True Friends (and Fur Boots) are Hard To Find

When I was young, my best friend and I got in a decent amount of trouble.  Not like the bad kind, just the kind that annoyed the crap out of our moms enough for them to not like it when we hung out.  True love always wins though, so the two of us were inseparable.  We had decided that our true calling was to become detectives.  After reading way too many mystery books, we just knew that we were born to be mystery solvers.

When we went out to stores, we would take turns pretending to steal stuff and the other one would be the detective that would solve the mystery.  My mom REALLY hated this game.  We thought there was something fishy going down at the house around the block from mine, so we went ahead and sifted through their mail for them.  (I’m pretty sure my mom still doesn’t know about this).  Then, the real MYSTERY happened.  One day, we came upon a convertible parked in the mobile home park where I lived.  Now to a child, convertibles are like the Batmobile.  Unless you knew someone who had one, or had one yourself, I mean COME ON.  Those cars were like the baddest and most awesome cars in the WHOLE WORLD.

Then we saw it.  Right in the backseat of this amazing vehicle was a MANNEQUIN HAND.  We were mesmerized.  Almost as though we had literally come across a car with a REAL SEVERED HAND, we were like shivering with excitement, fear, and MYSTERY.  Naturally, we took it out of the car.  (To this day, I still have no idea what on EARTH we were thinking…I never in my life stole anything, I was QUITE the good girl, and had no desire to break rules.  I think we thought we were doing this for the good of the planet, because otherwise we never would have done this.)  I honestly can’t remember what we did with the hand.  I think we just left it near the car and booked it on back to my house because we were so overcome with this true crime we had solved.  We were the world’s worst, most trouble causing detectives.  But boy did we have fun.

Good friends are hard to find.  Like the kind of friend you have shenanigans with…maybe not looking through people’s mail or pretending to shoplift…but like the kind of friend you can truly enjoy and have fun with no matter what.

I met Jessica on Instagram and right away I knew she was the kind of real friend who just has that quality about her that you can’t fake.  I haven’t had the privilege of meeting her in person yet, but I plan to soon.  She’s one of the most brave, joyful, and creative women I’ve met, and I just love her.  She repurposes boots, so naturally, she took on my crazy boot requests and made the most AMAZING pair of fur boots I’ve seen yet.

She took vintage Tony Llama grey marbled boots (the prettiest I’ve ever seen) and covered them with fur.  The detail is fabulous and when it’s not so muddy outside I’ll be posting more up close shots of them, but you can see in these pictures just how incredible they are.  She does fringe ones, lace ones…you name it.  She’s amazing.  These boots are so precious to me for so many reasons…one is that I love her and the other is that dude…even if she wasn’t my friend I’d be singing songs about these boots all day long anyway!  Find her at Hillbilly Gypsy Boots and she takes custom requests (even weird ones trust me! :).

(dress is Lenni the Label and you can find a similar necklace to this Bauble Bar squash on Accessory Concierge or on Classic Rock Couture )

Happy Monday.  I hope you have a friend you can steal a mannequin hand with :)


Magical Dresses and Mojo

This whole Monday Mojo theme has been really schooling me lately.  I know, it’s my title, I made it up, and I could change it or just make stuff up if I wanted to.  But in reality, I want to be honest and real, and I like the idea of Monday Mojo.  Of taking the most hated day of the week, and turning it around and making it the best.  The magic Monday instead of the manic Monday.  But if I’m being real and honest (which is basically always for me), it’s been kind of a rough topic for me to write on.

Now it’s not the clothes.  I can find mojo filled outfits no problem.  It’s not the clothes, it’s me.  I kind of feel like I lost some of my mojo a while ago and I’m still waiting to get it back.  A couple of years ago, I went through some things that really kind of knocked my mojo socks off, and not in an amazement way.  I had hoped and dreamed for something my whole life…I even have my nine year old prayer journal to prove it…and I thought it was coming true.  Then it all went away.  I guess I’d compare it to maybe someone who wanted desperately to get married, then after getting engaged and thinking it was all going to happen, realizing that her fiancé wasn’t the right person after all.  I remember the epic feeling of seeing my childhood dream coming true…watching it happen before my eyes and feeling this amazing joy and just…mojo.  Then it all went away.  And worse than went away, it was like I lost my dream, then I got kicked in the gut a bunch of times.  So there you have it.  My mojo is laying on the side of the road, beat up and broken.

