Fashion Feelings: Peace, Love, and No Refined Sugar

I’m just about the least and most hippie person you’ll ever meet.  Is that confusing?  I can’t imagine why…

I was raised by a mom who embraced the late 80s versions of “health food”.  There was yoga, carob (the “other chocolate” which turns out is not really chocolate at all.  Nice try mom.), homemade noodles in our chicken soup, and we never, ever, ever, ever (I could go on) drank soda or juice.  She made me go to the renaissance fair one year (it was weird) and she made everything from scratch.  Period.  The first time I had Taco Bell was in junior high.  I used to beg her to use a box mix for my birthday cakes (she never conceded).  Let’s talk about my dad.  He thought she was trying to poison us and fed me oreos and cheese balls in bulk.  He thought yoga was bunk, ice cream needed to be purchased in buckets and no smaller quantities, and well, carob?  That was DEFINITELY NOT chocolate.

Maybe my parents didn’t agree on food, but the one thing they agreed on was the lack of television watching or pop culture that they allowed in the house.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  However, this meant that until the late 90s when I was actually allowed to listed to a radio station for the first time, I knew nothing of pop culture or the arts.  I mean really.  I didn’t know who Bob Dylan was (Jakob Dylan’s dad, right?).  I knew a few Beatles songs, but other than that, up until the era of the boy band, it’s kind of a blank.  I was raised like a hippie in the most undecidedly NON hippie fashion.

I now consider myself like, 50 percent hippie.  You know, like, I’m part Irish, part French, part Swedish…and part hippie.  Perfectly logical.  My food habits?  Completely hippie.  I make bone broth and ghee and I don’t eat refined sugar.  My music habits?  Completely non hippie.  Pop, country, and the like.  My cleaning and personal care habits?  Peace, yo.  I DIY laundry soap, toothpaste, and only buy clean skincare and makeup.  But my taste in television shows?  The least chill and hippie ever.  MY STYLE?  I think you know the answer to that.

I went shopping with a couple good friends and saw this amazing thing sticking out of the racks.  I grabbed it, and started laughing hysterically.  My friends took notice, and followed suit because…well, it’s simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve ever seen.  It was half off, so I bought it.  Anything that gets that much of my attention is just gonna happen.  One of the girls who worked at the second hand store said multiple times: “I’m SO HAPPY you’re buying the Janis Joplin thingy!”  And I was like, oh good…I’m wearing the clothes of a woman I know nothing about…

I put it with bell bottoms (of course!) and have big plans to create some bells like this but MORE HIPPIE (of course again!).  And really, this thing needs no explanation.  Except it was probably the most awesome $8 I’ve ever spent.

Gotta go make some hippie concoction in the kitchen now and pretend I know who Janis Joplin is…

On Nightgowns as Dresses and Feeling Like a High Schooler

I was home schooled when home schooling wasn’t the cool thing to do.  There was no super adorable school room set up filled with maps and pinterest-ed crafts.  It was just me, by myself, at a table, doing school work.  No one home schooled at that time, unless they had hair that had never been cut and wore long denim dresses and outfits that looked like they came from Little House on the Prairie…and not in a good way.  It was the land of the socially awkward, the fashion-challenged, and the hyper religious, to say the least.  But I survived, and made it to high school somehow…but I sure didn’t make it out with any fashion sense.  That’s for sure.

My freshman year at my tiny high school was one of my favorite years ever.  It was such a strange and amazing time for me.  I had literally never been out of my house by myself for longer than an hour or two…and then suddenly I was at school all day long, five days a week.  And I LOVED IT.  I was probably the most excited kid on the planet to go to school every day.  Weekends were lame.  And summer??  Who the heck needed summer when we could go to SCHOOL!  I think I had a crush on every single boy for the first few months, because, well, they were THERE.  I was a freshman version of Leslie Knope.  All my school projects were ridiculously overdone.  They were all pages longer than they needed to be, were done in usually three dimensions, and of course ALWAYS included glitter.  My school lunches were always made with gusto by a mother of an only child who was used to having her kid at home all day.  People flocked to see what was in this magical box that was roughly the size of my head and weighed about as much as a small bowling ball.  But all this to be said, my clothes…well, they were an issue.

