Fashion Feeling: What I “Need”

Have you ever noticed how many times a day we say: “I need ____”?  I find myself saying it all the time.  Constantly.  And then sometimes, I wonder, do I really need what I just said I did?  I’m not always sure I do.  I’m not talking about like, a new pair of shoes, or a fur bomber jacket.  We ALWAYS NEED those things (can I get an “amen” from all you fashionistas out there?)!  That’s not the direction I’m going with this.  No, on the contrary, what I mean is this: I often think I need things to be a certain way before I can go on and do other, new things.  Like, I want all my ducks in a row before I start something new.  (If I had ducks, they would be in a row.  It’s how ducks are supposed to be.)  This is the problem of the non-procrastinating personality.  I was the kid who finished her homework before getting home because I wanted to go have fun, and there was no “fun” for me if my homework wasn’t done.  I like to work first, play after.  It makes my brain feel better.

While that is a good quality to have, it’s not always, shall we say…realistic, when it comes to real life.  It’s all well and good when you’re in school or have a job where you are able to check things off a list and keep everything in a nice spreadsheet.  But in my experience, life is much messier than this.  There’s things that don’t fit into categories, the lines all blur together, and there’s no finishing all the things you need to do…like…ever.

I found myself recently hearing about someone who had basically everything they needed in life.  Like everything.  There was security, there was money, there was space both physically and mentally to be organized.  And I found myself feeling a little…angry about it.  I started thinking things like: “yeah!  That’s what I need.  I shouldn’t be starting a clothing line or trying to work like I am without the space or resources!”  I felt a wave of righteous outrage flow over me.  And I felt completely justified in feeling this way.  I mean, logically, shouldn’t you have everything you need BEFORE you start something new?  The answer to that is as plain and simple as the nose on your face.  No.

Here’s why my “righteous anger” is completely unfounded.  Because when I have the time, the space, and no need to move forward, I will not.  There is something about a small amount of messiness, a need for forward motion in life, and some “lack” I will call it…that can cause incredible creativity.  Diamonds are not made in a cabana on the beach.  They are made in the fire.  Most people in history who did incredible things were not sitting there in mansions surrounded by everything they needed.  No, they actually did not have what they needed, which is what gave them the drive to move forward.  Now I know, it’s not like a recipe for creativity or an equation that says “need causes creating”.  It’s more of an observation really on myself, and on the human race.

So yeah.  I need certain things.  The need is real.  But that “need” shouldn’t be something that I focus on.  When we are in that fire, in that place of discomfort, we have got to focus on what’s in our hearts.  That thing that drives us.  Because often the most beautiful art comes out of discomfort, disappointment, and, well, need.  I got over my indignation when I realized that I only started writing as much as I am, when I ceased having the free time to do so.  Do you see what I mean?  When I had the time, I didn’t use it.  The need has created the desire.

Don’t worry.  I will never every tell you that you don’t need an article of clothing. I’m literally the worst person to ask when you want to make a decision because my default it that if you’re asking, you probably need it!  And no matter if you are in a place of comfort, discomfort, need, or plenty, don’t let yourself forget about what lights your fire.  No matter what space you are in, you can create.  You can build something.  You can move forward.  And if you don’t feel the need to move forward in your own life, you can do it for someone else!  We all have gifts, passions, and abilities that we need to share and use.  Otherwise, the rest of us miss out on what YOU have to offer!

I almost didn’t get this Free People dress.  (I got it second hand). And then, I realized, I needed it.  In the good way :)  The pink vintage concho necklace is from Classic Rock Couture (love her shop!) and the vintage huaraches I thrifted from Goodwill.  All the rest of the jewelry I picked up second hand.

Hope you’re feeling the passion today.  Even if it’s just in your brain while you shuttle your kids around back and forth to school…that’s a perfectly good place to create!



How to Wear Your Husband’s Plaid Shirt

One thing I’ve learned about dressing and pattern mixing is that plaid goes with literally everything.  It’s like a good attitude, sunshine, or iced coffee.  It just always works.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone utter the words: “I don’t look good in plaid.”  Because EVERYONE looks GREAT in plaid!

