Unloading, Unearthing, and Not Unraveling

We’ve recently been cleaning out the garage and the shed, two areas of the house that have kind of had a “don’t look” policy about them.  That’s not something that’s in my nature, in fact, I could probably spend tons and tons of money on organizational products and have everything perfectly labelled and alphabetized.  However, that’s not been a reality for me as we’ve moved multiple times and have had small children and all those things that add up to what I call “semi manageable chaos”.  Since we’ve been in the same place for a few years now, it was just time to tackle what was underneath the top layer of things we pull out and put back from the storage areas.

There have been loads of things going to the thrift stores, to donation places, on craigslist, and to the dump…there was one black widow spider death (the spider, not one of us!) and some broken picture frames and glasses that could not be salvaged.  After years of stuff that had been chucked frantically into boxes and then hurriedly taped shut so that we could move in a hot second…it’s finally being taken care of. I thought this would feel good, and in a lot of ways, it does.  What I didn’t expect however was the emotional purging that would take place along with the physical purging of stuff.

Many of the boxes I went through contained stuff I haven’t seen in YEARS.  There were decorations I had in our first home after we got married, the home we lived in for five years and my husband lived in for many many before that while in college.  Then there were the things I had purchased for the houses that we were supposed to buy, and then lost for various reasons.  There were baby clothes and shoes and photos…you can see where this is going!  Yes, there have been some tears.  Tears for the futures I had planned for, then lost.  Tears for the moments with my children while they were babies…the moments that I both treasure because of my beautiful babies, and yet at the same time find quite painful because of the circumstances we were in.  Somehow though, I managed to stay calm and rational about what to keep and what to part with, and now there is a bunch more room in our garage and maybe a little more in my brain.

I’ve come to the conclusion that in life, there aren’t many hard and fast formulas. Like, moving on does not directly follow purging and getting rid of baggage.  I really wish this was the case.  One of the things that I’ve said over and over through almost ALL seasons of my life so far is “I just want to move ON from THIS.”  It’s been a life long journey of physically MOVING and yet, not MOVING on from kind of the “same old, same old” situation.  And while I don’t know the future, I will say this.  It does feel different this time.  I feel different.  I’m no longer clinging to the past, whether that be in items I purchased for a certain dream I had or in ideas I have refused to let go of, because that’s the way it HAS to be.  I so wish life operated in formulas.  I’m good at DOING stuff.  I like to feel like I control the outcome, therefore I will do _____ + _______ to = WHAT I WANT TO HAPPEN.  Wouldn’t that be beautiful?  Life would be so easy.  But this I do know: I want to move forward in the most healthy way possible, not carrying around a bunch of baggage that I haven’t seen in years and for all I know, might just be trash.  Yes, it is time to move forward emotionally, and I hope, physically.

I chose this outfit for a few reasons.  First of all, I’ve been really into monarch butterflies lately, and not just because they are trendy (because I know they are!).  My kids have been learning about butterflies in preschool and they watched the transition from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly in their class.  (Thank goodness, because as cool as it is, kinda grosses me out to have that at home!)  There is something so powerful about this transition.  Talk about moving forward, am I right??  I mean, this gross looking wormy thing that looks like the bottom of the food chain turns into a gorgeous delicate creature by looking like its dead for a week or two.  Woah.  There’s a whole blog post in this transition!  Anyway, back to the outfit.  This romper is so fun and also a bit breezy in the booty region if you catch my drift (drifting up my backside).  It’s from Auguste The Label and the boots are Minnetonka (of course).  I got some craft monarch butterflies on wire off of Etsy, and I attach them to anything I feel like for that day!

Wherever you are, I hope you have the courage today to move forward, even if that just means doing one little thing differently than before.  It’s hard, and I’m right there with you!

Happy middle of the week!



How To Dress Like You’re Going To A Music Festival

The complete title of this post should really read: “How To Dress Like You’re Going To A Music Festival…When You Don’t Even Know The Lineup” but that was too long to fit in the title space.  So now you know what you’re in for.  I just have to get something off my chest, this is a real life confession, and you may just not like me as much for it but I gotta be honest.  Here goes.  Deep breath.