Since it was the first year I actually was GOING to school, I got to do some real back to school shopping.  Real or not, I still was definitely not going to win any “best dressed” competitions.  Like anywhere, ever.  My jeans were all ill fitting high waters (I was pretty tall, and cheapo jeans were not as decent as they are now), and basically the high school equivalent of “mom jeans”.  I had a couple of body suits.  (I’m trying not to gag while I type that sentence).  I got them because they were at Ross, so that must mean they’re cool right?!  For someone who typically only got to shop at not fun thrift stores, Ross was like Nordstrom.  I had a bad hair cut and had no idea how to use a blow drier, curling iron, flat iron, or even REGULAR iron for that matter.  But who has time to iron anyway?  My glasses were giant and turquoise.  I had blue converse shoes I wore all the time.  Lest you’re starting to think: “well hey, at least your shoes were cool right?” let me stop you there.  They had TWEETY BIRD ON THEM.  Do you have an accurate picture of this thirteen year old?  Man I do, and I hid them all so that no one could ever find them.

This is what I think is funny.  No matter how much my fashion sense has changed and even I have changed, there are times when I still feel exactly like that ninth grader with the tweety bird shoes on…the one who overheard the boy she liked say that he would “NEVER EVER like HER.”  (He totally did the next year btw.  Not that it’s relevant, but I’d just like to point that out.)

A week ago I went to get some boots for my husband for Christmas.  I went to the place downtown that sells the brand he wanted.  It’s this kind of rockabilly barbershop place that sells cool cool clothes and hipster hair products for men.  And I am telling you, the minute I walked in, I instantly found myself uncomfortably shifting in my (non tweety bird) shoes and totally felt exactly like that super dorky girl I used to be.  I mean, I may have well had my giant turquoise glasses on for how not awesome I felt.  Then I caught a glimpse of my outfit, and was like “hey…you’re kind of cool sometimes!  Stop being lame about this and get some confidence!”  I’d like to tell you that my inner ninth grader listened, but I’m pretty sure she just pushed her glasses up on her nose and was like, “uh, yeah, have you seen my super fun tweety bird shoes?”

I think it is hilarious how hard it is to really leave high school sometimes.  It’s like we form this inner opinion of ourselves at that point in time…because it was such a pivotal time in our lives.  There are those girls you meet who you can tell were like MAD cool in high school…because they still have that aura about them.  Then there’s the girls who were super overweight in high school but are skinny and in great shape now…and yet they still think of themselves on some level as “fat” because that’s what everyone labelled them unfairly as.  For me, I think it’s just that shy, unconfident girl who really didn’t know what the heck she was doing that really stuck with me.  I often struggle with confidence.  Sometimes I’ll be talking to another girl and I’ll get this momentary thought of: “why is she talking to ME…she’s COOL!”  And then I realize that she can’t actually see my tweety bird shoes.  I can sure still see them though!!

I got this dress, which probably used to be someone’s nightgown, at Fred and Betty’s a few weeks ago.  It was one of those dresses that I knew was kind of shapeless and an iffy color, but I just loved how flowy it was.  I instantly saw it with this fringe vest from Ruby Rose and this squash blossom from Classic Rock Couture.  I tied a knot in it to give it a tiny bit of shape…and bam.  Instant kind of shapeless Free People inspired vibes.  It may just be an old shapeless nightgown, but I see it as much more than that.  And that’s what’s so awesome about this whole thing.  We may see ourselves as our former not as cool selves…but other people see us as so much more.  And we can totally change the way we see ourselves too.  It might be harder than just adding a vest and tying a knot in it, but hey, it can still be done. :)


On (more) Velvet Bell Bottoms and Becoming a Hippie

Yes, the bell bottoms are back.  Are you really all that surprised?  That’s what I thought.  :)

Even though this isn’t a lifestyle or beauty blog, I thought I should share with you my slow journey to becoming a hippie.  Mostly because it’s funny, and also because, well, I love bell bottoms and those things seem to go hand in hand right?   I remember watching a few seasons of Mad Men (worth it just for the clothes and the set design!!) and seeing that the year was 1963 or somewhere around that time.  I was watching, wondering…”where is the hippie fashion??”  I mean, it’s the 60s right?  Isn’t that the era of fringe and paisley and bell bottoms?  And all I was seeing on the screen were house dresses and fur coats and kitten heels…all styles that I very much associate with the 1950s.  And then all of a sudden it became so clear in one single episode of the show.  Don Draper travelled to San Francisco (the show was set in NY, but I’m assuming you probably know that) and the minute he stepped off the plane, THERE THEY WERE.  There were the bohemian caftan queens I had been looking for.  THEY WERE IN CALIFORNIA.