There are just somedays when I need things to be easy.  Because with toddlers, nothing is ever easy.  I mean remember those days when I could literally just park my car and get out and go?  Just like that?  No longer.  Now a simple stop for coffee entails diaper bags, wielding a giant stroller, and unbuckling and buckling seat belts.  Not to mention whatever snacks, toys, and other pacifying elements are required.  Because no matter how many times you INSIST it will ONLY BE A FEW MINUTES, you might as well be speaking a foreign language and the tiny humans who rule your life insist that you grab ALL the toys and books.  Just for a Starbucks run.  Half an hour and one coffee drink, two apple juices and chocolate covered food items (and a bucket of sweat pouring off of me) later, I’m repeating this exercise to get back IN the car.  So simplicity being a thing of the past, at times I just need to reach for things that just ALWAYS work without me belting, pinning, layering, or sucking in my gut.  Know what I mean?!?

Because I don’t have enough shirts (insert sarcasm here), I stole one of my husband’s.  With his permission of course.  I really like this plaid shirt…the soft colors and the fact that it’s vintage and super thin and worn.  And plaid goes with EVERYTHING.

First and easiest way to wear plaid.  With bell bottoms of COURSE!!!  I love when plaid shirts are a tad too big so I can tie them at the waist.  Then add jewelry and huaraches and you are so good to go!  These sandals are from Ix Style and they’re the cutest!  They’re fair trade and provide clean water for families in Guatemala when you buy them!

This is the easiest plaid shirt DIY ever.  You basically take your arms out of your sleeves, then tie them around your waist like a belt.  Instant strapless top.  That is my kind of DIY!!!  So cute, fun, and totally creates a different outfit out of the same pieces!

I love plaid tops and patterned palazzo pants.  This is my go-to playdate with my kids outfit with my kids because it’s comfy, casual, and easy.  It looks put together but not like I got inappropriately dressed up to go to a park.  The feather necklace just kind of adds a little extra fun! :)

Hope you’re having a fun, easy Wednesday no matter what you’re doing!


One of a Kind Vintage Find

I am one of a kind.  I mean, aren’t we all?  I guess when you’re an only child with not very much family, it really drives that point home.  Add that to the fact that I am MUCH different from my parents…and it definitely makes me feel like I am in a class of my own.  I don’t really hear “hey you look SO much like…(insert family member’s name here)” ever.  At all.  I am just me.

To be honest, it’s both cool and lonely.  There are days when I’m glad to be just like one of my vintage finds…one of a kind.  There are also days when I really wish for someone who was like my buddy…my sibling…or just a close relative who shared a little bit of common past or interests.  Maybe that’s why I love to find interesting items that are in a class all of their own.  We belong together.  I sometimes see things and think:  “that belongs to me”.  Like a top or a dress that feels like a long lost relative that I just found and am about to bring home.

This top I found is just like that.  When I saw it I immediately knew it was a one of a kind, unique, and all on it’s own item.  It belongs with me.


It’s times like this when I feel just like ME that I’m ok with being the only one.  Because we are really one of a kind no matter how big our families are!

This top from Tramps and Thieves looks amazing with my Nightcap pants from Ambiance SLO and my Free to Wander squash blossom.  There’s my trusty Frye huaraches from New With Tags too.

Be you.  Be one of a kind…because you are!


Monday Mojo in Mustard

You know what I love about Mondays?  Getting back into the groove of things.  Sure, I am a little sad that the weekend is over, but Monday is the start of a fresh new week.  I get to get the house clean, start cooking new meals, and get my workout going for the week.  I’m going to totally dork out now.  Warning!  I seriously look forward to my workouts because A. I love working out and B. I get to watch Teen Wolf uninterrupted.  Yep, dorking out.  Any show that has teenage drama and shapeshifting has my undivided attention.  I cannot lie.

Mondays are sometimes hard to get motivated.  But that’s why I love things that help me feel like I’m just rockin it even if I’m just dragging my rear end around from cup of coffee to cup of coffee.  Today, it’s mustard and turquoise.

I got this new Free People tank from Ambiance SLO and dang, I am LOVING IT.  Today, to be extra mojo-liscious (it’s totally a word), I put it with my Lenni the Label velvet bells and my Free to Wander squash blossom.  I love the kind of monochromatic effect it has with that nice pop of color with the accessories.


The Frye huaraches I got at New With Tags in Paso and I am in love with them.  They’re like the cutest comfiest sandals ever.  And they were a steal.

I’m digging this whole mustard on Monday thing.  It really works for me.

Happy start of your week!