I don’t think I’d like music festivals.  If someone handed me a wad of cash and a nanny for three days and said: “Here you go!  Go to Coachella!” I would quite honestly head straight to Disneyland and have the best three days ever.  I am quite certain, as much as I LOVE MUSIC, that music festivals are most likely not for me.  Plus, I’m really more of a Shawn Mendes person than Modest Mouse and  I don’t run with the “hip” music crowd, I’ll listen to vintage Britney any day over John Legend.  And now you like me even less don’t you.  Oh well.  In the words of the great philosopher, “I am what I am.”  And I most definitely would probably LOVE green eggs and ham, FYI.

All this being said, I must share with you that my music festival resume, per say, is quite limited.  So, there is a chance I would enjoy such a thing.  As long as camping is not involved.  Oh, and there’s air conditioning or a beach nearby.  And we’re back…

When I was in high school, my parents took me to a Christian Music Festival called Spirit West Coast that was basically the “safer” version of your average festival.  I put the word “safe” in quotes because to be honest, I don’t know much about regular music festivals and I also know better than to just automatically assume that anything Christian is automatically “safe”.  That being said, it was definitely tamer than most concerts could get, but it had a lot of elements that I would imagine any music festival would hold.  TONS of people.  Check.  Moving like herds of cattle over bridges and funneling slowly but surely (and noisily) into concert venues, all the while baking in the hot merciless sunshine.  NOISE, noise, and more noise.  Check.  We did camp (see, I HAVE camped in my life A LOT before you guys!) when we went one year, and the relentless high school girl high pitched screaming went on for the full 24 hours.  Also, people bringing their own instruments and trying to participate in the festival at midnight.  This is not appreciated, BTW.  HEAT, DIRT, and crappy food.  Check.  It’s mandatory that you receive at the very least a medium intensity sunburn despite the pounds of sunscreen you apply.  Also, you must be covered in a fine film of dust all the while sucking down sodas and eating something that was once food and has now been fried in something that was once considered oil.  Gross.  Exhaustion by mid afternoon, but desperately loading up on sugar and caffeine so you can make it to the headliner.  Which is the whole reason you are enduring this business to begin with.  Check.  Time for another confession.  I most definitely planned on meeting and marrying one of the guys from the band DC Talk (anyone remember them? Hello children of the 90s!) so I made it my mission to see ALL of their concerts.  And then I finally got up close to the stage, close enough to touch him, and then realized he was about…three quarters of my size.  Sigh.  The man of my high school dreams was a pint sized human being with a voice the size of Texas.  Drat. My dream died right there (because you know his stature was the main thing keeping us apart…ah forbidden love) but my mission to see them in concert did not.  The days spent as sunbaked fried food eating cattle were mostly about seeing as many concerts that I may or may not care about, all to stay alert for DC Talk.  Worth it?  Sure…why not.

The memory highlight of this festival experience was seeing Katy Perry (at that time she was Katy Hudson) running around with her friends (I had met her that year at a local church) and later remembering this and telling it as my “celebrity anecdote”…how I “knew her” (met her) before she kissed a girl and liked it.

There’s a big “but” coming after all this.  Not a big BUTT, a big BUT.  I love dressing like I’m going to a music festival.  Because it’s okay to dress like it and not go.  Here are some small guidelines to adhere to, so that you can get questions like “oh are you going to Coachella?” when you’re really just buying the ingredients for shepherd’s pie.  (I speak from experience).