I am a beach community dwelling Californian…so it stands to reason that the odds are pretty dang high that I would become a hippie eventually right?  I mean, there’s juiceries, acai bowl places, vegan restaurants, and kombucha on tap basically all over this place.  (My computer’s spell check hates like all of those words, so clearly it’s not a hippie.  We will have to have words later.)  I’m used to people protesting the buying of turkeys outside of Whole Foods around the holidays.  Green Peace people calling me “super mom” (much to my great irritation because I KNOW it’s a ploy to get my attention) and blocking the entrance to Gap downtown so you HAVE to hear about the whales.  This is an area that has that kind of lifestyle.  I was raised with carob and homemade bone broth and yoga and all that jazz.  Although my dad readily fed me Oreos and cheese balls because he said my mom was “trying to poison him”.  I was well prepared in my hippie lifestyle to come despite my brief addiction to MSG laden foods.

It’s kind of happened in phases.  Like I’d read an article about something and then I’d implement something new into our diet or our habits.  I started making homemade bone broth weekly and drinking it daily and also cooking the kid’s food in it.  I got rid of our plastic food storage containers.  I started using coconut oil for everything (and I mean EVERYTHING…I’m basically that guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding who puts Windex on everything, but with coconut oil) and started buying organic.  And then…the hippie transformation became more serious…like I threw away a giant overflowing grocery bag full of all my favorite brands of cosmetics.  Ouch.  That one hurt.  I still almost cry when I walk by Sephora I miss all my favorites so much.  But I’m slowly replacing it with other brand and it’s good to know that the ingredients are safe for myself and my children when they get lots of mama kisses!  I started making my own toothpaste and getting more into essential oils.  And then one day, I realized that the girl who used to be annoyed by her mom grinding her own peanut butter has now become even too hippie for Whole Foods.  I mean, you know you’re in trouble when you ask someone who works at WHOLE FOODS for a product and they look at you like you asked them for a magical unicorn that fits in your pocket.  True story.

Ahhhh yes, I am now a California hippie.  I still shave, pluck, wax, and use deoderant (hippie deodorant), and I refuse to camp.  I sure as heck am not sleeping outside in what I can only assume the bears would think is a burrito wrapper.  But in most other ways, I am a kombucha drinking acai loving hippie.  I know a lot of this stuff is becoming mainstream…so I’m not alone in my journey and that’s awesome.  I’m not gonna say much more than this about it all because there are SO MANY amazing blogs about this kind of stuff.  Like Wellness Mama.  That woman is so amazing it’s kind of scary.  I mean, when you check out her blog, think of it as a resource, otherwise you will end up in the fetal position when you realize she’s pregnant with her sixth child, makes her own homemade plastic wrap, crawls through the attic to put in ethernet cables, all while running a huge blog and homeschooling her children.  My kids are currently watching Netflix while I wonder how many meals in a row they have eaten frozen pizza.  So…you catch my drift here.

I love bohemian hippie fashion.  These velvet bells are the newest to my collection and they were custom made by MXCI UK who was kind enough to search high and low for this color for me!  She’s amazing!  The top was just SO classic hippie that I couldn’t resist putting it with the bells for a true 1960s flair.  The squash blossom is from Classic Rock Couture, one of my favorite Etsy shops.

Wildfox tank and Free People bra with a hit of turquoise.  I love the more casual look with these pants because I feel like it’s a great way I can wear them while running errands.

I love this mustard lace shift dress I got at a step from Forever 21 because it totally looks vintage!  The gold arrowhead looking necklace is from Free To Wander and the other is thrifted.

There’s certain things I just can’t do.  Like let go of my Keurig for example even though it’s not the most organic or natural coffee.  But I’m only human right?  I’m probably never gonna be as natural as Wellness Mama or those other super bloggers, but I’m going to keep doing what I can and TRY not to stress about what I can’t do.  Ha.  Easier said than done for me!!!

Hope you beautiful women are having a wonderful start to your week!


The Bell Bottoms You Absolutely Need. Like Right Now.