Don’t get me wrong.  Things are great now.  I have an amazing life, a beautiful family, a church that I absolutely love, and so many blessings that I can’t even begin to express so much gratefulness for.  But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t that part of me that still feels it.  And sometimes it’s hard for me to be all mojo-filled when I remember how sparkly and amazed I was only to get all of the wind knocked out of me for so long.  It feels like slowly coming back to life…like I stopped breathing for a while and now pieces of me are coming back to life…but I’m not all the way there yet.  And I’m not going to settle for giving up on that part of me that hopes endlessly and dreams big just because it hurt so badly to lose it all.  I don’t want my kids to grow up being limited by what goes wrong, but rather to overcome and see miracles no matter what the odds are.  But man.  I can’t wait to FEEL the mojo again.

This dress is one of those magical unicorn dresses.  It literally takes my breath away when I look at it.  It’s almost too beautiful to wear.  Yes I said ALMOST!  I most definitely WILL wear it repeatedly when it cools down a little.  But I feel like it should be framed on the wall when it’s not being worn.


The magical dress is Lenni the Label…one of my absolute favorites.  The necklace is Child of Wild, another magical line of jewelry.  And the boots…vintage from Etsy.  The whole outfit is enough to restore mojo on my weakest of days.  And the rest, what’s inside, will follow soon enough.

Have a magical, massively mojo-filled Monday!


Vintage Clothes & Wardrobe Malfunctions

You know, if you’re gonna wear vintage, you gotta just assume that occasionally you’re gonna have a wardrobe malfunction.  I mean, these clothes have made it through decades of wear and who knows what kind of escapades they’ve managed to survive.  I had my first major one the other day.

I was heading off to run errands and meet a friend for coffee (sans kids) and it was of course, blazing hot like it’s been all week here.  I put on a Free People tank top and these super cool 1970’s wrap pants that are flowy and cropped and just really unique.  I’d include a photo, but, well, I can’t and you’ll see why soon enough.  Okay so these pants.  They are wrap PANTS, kind of like a wrap skirt, only there’s a seam up the center on either leg, but the outer leg part is open and wraps around, tying at the waist.  This seems like a really great idea.  It is, however, one of the worst ideas ever in fashion design.

Let me go on a teeny tiny rant here for a moment, as I am prone to do so.  First of all, once I put them on, I had a moment of panic.  How (and I know this might be an awkward question, but we’re all human here, so let’s just get past that) on EARTH are you supposed to go to the bathroom with these pants?  The answer I’ve received upon asking people so far is “you take them completely off.”  Okay.  For reals people?  Do you know how long these things take to put on?  It’s like pants origami and I AM CRAP at origami.  Also, you’re saying that I have to take my pants off and let them just hang out on the floor of a PUBLIC RESTROOM???  (No offense Britney).  Heck to the no.  Second problem: when the wind picks up or you sit down, HELLO LEGS all the way up to my underwear line.  So every movement has to be deliberate and cautious so as to not expose my less than tanned legs to the universe.  You know, I feel like palazzo pants have the exact same effect except YOU DON’T NEED A BATHROOM BUDDY.  I’m like thinking this is just #awkward in so many ways.

Me, being the determined person to solve fashion problems that I am, decided to go against all of my instincts (which were screaming at me to CHANGE MY PANTS in super loud voices), and wear the origami pants.  I even came up with a bathroom solution.  Tie half of the pants on my waist JUST loose enough that I could squeeze them over my hips so all I had to do was untie one side and that way I could NOT leave them on the gross public bathroom floor.  This is where it all when horribly wrong.

Thank goodness my friend was running late.  I decided to head up to Ruby Rose SLO to do a little shopping while waiting for her.  That was the best decision I made all day.  I went into the fitting room and tried some clothes on. All finished and ready to go, I grabbed my pants and prepared to begin the 15 step process of re-putting them on.  It was that moment that I saw it.  A GIANT tear down the seam of the pants, which had happened when I performed my genius shimmying maneuver to get them off.  Yep.  We are talking about a foot long tear in my pants from the waist.  The seam had just disintegrated.

Stephanie (the owner of Ruby Rose) was SO kind to help me figure out what to put on so that I could actually walk around in public again.  Thank goodness I was there and not in the restroom at the coffee shop waiting for my friend.  I decided that in honor of this skirt that saved my coffee date and my day, I would throw my pants away and use this skirt for my Ways to Wear It Wednesday post.  It’s deserving of that honor.