  1. FRINGE.  Go with the fringy boots, ALWAYS.  Because you always want to protect your feet from the dirt at music festivals and regardless of what you’re doing, the fringe is swishy and fun to walk in.
  2. FEATHERS.  Yes, you CAN wear fringe and feathers in the same outfit as long as you play it cool.  Go with fringe boots and feather earrings for example.  You have the rest of your outfit as a buffer for the fact that you may be twinning with Steven Tyler.
  3. CUT OFFS.  The essential festival wear is also the essential summer wear, so keep em guessing.  The great news is that if you’re not comfortable with booty shorts, get a good pair of loose-ish jeans (just make sure they’re loose in the thigh area so you have the freedom to roll them up if you want AND they won’t give you a thigh bulge!) and cut them off at the height you want them.  I recommend cutting them at a slight angle up from the inner thigh to the outer thigh…so they’re a teeny tiny bit shorter at the outside than the inside.  Again, they DO NOT have to be shorty shorts.  But this slight angle gives a more flattering look to them.
  4. IX-NAY ON THE GLITTER.  Sorry guys.  I love glitter, and I would totally wear it on a daily basis, but ONLY with a simpler outfit.  If you wear glitter, glitter tattoos, or henna tattoos, you will be in FULL festival mode and this is where it gets a tad sketchy when you’re just picking up your kids from school.  Don’t get me wrong.  You can do it if you want to, but you are entering costume territory and will get stared at and get asked about your favorite Radiohead song.  And to that question, I have no answer except I love Justin Bieber.

Shameless self promotion time.  This duster is the newest piece from Velvet California (my clothing line baby!) and I love it.  I’m modeling the prototype and it’s coming soon to the site!  I hope you love it too! :)

Oh, if you don’t have three layer fringe Minnetonka boots, get them.  In multiple colors :)



On Getting a Bargain

I love to shop.  I bet you didn’t know that did you?  :) I love to bargain shop, thrift store shop, grocery shop…you name it, if it involves shopping, I’m probably in, and very excited about it.  Now obviously, I think it’s totally worth it to spend full price on certain things or even spend a lot on things if they’re investment pieces or things you wear the heck out of  (like my Minnetonka boots or my Show Me Your Mumu bells).  Nothing beats finding exactly what you want…in the fit or fabric you want, right?  However, what’s even BETTER than that?  Finding exactly what you want at a thrift store or on sale!  I got contacted by ThredUp (the ever so lovely Sasha Agent recommended me, bless her!) to collaborate with them…and I really didn’t know what kind of clothing site it was!  I checked it out, and BOY was I surprised.  Now I honestly try to be very careful what I recommend to you all.  If someone offered me free stuff and I wasn’t crazy about their shop, I’d decline it.  Because it most definitely means a lot to me to be able to say with certainty that what I’m recommending to you is something that I would actually buy or wear myself…not just “oh hey look free stuff!”  But if Sasha says it’s good, trust me, that girl knows her shizz.

You guys.  There is SO MUCH stuff on ThredUp, and the bargains are PLENTIFUL. I saw SO much stuff…Free People, Madewell, JCrew, Gap, and even high end designers at a FRACTION of the cost.  You can search by your size which makes it SUPER easy to shop, and so many of the prices were under $20.  It’s so great, it’s almost overwhelming!  Naturally, after searching through the site, I agreed to collaborate because this is kind of like thrifting for brand names, but online.  It’s awesome.  I highly recommend if you’re looking for that perfect JCrew button down…check ThredUp first!

So here’s what I came up with.  They gave me $30 to shop with.  And that’s EXACTLY what my outfit cost.  No joke.  Okay, it was $30.48 to be exact, you caught me, but I’m SERIOUS YOU GUYS, this shirt is from Madewell and the skirt is pleated silk from Gap.  The pieces are gorgeous, and I’m SO excited and proud to show you that YOU TOO could get your very own entire outfit for $30!  Is that not SO COOL?  By the way, I’ve got an invitation code for you too.  If you use it, you get $10 off your order, and I’ll get $10 too…honestly I’m more excited about you getting $10 off though fyi :).  Click HERE to shop and get $10!

Shopping is much more relaxing when you know you’re getting a bargain!