So by now you probably know how much I love bell bottoms right?  I’m thinking I just heard you say YES, so I’ll move on.  If not, please refer to my earlier posts on things I am obsessed with.  Among those things are jumpsuits, fluffy skirts, turquoise, vintage, bell bottoms, paisley, orange, and, well…the list is basically so long we could sit here for days.  Anyway, Ima talk about bell bottoms, k?  (is it Kanye’s fault that I say the word “Ima”??? I honestly don’t know.  But it sounds right, so Ima blame him.)

Okay so these bells are not necessarily a bargain when it comes to jeans, per say.  They’re definitely on the lower end in terms of price when it comes to nice jeans…but they’re still an investment.  However, if you’re going to invest any money into jeans this season and you want bells, I implore you to make these them.  Let me explain.

First of all, they are elastic waistband, pull on, super flare jeans.  Yep, you read that right.  Okay, let me be honest.  If I was reading this right after having my daughter (second pregnancy in a row), I would have rolled my eyes at this description and said: “so basically, they’re maternity jeans?”  Um, past me: get off your freaking high horse and get a GRIP!  So yes, they are stretchy.  Yes, they are pull on.  Do you know what this means?  They are basically the most comfortable jeans KNOWN TO MAN.  I’m not kidding.  Also, Show Me Your Mumu knows butts ladies.  They are my go-to for flowy pants because they ALWAYS are butt flattering!!  Oh and P.S. these pants are semi high wasted so they really suck you in.  It’s glorious.  These jeans are the Berkeley Bells…they come in different colors, and I am in love.

Now just a warning on these pants.  They are LOOOOOOONG.  Tall people of the world, rejoice!  They are made for you!  If you are shorter or have shorter legs, then you might not want them because you will have to cut so much off of them that the bell will be way less prominent.

They say “mu” on the butt.  Which just plain makes me happy.


Caftan or Mumu? Either Way It’s Great.

I felt a tiny bit like Joseph in his technicolor dream coat this morning as I got dressed for church.  And it was awesome.  I got these two vintage caftans from Prehistoric Vintage on Etsy and I can’t stop wearing them.  I mean, it’s like wearing a robe.  And yet, while you’re wearing it, you kind of feel like a princess somehow.  A princess in a robe.  I’m good with that.

When I got to church, one of the guys who always loves to comment on my outfits started laughing hysterically and just couldn’t stop.  He came up to me and said: “You’re wearing a MUMU!!!” I pretended to be SUPER offended and replied: “Um, it’s a CAFTAN.  NOT a MUMU.”  I honestly don’t know what the difference is, but a caftan just sounds all bohemian chic while a mumu kind of sounds like I really AM wearing a robe.  So I said it proudly and stood by my declaration…even though I really didn’t know what I was talking about.  I know it’s a good day when I make someone laugh at my outfit! :)


As I was walking to my car, someone started singing (in my direction) “all the leaves are brown…and the sky is grey…”

This is a happy outfit for me.  I’m a total caftan convert.  Or is it mumu…I’m not really sure… :)


Vintage Clothes & Wardrobe Malfunctions

You know, if you’re gonna wear vintage, you gotta just assume that occasionally you’re gonna have a wardrobe malfunction.  I mean, these clothes have made it through decades of wear and who knows what kind of escapades they’ve managed to survive.  I had my first major one the other day.

I was heading off to run errands and meet a friend for coffee (sans kids) and it was of course, blazing hot like it’s been all week here.  I put on a Free People tank top and these super cool 1970’s wrap pants that are flowy and cropped and just really unique.  I’d include a photo, but, well, I can’t and you’ll see why soon enough.  Okay so these pants.  They are wrap PANTS, kind of like a wrap skirt, only there’s a seam up the center on either leg, but the outer leg part is open and wraps around, tying at the waist.  This seems like a really great idea.  It is, however, one of the worst ideas ever in fashion design.

Let me go on a teeny tiny rant here for a moment, as I am prone to do so.  First of all, once I put them on, I had a moment of panic.  How (and I know this might be an awkward question, but we’re all human here, so let’s just get past that) on EARTH are you supposed to go to the bathroom with these pants?  The answer I’ve received upon asking people so far is “you take them completely off.”  Okay.  For reals people?  Do you know how long these things take to put on?  It’s like pants origami and I AM CRAP at origami.  Also, you’re saying that I have to take my pants off and let them just hang out on the floor of a PUBLIC RESTROOM???  (No offense Britney).  Heck to the no.  Second problem: when the wind picks up or you sit down, HELLO LEGS all the way up to my underwear line.  So every movement has to be deliberate and cautious so as to not expose my less than tanned legs to the universe.  You know, I feel like palazzo pants have the exact same effect except YOU DON’T NEED A BATHROOM BUDDY.  I’m like thinking this is just #awkward in so many ways.

