is my outfit meant to mimic or copy this gorgeous dress.  However, it is inspired by this dress.  And to be totally honest, often a piece like a top is more wearable than a full length maxi dress of this nature anyway!

And there you have it.  Often you can scan vintage racks and spot the inspiration behind what designers are doing.  Normally Michelle Obama and I don’t share the exact same taste in style…I respect hers greatly but It’s not usually stuff that I would feel natural in per say.  But I gotta say that on this dress, she and I are in COMPLETE agreement! :)

Ahhhh Gucci always does it!

DIY Styling: Gucci Style Part One

If you love fashion and you’re breathing oxygen, you most likely have some kind of Gucci obsession.  The eclectic style has trickled down to almost everything we see in magazines and on television shows these days, and for good reason.  What is Gucci style?  Kind of…everything, all mashed up together!  That’s what makes it so glorious!  It’s a 70s meets bohemian meets fur meets prairie meets 60s meets harajuku meets menswear…and somehow after they all meet, they all get along grandly.

So welcome to a new series I am starting, called DIY Styling: Gucci Style.  I’m in no way, shape, or form, a TRUE DIYer…so these do it yourselves are mostly gonna be more like “put it on yourselves” which, as long as you typically can dress yourself, you are quite qualified to do!  Today’s post has a little bit of a DIY, but if you are scared of the DIY’s (like I am), have no fear.  Today’s DIY involves an iron.  Period.  Sure, sure, I hate ironing.  But this is ironing for GUCCI, and that makes it all worthwhile!

Unless you are living under a rock or are not on social media (if you say you are not, then I know you’re lying because you’re reading this post!), you have seen these embroidered bomber jackets.  They’re simultaneously chic and kitschy all at the same time.  Add one to a t-shirt and jeans and you suddenly look like a rock star.  They’re probably the most perfect jacket, ever.  Gucci came out with one of these bad boys and the world went bomber jacket mad.  Now you can find them almost everywhere…from Zara to Asos to Urban Outfitters to those fabulous reversible vintage ones that you will pay a pretty penny for.  The upside?  Spending money on one of them will inevitably be worth it because they’re comfortable, warm, and look Gucci-licious with everything in your closet, even your pajamas.  The downside?  Unless you’re spending over $200 or so on one, then you’re jacket is most likely mass produced and not all that unique.  It’s not a bad thing, but it’s a consideration for sure.  I decided that I wanted my own.  Here’s what I did:

I got a cotton bomber from Asos.  I chose this one because a. it is 100% cotton which means it’s breathable (in California this translates to “wearable for more than one season”) and the iron on patches I bought will stick to it without ruining the jacket b. it was a great price and c. it is a neutral color which will make the patches pop.  If you’re gonna do an iron on patch jacket you have to use cotton and not a silky fabric.  If you’re gonna sew them on, that’s a different story, you can use any fabric you like.  I found some patches I loved locally, but there are just so many on Etsy for such great prices, you will have no problem at all finding any look you like!  I found this incredible back patch on Etsy HERE for about $15 including shipping!

I ironed them on, and voila!  Instant Gucci style bomber jacket, in my own unique design!

Don’t want to DIY it? Here are a few of my favorite ready to wear jackets that won’t kill your budget!  Asos, jersey Asos jacket, this men’s Urban Outfitter’s bomber (since it’s men’s, size down!), and this Zara tiger jacket.

Happy Gucci styling!

On Perfect Imperfection and A Crazy Outfit Combo

I love to write.  I think that’s pretty obvious by now.  I’ve always loved to write. When I was really little I remember typing a story on my mom’s computer and finding it years later…only to discover that it was three sentences long!  Then I wrote a children’s story while I was in elementary school.  And attempted a novel in junior high.  I’ve realized since that I love to write…period…but I’d much rather write about real life than made up stories.  Unless one day I come up with a REALLY great idea…I’ll let you know if I do!

When I was in high school, my first English teacher since being homeschooled, was a sweet lady.  But she was not an amazing teacher.  I actually was asked (by her) to teach the class for one day in the ninth grade!  She was a lot of fun, but I wasn’t really challenged at all by her in the subject.  Then finally, by my senior year, we got teacher who was serious business.  We read things like The Great Gatsby and talked about symbolism and stuff like that.  And I wrote serious papers about real writing.

As much of a writer as I am, I’m really not incredibly strong in punctuation or even in spelling at times.  I try, but I’m comma happy and exclamation point happy.  I’m just happy okay?!?  Anyway, there was this one girl in my class who did everything perfectly.  You know those people who like literally do EVERYTHING perfectly?  Yep.  That was her.  She always got 100 percent or 99 percent (on an off day obviously!) on her papers, while I always got in the 90 to 95 percent range.  Why?  Because my punctuation was always off no matter how hard I tried.  One day, I read one of this girl’s papers out of curiosity.  I was super surprised when I read it.  It was perfect.  Clearly.  However, it was the most clinical and unfeeling essay on literature ever.  I’m not trying to criticize her, because honestly she was very gifted in a lot of things (like math and science) that I am very much not.  I just found it interesting that her paper, which was technically perfect, got a perfect score, whereas my paper, which was much more creative and heartfelt, received a lower grade.  At the time I was kind of frustrated.  I mean, I understood that my errors weren’t to be overlooked in a grading situation.  But my paper was just so much BETTER.  I’m not trying to brag or be mean about it, it’s just that I knew that my paper had heart and feeling and a lot of thought put into it.

It was a good lesson for me.  Because life is just not perfect.  It is just not worth it to me to lose all creativity just to get a perfect score.  I’m not interested in things that are clinical or technically perfect.  I’m interested in things that are meaningful and overflowing with passion and LIFE.  Those things tend to come with flaws.  I had to decide that I was most likely never going to be perfect at punctuation because I’m much too conversational in the way that I write, so I had to let go of my competitive side and just be who I am.  I’m never going to be a “technically perfect” type of person.  And that’s just okay with me.  It does happen to be much easier now that no one’s grading me on stuff though! :)

This outfit is just kind of out of control crazy.  And I love it!  It’s a chaotic mix of things that are not technically perfect.  But somehow, they all “feel” each other and they just work!  It’s pretty much all vintage from head to toe…and I love the combo of the floral/plaid/fur!

I hope your week is off to an absolutely perfectly imperfect start!