Happy weekend all you gorgeous babes


On Childhood Movies and A Classic Kimono

Often, more often than you’d think, someone will reference a movie or something from pop culture before the 90s and I have literally no idea what they are talking about.  Stuff that I should probably know about.  But I grew up homeschooled by parents who are not into pop culture, even from their own time.  This means I was not introduced to pretty much anything from the 60s, 70s, or even from the 80s.  I didn’t listen to any mainstream music basically until Britney sang Hit Me Baby One More Time.  With the exception of a few Hootie songs before that :)

I didn’t watch a lot of movies that most people my age watched as a kid, however I happened to catch at least a few amazing ones.  This is my review of the ones I remember, and I’m going to do it all from memory so it’s going to be super precise and very, very accurate!!  These were my some of my favorites (or just ones that I was allowed to watch!)…from memory!

The Labyrinth.  This one tops most of them because, duh, it’s The Labyrinth for crying out loud.  Jim Henson was the shiznit back then.  Favorite thing: Jennifer Connolly, I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world.  Moment that scarred me for life: the part where she goes into that room in the midst of the dump and it looks EXACTLY like her bedroom.  Just the stuff of nightmares are made of.  WTF moment: David Bowie.  I had no idea who he was, so I wondered why his hair was so weird and why he was singing like that.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  This was a weird movie.  I basically remember only two things about it, except for the fact that I think Dick Van Dyke was in it (?) and I always wanted him to be my grandpa.  Favorite thing: no clue.  Possibly that the car flew?  Did it fly?  Not sure.  Moment that scarred me for life: the scary ice cream truck guy.  WTF moment: the scary ice cream truck guy.
Anne of Green Gables.  Also one of my FAVORITES and I was in LOVE with Megan Follows as Anne.  Oh and I was in love with Gilbert too, because he was a major dreamboat.  Favorite thing: everything.  Anne and Diana, Anne’s romance with Gilbert, Anne’s puffy sleeves and puffy red hair.  #childhoodgoals  Moment that scarred me for life: when Matthew dies.  Just sobbing great big tears.  WTF moment: when Anne turns Gilbert down after he proposes to her.  I mean COME ON we all know you’re gonna end up together…you’re really gonna drag this out for a few more hours??
Fuzzbucket.  I know what you’re saying…”what-the-wha-ket?!?!”  This was one of the lesser known 1980s Disney movie about something that was human and also very fuzzy.  Favorite thing: how insanely dorky and cheesy the whole movie was, it was HILARIOUS because it was sooooo bad.  Moment that scarred me for life: probably the whole thing, really, because I actually could have been watching a real movie.  WTF moment: the moment I discovered there was an actual full length live action movie named “Fuzzbucket”.
Gremlins.  I know right???  I wasn’t allowed to watch ANYTHING but I was over at my parents friends house and they were watching it.  So somehow, this horror snuck in.  Favorite thing: how scary it was and how fun it was to watch.  Moment that scarred me for life: when those cute cuddly things get really big sharp teeth and aren’t cuddly anymore.  WTF moment: the fact that I actually ever watched this movie.
Star Wars.  Of course, this was the best.  I watched this one so many times that my friends and I actually started turning the sound off and talking for it.  I actually feel like some of our plot lines were better.  Especially the one where Darth Vadar has misplaced his hat, and he becomes so enraged that he goes on a rampage and tries to destroy the ones who he thinks have stolen it.  Favorite thing: Princess Leia and Han Solo.  #childhoodcouplegoals  Moment that scarred me for life: when Han Solo gets encased in carbonite.  Weeping ensued.  WTF moment: Luke’s face when he realizes Darth Vadar is his father.  Woodchuck face is what I called it as a child…it was hard not to laugh.  #sorryluke

I did watch some others…I loved The Dark Crystal (thanks again Jim Henson!), Back to The Future (another all time favorite), and wasn’t a big fan of things like The Sound of Music because the ending was so sad.  And of course, Disney animated movies were also my favorites.  But for reals, when someone references things from before the 90s, I’m just lost for the most part.  I have tried to educate myself on some of it, but as you know, if you didn’t experience it the first time around, it’s just painfully cheesy if you try and watch it now.  So I guess I will just have to be the person who has the blank stare when people talk about The New Kids on the Block, The Godfather, Charlie’s Angels (the one without Cameron Diaz!), or anything else that seems significant to the times.  But hey, quiz me on Britney songs all day long and I’ll pass with flying colors!