Me, being the determined person to solve fashion problems that I am, decided to go against all of my instincts (which were screaming at me to CHANGE MY PANTS in super loud voices), and wear the origami pants.  I even came up with a bathroom solution.  Tie half of the pants on my waist JUST loose enough that I could squeeze them over my hips so all I had to do was untie one side and that way I could NOT leave them on the gross public bathroom floor.  This is where it all when horribly wrong.

Thank goodness my friend was running late.  I decided to head up to Ruby Rose SLO to do a little shopping while waiting for her.  That was the best decision I made all day.  I went into the fitting room and tried some clothes on. All finished and ready to go, I grabbed my pants and prepared to begin the 15 step process of re-putting them on.  It was that moment that I saw it.  A GIANT tear down the seam of the pants, which had happened when I performed my genius shimmying maneuver to get them off.  Yep.  We are talking about a foot long tear in my pants from the waist.  The seam had just disintegrated.

Stephanie (the owner of Ruby Rose) was SO kind to help me figure out what to put on so that I could actually walk around in public again.  Thank goodness I was there and not in the restroom at the coffee shop waiting for my friend.  I decided that in honor of this skirt that saved my coffee date and my day, I would throw my pants away and use this skirt for my Ways to Wear It Wednesday post.  It’s deserving of that honor.


I don’t often wear this style of skirt, but to make it more “me”, I think a vintage men’s wear cowboy shirt, my Bandit necklace from Mountain Soul Jewelry, and my Minnetonka fringe boots really do the trick.


Here I’m kind of using it as a dress extender…underneath a vintage cut off embroidered dress.  The Southbound earrings add a little something too.

Okay honestly?  I LOVE this skirt as a top.  It’s just easy to wear and looks good with all my pants!  Cutoffs work great when it’s super hot like it’s been.  Great comfy weekend outfit.


I saved my favorite for last.  As a top with my Lenni the Label gold bells and my Pricklie Pear choker.  I literally want to wear this outfit every day right now.  It takes a normal kind of girly skirt and turns it into a perfect 1970’s inspired outfit.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I hope that is my last wardrobe malfunction.  But with all the interesting vintage stuff I attempt, I am not making any promises.  Guess I’ll just have to go to Ruby Rose to check all my outfits before going anywhere…oh darn… :)

Happy Wednesday!  Hope your pants are all in once piece…

Vintage Jumpsuit. I Don’t Think It Gets Any Better.

I love finding unique stuff.  Clothing kind of moves me…you know, the way art moves some people.  Not to say I don’t love art!  Of course I love art.  But there’s something about clothing, especially vintage or unique items, that really speaks to me the way some people must feel when they stare at the Mona Lisa.  A few years ago I got to go to the Balenciaga exhibit at a San Francisco museum, and it was just breathtaking.  To see the original pieces he created for runway shows and royals and celebrities so long ago…it was stunning.

I think what moves me about clothing is that it’s art…but it’s art that becomes part of your life.  It has to go with you everywhere you go.  It has to function along with you throughout your day.  It’s making a statement, just like a painting, but instead of being displayed on your wall, it’s being displayed on your body.  And then take vintage clothing, and realize that those very pieces were part of history in some way or another.  Whether they were part of a history that was written about and worn by someone famous…or whether they were part of some unknown but equally important person’s history…that clothing was there during life events big or small.  It just kind of blows my mind.  So I guess when I find vintage clothing, I feel this sense of amazement that these clothes existed and were part of something long before I was even born.  These pieces were part of someone’s life, and now they get to be part of mine.  That is just amazing.

When I went on my shopping adventure in Venice (CA not Italy!), I found this INCREDIBLE piece at Gotta Have It…the place you simply gotta go.  It’s like straight out of the 70’s and it’s lived a whole life before me.  But now it’s part of my life and I love that.  It’s special and I feel so thankful to get to give it whole new life.


It’s so flowy and fun and vibrant and…has pockets.  It was made for me.

Happy weekend!!

Leggings. My Way.