I don’t often wear this style of skirt, but to make it more “me”, I think a vintage men’s wear cowboy shirt, my Bandit necklace from Mountain Soul Jewelry, and my Minnetonka fringe boots really do the trick.


Here I’m kind of using it as a dress extender…underneath a vintage cut off embroidered dress.  The Southbound earrings add a little something too.

Okay honestly?  I LOVE this skirt as a top.  It’s just easy to wear and looks good with all my pants!  Cutoffs work great when it’s super hot like it’s been.  Great comfy weekend outfit.


I saved my favorite for last.  As a top with my Lenni the Label gold bells and my Pricklie Pear choker.  I literally want to wear this outfit every day right now.  It takes a normal kind of girly skirt and turns it into a perfect 1970’s inspired outfit.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I hope that is my last wardrobe malfunction.  But with all the interesting vintage stuff I attempt, I am not making any promises.  Guess I’ll just have to go to Ruby Rose to check all my outfits before going anywhere…oh darn… :)

Happy Wednesday!  Hope your pants are all in once piece…

Those Times When I Accidentally Get It Right

Getting dressed is always an adventure in my closet.  I mean, I have all these ambitious ideas and fun clothes, but when it comes down to it…sometimes I just draw a huge blank.  I stand and stare at my closet and get super frustrated that inspiration won’t strike when I need it to.

Sunday mornings are always a mad dash to get out of the house on time to church with two toddlers and two desperately seeking coffee adults.  It’s like total chaos feeding everyone, dressing everyone, making sure we have absolutely everything for the morning…snacks, favorite stuffed animals and blankets, pacis, secret car snacks for the way home (chocolate), water cups, guitar (mine), diapers, wipes…we may as well be leaving for a week with all the stuff we gotta grab.  So basically this leaves ZERO time for extras, like staring at my closet blankly deciding what to wear.  I try and set my outfits out the night before, but sometimes I’m too tired or just can’t decide and I leave it to chance.  That often leads to disastrous results.

This past Sunday morning I half left it to chance.  I got this super fun new top at the Ruby Rose SLO anniversary sale and I thought it could be perfect with a few different things, so I fell asleep with this general plan on my mind.  Of course, when I put those things on, they looked all wrong.  I finally realized that I had all of five minutes to finish up and get everyone in the car, so I put some stuff on with the top, hoped I didn’t look TOO weird (a little weird is always good in my book :) and ran out the door.  Okay.  Usually when this happens, I end up hating my outfits.  I feel un-put together.  I feel like I did it all wrong and my brain ends up solving my outfit issue much later on in the day when it’s too late to run home and change.  This was a total exception.  This was an accidental success!

This top has the CUTEST cowboy and indian print on it.  Since it’s a kind of a shapeless flowy dress, I put this lace Ralph Lauren vest over it I got from Curio, giving it a little more of a waist.  I put it with my Lenni The Label velvet bells because the gold in the pants brings out the browns and golds in the pattern.  My Southbound earrings…of course.  And Minnetonka moccasins.

I’ve found that with shapeless tops, the best thing for me is to wear something more fitted on the bottom.  Some girls (like the super fab Mary Kate and Ashley), can really pull off that flowy huge oversized look.  But when I wear it, although I love it, it just does NOT flatter me at all.  I am loving the compromise of wearing bell bottoms under flowy tops because it gives me the illusion of that uber boho look while not adding 20 extra pounds to my look.

Ahhhh…if only all days I accidentally came up with awesome outfits.  A lady at church told me I looked like a Dixie Chick.  That’s a mega success in my book!!


Monday Mojo & My Gold Bells

I have a thing for velvet.  Yes, I do have a “thing” for a lot of “things”, I realize this…but I have this dream, and in it, everything is made of velvet.  My couches.  My curtains.  My dresses.  And my pants.  Definitely, my pants.  I’ve been on a bell bottom hunt for years now.  When I saw these Lenni The Label vintagey “I-stole-these-pants-off-Jimmi-Hendrix” bells, it was love love love love love.  Then when I snagged this Shop Camp (another of my 1970’s inspired FAVORITE shops) fur collared t shirt for a mere $10…it was like the outfit sang to me when I put it on.


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