At least this lack of information didn’t translate to clothing!  I ABSOLUTELY adore the clothing from these time periods that I know nothing about!  When people tell me I dress like Stevie Nicks, I may not know much about her, but I sure do love her clothes!!!

I am SUCH a sucker for a kimono.  And if you haven’t looked at photos from the latest Gucci runway shows, DO IT IMMEDIATELY and you’ll see there’s a lot of kimono and robe dressing mixed with bohemian elements like fur or fringe…add to that a classic ladylike twist with brooches and scarves and you’ll see what I’m talking about!  It’s madness, but it’s absolutely amazing!  What I love about the Gucci stuff is that it’s all VERY easy to recreate at thrift stores or at less expensive prices.  Things like shirts and dresses with ruffles, kimonos, robes, vintage slips, scarves, brooches…it’s all very Gucci at the moment.  Hmmm…maybe I’ll need to do a blog post recreating these looks from the runway from the thrift stores!!!  This vintage kimono/robe does the trick!  Minnetonka makes the BEST most affordable fringe boots that you will wear constantly.  This Native America breatstplate I found on Etsy for a steal!

Okay…coming soon will be a Gucci/thrift store mash up recreation for you!  I mean, heck, I want to do it for me, so I’ll share the results with you!





On Try, Trying Again and A Vintage Nightgown (Dress!)

You know the old saying, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”…pretty sure we’ve all heard this at one point or another in our lives.  The part that it doesn’t say however, is how hard that “try, try again” part can be!  I mean, I know we all know that it’s hard to keep persevering and all that, but I think when you’re in the middle of it, it just FEELS harder than you thought it would.  I guess, all I’m doing is stating the obvious.  It’s HARD.

I think one of the things I’ve found for me (and probably for my personality really), is that it feels like the second I feel like I’ve made a little bit of progress in the right direction, something reminds me of the times that things didn’t seem to “work” right.  Sometimes it’s something silly, sometimes it just something normal, and other times it’s something that legitimately would bum anyone out, but ALL the time, it’s something that makes me feel like…hmmm…maybe I SHOULDN’T try, try again.  Wrong.  I know it’s not the way I SHOULD feel, but when it comes to should or shouldn’t, that stuff doesn’t really apply to feelings.  You just kind of feel the way you feel…and it’s what happens next that really matters.

I’ve had a hard time not getting really down on myself often for the ways that I feel.  Or sometimes I give my feelings a little too much weight, and then I feel badly for that…any way you look at it, it’s a lot of feelings.  Too many feelings.  To quote Ron Weasley (Harry Potter fans unite!): “One person can’t feel that all at once.  They’d explode.”  This quote describes me so perfectly at times, and I imagine lots of you can relate with it as well!  The good thing though is that I think that I’m getting SLIGHTLY better at moving on from all those feelings when they happen.  I’m learning that I don’t need to get down on myself for the times that things set off my emotions because of some of my bad memories.  I don’t need to feel badly for my feelings.  That just adds feelings on top of feelings and BOOM (that’s the sound of the explosion, FYI). What I DO need to do however, is to acknowledge them, take a moment to grieve and process the things that I went through for a few minutes, and then put it back in the past where it belongs.  The feelings exist.  They are valid.  But they do not dictate where I go next.  And isn’t it funny how much easier it is to get upset about stuff than it is to celebrate the good stuff?

I had a great morning.  I’m SUPER excited about some new projects I’m working on that I will share with you when I have more to share :).  Then this afternoon, something reminded me of some of the crap that happened a while ago.  It was all fine, it wasn’t even bad!  But I instantly got down about all the stuff I previously had been excited about…until I realized what I was doing.  I was letting how I used to feel dictate how I feel now.  Too many feelings, most of them inappropriate to the situation.  So now, they have been appropriately grieved, and left behind like they need to be.  Breathe in, breathe out…and now I can get back to being excited!  Maybe one of these days I’ll grow up and get it, huh?  :)

I found this dress at a thrift store and it kind of reminded me of a vintage Spell dress, if that existed!  It’s most likely someone’s nightgown, but to me, it’s a boho fabulous dress!  These boots are Minnetonkas and the MOST comfortable, and find an amazing squash blossom HERE for around $20!