Leggings are just not my thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I actually LOVE them.  They are so cute, so comfy, and just so versatile.  Here’s the thing about them that makes them, well, not my thing.  I wore them for two years straight (or what felt like that) while I was pregnant, losing weight, then pregnant again, then losing weight again.  So even the thought of putting them on makes me feel like I’m instantly back in that spot where nothing fits me…except my leggings.  I mean, nothing ruins a perfect article of clothing like wearing it while you’re pregnant or even just feeling overweight.  Hence, my difficulty wearing them now.

Despite my bad association with leggings, I feel like as a mom, there are times in life when I just need to be comfortable, able to crawl under a car to reach a toy, or be in some other strange compromising position that makes a dress or a skirt or even nicer pants just all wrong for the scenario at hand.  When I saw these leggings at HumanKind SLO (our local and amazing fair trade store), I knew these were just the ticket to breaking myself out of my legging rut.  I figured that since I wore the same old black leggings over and over again for a few years, maybe a new and fun patterned pair could help make me feel like I was wearing something brand new instead of the same old same old.

Of course, I wanted to style them as much as I could in “my style”…so wearing them in ways that feel more like ME.  Here’s what I came up with.


I got this really awesome tunic from Target with all that fringe down the sides…and it actually has a slit on either side so it hangs really nicely.  You can see I just put a long black tank top under it.  With the black booties and the Child Of Wild necklace, it’s definitely kind of a fun, dressier way to wear them.


Hippie leggings.  Headscarf, orange tunic (from Forever 21, but this reminds me so much of Halston Heritage!) and Sam Edelman sandals.  I think this’ll be my “I forgot to wash my hair” day outfit.


I got this AMAZING vintage lace duster jacket from Curio SLO and I’m just so excited to pair it with stuff.  I think it could totally be a fun thing to put with these leggings and a long fitted tank.  It’s a way to show off a super vintage piece without adding a ton of bulk underneath it.


I think this is my favorite way.  With a vintage distressed tee, some gold jewelry, and sandals.  It’s so casual, but I feel so cool in it.  I don’t often feel cool personally, so when I find an outfit that makes me feel cooler than I am…I wear the heck out of it!

Okay, okay.  I think I’m getting used to the thought of wearing leggings again.  Thanks HumanKind for selling a pair that I just couldn’t resist… :)



Blue Bells…in Velvet. Of Course.

On Monday I got a super happy little surprise in the mail.  Okay, well it wasn’t a surprise I guess since I actually ORDERED it.  But isn’t it nice when you get a package on your doorstep first thing on Monday morning?

I ordered these FABULOUS blue bell bottoms from Fearless + Flawed, this new boutique I found online and am super excited about.  They came, and along with them, there was a handwritten thank you note!  They even personalized the note and spelled my name correctly…honestly I have friends that don’t know how to spell my name right!  Dang.  So impressed.  I was in love with the shop before I even opened the package.

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Vintage Jumpsuit on a Tuesday

I love jumpsuits.  I think I almost have one for every week of the year.  And that’s still not enough!  When I found this one though, it was like one of those amazing moments where the heavens opened and my heart did a little pitter patter…okay sure that’s totally dramatic, but it was a great moment alright.  There’s nothing like finding a legit vintage jumpsuit.  Naturally, I loved it from the moment I put it on.

Once I got it home, I put it on and my first thought was: “oh crap…how am I going to wear a bra with this??”  It’s one of those classic fashion problems.  Undergarments.  Hated, and yet so needed all at once.  When Bridget Jones had a love/ hate relationship with her “scary panties” (aka: Spanx), all womankind understood.  How much we need those perfect undergarments, even when they’re ugly, uncomfortable, or so complicated you actually have to tape them on…all in the name of looking good in the outfit you’ve chosen.  I mean let’s be honest.  That nude thong sitting in your drawer wasn’t bought for comfort.

So back to my plunging neckline and backless situation…vintage situation though, so totes worth it (as the cool kids are saying these days).  I looked around a little online and figured I’d end up with something halter and backless, but couldn’t find just the right thing that wouldn’t show and make my amazing jumpsuit look weird.  Then I went into one of my favorite stores downtown and found this little Free People bra.  I realize it doesn’t match and it TOTALLY shows…but I actually thought it added to the outfit.  It’s almost like wearing a little tank top underneath so I don’t feel quite so naked in the back…but still keeps the integrity and feel of the jumpsuit.  Plus it’s super cute…not scary, ugly, or involving complicated tape.

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