Have an UBER FABULOUS weekend!

On Thinking Less and Wearing This Dress Wrong

You know, sometimes I feel like thinking LESS is better than thinking MORE in life.  At least for me.  I mean, I feel like I just think too much about stuff often, and just psych myself out.  Like putting together outfits for example.  I need to almost like turn on some music (I’m very very distracted by music…I can barely type right now while my three year old is listening to music haha…) and kind of just DO IT.  If I try too hard to analyze stuff and pay too much attention to the details, I start overthinking it and it just comes out like too much or just not good at all.  I have been thinking (see there I go again, thinking!) about the whole “new year’s resolution” thing, and this has been on my mind a lot.

I’m probably going to write a post about resolutions, but it’s probably going to be different than the standard “resolution” style list.  Mainly because I’ve learned a thing or two about life throwing curve balls…and about how the journey can be kind of ruined by focusing too much on the destination.  When I was working full time, my absolute LEAST favorite thing, the thing that struck fear into my heart, was that time of year where we had to come up with our goals.  Let me clarify.  I love having goals…I make incessant lists and have often been so consumed with the future at times that I’ve missed the present.  The problem was that our “goals” had to be quantifiable, categorized things that got us to our actual GOALS.  That’s where it broke down for me.  Because when I focus on the teeny tiny things that get me to my vision, it often seems like I lose my perspective and can’t accomplish anything at all.  Of course those steps are important, and often should be written down so that you know HOW to get where you’re going.  But if you put all your focus on those things, you can often get bogged down in details and forget the big picture.

I think what I’m saying is that my resolutions are probably going to be more like “goals” and less like steps.  Like…instead of “losing weight” I want to “cook healthy and creative plant based meals for my family and complete the Way of Gray workout series”…and the weight loss will just be one of the byproducts of this goal.  I’m going to try and write them based on my gut and not on my brain.  Because usually when my gut overrides my brain, it’s awesome.  It looks scary and crazy and kind of like what on EARTH did I just do, but the results are so much more amazing than if I were to line it all out on a piece of paper and go step by step.

Here’s something I learned by going with my gut…I got this vintage velvet black dress at a thrift store for a party.  As pretty as it is, it kind of felt…matronly…when I put it on with heels.  I kind of didn’t know what to do with it.  Then suddenly I kind of had a weird gut feeling that if I put a fringe vest with it and some boots it would look totally different.  Younger, more fun, and actually wearable during the day.  Because it’s TOTALLY an evening gown.  But I did it, and realized that (here’s the vintage wearing lesson for you!) SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO WEAR STUFF WRONG!!!  Evening gown?  Put a denim jacket on and some cowboy boots.  Ugly weird sweater?  Put it with some bell bottoms and amazing jewelry.  Sometimes you gotta stop thinking, and just do something different.  And you have a whole new outfit out of it. :)  The squash blossom is from Free To Wander and the vintage vest is from Brahminy Exchange.  The boots are of course, Minnetonka (if you don’t have these, you NEED THEM).

So cheers to a new year coming up, cheers to the past year and all that we’ve accomplished, and CHEERS to taking the leap and flying this coming year.

Love you guys


The Things I Wouldn’t Change

Some days I feel like I’d change almost everything about myself.  I think we all have those days.  I mean, let’s be honest.  Even on our good days, there’s usually at least one teeny tiny thing we’d change right?  That’s why Instagram filters, makeup, and plastic surgery are so popular!! Then there are those days when I wish I could change my hair…I’d make it thicker and longer…and a beautiful shade of strawberry blonde.  My body…I’d be a bit thinner and definitely ditch these tummy rolls I got going on.  I’d have ice blue eyes like Cameron Diaz…speak every language like a super spy, and be so super cool in every situation they’d call me the (friendly) ice woman.  And now back to reality.  I’m still just me, sitting on my couch, with my own brown eyes (which I call hazel when I want to feel more exotic) and my good ol tummy rolls…and I gotta learn to love it all.  Sigh.  It’s the plight of being human.  And of course, constantly seeing photoshopped models on magazines.

The one thing however that I usually don’t ever want to change is my outfit.  I know, I know, that sounds like I hate everything about my ACTUAL self (I really don’t,  I’m actually quite funny, I can quote basically any quote from Friends, and I am fabulous at parallel parking) but all I’m saying is that I generally love my outfit on any given day.  Today’s is no exception.

I found this incredible dress at an antique store, the same one where I got my muumuu from Friday’s post.  Ohhhhh I just couldn’t believe it when I laid eyes on this beauty.  It’s stunning and paisley and bright…and it is so comfortable and absolutely perfect for Monday Mojo.

I’m wearing some Minnetonka lace up booties and my Free People sunglasses too…perfect for this dress.  I kept the jewelry SUPER minimal because, well, as you can see the dress is quite busy so I felt anything extra besides a few big rings would really take away from it.

This dress is so full of mojo I can’t even stand it.

Happy Monday evening…hope your week is filled to the brim with mojo.


Vintage Clothes & Wardrobe Malfunctions

You know, if you’re gonna wear vintage, you gotta just assume that occasionally you’re gonna have a wardrobe malfunction.  I mean, these clothes have made it through decades of wear and who knows what kind of escapades they’ve managed to survive.  I had my first major one the other day.

I was heading off to run errands and meet a friend for coffee (sans kids) and it was of course, blazing hot like it’s been all week here.  I put on a Free People tank top and these super cool 1970’s wrap pants that are flowy and cropped and just really unique.  I’d include a photo, but, well, I can’t and you’ll see why soon enough.  Okay so these pants.  They are wrap PANTS, kind of like a wrap skirt, only there’s a seam up the center on either leg, but the outer leg part is open and wraps around, tying at the waist.  This seems like a really great idea.  It is, however, one of the worst ideas ever in fashion design.

Let me go on a teeny tiny rant here for a moment, as I am prone to do so.  First of all, once I put them on, I had a moment of panic.  How (and I know this might be an awkward question, but we’re all human here, so let’s just get past that) on EARTH are you supposed to go to the bathroom with these pants?  The answer I’ve received upon asking people so far is “you take them completely off.”  Okay.  For reals people?  Do you know how long these things take to put on?  It’s like pants origami and I AM CRAP at origami.  Also, you’re saying that I have to take my pants off and let them just hang out on the floor of a PUBLIC RESTROOM???  (No offense Britney).  Heck to the no.  Second problem: when the wind picks up or you sit down, HELLO LEGS all the way up to my underwear line.  So every movement has to be deliberate and cautious so as to not expose my less than tanned legs to the universe.  You know, I feel like palazzo pants have the exact same effect except YOU DON’T NEED A BATHROOM BUDDY.  I’m like thinking this is just #awkward in so many ways.

Me, being the determined person to solve fashion problems that I am, decided to go against all of my instincts (which were screaming at me to CHANGE MY PANTS in super loud voices), and wear the origami pants.  I even came up with a bathroom solution.  Tie half of the pants on my waist JUST loose enough that I could squeeze them over my hips so all I had to do was untie one side and that way I could NOT leave them on the gross public bathroom floor.  This is where it all when horribly wrong.

Thank goodness my friend was running late.  I decided to head up to Ruby Rose SLO to do a little shopping while waiting for her.  That was the best decision I made all day.  I went into the fitting room and tried some clothes on. All finished and ready to go, I grabbed my pants and prepared to begin the 15 step process of re-putting them on.  It was that moment that I saw it.  A GIANT tear down the seam of the pants, which had happened when I performed my genius shimmying maneuver to get them off.  Yep.  We are talking about a foot long tear in my pants from the waist.  The seam had just disintegrated.

Stephanie (the owner of Ruby Rose) was SO kind to help me figure out what to put on so that I could actually walk around in public again.  Thank goodness I was there and not in the restroom at the coffee shop waiting for my friend.  I decided that in honor of this skirt that saved my coffee date and my day, I would throw my pants away and use this skirt for my Ways to Wear It Wednesday post.  It’s deserving of that honor.


I don’t often wear this style of skirt, but to make it more “me”, I think a vintage men’s wear cowboy shirt, my Bandit necklace from Mountain Soul Jewelry, and my Minnetonka fringe boots really do the trick.


Here I’m kind of using it as a dress extender…underneath a vintage cut off embroidered dress.  The Southbound earrings add a little something too.

Okay honestly?  I LOVE this skirt as a top.  It’s just easy to wear and looks good with all my pants!  Cutoffs work great when it’s super hot like it’s been.  Great comfy weekend outfit.


I saved my favorite for last.  As a top with my Lenni the Label gold bells and my Pricklie Pear choker.  I literally want to wear this outfit every day right now.  It takes a normal kind of girly skirt and turns it into a perfect 1970’s inspired outfit.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I hope that is my last wardrobe malfunction.  But with all the interesting vintage stuff I attempt, I am not making any promises.  Guess I’ll just have to go to Ruby Rose to check all my outfits before going anywhere…oh darn… :)

Happy Wednesday!  Hope your pants are all in once piece…

Those Times When I Accidentally Get It Right

Getting dressed is always an adventure in my closet.  I mean, I have all these ambitious ideas and fun clothes, but when it comes down to it…sometimes I just draw a huge blank.  I stand and stare at my closet and get super frustrated that inspiration won’t strike when I need it to.

Sunday mornings are always a mad dash to get out of the house on time to church with two toddlers and two desperately seeking coffee adults.  It’s like total chaos feeding everyone, dressing everyone, making sure we have absolutely everything for the morning…snacks, favorite stuffed animals and blankets, pacis, secret car snacks for the way home (chocolate), water cups, guitar (mine), diapers, wipes…we may as well be leaving for a week with all the stuff we gotta grab.  So basically this leaves ZERO time for extras, like staring at my closet blankly deciding what to wear.  I try and set my outfits out the night before, but sometimes I’m too tired or just can’t decide and I leave it to chance.  That often leads to disastrous results.

This past Sunday morning I half left it to chance.  I got this super fun new top at the Ruby Rose SLO anniversary sale and I thought it could be perfect with a few different things, so I fell asleep with this general plan on my mind.  Of course, when I put those things on, they looked all wrong.  I finally realized that I had all of five minutes to finish up and get everyone in the car, so I put some stuff on with the top, hoped I didn’t look TOO weird (a little weird is always good in my book :) and ran out the door.  Okay.  Usually when this happens, I end up hating my outfits.  I feel un-put together.  I feel like I did it all wrong and my brain ends up solving my outfit issue much later on in the day when it’s too late to run home and change.  This was a total exception.  This was an accidental success!

This top has the CUTEST cowboy and indian print on it.  Since it’s a kind of a shapeless flowy dress, I put this lace Ralph Lauren vest over it I got from Curio, giving it a little more of a waist.  I put it with my Lenni The Label velvet bells because the gold in the pants brings out the browns and golds in the pattern.  My Southbound earrings…of course.  And Minnetonka moccasins.

I’ve found that with shapeless tops, the best thing for me is to wear something more fitted on the bottom.  Some girls (like the super fab Mary Kate and Ashley), can really pull off that flowy huge oversized look.  But when I wear it, although I love it, it just does NOT flatter me at all.  I am loving the compromise of wearing bell bottoms under flowy tops because it gives me the illusion of that uber boho look while not adding 20 extra pounds to my look.

Ahhhh…if only all days I accidentally came up with awesome outfits.  A lady at church told me I looked like a Dixie Chick.  That’s a mega success in my book!!